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How Much Does Nautical Boat Club Cost

How Much Does A Freedom Boat Club Membership Cost

How Much Does It ACTUALLY Cost To Live On A Boat? | Sailing Kittiwake – Extra

Freedom Boat Club

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We will be sending you all the details about local plans, discounts & local partnerships. In the meantime, check out the local reviews, events and frequently asked questions for your local club.

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Joining Freedom Boat Club really is one of the best investments I ever made! Im a five-time former boat-owner. Ownership was right for our family at the time, but, at this stage in our lives, club membership is an easy, cost-effective way to enjoy the boating lifestyle. Theres nothing like spending a day on the water, returning to the dock, and then just turning in the keys. Kenneth Smith, Venice, FL

Get Comfortable Driving A Boat

This is a huge bonus for a member that may not have boating experience yet. You will be required to go through an orientation then on-water training with a staff member.

They will make sure youre confident and comfortable driving a boat before you ever take off from the dock on your own.

The on-water training will teach you how to drive and operate each style of boat that you will be responsible for. That means, if you plan to hop from towboats, to cabin cruisers, to pontoon boats, the club staff will make sure youre properly trained on how to drive each type of boat.

How Boat Clubs Work

Dont think of this option as a boat rental club, nor as a boat share club, nor as a peer-to-peer service. Renting, sharing, and peer-to-peer are each a bit different. In this case, the way it works is the boat club itself owns and maintains a fleet of various types and sizes of boats. You pay a membership fee and monthly dues to join the club. Then the entire fleet is available to youcruisers, bowriders, fishing boats, sailboats, and more.

You can choose a center console and catch some dinner one day and then take the kids out on a watersports boat for some wakeboarding the next, so the experience is really an entire family boat club experience no matter what sort of boating one family member or another likes the most. Plus, most boat clubs maintain some form of reservation service or website so you can choose whichever boat youd like to use on a specific day, ahead of time.

Find out more about other alternatives to boat ownership, including…

Carefree Boat Club | Freedom Boat Club | SailTime | Boatsetter | Your Boat Club | Get My Boat

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What Does It Cost To Join

The cost of membership is a very important consideration as you begin your research on boat clubs. Were consumers too, so we know that you want to be as thorough as possible when analyzing all the options.

It is important to understand that boat club pricing is not a standardized one-stop shop from coast to coast. In this article, we explain why, and look at the variables involved.

What Is A Boat Club

How Much Does It Cost To Keep A Boat At Up River Yacht ...

2020 brought us all a new way of looking at the world. From shutdowns to lots of time at home, everyone experienced a change to their lifestyle, and for many that meant getting outside. Boating was no exception and thousands took to the water for the first time.

According to statistics by the National Marine Manufacturers Association, recreational boat sales were up 13% from 2019. Thats a huge jump in just one year, and as a pontoon boat manufacturer, the Barletta crew was astonished by how many new boaters entered the industry.

If you were one of the many that turned to the boating lifestyle as an outlet for getting out of your home and enjoying some sort of normal, youre not alone. However, if youre interested in getting on the water but are still unsure about owning your own boat, theres a great solution.

Boat clubs are rapidly gaining popularity for this exact reason. These clubs offer all the joys of owning a boat with none of the hassle. Dont know what a boat club is? Im going to explain what being a member is like and why it could be a great choice for you.

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What Are The Main Reasons People Join A Boat Club

Some of the reasons people join boat clubs include:

  • Boat club owners take care of maintenance
  • Many boat clubs offer boat training
  • Access to a variety of different boats
  • Many boat clubs have social club gatherings and parties
  • Boat clubs handle insurance and liability
  • Access to boating expertise and on the water training

One of the main reasons that people join boat clubs is because the initial fee and recurring monthly fees are less expensive than buying a boat outright. The cost of a new boat is much higher than the fees charged by a boat club.

Another reason to join boat clubs is that many of the larger companies have locations across the nation and internationally. Often, your membership will allow you to use these locations at no extra charge. This can save you both time and money by allowing you to skip the boat rental on your next vacation.

Boat clubs also bring together like-minded people with a love for being out on the water. They can be a great way to make friends with fellow boaters and enjoy club activities together.

Are Boat Club Memberships Worth It

If you do not have a boat, yet you want to enjoy the fun that comes with sailing, you can either rent a boat or join a boat club. When you rent a boat, the cost will depend on the hours you are out with the boat. When you join a boat club, you pay a month fee and then pick a boat whenever you are available.

If you do not want to rent or join a boat club, you can buy a boat which comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Is a boat club membership worth it?

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What Is Not Include In The Freedom Boat Club Membership Fee

There are many perks for becoming a Freedom Boat Club member. However, there is one thing that is not covered by any Freedom Boat Club plan. It is the fuel.

