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Do You Need Boat Insurance In Georgia

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Do I Need Boat Insurance or is My Boat Covered on Home Insurance?

Boats and personal watercraft are big investments, but if you love being out on the water, you know theyre worth it.

So protect your fun investment with coverage thats designed with the boat lover in mind, not with some standard coverage or add-on to your Homeowners Insurance.

Snider Killingsworth can help make your time on the water relaxed and worry-free. We will find you comprehensive insurance protection that protects you, your friends, family, your watercraft, and your boating equipment.

The average boat policy costs less than a dollar a day. Youll enjoy being on the water even more when you arent worried about your safety, the safety of your passengers, or your investment.

Do you know what to look for in a Boat Insurance policy? Snider Killingsworth can help you determine the right amount of coverage to meet your specific needs. Just contact us today to get started.

Best Boat Insurance Providers Of 2021

Insurance Gives Important Coverage

Boat owners should never underestimate the value and benefits that a boat insurance policy can provide. If you choose to obtain this type of coverage, it will give the insurance protection that you need to repair your boat following an accident. Further, boat insurance will offer liability protection, which is very helpful if you are ever sued for liability following an accident that results in damages.

When you are in the Marietta, GA area and are looking for a boat insurance policy, it would be a good option to call the LG Insurance Group. As you are speaking with LG Insurance Group, you can continue to learn more about the benefits of this type of coverage. The team will be able to answer any of your questions and ensure that you pick the best policy for your situation.

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How Much Coverage Do You Need

With the exception of Arkansas, Utah, and Hawaii, where some type of liability coverage is required, boat owners dont need a minimum amount of boat insurance in most states. This means that finding the right policy for you will mainly depend on four factors: first, the type of boat you have, second, what you use it forfishing, sports, recreation with family or friends, etc., third, how protected you want your boat to be, and fourth, how much are you willing to pay.

If your intention is purchasing a well-rounded boat insurance policy, it should at least feature some type of liability coverage, collision, and medical payments. These three options will cover damages caused to property, physical damages to your boat, and medical expenses for you or passengers. Adding extra coverage to your policy such as towing and roadside assistance can also come in handy. Keep in mind that sometimes companies include services in their policies that others offer for an additional cost. In order to find the best policy and price, you should at least get three quotes from different companies and compare what coverage and services they feature in their policies.

Jon Boat Registration And Usage Across State Lines

Do I Need Boat Insurance [State Requirements]

Do you need to register your boat in a state that you are only visiting? No. Although registration requirements differ from State to State, if your Jon boat is registered in one State that registration will be enough to allow you to use the boat in other States, albeit for limited periods usually from 60 90 days.

The following are requirements that exist across the USA and will be active in most US States:

  • Registration. Registration requirements vary from State to State though a common theme is that motorized Jon boats require registration whereas non-motorized Jon boats do not require registration or titling. So if you have a trolling motor fitted to your Jon boat chances are you need to register the boat.
  • Title. Most states do not require a Jon boat to be titled. Exceptions are noted under each State below.

As mentioned above, if your Jon boat is powered by a trolling motor then it will need to be registered in your state. This registration allows you operate your boat between states lines but usually only for a limited period. This is usually between 60 90 days.

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More Insight Into Our Methodology

Shopping for boat insurance is somewhat similar to getting car insurance, with one major difference: theyre not standardized. First because boat insurance is not required in all states, except for the three statesArkansas, Utah, and Hawaiiwhere boat owners are required to have some kind of liability coverage, and second because of boats themselves. While cars tend to have similar purposes and structures, and are only slightly different in size, boats have many purposes and come in significantly different sizes and styles. Additionally, boat owners face a wide range of risks in the water that car owners do not face on the road. This means that theres not a suggested minimum coverage requirement, and that companies consider different factors to determine policy costs and boat owners risks.

In order to choose the best boat insurance companies we focused on the following factors:

What Does It Cover

Actual Cash Value vs. Agreed Value

Boat insurance providers offer physical damage coverage in two primary ways: actual cash value and agreed value. Out of the two, an actual cash value policy will be the least expensive, because it covers the current value of your boat at the time of the accident, minus any depreciation. Whereas an agreed value policy will cover the amount listed in your policy, as agreed with the insurer at the moment of purchase regardless of how the parts might have lost value over time.

Coverage Options

Policy coverage options vary depending on the insurer, nonetheless, companies usually feature services such as:

  • Liability Coverage: Usually, the most basic coverage. It protects you from at-fault damages caused to another boat or property.

  • Medical Payments: Medical coverage will pay out for medical expenses that you or any passenger onboard experience as a result of an accident.

  • Salvage: Salvage coverage is also known as wreckage removal. Simply put if your boat wrecks in the water, the insurer will pay salvage costs.

