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Where To Buy Bass Boat

No Used Boat Warranty Wait

Before You Buy a Bass Boat | What to Know Before you Buy a Bass Boat

One of the drawbacks of buying a used bass boat is the lack of warranty reassurance. As were all aware, boats break down. Used boats dont normally come with a warranty but there are some exceptions. If youre dealing with a later model boat, be sure to ask the seller if there is a warranty that transfers over.

If sellers have ever had significant work done on the outboard, those specific component warranties may transfer over. For example, I recently purchased a new lower unit for my boat that came with a warranty that is transferrable to the new owner.

Also, there are aftermarket warranty options that may be an option for your used boat, especially when purchasing from a dealer. Be sure to check on details for adding warranties at the time of purchase.

No Such Thing As A Killer Deal

If someone is trying to sell you a 2016 boat for $10,000, rest assured that theres something wrong with it. They want to wash their hands of some sort of major problem.

In the large majority of situations, youre simply not going to buy a boat for several thousand dollars under retail value. Carefully research the boats value on NADA or call your insurance agent for more information on value. After all, even if you pay $5,000 for a boat valued at $20,000, youre still going to get taxed on $20,000.

Where To Sell Your Bass Boat

To start the process of selling your bass boat, it is simple, use our free quote form or give us a call at and we will discuss a fair price, once you have the price you want we will issue a check and arrange pick up of the boat, just that simple.

Bass fishing is a great time, especially in Michigan and around the Great Lakes area, dont let your old bass boat hold you back, sell your boat to Sell Us Your Boat and put the money towards your new bass boat so you can catch the large bass you have been waiting for!

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Tips And Tricks For Finding The Best Deal

Now that youre ready to do all the steps required to purchase your dream bass boat there are still a few tips that can help you on your journey.

One thing that can help buyers to narrow down the kind of boat they want is deciding what size of the boat they should get. It may be obvious, but it is suggested that if youll only be boating on smaller bodies of water dont waste money on a bigger boat . But, if youll be boating on large bodies of water, a bigger boat will be necessary.

Another thing, when deciding between an aluminum bass boat and a fiberglass bass boat, aluminum will almost always be less expensive than fiberglass.

Dean Sault of Western Bass wrote an article about buying a used bass boat and he gives lots of wonderfully helpful information and tips concerning purchasing a bass boat.

Lots of guys upgrade their boats in the spring so you can expect to find a better selection then. Of course, you also might find prices a little higher due to greater demand.

Dean Sault

This means that depending on your priority you may want to either plan on or avoid buying in the springtime. Its always a good idea to watch current trends and sales throughout the year as your doing research and thinking about buying a boat.

Along with that, Don Wirth with the Bass Pro Shops 1 Source writes of tips when buying a bass boat. He writes many helpful tips and ideas for saving money while finding the best deal. He especially has one line that really is pertinent.

Free Your Mindwith A New Bass Boat

Ranger Bass boat for sale in Joshua, TX

As alluded to above, perhaps the biggest advantage of buying a new bass boat versus buying a used bass boat is the freedom you feel when fishing. Worrying whether your boat is going to function properly is the last thing you want to do while out on the water. Your state of mind and your fishing will both benefit from the peace of mind that youll carry with you while using a new boat.

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Trim And Motor Mounts

Make sure the motor moves up and down smoothly and quickly. The console, bow and motor switches should all work.

Check the engine mount for cracks. This is the part of the engine that attaches to the transom or jack plate. Its usually made from cast aluminum and if the previous owner hit something hard, they can certainly break.

Used Boats Provide A Cushion

If this is your first boat or fiftieth, rest assured that you WILL make mistakes with it. You may scratch it, dent it, ding it, or drop something on the carpet. Its inevitable. Making mistakes with a new boat can be gut-wrenching. Mishaps with older boats may still hurt, but they are not as painful.

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Make Sure All Gauges Work

Your tachometer and water pressure gauges are the most important ones to check. If they dont work, youll have a great bargaining point. You can replace these gauges, but it can be nearly impossible to find specific gauges for older-model boats.

The speedometer is the least of your worries due to modern electronics. Most fish finders will tell you how fast youre going.

Tachometer and water pressure gauges are important because youll be able to know if your engine is running properly at idle. This can alert you to small problems before they become large, expensive problems.

Better Terms For New Boat Financing

SHOULD YOU BUY A BOAT??? Buying a Bass Boat Guide TOP 5

New boats are considerably more expensive but financing options are plentiful, potentially making the initial outlay a little less painful. Additionally, interest rates are generally much lower for new boats resulting in lower monthly payments. Finally, new boat financing usually comes with terms that can be two times as long as the average car loan which means, of course, more time to pay off and lower monthly payments.

