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Where To Buy Boat Trailer Tires

White Spoke Trailer Wheel With Bias St205/75d14 Tire

What Trailer Tires Should YOU BUY? | RV Trailer, Cargo Trailer, Utility Trailer, Bass Boat Trailer

Great Quality for Affordability

  • Tire size is 205/75D15 with a C load range
  • Tire weight rating is 1820 lbs. with a max pressure of 50 PSI
  • Compatible with popular boat trailer brands such as Ranger, Nitro, Marko Alumacraft, Continental, Crestliner, Karavan, Lund, Mako, Nitro, Ranger, etc.
  • Compatible with popular utility and cargo trailer brands such as Miska, FastTrac, Lark United, Big Tex, Carry-On, E-Z Hauler, Performance Trailers, etc.

The ST205-75D14 is a popular size, able to handle your everyday needs with minimal maintenance. The bias-ply tire construction allows for long life and requires less rotation, which is great for a utility or enclosed trailer.

The wheels are designed with a steel-painted white spoked design, giving your trailer the final touch you need to stand out among the others.

Gladiator 20575r15 Trailer Truck Tire

  • Belted, reinforced construction
  • Can handle any type of road and weather condition
  • Load range D for use in many types of vehicles
  • 8 ply rating for extended lifespan
  • 2150/1870 lbs weight capacity
  • A bit pricey

If youre finding the answer for who makes the best trailer tires, you might have just found it. The Gladiator 20575R15 is one popular tire online that has garnered many positive reviews from its users.

For one, the Gladiator 20575R15 has solid, durable construction because it is an 8-ply model that also means it can deliver long service to you and your vehicle. This has a higher ply rating versus others do, meaning the maker has ensured that they can deliver the durability that their customers are looking for.

It is also made more durable for its belted reinforced construction that can extend the lifespan of the tires. That said you could also save more money in the process because you dont need replacement tires from time to time.

I also like that this model is belted, which could also increase its weight capacity. In addition, this model can handle a max weight capacity reaching up to 2150/1870 lbs.

That said this model could carry more cargo that you have to transport or carry to your warehouse or customers. You can also rely on the tire even if you would mount them for pleasure and camping.

Your Trailer Needs A Certain Type

It may be tempting to put any tire that fits on your boat trailer, but there are specifications in place for trailer tires. Special Trailer tires are the only type you should use on your boat trailer unless youre willing to risk damage or potentially an accident.

ST tires have robust sidewalls to handle lots of weight, which helps avoid tipping your boat onto the road while cornering turns. Radial and bias-ply tires are both available for trailers, with radials working better for longer trips and bias-ply ideal for short trips to your local waterways.

Before you purchase a trailer , consider the costs associated with the boat plus trailer and tire costs. Before you start estimating your investment with a boat payment calculator, think about how youll transport your new toy and plan accordingly. Trailer tires are an essential component of your boating setup, and its not worth the risk to gloss over that part of the venture.

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Boat Trailer Tire Pressure

This is always important to remember. The boat trailer tire pressure needs to be monitored and maintained. If tire pressure goes too low, the trailer will be harder to tow. That strains your tow vehicles engine. And it wastes fuel. Too high and you risk a blow out. Always make sure theyre inflated exactly as the manufacturer recommended.

Some tire shops will recommend a lower PSI. Why they do this is hard to say. But always follow the recommendations from the manufacturer. If your tire is recommended to inflate to 90 PSI, stick to that number. Some shops can and will recommend you go to something like 60 PSI. Thats going to put too much pressure on the tires. Theyre going to deform and spread unevenly when weight is applied. Even though it might seem like it will be easier on the tire, it wont be. Youll cause it to burst far too early. Its a waste of time and a waste of money. Plus you could end up causing a serious accident. Always follow those instructions.

What You Need To Know About Boat Trailer Tires


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Everyone loves spending time out on the boat at the lake. But nobody loves being stuck on the side of the road with a blown out trailer tire on the way to the lake. Just as you maintain your vehicle and boat, it is important to check and maintain your boat trailer tires.

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Regular Rotations Might Help

Depending on the size of your boat trailer, it may need regular rotations and tire balancing. For smaller trailers , you probably wont need rotation, unless you notice odd wear patterns or other issues.

In general, common issues like filling tires to the incorrect pressure, exceeding load capacity, and trailer misalignment can cause irregular or uneven wear. Rotating the tires wont help those scenarios, as the damage is already present, so youll need to replace your tires before investigating any structural problems with the trailer.

Motorhot Str Ii Trailer Tires

Contrary to most models in this buying guide with a white spoke trailer wheel, this model has a black rim. Combined with the black rubber tire, it gives my trailer a modern and sleek look. I also like the black spokes because dirt is not easily visible.