  • Pollution Liability/Fuel Spill: According to the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, polluters are responsible for the costs related to oil spill clean-ups and environmental damage. This type of coverage will protect you from expenses resulting from accidental contamination.

Additional Coverage Options

Most insurers also offer additional coverage options that may come handy in specific situations:

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Boat And Personal Watercraft In Georgia

Float easy knowing your Insuramerica Insurance specialized boat insurance policy is just right for your boat or personal watercraft. Just like automobile insurance, we make boat insurance easy and affordable. Ask about discounts for bundling your policies!

Boat Insurance Options

Being an independent agent means we represent many carriers for a boat insurance policy! There are coverage options abound and you can get specialized coverage, such as Roadside Assistance, On-Water Towing, Total Loss Replacement and more.

Ask for a Boat Insurance Quote Today!

An Insuramerica Insurance agent will assess your coverage needs and wade through the many options available, presenting you with the best for your needs and budget.

Boat insurance covers a wide range of boats from personal watercraft to sailboats, fishing vessels to personal watercraft, no specialized policy needed! Ask your Insuramerica Insurance agent about a quote!

Looking for Motorcycle Insurance? We sell that too!

Insuramerica Insurance will work hard to ensure youre covered on the water and that your coverage needs are met. Give us a call today at 639-4000 to start a quote. When shopping for boat insurance in Georgia, there are some things you should keep in mind.

More coverage is available. An Insuramerica Insurance agent will go over all coverages with you so you can make an informed decision about what coverages are right for you.

Age And Operator Restrictions

Do I need Boat Insurance?

Persons under 12 years of age:

  • May not legally operate a PWC or any vessel 16 feet in length or longer.
  • May legally operate a boat less than 16 feet in length and powered by a motor of 30 horsepower or less only if they are accompanied by a competent adult.

Persons 12 to 15 years of age:

  • May notlegally operate any vessel 16 feet in length or longer.
  • May legally operate a PWC or vessel less than 16 feet in length if they:
    • Have passed a boating education course approved by the DNR or
    • Are accompanied by a competent adult.

Persons 16 years of age or older may legally operate any boat or PWC on Georgia state waters if they have a proper identification card, such as a driver’s license or any other government-issued identification that contains a description of the person, a photograph, and the date of birth, on board.

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Find What You Should Be Paying For Coverage

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

If having fun on the water appeals to you, then you might find yourself in the market to buy a boat. You could purchase a boat for fishing, speed boating or sailing, or a pontoon to float around casually. Just as you insure your car and your home, its a good idea to get adequate insurance coverage for your boat.

As you research your options for boat insurance, you might have some questions about the cost, what kind of coverage you should purchase, and what insurance company carries the best policies for your dollar.

An independent insurance agent can help answer your insurance questions and get you on the right track for saving on your boat policy. Contact an independent agent today to get started.

Save on Boat Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Why Type Of Coverage Is Available

Collision – This coverage includes repair or replacement of your boat or watercraft in the event it is involved in an accident.

Comprehensive – Comprehensive coverage will protect your watercraft if it is stolen or damaged by vandalism or other acts that are not considered a collision.

Property Damage Liability – This type of liability insurance protects you if your watercraft is involved in damage to someoneâs property, dock, or their watercraft.

Bodily Injury – This form of liability coverage protects you and those who operate your watercraft in the event they become injured. The policy will cover medical expenses, lost wages, and legal expenses.

Coverages – There are additional coverage options that can be purchased, including policies to protect against uninsured or underinsured operators, personal property, fishing equipment onboard, or other services, such as roadside assistance and towing.

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Learn More About Boat Insurance From Byars

is a locally owned and operated independent insurance agency with five offices in the greater Birmingham area including Jasper, Gardendale, Homewood, Alabaster, and Cullman that has developed into a major provider of commercial and personal insurance. Since 1946, the agency has expanded its scope of business and delivers a wide-range of insurance products with quality coverage at competitive prices. has been designated a Best Practices Agency by the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America and was also named Best Companies to Work For in Alabama by Business Alabama in 2016, 2017, 2018. 2019. We Build People, Protect Relationships. is Where Relationships Matter.


Best For Additional Benefits: Boatus

Do I Need Extra Insurance for The Rental Car?


  • No. of Policy Types: 3
  • Coverage Limit: Varies

BoatUS offers boat insurance as well as towing services and additional discounts on boat charters and services.

  • Coverage for fishing and watersports gear

  • Teamed up with Geico

  • Overload of boating services on site

BoatUS offers boat insurance through the Boat Owners Association of the United States and was acquired by GEICO in 2015. The company has been in business since 1966, resulting in a mix of online customer reviews. But a great majority are positive, especially in the area of claims service. BoatUS offers boat policies in all 50 states for many different types of personal watercraft and yachts.

