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Can You Wake Surf Behind Any Boat

Vi24 By Centurion Boats Best In Performance

How to Go Wakesurfing With a Direct Drive Inboard Boat


  • Fuel capacity: 63 gallons
  • Dry weight: 5,250 lbs

Not all premium wakesurf boats are expensive. This is what the Vi24 by Centurion Boats proves. The Centurion Boats most significant addition to their line of boats, the Vi24, is a classically styled V-Bow wake boat that gives you a powerful surf wave without constraining your view of the lake.

Designed and engineered for adventurers looking to enjoy the lake, the Vi24 performs like a big boat at a reasonable price. Its Opti-V Hull takes wakesurfing to the next level with as much as 4,800 pounds of ballast displaces for the worlds best waves and wakes.

More than half of the Vi24s ballast is located sub-floor therefore, it does not encroach on your storage areas. In addition, when you opt to use RAMFILL, it fills it in as little as 90 seconds. Thats power filling for one wake boat.

The Vi24 also lets you choose your seating to help with the wave. The 4-position slide seat can reposition the passengers weight for fine-tuning waves and wakes. This seating configuration can be switched from Flip-Up Stadium seating or rear-facing.

  • Fuel capacity: 42 gallons
  • Dry weight: 3,500 lbs

Solid wakesurf boat performance can still be achieved without breaking the bank. The A20 by Axis Wake lets you have all the on-water fun at a price your budget can indeed work with. This wake boat showcases an outstanding performance and value in a small package.

Surf Boat Under $100k: Super Air Nautique 210

The 21 Nautique 210 may be a bit small for some buyers, but for others it may be roomy enough as it can easily fit 6 or 7 people on board. This boat can be had for $100K fully equipped with the ZW409 engine.

The 23-foot Nautique 230, on the other hand, will take you well over that $100K budget.

Nautique boats are very reliable and durable for many years. Unlike Mastercraft, you dont pay as much for the brand name.

Nautique boats also offer a very good surf wave, although it can be a bit steep for beginner riders and not easy to dial down in length and height.

How To Wakesurf Behind A Direct Drive Boat

Video Transcript

What’s going on, guys? I’m Parker. Today, we’re on beautiful Lake Lucerne up in Northern Wisconsin thanks to WakeMAKERS. Today we are showing you how you can take your ski boat and set it up for wakesurfing. So if you’re like me and you enjoy barefooting and slalom water skiing, you probably don’t have a V-drive boat, you probably have a direct drive boat like this one. This is a Tige Pre 2000 WT. It’s going to be very similar to any other direct drive ski boat where you have the engine in the center of the boat rather than the back like your traditional V-drive boat or any of the wake surf boats that you’re going to pick up off the showroom floor.

There are definitely options out there if you want to spend $100,000, $150,000 to $200,000 on a boat that you can surf right out of the box with, but if you have something like this that’s been in the family for a long time or you’re like me where you enjoy all different types of ski events. This is how you can set it up to wakesurf behind your ski boat.

Step 1. Weighting Your Ski Boat with Ballast Bags

To fill these portable ballast bags, we’ve got the FatSac SUPA Tsunami Pump. This is the juiced edition, so it’s the newest and fastest pump from FatSac. It fills at 1,700 gallons per hour and gets these bags full in a few minutes.

Shop for Ballast Bag & Pump Combos »

Step 2. Use an Aftermarket Wakesurf Device

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Whats An Inboard Direct Drive And An Inboard V

The inboard direct drive and V-drive are the only two propulsion types meant for wake surfing . This means outboard and inboard/outboard engines cannot be surfed behind.

Inboard direct drive and V-drive engines typically have a shaft that comes from the hull of the boat that has a propeller at the end. A rutter is usually used for steering. excuse my awful artistic skill, but they look like this:

The propeller is far under the boat, which makes it very unlikely for a wake surfer to get injured by it. Outboard and inboard/outboard engines arent like this. Their propeller sticks out under the boat, which causes a great risk that the wake surfer could be injured by the propeller.

This is what an inboard/outboard looks like:

Most yachts have an inboard motor that will be ok for wake surfing, but there are a couple that have an inboard/outboard style. Make sure you know which engine type your yacht has before going wake surfing.

How Does Wakesurfing Work And How Does It Work

Can You Wakesurf Behind a Pontoon Boat?

Wakesurfing starts with a surfer lying in the water with his or her feet on the board, ready to quickly stand up. The surfer holds onto a towrope as the boat picks up speed, eventually topping out anywhere from 9 to 11 miles per hour. The surfer then jumps into a standing surfing position, drops the rope and surfs through the wake the boat creates.

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Setting Up The Ballast

A ballast is a part of a boat where water or some other heavy objects are stored. It functions as a compartment actually and is typically located towards the rear of the boat. Proper ballast setup is crucial to help the boat create bigger waves. Therefore, by adding weight to the ballast, the water drag increases thus, producing a higher wake.

