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How To Keep Birds Off Boat Canopy

Strategies To Keep Seagulls Away From Boats And Marinas

Birds Off Boats

For boats, boat canopies, and boat lifts, the above seagull deterrents are specifically made. It should work for you, either one or a combination of a couple of solutions.

However, I also came across several other tactics that people use to scare away seagulls and birds on a much larger scale while studying this guide.

I figured it might be a little fun just to mention a few other online anti-bird deterrents and techniques I found, some of which may not be especially helpful on a cruise, marina, or dock.

You can test out some tactics here to help keep seagulls away from marinas and docks.

Some are low-cost solutions that you can set up with very inexpensive goods, whereas others need more technical information.

S For Keeping Seagulls Away From Boats & Marinas

The above seagull deterrents are specifically designed for boats, boat canopies, and boat lifts. Either one or a combination of a couple of solutions should work for you.

However, whilst researching this guide I also stumbled across a variety of other methods that people are using to scare away seagulls and birds on a far larger scale.

I thought it would be a little fun just to list a few other anti-bird deterrents and methods that I found online, some of which might not be particularly helpful on a boat, marina, or dock.

Here are some methods you can try out to help keep keep seagulls away from marinas and docks.

Some are low cost solutions which you can set-up with very cheap items, others require more advanced expertise.

#1: Sheepdogs

This is more of a solution for people who own or manage marinas and docks where berth or slip holders are experiencing seagull pooping and infestation problems.

Believe it or not, recent research has shown that by patrolling with a sheepdog you can reduce the number of seagulls by up to 99%.

And theres even a best time of day to do it.

Its worth mentioning that the intention here isnt for the dog to kill the seagulls, but instead to scare them away. Seagulls will see the dog as a predator and steer well clear.

#2: Hawks or Falcons

This is another great way to rid a marina or dock of birds and seagulls.

But it requires someone with expertise in raptor bird handling.

This guy just saw the hawk approaching and his days are numbered.


How Can You Keep Birds Off Your Boat


String up some fishing line

One easy way to stop birds from perching on the mast and spreaders of your boat is to string a monofilament fishing line a few inches above them. Birds wont want to land on the wobbly, unstable line and will instead fly off to perch elsewhere, sparing your boat from aerial attack. This is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to keep birds off your boat, and many people report that this method is highly effective.

Use bird netting

Bird netting is another simple yet effective tool for keeping birds off your boat. All you have to do is drape the netting over your boat before you leave to make sure its still dropping-free when you return! Like fishing line, netting creates an unstable surface which birds are unlikely to land on. This means theyll pass right on by your boat, leaving everything ship-shape for when you return.

Install items that move or sway

Birds will often perch on high parts of your boat, where they can poop-bomb your deck from above. Installing items on your boat that move or sway with the wind and waves can confuse birds, preventing them from landing nearby. By placing swaying items on high points of your boat, you can effectively deter seabirds from settling there.

Place reflective items around your boat

Reflective items are a well-established method of deterring birds, and many people string CDs up around their garden to keep feathery menaces at bay.

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How To Keep Birds Off Your Boat

Seabird droppings are one of the less pleasant aspects of boat ownership, but its something every sailor has to deal with. Gulls love the high-up perches provided by your mast and spreaders, where they can gather en masse to rest and eat. Unfortunately for your poor boat, this means that everything they leave behind poop, fish entrails and more can wind up encrusted on your boats paintwork, deck, and canvas.

Returning to your boat and finding it smeared with droppings doesnt just mean hours of cleaning it may even cause lasting damage to the canvas and bodywork of your vessel. Seabird droppings are notoriously difficult to clean off and, if left awhile, can eventually bleach textiles, leaving unsightly white stains.

Mess aside, seabird poop has also been found to harbor large numbers of potentially dangerous bacteria, such as E.coli. With all the risks and inconveniences associated with gull droppings, the best way to protect your boat is to make sure birds dont land there in the first place.

Deterring seagulls is easier than you might think, and the methods of doing so are often low maintenance and easy to implement. But which methods and devices are most effective for keeping birds off your boat?

Bird B Gone Spider Device

How do you keep birds off of your Canopy Lift!

This is a great system, It contains no wiring and no electricity is powered by wind, and looks like a spider. But the legs are small enough that most of the time it is not that visible.

In the wind, the spider legs bounce around to make a great seagull deterrent.

Its a perfect way to keep seagulls off your canopy, covers, or, if you wish, might even fit it on top of a boat lift.

Then the Bird B Gone spider kit will be the best way to keep these troublesome birds off your mooring covers while docked in a marina or slide too.

I havent used this gadget myself, but the Amazon reviews are very impressive, and Ive seen plenty of boat owners successfully using them.