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Lund 1875 Crossover Xs

When speaking about, Lund 1875 XS is a multi-species boat, definitely not a bass boat any more today. That said, if we desired to encompass as a minimum one boat of this style in our compilation due to the fact an extensive wide variety of bass aficionados who fish with the own circle of relatives in lakes and rivers which can get hard will want to choose this style, and which has deep gunwales that corral the children and a tall bow that breaks the waves.

And even as it could now no longer be the best for bassing, it does nevertheless provide the basics: pedestal fishing seats, an 18 gallon lighted live well, and a rod locker withinside the deck.

Kiss Used Boats Have Less Frills To Break

Keep it simple and straightforward is a principle that can apply to your boat motor and help you avoid costly repairs.

Outboard motor technology has evolved and continues to improve at a rapid pace. Older motors are known to be a bit simpler and less sophisticated which some assume is a downside. However, with simplicity, comes less opportunity to break down. Less moving parts, fewer computer chips, and other high tech gizmos may mean fewer things to break.

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Get Bang For The Buck With A Used Boat

Purchasing a used boat affords you the opportunity to get more out of your money. Looking for better electronics, newer shallow water anchors, or other upgrades but cant afford them? One solution may be to buy an older boat that is still in great condition to free up money for some of the accessories that you feel are important.

Check Corners Of Transom For Stress Cracks

Before you buy a Bass Boat Watch this

This can be a major deal breaker.

The corners of the transom, especially on fiberglass boats, are often the weak spots on a boats hull. If there is any damage, youll usually find it where the internal gussets sit. There are usually three or four gussets in the back of the boat.

Stress cracks mean that the transom has a high probability of giving out. You can have a broken transom repaired, but its incredibly expensive and can even cost more than the value of the hull itself.

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New Bass Boats: Warranty For The Win

Bass boats open up a whole new world of fishing letting you cover more water and providing you with a ton of fun. However, they can also be a source of stress in the form of mechanical failure.

New boats usually come with warranties that cover problems and boats do have problems. As the old adage goes,

The two happiest days in a boaters life are the purchase date and the sale date.

While I vehemently disagree with that saying, boats do break down and do require repairs. A warranty can be a reassurance that you wont be spending a ton of money on repairs. Youll feel better knowing youre covered for many costly repairs.

Customization Optionson New Boats

There are a wide variety of options available on new boats some of which you may deem to be must-haves and some that are not as important. By purchasing a new boat, you have the unique opportunity to tailor the boat to fit your needs by picking the right accessories and upgrades for your situation. As an added benefit, youll have a chance to pick your colors, carpet grade, and other appearance-related features.

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Welcome To The Boat Warehouse

Established in 1991 in Kingston, Ontario, The Boat Warehouse quickly became known as a world-class boat dealership with knowledgeable, friendly staff. In just a few years time we became the Worlds Largest Four Winns, Glastron and Lowe dealership, something that we proudly maintain to this day. Weve consistently been the best seller for a few simple reasons we love boats. The moment you walk into our dealership you will be greeted by our friendly sales staff.

Whether its your first boat or your fourth we look forward to surpassing your expectations with a friendly smile. Every customer has a different dream and our goal is to help you realize that dream.

The Boat Warehouses inventory of Four Winns, Lowe, Glastron, Crestliner, Triton, Axopar, and Brabus Marine is unmatched. We have all the sizes and popular styles of your favorite bowriders, pontoon boats, cruisers and fishing boats. We treat every customer with the exact same enthusiasm, respect and care. From a 16 ft fishing boat to a 40 foot yacht you can expect the same level of dedication and service from The Boat Warehouse Team, guaranteed.

Dont believe us? Just look at our reviews.

Prop And Lower Unit Condition

Before You Buy A Bass Boat Watch This Video – Ranger Z520L Pt. 1 – Great Bass Boat Search 2021 Vid 7

The condition of a prop can tell you a lot about the general condition of a lower unit. If there are dings in the prop and gouges in the skeg, the seller has likely hit something. This can result in prop shaft damage or gear damage.

To check the prop shaft, raise the motor and manually turn the prop with your hand. If it wobbles at all, dont buy the boat.

Make sure you dont see any oil leaks. If the boat is in a garage or driveway, look at ground to see if theres any oil residue. A few drips of exhaust residue isnt the end of the world, but clear, yellow or green-colored leaks could be indicative of a bad seal.

