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How To Rent My Boat

Renting A Boat: Boat Rentals Guide

Making Money Renting my Boat!! Boatsetter.

Maybe you havent decided what type of boat to buy despite spending hours on our Boat Finder Tool, maybe the cost of boat ownership is forcing you to wait before buying, or maybe youre just not ready to have your own boat yet and you want to rent one to get a taste of the boating lifestylewhatever the reason may be, a boat rental will allow you to get your feet wet without taking the plunge.

Fortunately, you can find a boat rental service just about anywhere you find boats. Whether youre thinking about a speed boat rental, an electric boat rental, or anything in-between, youll want to make sure you find the boat and the waterway that can offer the experience youre looking for.

Step : Obtaining Permits

Every city is different and GoBoat® has seen a broad variety of surprising challenges. In some cities you need a permit for operating in others all you need is a place to put the boats. In most cities it is common that you need a commercial business license to operate your rental business. Additionally you need a permit to rent the area on the water that you will be operating from.;;

At GoBoat we have become experts in attaining mooring rights, but even more importantly we have become experts in how to maintain them. It is not a surprise that it is easier for you to negotiate with a city when you have GoBoat on your side, which has experience with negotiating all over the world. As a GoBoat partner you will get support to obtain permits. ;

Can My Business Write Off A Boat Heres How:

Author: George Birrell

The Covid-19 pandemic has stretched on for months, and many are ready to get out into the world and experience life again, but they want to do it safely. A boat or a yacht provides an opportunity to get out for the day but only interact with your own party.

If you own your own business, you may find yourself wondering, Can my business write off a boat? There is more than one way to take this kind of luxury deduction, but you must understand the restrictions and requirements of current tax laws for boat tax deductions in 2020. Keep reading to learn about the boat or yacht tax strategy that may work for you.

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Sharing Platforms For Boats

Many of them have a similar business model to Airbnb, where customers rent boats directly from owners or operators.;GetMyBoat is the market leader with over 130,000 boats. It operates out of San Francisco, the cofounders having had the idea when they were sailing in the Atlantic and noticed that large numbers of boats were unused and idly floating in the marinas. The company has grown from having a presence primarily in the top boating cities in the U.S. like San Francisco, Miami, and San Diego, to having boats available in 9,300 destinations across 184 countries.;U.S. competitors include Boatsetter, having acquired another big U.S. competitor BoatBound in 2017, and which has 25,000 boats available across the world. Parisian-based has 30,000 yachts globally and in the Mediterranean, Samboat is a player with 25,000 boats.

Rentals in the south of France have increased through boat sharing apps

Dragos Gontariu

Tips To Save Money On A Rental

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If you are anything like me, you probably believe that saving money is a good thing and there are ways that you can save money on your boat rentals as well.

One way to save money on your boat rental is to try to avoid renting on the weekend. Weekend rates are more expensive because there is more of a demand.

If you want to have more time out on the water you can even save money by doing a multi-day rental. If you book for more than one day in advance it is likely they will give you a deal that you would not overwise receive if you book multiple single-day rentals.

Renting a boat for longer will give you a better rate per hour. If you only rent for a short period of time, you will likely have to pay a higher hourly rate than if you rent for a full day or longer period of time.

Another way to save some money would be to split the cost with the other passengers who are going with you if that is an option.

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Know What You Are Signing

More often than not, when you are renting a boat you will have to sign a waiver with the company. You will want to make sure that you are reading the document thoroughly before you sign and know what you are agreeing to.

This should be something you do every time you sign something.

The standard waiver will make you liable for the boat and the people on board. This includes any damage to the boat or any injuries suffered.

This generally does not include mechanical issues such as a blown motor.

Renting Directly From Boat Owner

There are some sites where you can reach out directly with a boat owner and charter their boat. You should be extremely cautious in scenarios like this as you could end up with no insurance coverage at all!

Sites like Craigslist can be the wild wild west and isn’t advisable in most cases.

But if you still would prefer going down this route, make sure to ask the boat owner exactly what is coverage and what you as the renter are liable for.

With so many safer options to rent a boat and be protected, this should be a last resort.

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Use The Ratings System To Your Advantage

As the renter, there are two primary ways you can use user ratings. The obvious thing you can do is screen your renters. A renter with bad ratings is likely bad news, and it makes it easy to say no.

But consider your user rating as one of your most powerful marketing tools. Keeping the highest rating possible it vital if you want to make any money renting out your boat. Just like you dont want to rent to low-rated renters, renters dont want to rent from low-rated providers.