Freedom Boat clubs make use of fuel flow meters. When you check out from the dock, a fuel flow meter is initiated. This will then be reviewed upon return to determine the amount of fuel consumed. This means that FBC only charges you for the fuel used during your outing.

Several Freedom Boat Club franchises also offer optional programs. These programs may include special insurance coverage. They can also include towing provisions.

At the dock, someone will assist you with boarding, check-in, dock departure, and returns. Freedom Boat Club has a dedicated professional dock staff for all members. They will also assist you when it comes to loading and unloading your gear.

Members can tip them for their service. While tipping is fully done at the members discretion, FBC nonetheless encourages members to tip them.

How Much Do The Cheapest Boat Clubs Cost

How Freedom Boat Club Works (Longer)

The cheapest boat clubs can cost just a few hundred dollars per month.

Keep in mind that this may not cover unlimited access to the boats. A cheaper membership could restrict your usage to certain days of the week or certain months out of the year.

If you are looking for a way to get on the water without spending a small fortune, these cheaper boat clubs may be a good fit for you.

Look for boat clubs that offer a variety of membership options to find one that will work for your budget.

Keep in mind that the best bargain may be to opt for weekday-only or weekend-only plans. It is best to ensure that you fully understand the membership guidelines before you sign on the dotted line.

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Nottely Boat Club And Marina

Worried about spending too much money on an annual membership that you may not use? Nottely Boat Club and Marina may have the perfect solution for you. Instead of offering memberships, you can instead reserve one of their boats for four- to eight-hour blocks.

They offer a 22 triton boat perfect for watersports as well as 21 pontoon ideal for enjoying a calm day on the water. Prices for renting the boats start at just under $200 and increase from there for larger time blocks and multi-day reservations.

Tube rentals and other watersports equipment can also be conveniently rented when placing your reservation.

This boating club may not be the best option for beginners. Unlike some of the other boating clubs that offer hands-on training in the water, Nottely only requires you to watch a short video on protocol and boating safety. This may not be sufficient enough to help you master the skills you need to make boating a regular part of your life.

Can You Share Your Boat Club Membership

Some boat clubs do allow you to split the initial membership with a family member or friend for a shared membership plan. This can be a good way to cut the costs involved with joining a boat club.

Check with your boat clubs administration to see if this option is available at your club.

While most boat clubs wont allow you to share your membership directly, they will allow you to bring family and friends aboard whenever you reserve a boat.

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What Are The Main Reasons People Leave A Boat Club

People choose to leave their boat club for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, this is due to the selection of boats available at their particular club. Other times, people may simply want to purchase their own boat that they can customize.

One of the main reasons people may choose to leave their boat club is boat availability. During huge boating weekends around major holidays, many boat clubs put special restrictions in place. These restrictions can range from only renting out certain boat styles to only allowing half-day reservations.

Other people may choose to leave their boating clubs because of the fees.

Despite the annual cost of your average boating club being lower than owning your own boat, it can still be quite expensive.

Is There A Freedom Boat Club In Florida

How Much Does a Freedom Boat Club Membership Cost?

One of the main attractions of joining the Freedom Boat Club is the variety of membership options. Based on how often and when you want to use the boat, you can choose from one of these unique offerings: They have more than a dozen locations around the state of Florida, and you can use any of their marinas.

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See The Differences For Yourself

Many people still find themselves torn between the two boat clubs. Each has its own advantages that might appeal to some people more than others.

If you find that you are still conflicted about which boat club is right for you, it might help you to see the differences for yourself.

Look up the location that is closest to your home and take a trip to see the fleet itself and talk with employees. This can also help you to get the most accurate pricing on a membership that suits your schedule and sailing needs.

Both companies have been well-established for quite some time.

While you can hardly go wrong with either one, this comparison might help you to make a better decision for your vacation, summer sailing plans, and even your wallet.

Boatsetter Vs Carefree Boat Club

Like most boat clubs, Carefree Boat Club has an initial membership fee and an annual fee. These fees vary depending on the location and may even be monthly. According to, the initial membership cost ranges from $4,000 to $6,000, and a monthly cost ranging from $140 to $300. As you can see, the price of renting a boat can add up quickly. If you have the time to use a boat every month, you might get the full value out of Carefree Boat Club, but it wont be easy. By renting a boat with Boatsetter, you can avoid all initiation and monthly/annual fees! Just pay each time you would like to take out a boat, and you are all set for a fun day out on the water. With over 4500 active boats on our platform across the country, you can find the perfect boat for your needs.

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How Much Does A Cruise Ship Cost To Build By Line

Above, you’ll find a graph showing the average cruise ship cost by cruise line. The chart shown represents the actual cost to build a cruise ship for the specific brands shown.