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Things You Need To Know When Buying Your First Bass Boat

So, you are in love with fishing and you want to buy a bass boat, or you have a smaller bass boat, and you want to upgrade, but its been years since you bought you last boat. These are generally the two types of people who are in the market for a new bass boat, but have no idea where to start, or what you should even be looking for in a bass boat. Well, you are in luck because I am here to give you some really great tips when looking for a new boat to take out. I cannot stress enough, the importance of doing your homework when it comes to buying a new boat because if you have never owned a boat before it could be costly in the end.

The worst thing that can happen, especially you are new to the boating game, is when you show up to the boat store, and get snow balled into buying something that is way out of your means because the salesman said you had to have it. The other pitfall can be if you are buying a used boat, you really need to know what to look for, or you could be in for a lot of money in repairs because you generally dont meet a seller out on the lake. Not to worry though, take a look at the steps below to save yourself time and money in the long run, so you can spend that time on the lake fishing!

1. Stick To A Budget
2. Aluminum or Fiberglass
3. Weight
4. How Many People Can It Fit


5. Its Okay To Walk Away
6. What About A Warranty
7. Do I Need Insurance?

Used Boats Have Already Depreciated Significantly

As mentioned in the new bass section, new boats suffer immediate loss in value upon purchase and its simply unavoidable. On the flip side, used boats have already taken their depreciation hit so youre usually purchasing closer to the true value. If you had to turn around and sell a used boat, you would likely be able to sell for close to what you paid. Not true with a new boat.

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Opportunity To Buy Into Equity With A Used Boat

When buying a new boat, there is virtually zero chance that youd be able to buy a bass boat under value meaning you are likely buying into negative equity right away.

Not so with all used boats. Many times, if you search hard enough and negotiate tough enough, you may come across a situation that provides you with an opportunity to buy a used bass boat under value. Life situations, financial hardships, or a host of other reasons may mean a seller is highly motivated to sell.

Find a motivated seller and you have a great chance to buy a boat with equity.

Is This Really What You Want Boat Options

Buying a Bass Boat: Aluminum vs. Fiberglass?

If youre one who is just buying your first boat, you probably are a bit unsure about exactly what you want out of a new boat. Buying used at first may be a better bet so you can get the feel for different options, boat styles, motors, and other things before plucking down the big bucks for a brand new bass boat.

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Tips For Buying A Used Boat

An affordable nautical adventure awaits!

Have you always dreamed of buying your own boat? While its a romantic and exciting notion, you need to understand what the required investment of money and time actually is. Buying a used model can help reduce the sticker shock. According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, 60 percent of first-time boat buyers purchase a used boat. Here are more considerations to keep in mind when exploring the marketplace.

Define your intentions

Are you looking for serenity on the water? Then you probably want a sailboat. But if its more about a variety of fun-in-the-sun activities, a multipurpose model will better fit the bill. Also think about the size of the typical party youd expect to join you , and make an honest assessment of whether the boat model youre considering will be roomy enough for both short hauls and extensive trips. Read the manufacturers recommendations to get specifics on maximum weight and number of occupants.

Find a reputable dealer

Inspection drill

A checklist for the motor

Handling the hidden cost of ownership

Let Nationwide turn your dream of ownership into reality. We offer discounts on boat insurance rates, so you can set sail and enjoy security on the high seas.

Do You Know The Seller

Knowing the previous owner is an enormous advantage because youre likely to know how they treat their stuff. If they are a frequent river fisherman, their boats will often have more wear and tear than someone who fishes reservoirs.

Guide boats can actually be a good deal. They may have higher hours than other recreational boats, but most of these hours are often logged at low speeds due to client safety concerns.

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Facts To Know About Bass Fishing Boats

  • In maximum cases, brush and different attractors listen bass however, do little to decorate reproduction, lake-huge biomass, or growth. As a result, a few fishery managers are reluctant to inspire their use, feeling that bass exploitation may also upward push if catch-and-launch charges are low. Attractors can enhance habitat with the aid of using growing the floor region to be had for invertebrates that feed small fish. However, results are local, now no longer population-huge.
  • Big bass stays wherein residing situations and prey availability help their bulk. That may be shallow, deep, or in between, relying on to be had habitat and prey type. In northern lakes, many of the essential bass of summertime season is stuck under boat docks in more than one toes of water, or inside lily-pad beds of comparable depth.
  • When stocked into semi-tropical environments, Florida bass generally tends to grow the most length of bass there. Consider the instances of California and Texas. Anglers somewhere else have clamored for comparable introductions, failing to understand those giants frailty in habitats now no longer perfect to them. Florida bass advanced within the necessary and southern a part of that kingdom and is tailored to situations there. Outside this local range, cold water limits their spawning slows increase underneath that of local bass, and reasons excessive mortality.
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