The use of top-grade rubber is one of the compelling reasons to choose this product. It is a solid material that runs quietly and minimizes vibration. This means that I can tow my boat smoothly in different surface conditions. The rubber in the tire holds up well even after tears of use unlike others that thin easily.

As a bias ply tire, one of its biggest advantages is that it has a stiff sidewall. It is sturdy enough to minimize sway and bounce. This means that my trailer remains more stable. When there is too much wobble, my boat and trailer can be a safety hazard. It wont pose a significant risk as long as you follow its maximum load rating of 1,360 pounds at 50 psi and maximum speed rating of 75 mph.

  • Black spoke is not easily prone to dirt
  • No loud noise or excessive vibration
  • Holds up well even with long-term use
  • Has a stiff sidewall to minimize sway
  • Easily become hot

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Types Of Trailer Tires

When finding the high quality trailer tires, you should not just read reviews, such as Grand Ride trailer tires reviews, but also learn as much about this kind of product. One thing to know about trailer tires before buying is the types of trailer tires you can find when comparing and researching for different models and brands.

Radial tires

In general, these tires have plies, each perpendicularly running across the tire. For added durability, the best of them also are designed and made with belts, usually made of steel. The belts are running just beneath the tread that is surrounding the tires circumference.

One thing that many users love about radial tires is that they can offer a smooth ride because of low rolling friction. They also have steel belts that make them perfect for running cooler even for a longer time, something useful when going on long trips or journeys. They also offer long tread life and wide footprint.

Bias Ply Tire

The bias trailer tire is notable for its plies running at 30-degree angles. Many trailer owners want the bias ply tires due to its distinct crosshatch design and construction. Such type of construction is promoting stronger sidewalls, which is one of its advantages over radial tires. Just like radial tires, it can also be used for many applications, including agriculture, utility and cargo. It can also be used in fifth wheels and light marine.

Q: How Long Do Trailer Tires Last

If You Buy Cheap Trailer Tires & Wheels You Might Be Surprised By This First Impression Review

This depends on how often they are used, the quality of the tire, and the type of road surface you typically drive on. Experts suggest that the average trailer tire should be replaced every six to seven years. However, if your tread has worn down below safe levels, or your tire has become damaged, it should be replaced immediately, no matter its age.

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Ez Loader Boat Trailer Serial Number

If your serial number begins with 1L8 instead of 1ZE, the trailer was built by the EZ Loaders Custom Division.

Please call 1-800-553-7855 for assistance as we do not have access to the custom division parts.

Model: EZR 17-20 3100

Trailer Canada does not ship or deliver trailers. All trailers are F.O.B. St. Paul, Alberta

If you do not find what you are looking for, fill up this Inquiry Form or contact us.

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New Premium Free Country Trailer Tires St215/75r14 8pr Load Range D Radial W/scuff Guard

  • Set of 4 new premium quality ST215/75R14 Radial Tires, Brand: FREE COUNTRY
  • FULL nylon cap ply overlay cross entire tread area, significant upgrade from most other products on the market have nylon strips on shoulder area only, add critical safety feature!.
  • Featured Scuff Guard ring on tire wall for better tire side and rim protection
  • Heavy Duty 8 ply rated, load range D, Speed rating L 75mph,Designed for trailer use only, rims not included.

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Expected Life Of Rv Trailer Tires

To start, RV trailer tires and rims dont need to transfer power from the vehicle to the road. Nor do they need support to stop power. Neither plays a role in swerve through quick turns. Trailer tires are designed for load-bearing and towing.

When asked about tires life, 3 to 5 years is the expected life of a trailer tire largely depending on usage and maintenance. They should always be replaced around the 5-year mark because of the degradation of the materials. After the 5 year mark, travel trailer tires should always be retired and replaced. 5 years is a long time for the degradation of the materials.

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The Following Are Included In This List:

Pontoon Trailer Radial Tire

boat trailer tires wheelss should be kept as short as possible.

Quality is more important than an inexpensive boat trailer tires wheels. Key words are frequently made out of ceramic, stainless steel, and carbon steel.

In contrast, ceramic mechanisms lose their taste more easily and are more likely to break.

Due to the consistency and durability of ceramics, they tend to hold their flavors better than carbon steels or stainless steels. Additionally, rust is highly likely to develop.

A person can select a material based on its strengths and weaknesses.

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Which Boat Trailer Tires Wheelss Work Best

The items that are dealt with by your business are probably different sizes, weights, heights, etc. Because of this, a device that can accommodate these variables is a must. Despite its size and cost, it is a quality product despite being small and cheap.

Today, there are multiple ways to accomplish common office tasks using boat trailer tires wheelss.