However, keep in mind that putting in more weight may affect fuel economy. Furthermore, it may slow the boat down, making it ineffective in creating huge waves. For an ideal wake to be produced, place some fat sacks or ballast bags at the end corner of the boat for which youll be wakesurfing.

Can You Surf Behind Sea Doo Boat

boatyou can surf behindyoucanSea Dooboatsboat

Likewise, can you Wakesurf behind a Seadoo boat?

Yes it is posssible to wakesurf behind a jetski without the rope!

Secondly, can you wake surf behind a jet boat? Wake surfing is all about displacement, the more the boat is in the water, the larger the wave. I always recommend people with jet boats start with AT LEAST 1200lbs of ballast and I recommend you place it as far back as possible.

In this regard, can you Wakesurf behind any boat?

No. To stay safe, you should only wakesurf behind a boat whose propeller is not exposed in the back. True wakesurfing involves riding less than 10 feet behind the boat, so it should only be done behind an inboard or V-drive. Wakesurfing behind an outboard is very risky as you may hit the propeller.

Why are wakeboard boats so expensive?

They are expensive and they hold their value because they are a specialized, high end product. So basically you are paying for hand built boats that have a lot of extra’s built into them like Ballast systems, all the high end lights and things etc.

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How To Surf Behind A Boat

May 15, 2018

You probably had a lot of fun as a kid getting towed behind a boat on an inner tube, and maybe you also learned to use a kneeboard or water skis. But thats not all there is!

These days, there are also some other watersports you can try when youre out on the lake, which were inspired by ocean surfing: wakeboarding and wakesurfing.

If you dont live near an ocean, this may be your best opportunity to surf close to home.

Wakeboarding and wakesurfing are similar in that they both feel a little bit like ocean surfing, but they are different. While a wakeboarder is towed behind a boat for the entire ride, in wakesurfing you only use the tow rope to get up on the board and then let go and ride the wave.

One benefit of surfing on a lake instead of on ocean waves: Whether youre wakeboarding or wakesurfing, you get a longer ride.

Of course, the biggest challenge for a beginner is learning how to get up on the wakesurfing board. Just like with water skis, it can take a little bit of practice. But once you get the hang of it, both can be a lot of fun!

One consideration is the kind of boat you use. In theory you can surf behind a lot of different boats, but specialized surf boats make it a lot easier. Theyre designed to create a wake thats ideal for surfing, with weight in the back and an ability to control the direction of the wave without anyone having to move around on the boat.

Surf Boat Under $100k: Moomba Mojo

Wakesurf Behind Any Yamaha Boat

The Moomba Mojo is one of the few 23-foot surf boats you can get under $100K. Its a very good all-around boat including for both family fun and for serious wakesurfing.

The Moomba brand revolves around simplicity, reliability, and proven technology, perfect for buyers who plan on keeping their boat for a decade or more.

Although an entry level line, the Mojo has features similar to those found in higher-end boats such as the Mastercraft XT. In terms of interior, the Mojo is often considered to have slightly better fit and finish than the Axis A24 or Mastercraft NXT.

In terms of surf wave and wakeboard wake, the autowake is very easy to use.

The Mojo or Mojo Pro can be had under $100K and provide great value for the money. Some buyers have even snatched new Mojos equipped with full Wetsounds system for under $90K.

While the Raptor 440 engine an extra $5000 over the Raptor 400, buyers often argue they are both the same engine except for computer flash. The 400 gets on plane with 4000 lbs of ballast.

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Presence Of A Wake Shaper

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to create a clean and crisp wake behind a boat, a wake shaper is a simple device that attaches to the boats stern via Velcro or some other method, such as suction cups.

If the boat you have isnt generating a surfable wake with ballast bags alone, then this is something that you might want to consider purchasing. They do range in price and can get expensive , so please do your research. They can be ridiculously effective, though. And hey, it keeps you from having to pile everyone on the boat to one side! A good investment if you ask me.

Boat Speed For Wakesurfing

Boat speed for wakesurfing will vary with the make and model of boat, and the amount of ballast, but usually good waves form around 10 mph and professional surfers will cap out around 12.5. Skim-style boards perform best at about 1.5 mph slower than surf-style boards. When pulling up a wakesurfer, you should accelerate even slower than when pulling a wakeboarder. You want to start slow and make small incremental increases. Ideally, to start, you want a thigh-high wave with a clean face and no whitewater on the lip.

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Wakesurfing Behind An Outboard Boat Safely

When youre wakesurfing behind direct drive and V-drive boats its normal to stay within 10 feet of the boat where the wake is ideal. You might find yourself getting closer and moving away throughout your time in the water, but you never really stray out of the area.

Anyone who insists on wakesurfing with an outboard boat must use a rope so they can stay at least 15 to 30 feet away from the boat at all times. If you begin to creep closer to the boat you must do everything in your power to avoid it, which could even include bailing.