How Much Money Can You Make From Renting Out Your Boat

Rent my boat septic pump-out

VS: While it varies significantly from owner-to-owner and is location-dependent as some owners are able to run charters year-round vs. a short summer boating season, some boat owners do not make a profit they only rent their boat to offset the cost of boat ownership and then enjoy it for themselves the rest of the season, while some making over 100K running their boating business full-time on GetMyBoat.

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You Don’t Need To Own A Boatto Be A Boater

Before youre ready to buy your own boat, you can rent or charter boats of every size and type, for an afternoon, a weekend or even an entire summer. This way you can see which type of vessel and boating experience best suits your lifestyle before you buy.


Boat rentals are typically short term; an afternoon or a day at the most the exception are house boats, which are often rented for up to a week. Most rental boats are small and easy to operate such as outboard power boats, personal watercraft, kayaks and stand up paddle boards.

Transport Canada does not require a PCOCfor boat rentals. Each rental operator has their own competency requirements and will provide on board and dock side safety training. This ensures that rentals are accessible to everyone and remain an easy, fun way to get on the water and start boating.


Chartering a vessel is more advanced than an afternoon rental. Chartered boats are typically larger and demand some level of training and experience to operate. People who charter a boat are expected to have their PCOCplus additional training and experience as determined by the charter company. Make sure you clarify their expectations before you book as most will ask you to demonstrate your competency and provide proof of training or your hours on board.


How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Vacation Boat

The cost to rent a boat varies according to several factors, not least where and when you plan to enjoy your getaway but also how long you want the boat for. An overnight boat rental is going to set you back a lot less than a weekly boat rental, for example. Similarly, the cost of boating vacations also depends on how luxurious you want to go the superyachts of this world commanding a hefty price even for an overnight rental.

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Boats From Black Prince Rentals

Black Prince rentals are a canal boat rental company that allows you to take their boats out on your own in nine stunning locations that include:

  • Lower Heyford-England
  • Bradford-England
  • Falkirk-Scotland

The instructors there will inform you of everything you need to know before you head out on the water. This instruction includes all you need to know to operate your vessel, everything you need to know about locks, and give you maps as well as tips on the best places to moor and eat.

They also have everything on board that is required to navigate your vessel.

If you run into trouble they also have a 24-hour phone line available to you in case you need it.

These boats come equipped with everything you will need out on the water including:

  • Full Central Heating
  • Electric fridge with freezer compartment
  • USB Point to charge your devices

Also included on each vessel are all the cutlery, crockery, saucepans, and cooking utensils as well as t-towels, bed linens, pillows, towels, dish soap, and other cleaning materials that you might need.

You can find the specifics of what all is included on the Black Prince website.

Rental Boat Safety Checklists

RENT MY BOAT Dienstleister Bootsvermietung und Ausflüge à ...

A rental boat safety checklist is a ready-to-use safety briefing. Rental agencies use the checklist to review safety information with clients before they head out onto the water. Clients check the boxes on the list to confirm they have understood each item.

Checklists include information on boat operation, boating safety rules, local hazards, and what to do in an emergency. Safety checklists are available for many different kinds of boats and personal watercraft.

Anyone operating a power-driven boat in Canada must carry proof of competency while on board. Your completed rental boat safety checklist is considered proof of competency.

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Vacation Boat Rentals In Kentucky

Heading to the Bluegrass State for your next boating vacation? The double delight served up by Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley ensures you wont be disappointed. The former is known for its rewarding sports fishing and exciting lineup of water sports, while the water park in the latter makes it an equally popular pick for summer rentals. In between the two, the Land Between the Lakes Recreation Area offers plenty of reasons to explore on land too.

Boat Instructions And Preparations

Try to imagine all of your customers needs and meet them in advance. In addition to making sure the boat is reliable and safe, make sure it is well equipped. Have all required safety equipment onboard and make sure it is in good shape. Nothing is more disheartening than seeing sun-bleached and ratty-looking lifevests!

There are also many small touches you can do to make their rental experience outstanding. Provide charts with notes and routes that they might find helpful. Make sure your chartplotter has local waypoints marked, like sandbars for partying and reefs for snorkeling. Likewise, include a handbook with menus from restaurants and instructions on how to get to all the local hang out spots. Cover as much as you can when you check your customers out on the boat.

Its also not a bad idea to stock a cooler with bottled water, sodas, and light snacks. Have some dry towels on board, and maybe some sunblock and bug spray. You dont have to go overboard but show that youve considered their comfort and want them to enjoy the day. Think about what you use on the boat and what you often forget to bring.