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Place A Crouching Cat On Board

Cats are direct enemies of birds. The furballs are natural hunters and the sight of a feathery being ignites their stealth skills of scaring birds away from boat. If your vessel is plagued with pesky birds, you can utilize the cat tactic. Its not that youre going to let the cat stay on your boat for the whole day. Youre going to purchase a spot-on model of a cat on a crouching position ready to snipe the birds in mid-air.

A cat deterrent decoy like the one from Bird B Gone is an effective strategy to drive the seagulls away. The resemblance isnt uncanny but its enough to scare the hell out of the feral birds. The cat decoy has a furry coat with whiskers and a raised tail to denote more threat. This Bird B Gone cat has circular yellow eyes and an open-mouth that sports sharp-looking teeth. Its UV-resistant too!

Patrol With A Sheepdog

If the gulls are too invasive and they hang out on your boat every day, its time to take your sheepdog for a walk. Let the furry one roam your boat and chase the gulls away. Do this repeatedly and youll observe a massive decline in the number of birds pestering your docked vessel.

A group of researchers had conducted a study about the efficiency of using sheepdogs to discourage birds from invading the coastlines. They let a sheepdog walk the 200-meter beach stretch with its handler. The result is a staggering 99% decline in the presence of seagulls. Doing this in the peak hours of perching during early morning and evening is seen to be the best strategy.

The sheepdog doesnt need to chase the birds nor kill them. Its mere presence is enough to send the fowls away. Just do this on your boat on the said times of the day and you can see the uncanny result.

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Let The Sounds Rolling

To level up the security of your boat, you can install an ultrasonic device that will emit irritating sounds. This will drive the birds away from your boat as well as other critters. In case you dont have the money for this, you can resort to cassette tapes with distress sounds of birds and predators. This can work for some birds but not for all.

If you want a higher chance of driving the pesky birds away, mount a Bird B Gone Ultrasonic device on your boat. This has pre-programmed sounds of predator calls and distressed birds. You can program it to have the sound of distressed seagulls in it. Just connect it to the 110V plug, probably the battery available on your boat.

The sound of this Bird B Gone device can cover as much as five acres and can last under intense UV rays.

Compare With Similar Items

How to prevent birds from pooping on your dock, boat or pool area!
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Reflective Mirrors Are Useful

Just in case you dont want strips of scare tapes on your boat, you can resort to reflective apparatus like mirrors or spiral rods. The light reflected on it will work the same way as the scare tape but without the large movement. Anything that directly reflects light is annoying to birds.

Take the HOMESCAPE CREATIONS spiral rods for example. These shiny decors reflect light and swings in the air as they rotate. Each piece of the set of 6 is 15 inches long and works for pigeons, woodpeckers, sparrows, and other birds. You can hang this on the railings or spreaders of your boat using the hooks in the package. Just secure it so even strong winds wont take it off.

If you want a less conspicuous choice way of scaring birds away from boat, get the repellent owl discs from the same brand. It can be hooked and tied on your boat and have the same thing blinding effect to birds.

How To Keep Seagulls Off A Boat

Your boats either moving or will be moored or docked, so you need a solution that suits both scenarios.

Any shapes that spin and bounce in the wind should be your first line of defence. Any type of boat bird deterrent that rotates or has wire legs will work just as well.

Here are just two such mechanical devices you could consider.

#1: ScareGull Seagull Sweep

This is exactly the same device that I use on my pontoon boat. Ive used it for a year now with zero complaints.

I think you will love it too and you can .

Before you get started, do your clean up job, as I am sure youve got all that seagull poop to get rid of. Once thats done you can get this bad boy fully operational.

As the propellers sweep around in the wind, seagulls wont even consider landing on your boat again. It will work whilst youre out on the water or docked up.

You dont need to wire it up to your boat battery either. It is fully wind powered.

Its relatively cheap too.

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Suggestions For Keeping Birds Off Moored Boat

View Full ProfileSouthFlaDid a search and was really suprised I couldn’t find a thread about this ?Can those of you with boats kept in the water give me tips and suggestions for keeping all of those rats with wings and their poops and undigested yacked-up meals off of your boat? I’ll welcome any ideas except for any suggesting using those stupid plastic owls Thanks!JohnSouthFlaDid a search and was really suprised I couldn’t find a thread about this ?Can those of you with boats kept in the water give me tips and suggestions for keeping all of those rats with wings and their poops and undigested yacked-up meals off of your boat? I’ll welcome any ideas except for any suggesting using those stupid plastic owls Thanks!John

How Can I Tell When Birds Are Roosting

FLOE Vertical Lift Canopies

A telltale sign to show you that birds are beginning to set up camp is through noticing the influx of birds surrounding your docked boat on a more regular basis. If your boat cover or canopy isnt swarming with a food source for them, then their company is for roosting purposes.