While membership is not required to get a quote, added benefits for BoatUS members include discounts on popular boating and fishing businesses, fuel, slips, and charter cruises. The basic membership fee is relatively inexpensive at $25/year and goes up to an Unlimited Gold Towing membership for $179 that comes with perks like 100% payment dock-to-dock tows as well as $3,000 for tows outside of TowBoatUS service area. Other membership packages include Unlimited Freshwater Towing for $90/year and Unlimited Saltwater Towing for $165/year.

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Does Boat Insurance Cover Hurricane Damages

This can vary, depending on the specifics of your policy and what insurance company youre working with.

Generally speaking, wind damage is covered under standard homeowners and boat policies. Water-related damage, like flooding or storm surges, is calculated and insured differently. Ask your insurance agent to explain what your policy generally covers from hurricanes.

No matter what insurance company youre working with, youll generally have to purchase boat insurance in advance to be covered during a hurricane. It varies by state, but in most places, state regulations prohibit anyone from purchasing insurance coverage at the last minute once a hurricane watch or warning is in effect.

If a hurricane or other severe conditions are in the forecast, stay out of the water and get your boat to a safe spot to weather the storm.

Hit The Lake With Peace Of Mind This Summer Learn About Georgia Boating Insurance And New Boating Laws From Our Alpharetta Insurance Team

Summer is heating up here in Alpharetta, and for many local families that means weekends of boating on Lake Lanier! Before you leave the marina, make sure you’re prepared. Check out these 3 things you need to know for boating with peace of mind.

  • You need boat insurance– While boat insurance is not required by the state of Georgia, it’s a common sense part of boat ownership. Besides covering your property in case of damage, boat insurance is an important layer of protection if an accident occurs. Half of all boating accidents result in injuries, and if you are found responsible, you could be in serious financial jeopardy. Even if you are the world’s most responsible boater, there are still other people on the lake- and 40% of them are not insured.
  • Boat insurance is affordable- If you’re worried about the cost, don’t. Boat insurance is extremely affordable, usually about $23 per month at our Alpharetta insurance agency. Better yet, if you combine your boat insurance policy with lines of insurance on your home and vehicle, you can get an even better boat insurance rate!
  • Georgia has new boating laws– Whether you’ve been boating for years or have just purchased your first boat, it’s a good idea to re-familiarize yourself with the law before you hit the lake. Georgia has enacted some new boating laws in the last couple years dealing with life jackets and Boating Under the Influence .

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Best For Additional Coverage Options: Foremost


  • No. of Policy Types: 3
  • Coverage Limit: Varies

Foremost offers various boat insurance packages with unique add-ons including trip interruption services.

  • Unique add ons like onboard pet coverage

  • Trailer coverage

  • Contact agent for specific coverage maximums

  • Website could give more details

Foremost is a part of the Farmers Insurance Group of companies. It is a specialty insurance company that has been in business since 1952, and it’s known for providing affordable coverage for boat insurance in all 50 U.S. states. Foremost offers some unique coverage options for an additional premium, including hurricane haul-out, enhanced towing services, fishing tournament fee reimbursement, additional pollution liability coverage, pet coverage and trip interruption service.

There are several discounts available through Foremost that are designed to save you money on your premium. This includes a lay-up discount, paid-in-full discount, boating safety course, protective device discount, multi-policy discount, multi-unit discount, loss-free renewal discount, prior insurance, insured age , and affinity and alliance discounts for boat operators who are a part of an approved affinity group or alliance organization. Coverage is also available for classic boats over 25 years old.

Boat And Watercraft Insurance In Elberton Georgia

Do I need boat insurance

Consult with one of our professional agents at Elbert Insurance Associates Inc to make sure you have the right coverage at a competitive price. We can evaluate your boat or jet ski insurance needs to find special coverages you may need or any discounts you may qualify for. Some additional discounts and coverages may include:

  • Accident forgiveness

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Do You Have To Have Insurance On A Boat In Georgia

Boat liability insurance typically covers anywhere from $100,000 to $1 million in damages.Boat registration documents and fees.Boat registration in georgia is required on all watercraft except sailboats under 12 feet in length, canoes, kayaks, rowboats and rubber rafts that have no mechanical propulsion , boats operated exclusively on private ponds or lake.Boaters who are 12 to 15 years of age must complete boating classes to be able to operate any water vessel and are only permitted to drive boats that are less than 16 feet in length and have less than 30 horsepower under the supervision of a qualified adult.

But did you know that you are required to register your boat from day one?But is boat insurance on the list?Consequently, unless your boat is of a type that may be considered a habitation or home for purposes of carry without a license, you must have a weapons carry license to possess a firearm in a boat (should the boat be of a type that would be.Did your state require you register it?

Do you already own a boat?Exceptions are noted under each state below.Georgia does not require boat insurance its not required by law,in most states.However, if you took out a loan using your boat as collateral, the lender will typically require that you have insurance to cover damages to the boat.

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