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How To Remove Mold And Mildew From Vinyl Boat Seats

Eliminate Mildew Stains With Alcohol And Laundry Detergent

How To Boat/Marine: Easy clean mold mildew from vinyl boat seats & interior

Stubborn mildew stains are hard to remove from vinyl. To completely get rid of them on the surface of your vinyl boat seat, use alcohol to loosen them. In this method, you will need to use laundry detergent to lighten the stain before applying alcohol to the boat seats.

Follow these steps to lighten stains using laundry detergent:

  • Add a cup of laundry detergent to a half liter of water. Mix to form a lather.
  • Wet the mildew-stained vinyl using the solution.
  • Scrub the area with a microfiber cloth.
  • Rinse the area with water.
  • If the stains are still present, proceed with these steps:


    You can use any alcohol depending on your preference. However, Isopropyl alcohol is the best choice because it can remove stains and disinfect the surfaces simultaneously. You can also use vodka or gin as alternatives.

    How To Remove Mold/mildew From Vinyl

    Despite your best efforts, you may notice mold/mildew forming on your vinyl seats in Fall. For a boat to look its best, the seats require regular cleaning and maintenance.;

    With any boat, you have opportunities to enjoy the waters of Wisconsin. At the same time, those opportunities come with constant exposure to moisture and the continuous UV rays.


    Seats are particularly susceptible to the risk of mildew and mold. With proper maintenance in Fall, your boat will be better prepared for Spring startup.

    In Fall, if you notice dirt and mildew forming, its time to take action.

    With the right tools and supplies, you can keep your seats free of mildew.;

    Mildew The Basics You Should Know

    Mildew is a type of fungus that usually grows on the surface due to moisture. It usually begins in yellow, white or grey color, but turns into brown or black afterward.

    Since its growth is flat on the surface, it can be easily removed.

    You can come into contact by touching fungus-stricken surfaces. And you know that dirty hands are the primary source to get yourself infected.

    Mildew causes bad odor for the travelers, and it seems offensive to sit on mildew-infested boat seats.;

    Well, you must be thinking about how to get rid of mildew from your vinyl boat seats. Otherwise, you would decide to replace not only vinyl coverings but also the seat foam.

    Dont worry!

    I would be your helping hand to get your stress away and save some money.

    Take a look at the stepwise tips below to keep your boat clean and ready to sail wherever you go.;

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    Wipe Away Remaining Mildew

    Gently scrubbing the vinyl seats as well as the crevices will remove the majority of mildew. However, minor amounts of mildew and mold may linger. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away the remaining mildew. Depending on the extent of mildew, several microfiber cloths may be needed.

    Eliminating heavy mildew stains is unlikely to be accomplished in one round of cleaning. Successfully removing the mildew may require repeating the aforementioned steps several times. If a stain is especially stubborn, boat owners have a last line of defensemagic erasers.

    A magic eraser sponge is manufactured with cleaners inside. Boat owners often notice good results immediately upon using the magic eraser on problem areas. A few passes may be necessary to get rid of the mildew. Apply gentle pressure to avoid causing further ruin to the vinyl boat seats.

    Once the mildew stains are removed, add a vinyl protectant as a preventive measure against future mildew outbreaks. Since mildew thrives in moisture-rich areas, wipe down the vinyl seats after a day on the water. Run a towel along the seats cracks and seams to ensure a thorough dry.

    Can I Use Bleach To Remove Mildew Stains On Vinyl

    Mold & mildew removed from my vinyl boat seats! I used ...

    Yes, although using bleach on vinyl boat seats is not ideal. Bleach dries up the vinyl seat by removing the natural oil from vinyl, damaging your boat even more. Although its a quick solution, it can do more harm than good, so its best to avoid using bleach completely.

    Star Brite Mildew Stain Remover

    If your boat seats have suffered from massive mildew, then this Star Brite Mildew Stain Remover is destined for you. We personally love this product because of how easy it is to apply. Just spray it on the affected surface, leave it on for a minute, and rinse when the stain magically disappears.

    Aside from saving time, you also conserve energy as mildew is removed on contact. This means that there is no need for heavy brushing, making boat mold removal less laborious.

    What makes this product suitable for your boats is that it is particularly made for marine use. Moreover, you wont have to worry about your boat seats delicate threads and upholstery as this vinyl mildew cleaner, as tough as it may be, is friendly with them. If you have already used multiple items and spent a considerable time scrubbing without any satisfying outcome, then it must be time to shift to this.