Which company spends the most per vessel? That would be Royal Caribbean! On average, RCCL writes a check for $669 million for each new ship!

This graph above gives us an idea of not just “cost,” but also grandiosity. Royal’s ships are the biggest and most costly.

To get a better idea of “value” as opposed to “price tag,” you’ll want to consider ship size. We’re one step ahead! Check out the infographic below for average cost to build a cruise ship based on size. Specifically, we analyze cost verse number of staterooms.

New Boat Club Opens In Concord Marina Offers Alternative To Purchasing Or Leasing

How Much Does It Cost to Live On a Sailing Boat? Ep6

A new boat club has opened at the Concord Marina in West Knoxville.

Nautical Boat Club offers lake-goers annual club memberships, considered an alternative to buying, renting or leasing boats.

No special license is required to join the club.

“Between financing, insurance, storage and maintenance, owning a boat can get expensive,” owner Scott Payne said. “Our vision is to get more families on the water by making it more affordable and less complicated than buying a boat.”

The club experience also differs from renting in that the club provides education and training on each boat to prevent liability and help people become more comfortable on the water.

“I think a lot of people are intimidated by boats if they’ve never had any training or education on them,” Payne said. “We thought the club would not only be a better investment on our part, but also help people get into boating more.”

Memberships start at $195 per month and include the use of all boats within the membership tier and complimentary water toys, like wake boards and inner tubes. The memberships require a joining fee and an annual renewal fee, but Nautical Boat Club is offering a discounted “charter membership” to the first 40 members to sign up.

Charter members get $300 off the initial joining fee and do not have to pay the annual renewal fees.

Payne started the company more than 20 years ago in Austin, Texas.

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Membership With Nautical Boat Club Includes:

  • Unlimited boat use
  • Free guest privileges
  • Complimentary use of water toys
  • Premium dockside valet service

As an added bonus to keep members excited about their annual memberships, the club purchases new model boats each and every year. Each model boat also comes with an experienced trainer to help you to understand the different features and capabilities of the model you choose.

Best Jet Ski Rental Franchise Opportunities For Sale And Their Cost

  • Contents

  • 4. Nautical Boat Clubs
  • JETSKI Safari

    JETSKI Safari is a jet ski rental business that provides exhilarating recreational Sea Sports adventures to Resorts & Hotel guests around the region. With over 12 years of operating experience under their belt, they are considered by all who have engaged with them to be the cream of the crop when it comes to invigorating sea adventures.

    JETSKI Safari prides themselves on being able to offer the most satisfying, well-rounded experience on the water, and they always aim to bring a unique experience to their customers.

    Most Jet Ski rentals exist as an operator owner set up with no corporate backup and knowledge, JETSKI Safari offers instant trouble shooting and product backups. Whether it is a HR issue or a mechanical issue, their corporate office is more than happy to help solve the issues.

    • Franchise cost

    JETSKI Safari waives Franchise Fees or Royalty for their first 100 franchisees.

    JETSKI Safari offers the following support: A large well stocked spare parts inventory, 24 hours support, No down time for your rental jetskis therefore you can make more money, 3 SKI types for 3 different operations, cheaper spare parts and lower operation costs all make it a successful Business model.

    2. Trax Powersports Rentals

    Franchise cost

    • Franchise Royalty 6% on Gross Monthly Rentals
    • National Ad Fund 2% of Gross Monthly Rentals

    3. Invert Sports

    Franchise cost

    4. Nautical Boat Clubs

    Franchise cost

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    How Do I Join Freedom Boat Club

    Joining a boat club is as simple as providing your details and then paying for the one-time fee and the monthly membership fee. If you travel a lot, you need a boat club with boats in different places around the country so that you can use your membership to the fullest.

    Freedom Boat Club requires you to choose your location, give your name, and then continue to pay a one-time payment and a monthly membership fee. The one-time payment varies based on several factors and so does the monthly payment.

    How much is Freedom Boat Club a month? The Freedom Boat Club one-time payment is about $5,000 . From there, you will pay a monthly fee of between $300 and $700.

    It may sound like you are paying a lot to be a member, but this is more than 60% cheaper than owning your boat. Once you pay that amount, you never have to deal with boat storage, wrapping, maintenance, and towing.

    The entry fee varies based on the market situation. The entry fee is also different in different locations as the market varies from one market to the next. If the boats are in a popular boating destination, you may have to pay a higher entry fee.

    The boat club pays higher marina charges, including slip fees and office space than they would in other locations. If you live in a large metropolitan market, be ready to pay a higher fee.

    Once you pay the needed fees, you will have unlimited access to a boat. You can book as many times as you need. However, you have to reserve a boat in time.

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