Lastly, keep the boat as clean as possible. While they arent expecting a showroom new boat, it will pay off to have the stainless sparkle and the decks clean.

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Is It Legal To Rent Your Own Boat

Anyone who has ever sailed knows how it feels to have the wind whipping your hair back and the water spraying your face.

However, there is a common misconception that you have to own a boat to enjoy it.

This isnt true anymore.

Today peer-to-peer boat rental services are becoming increasingly popular and allow anyone with an interest in sailing to rent a boat or anyone interested in making money to get renters for their boat.


  • 4 Bottom Line
  • What’s It Like To Rent Your Pride & Joy

    Put your fish finder on a rental fishing boat with this

    Bob Kellett, a BoatUS member from Seattle, Washington, has rented his 30-foot Nonsuch, Bobcat, several times and says that so far he’s been impressed. “You’re in control of the entire process,” he says, “from setting your price to checking out potential renters.” Kellett talks to potential renters on the phone and if he’s comfortable with their experience, he’ll meet them at the boat for a thorough run-through. He gives his renters a detailed instruction form about the boat’s equipment, and a step-by-step guide for things like starting the engine, raising the boat’s big main, and how to use the head. He’ll even take them out on the boat for a few minutes if they want.

    The first time he rented his boat he was apprehensive. “I felt like a nervous father whose daughter was going to the prom,” he jokes. But after a couple of rentals, he realized that the renters cared about his boat, too, and were there for the same reason he was â a love of the water and boating. He also tells his renters that he’s only a phone call away, should they have questions. So far, the only downside is an occasional scheduling conflict when he’d like to use the boat himself, so he tries to find renters who can give him a few weeks’ notice. On the upside, he says it’s a good excuse to keep his boat looking good. And the extra money in his pocket from a couple of rentals a month easily pays his moorage. “I hope to do more of this next year,” he says. “I’m sold on the concept.”

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    Rent My Boat In Miami: Easy Way To Earn Money With Your Boat Rental

    If you own a boat, you probably know that your boat is an incredibly fun object, but the maintenance and storage costs can also be quite high, especially for those living in a place where they cant operate their boats over long times a year. There are also times when youre just too busy with work or family commitments to get your boat in the water. At those times, have you ever thought to yourself, I wonder if there is a place where I can rent my boat in Miami? Well, with the sharing economy developing even more than ever in 2019, theres a place. Charters boat rental companies that connect boat owners with boat renters. During times when you are not using your boat, renting your boat offers you a safe and easy way to make money!

    Things To Note Before Renting A Boat

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    When you want to have a fun-filled day on the waters, but you dont have a boat, renting one is an option to consider. This is also a great way to have fun with your family and loved ones without worrying about the upkeep, care, and costs of having a boat. You should, however, note the information and guidance you have will help you rent and utilize the right vessel. Highlighted below are the things to know before renting a boat.

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    Find Out More About Goboat

    How to be successful in business? This guide provides you with the most essential factors that new boat rental operators need to know when wanting to succeed. While no boat rentals are alike, a vital part of a successful business is getting hands-on experiences that apply to your specific concept. GoBoat has experience in establishing and running profitable boat rentals over multiple years and various markets. We love to support and cooperate with passionate entrepreneurs, who want to make the water more accessible to people in sustainable ways. ;We would of course also love to partner with you under our licensing concept. Get in .

    What Boat Renters Should Consider


    As someone looking to rent a boat, here are some simple things to consider before renting out a vessel.

    Where Can I Go?

    When you plan to take out a boat, you should ask the owner are there any restrictions on where you can travel. If renting in the United States for example, the majority of boat owners will only allow you to travel on American waters.

    There may also be restrictions on how far off the coast you can travel but this can easily be cleared up by simply asking the boat owner directly.

    Usually the restrictions are to keep within 12 miles of the coast but this can vary.

    What happens If I Damage The Boat?

    This is another important question to ask the boat owner. Will the insurance company cover any damages to the boat or are you liable as the renter?

    It’s important to be clear on this before heading out on the boat.

    Does The Boat Owners Insurance Policy Cover Renters?

    Seems obvious but it’s really important to ensure the boat owner has the correct insurance policy to keep you as the renter protected.

    It’s also best to get this in writing too

    Are There Any Scenarios Where I Might Not Be Covered?

    As a renter, you should be crystal clear on how you might not be covered so as to avoid scenarios like that. The boat owner will provide you with the specifics of this and if they don’t, you can simply move onto another boat to rent.

    What Exactly Is Covered In The Rental Insurance Policy?

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