    In addition to vinyl, this boat mildew remover works on many surfaces, including wood, awnings, concrete, fiberglass, and other outdoor acrylic materials. Unlike other commercial brands, its buffered-bleach formula can eliminate any filth instantly. Then again, it is ideal to test it first on inconspicuous areas before use.

    • Troublefree application by spraying, waiting and rinsing
    • Quickly takes away mildew stain on contact
    • Works on many types of surfaces
    • Scientifically made for marine upholstery
    • Needs second application for stubborn stains to come off

    Star Brite Mold And Mildew Stain Remover

    Boat mold removal has been made easier with the Star Brite mold and mildew stain remover whose powerful high-alkaline and triple-action formula enables you to remove mildew stains and dirt without the need for heavy scrubbing.

    Moreover, its professional-strength and concentrated formula make it perfect not only for boats but for home and commercial use as well a feature which I loved.

    Another thing which I liked about this mildew remover is that its buffered bleach technology makes it safe for marine and outdoor upholstery as well as acrylic fabrics. This makes sure that it wont harm your precious boats seats. Moreover, its definitely more effective than your diluted supermarket brands.

    Additionally, I love how it also works on different types of surfaces such as vinyl upholstery, most outdoor acrylic fabrics, awnings, tile, roofs, etc. This makes it incredibly versatile and allows you to use it not only on your boat seats but also in your home. Its a safe alternative for cleaning mildew despite being designed for tough marine environments.

    Whats more, it begins working upon contact, and most stains disappear in just 15 to 30 seconds after application, making the entire cleaning process easier and hassle-free. However, more stubborn stains may require another application and light scrubbing for them to disappear completely.

    • Easy to use which makes cleaning easy and hassle-free
    • Can be used on different types of surfaces, making it versatile

    Can You Prevent Mildew For A Lifetime

    Well, the simplest solution to prevent mildew from your vinyl boat seats for a lifetime is to keep your boat in dry space and never go sailing. But, you know its unrealistic.

    What you can do is to be alert and take proactive steps whenever you see any mildew patches on vinyl boat seats. Dont let mildew worsen the situation.

    A little effort would save your boat, and there would be no health problems for travelers as well.

    Why Does Mildew Keep Returning

    Removing mold from vinyl boat seats.

    The main reason why mildew keeps coming back even after you rigorously remove it is because of excess moisture and humid conditions. This environment is where mildew thrives the best. Its essential to regularly monitor the moisture levels in your storage area and keep it well-ventilated to prevent the comeback of stubborn mildew.

    Boaters Edge Mildew Stain Remover

    Next, theres the Boaters EDGE mildew stain remover which is a cleaner thats designed to remove mildew from marine fabrics like vinyl and acrylic.

    This mildew stain remover is great for removing mold, mildew, and even other things like moss and algae stains without the need for heavy scrubbing as its capable of removing stains upon contact. Moreover, its heavy-duty triple-action formula is effective and perfect for heavy-duty use.

    What I love about this product is that despite its heavy-duty and powerful formula, its still safe to use for marine and outdoor upholstery like vinyl and acrylic. This makes it perfect for removing mildew from your boat seats.

    I also love how it works on different types of surfaces, making it a versatile option for those who want to make the most of their mildew remover. Its professional-grade and concentrated cleaning formula is also perfect for use in different areas, whether at home, sea, or commercial places.

    • Versatile and can be used in different environments
    • Tougher stains require some scrubbing to be completely cleaned

    Choose The Right Cleaning Solution

    Oh, the horror stories I’ve heard of some cheap Charlie that thought they could save a few bucks by attacking their vinyl seats with bleach and a pad of steel wool. I shudder at the thought. To clean vinyl seats you need to utilize the right cleaning product, or be at risk of wearing away the structural integrity of the vinyl itself!

    Even supposedly “lighter” cleaning solutions such as Windex or that old Navy favorite Simple Green will deteriorate vinyl over repeated uses. You definitely don’t want to end up with a color-faded seat, especially one covered in duct tape patches for the myriad tears that will start developing once the vinyl seat starts to give.

    Of course, reupholstering every few years isn’t an option for most of us either, so the only solution left to clean vinyl seats is a cleaner that doesn’t use harsh chemicals and can protect your seats properly. Enter The Better Boat’s marine leather conditioner and cleaner with UV resin!

    Our marine leather/vinyl cleaner is so gentle that it will not degrade seats or trim even after years of use. It adds moisture to restore color, and leaves a UV resin that will prevent the color from being stripped away. When I hear horror stories of bleach and ammonia, this is what I recommend. It just works.