Youll only be going around 10 to 15 miles per hour when wakesurfing, so bailing into the water is no big deal. Wakeboarders generally move at speeds of 20 to 25 miles per hour if you need something to compare it to, so bailing is an attractive option vs getting close to the boat.

As long as the drive is trimmed up a little youll have okay 3 foot waves around 30 feet away from the boat. Nothing like the wakes created using direct drive and V-drive boats, but you wont be risking your life.

Determine The Rope Length

Can You Wakesurf Behind Any Boat?

When you wakesurf behind a pontoon, its important to set the proper rope length.

Typically, a 65 to 80-foot rope gives you the proper distance to maintain a steady ride and made the most of the pontoons gentle wake.

Staying closer to the boat makes it easier to jump the wake.

So, beginners might want to start out with a 65-foot row.

More experienced wakeboarders often choose a rope length of 75 to 85 feet.

Choosing the right rope length can make it much more enjoyable to wakeboard behind a pontoon boat.

Use the rope length to your advantage when learning new tricks.

For example, if youre landing flat, try letting the rope out a little bit. If youre pulling up short, consider shortening the rope a bit.

Use a non-stretch rope to avoid unintended stretches during jumps.

Using a stretch rope can cause the line to snap back, which can throw you off balance and cause an injury.

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How To Make Your Pontoon Boat As Wakeboard Friendly As Can Be:

The first thing you will need to do to make your Pontoon Boat more suited to Wakeboarding is to add a tow bar! This is a standard feature on Wakeboard boats that allow the surfer to attach to the back of the boat and provides them with motion so that they can easily move back and forth without having to worry about the rope getting caught in the motor, which is what could happen if you just tie a rope to the back of the boat.

The next thing you will want to do is to invest in some ballast bags. Before weight systems were introduced on Wakeboard boats, they used to have removable ballast bags, which are bags filled with water that add weight to the boat wherever you need. Ballast bags are still available so that you can use them on whatever kind of boat you want, including your Pontoon. Add some Ballast bags to the rear of your Pontoon boat and to either side depending on how you want the wake to look and you can essentially make a big enough wake for someone to surf or board on.

The problem with the wake from your pontoon is that it may not be strong enough to give a rider enough to jump on. You can usually find ways though to make this possible, like steering through the path of another boats wake or into a wave. This will give the rider random chances to jump and practice tricks.

Should You Use A Wedge On A Yacht

Using a wedge can help make your wake bigger, but all of the ones currently on the market are not meant for yachts. Most swells arent made to withstand speeds any faster than 13 mph, so some yachts that need to go faster than that wont be able to use them.

Also, a production wedge wont make nearly the same impact on a yacht as it would on a wake surfing boat. They really arent worth the small advantage it would give. I have seen some custom-made wedges that are massive on yachts before that work pretty well.

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What Kind Of Boats Are Used For Fishing

Bass boats have broad platforms that allow you to cast off the back and front, and their low-profile bottoms make moving in shallow water. These boats also include built-in storage for fishing tackle and floor space for fishing chairs. Similar to flats boats, bay boats are shorter profile motor boats designed for floating in shallow waters.

How To Drive Your Inboard Boat For Wakesurfing

How to Wakesurf Behind a Direct Drive Boat

Driving the boat is a big responsibility. You need to know the rules on your chosen body of water, you need to be on the lookout for other boaters and possible hazards, and you need to give your passengers a safe, smooth ride. But when you toss in a few thousand pounds of ballast, waves, the DELTA 2.0 wake shaper, and a surfer behind you, it can feel pretty overwhelming.Its all good, though! Were here to help you feel comfortable captaining the ship so you can enjoy your day on the water.

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Do Swim Platforms Reduce The Risk Of Wakesurfing Behind An I/o

Some boat owners feel safer wakesurfing behind an I/O after installing a large swim platform or an extended back over the drive. They feel the overhanging platform recessing the outdrive provides good protection from a wakesurfer falling into the prop.

However, if the driver slows down or stops unexpectedly, because of the shape of these platforms and the height at which they are installed , when hitting the platform the rider is likely to get pushed under toward the outdrive which sticks out 1-2 feet from the transom depending on trim.

Thus, even though having a large swim platform covering the outdrive may feel safer for wakesurfing close to a stern drive, the risk of getting hurt is still very high.

Which Boat Is Best For Wakesurfing

There are several boats for racing, cruising, and fishing. Not all of them are suitable for wakesurfing, as the boat should be able to hit a certain speed to create a wake.

Cruising and sporting boats are lightweight and speedy, so theyre more capable of creating a surfable wake. Other boats like pontoon boats wont be able to generate enough power to create the wake for your surfboard.

Any inboard direct or V-drive boat will be suitable for wakesurfing. In this case, the propeller will be located beneath the boat, so its safer for you because youre unlikely to come in contact with the propeller. In outboard boats, the propeller is exposed and is a serious hazard, even if youre an advanced user.

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