With the presence of birds comes their infamously disruptive squawking, chirping, and fluttering. If you catch yourself hearing more chirps, especially from baby birds, then you can be sure that your cover or canopy is more than just a hangout spot.

Take note of the birds that come to and leave from your canopy or cover. Are they carrying anything in their mouths like food or nesting materials? If birds have already roosted on your boat canopy or cover, you will see nesting elements such as small sticks, feathers, and bird droppings strewn all over.

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Let Scare Tapes Flapping

Scare tapes had already proven its efficiency in household use. If you have a full roll, you can put some on your boats railings, spreaders, radar, and other parts. This will keep flapping in the air and it also reflects the light that it gets struck with. Birds have more sensitive eyesight and what we see is just a mild version of what is registered on their vision.

Any shiny streamers or surfaces will do here but if you want to make the solution easy, buy one of PREDATOR GUARD Scare Tape Bird Repellent. This is a 150-ft. roll that you can use for years to guard your boat. Just let the other end flapping in the air and youll be scaring birds away from boat. Aside from the shiny effect, the tape also produces a metallic clatter that becomes scarier for any birds trying to perch.

Keep Your Boat Netted

So you dont have a sheepdog around and the visuals arent scaring birds away from boat. If thats the case, you better resort to keeping a net draped all over the exposed part of your boat. A dinghy without a mast on it is easy to wrap with a net or mesh. But for those with a towering spreader, only the lower part would be netted. You have to keep those microfilament strings in place.

Some boat owners would use a thick tarpaulin in securing their boats. Its a good choice but not breathable.

The BeGrit Sunblock Resistant Net is a good choice. Its originally used for patios and lawns but the tailored edges and grommets also make it a good choice for boats. Just get some strings and tie it across your boat. This way, you can start scaring birds away from boat together with their droppings.

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Use Squirt Guns As A Defense

Having a motion-sensor water blaster on your boat is probably the best shot you have to drive these fowls away. But like what I said, this wont stop them from staying on your mast beams, but at least, the space for people would be kept clean in an instant.

One of the best options is the Hoont Outdoor Jet Blaster for Animals. This has a built-in motion sensor that will engage the moment it detects a movement in as far as 30 meters away. Birds will be startled and the spraying would take place for five seconds, enough to drive the gulls or pigeons away. Just mount this safely into your boat and a water source to stop the birds on their tracks.

The water blaster wont kill animals in the process and it will just send the birds flying and the critters scurrying. This one is typically used in gardens but it will also serve its purpose of scaring birds away from boat.

Consult With The Experts

Birds Off Boats – Flags in a Sock Explained

At SVI Boat Lift Repair Parts, we are dedicated to providing you with the best products for your boat and dock. If you notice any damage to your equipment, our experts can help repair the damage or provide multiple replacement options. Contact us today to see how you can best maintain your boat canopies and covers so they can be around for the long haul.

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How To Keep Seagulls Off Your Boat Canopy

#2: Bird B Gone Spider Device

This device also involves no wiring and no power, is wind operated and looks like a spider. But the legs are thin enough that its not that noticeable most of the time.

The spider legs bounce around in the wind creating a fantastic seagull deterrent go take a .

Its great way to keep seagulls off your boat canopy, covers, or could even fit it on top of a boat lift too if you wish.

Ive personally not tried this device, but the Amazon reviews are very impressive, and Ive seen loads of boat owners using these successfully.

Diy Boat Canopy Bird Wire


  • As soon as we knew what we were looking for we were able to find a bunch of variations on the “wire” or “line” concepts. Gulls Away, FLOE Bird Deterrent, The Dock Doctors and Seagull Eliminator are all very similar in function with minor differences in the mounting methods and the number of rows of wire/line. It’s also possible that some of the canopy/lift companies use or rebrand one of the other OEM bird deterrent systems.

DESIGNThe other issue was that we didn’t feel like paying HUNDREDS of dollars for a set of four or six bent poles welded to a pieces of angle and mounting hardware.

  • Should not significantly impact, in time or method, the canopy installation or removal.
  • Should not contact the canopy in a way to increase stress or wear and degrade the life
  • Installation or modifications to canopy frame should be simple and not compromise structural strength
  • Should not be an eyesore
  • Minimize cost
  • BILL OF MATERIALS 1. Post Fabrication1a.1b.1c.1d.1e.1f.1g.2. Spacer Fabrication2a.2b.3. Post Installation3a.3b.4. Line Installation4a.4b.4c.4d.FINISHED PRODUCT

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