Nanco S622 6 Ply C Load Bias Trailer Tire

  • Can withstand varying road conditions and situations
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Proven durability and endurance on the road
  • Dependable for long or short trips
  • Heavy-duty sidewalls
  • Does not include wheels

The Nanco S622 Bias Trailer Tire is another not to miss in todays reviews of the best products on the market. It is a bias trailer tire that is made by crisscrossing nylon piles. What this design does is producing a rigid and tough sidewall that can also resist punctures on the road. It adds to the durability or increased lifespan of the tires. This model is versatile enough for use in many applications that include cargo, construction, agriculture, sports and light marine.

Another thing I like about the Nanco tire is that is made of high quality and professional grade materials. It only means that you can depend on it for long-term use and purposes. Whether youre using your trailer for pleasure or business, you can rely on the tire that can take you to your destination safely.

It also offers top performance that can be hard to find in other products belonging to the same category. When it comes to the right trailer tire brand, there is no doubt that Nanco is one of them for their solid commitment to performance and quality. This tire can be used for many types of terrains for its dependable smooth running all the time. As it is also made of durable materials, it can also withstand various road conditions as well as weather changes, including snow.

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How To Check For Wear

Best Boat Trailer Tires In 2020 â Reviewed and Rated

Most vehicle owners are familiar with the penny test, but heres a reminder to use the same technique with your trailer tires. Tire tread depth should be around 4/32 of an inch deep when sliding a penny into the grooves , you shouldnt be able to see all of Lincolns head.

If you drive with tires that are bald or nearing bald , you risk not only your tires and trailer but also your boat. And withnew boat prices being what they are, youre better off purchasing new tires instead.

Other signs of wear include cracks from sun damage or bulges from too-high pressure . You shouldnt tow a trailer with damaged tires, so checking for this type of wear is a pre-trip must.

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Always Follow Load Limits

Load range is one of the aspects of boat trailer tires that affects how much you pay for a set. But beyond pricing, load limits are relevant because too low of a limit and you could blow out your tires just by driving a short distance.

Load ratings range from B to F, and those ratings correlate with a specific tire ply rating and weight limit. When considering load limits, you must factor in the weight of the boat, its engine, the trailer itself, the fuel, and any equipment you have stowed inside the boat.

In general, its preferable to use tires with a higher load rating than you expect to need, particularly when you are looking at your boats gross weight. Make sure to factor in equipment and other weight to get an accurate idea of what the total load will typically be.

Trailer King St Radial Trailer Tire

  • Can handle different load ranges
  • Tough to handle all types of weather
  • Center grooves for consistent tracking
  • Shoulder design for heat dissipation
  • Durability for its nylon overlay
  • Can be hard to mount

Ensuring that both your cargo and passengers stay safe on the road aboard your trailer is one of the most important things to consider when traveling. That is why you need to invest on the right trailer tires. When reading best boat trailer tires reviews, you might have also bumped into the Trailer King ST 205/75R15 107L.

It is one of the best travel trailer tires on the market now for its robust construction and materials. They can stay perfectly in good shape even with frequent use, ensuring your safety on the road. The ST radial trailer tires by this brand are pretty impressive because it can be used for a wide range of trailers, including those for boats, fifth wheels and stock.

I also love that shoulder design that comes with it. Such a design is good for distributing heat. This design also helps in extending the life of the tires. In addition, it ensures that the thread wont suffer from wear.

I also like that there are different sizes available, and that said it also means that you have the ability of choosing load ranges, including C and D.

During our travels, I also notice the very helpful center grooves, which can ensure of a better and smoother tracking all the time.

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Why Do You Need A Trailer Tire

The next question you may be having right now is why you need trailer tires, not just ordinary ones. There are many benefits that you should mount or install a trailer tire on your towing vehicle because of the following.

Built to last

One of the great reasons to use a trailer tire is its longevity. It is designed and made with durable materials to ensure of long-lasting use. This only means that you dont have to replace the tires very often. Some of them also have a design that can dissipate heat evenly to prevent overheating. It also means that you can stay safe and prevent tire blowouts, which can be dangerous.

Specifically designed and made for trailers

You should also install trailer tires on your vehicle because it is specifically made for it. It can also be used for plenty of applications, including agriculture, utility, cargo, boat, sports and light marine applications. Buying one from a top brand, you can also achieve peace of mind that you will get a long-lasting tire that you dont have to replace very often.

The top picks weve featured on this review are from the best brands in the category. As we only want you to use the best tires for your trailer, we have only included the best brands, including Carlisle, eCustomRim, Freestar, and Trailer King, to name some.

Safety on the road

High max weight capacity

Less rolling resistance

Less maintenance and fewer replacements

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