    Getting Rid Of Yellowing On Vinyl Boat Seats

    It may frustrate you to see yellowing spots on your boat seats. You cant just get rid of them in a single strike of cleaning. Use a vinyl cleaner to eliminate it rather than ammonia which is recommended by some.

    Its better to use a cleaner like the 303 Marine Clear Vinyl Protective Cleaner to prevent yellowing in the future. It also provides strong UV protection.

    Effective Mold Cleaning Products

    How To Clean Vinyl Boat Seats: Even Mold And Mildew ...

    The first step in learning how to clean mold off marine vinyl is purchasing an effective cleaning product. While there are a variety of mold-killing products on the market, the following have been proven most effective for eliminating mildew on marine vinyl:

    • Greased Lightning Marine Formula
    • Mixture of bleach and water
    • Mixture of ammonia and water
    • Mixture of baking soda and vinegar

    Miraclemist Mold And Mildew Cleaner

    Looking for the most outstanding mildew remover for boats will never be easy because of the presence of a lot of brands that are available commercially. However, this next product that we are going to review takes pride in having a nice fragrance which is one of the traits of being a good stain remover.

    The smell of this product is so good that it refreshes the area after the application.

    Aside from removing stains coming from mold and mildew, this product has the ability to restore the original color of the surface. It will enhance the shininess of the surface as it provides a glossy and natural look.

    I also like its power cleaner formulation which effectively removes stains coming from mold, mildew, and even algae. All you have to do is spray top the affected area and watch the stain being remove. Please take note that there is no need of scrubbing in removing the stain.

    When it comes to its versatility, this product has the ability to clean different types of surfaces coming from the indoor and outdoor environments. I am also impressed of how this product can protect the surface by creating a barrier after the application.

    Meanwhile, the company of this product provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee in which the company will be in charge if you are not satisfied after using it. This is how confident the company is in the effectiveness of this stain remover.

    • Spray bottle container needs an upgrade

    Now Wipe Away The Debris

    With the problem areas scrubbed, you want to wipe off any mold debris still holding on. Using any type of cloth is fine, but a microfiber cloth is recommended. Microfibers are gentle and less likely to tear your vinyl.

    Wipe in a circular motion its the most effective way to do it. Reach down into those cracks and crevices too.;;

    Be prepared to use several cloths. Why use a dirty cloth when you are attempting to clean something?;

    Need To Remove Mold And Mildew From Vinyl Seats

    Fireman431 said:Magic Erasers will remove the spots, but they will come right back. It doesn’t kill the bacteria that’s causing the mold in the first place. You need something with Sodium Hypochlorite in it. Clorox Clean-Up only has 1% bleach so it won’t destroy the threads or fibers in the material or the stitching. The other cleaners in it will also get rid of the spots.

    Iosso Mold And Mildew Stain Remover

    How to clean vinyl boat seats: Even severe mold.

    Lets face it, a mold in boat cabin brings a lot of headache and stress to all boat owners because it is an indication that there is a problem with the cleaning and maintenance of the boat. However, there are a lot of products that a boat owner can use to remove this unwanted fungus in the boat.

    One of my friends have tested and used this product and the feedback was extremely good. According to him, this product can effectively remove black mold in boat using non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients which is excellent in my opinion. Anybody will like products that not only clean but also will take care of the environment.

    Being a non-toxic product, I am also impressed when I learned that this stain remover does not contain strong chemicals such as chlorine and bleach which are normal with other regular stain removers. Actually, you will notice the nice smell it produces during the application which is great.

    Meanwhile, I also like the versatility of this product in terms of cleaning different types of surfaces not only in the boat seats but also in the other parts of the boat. This product has been proven to effectively clean and remove stains, oil, algae, and other types of dirt. It can also be applied to the different types of surfaces such as fiberglass, carpets, canvas, wood, vinyl, and painted surfaces.

    • Need to dilute before the application

    Other Important Factors To Consider

    Now that you know what are the main factors to consider when choosing the right mildew remover, its time to know more about them. What exactly are mildew removers? Why are they effective at removing mildew?

    What is a Mildew Remover for Boat Seats?

    A mildew remover for boat seats is a type of cleaning solution that is designed to clean and remove mildew, which is a type of fungus, from boat seats.

    Mildew removers are a necessity for boat owners because boat seats are incredibly susceptible to mildew since they are constantly exposed to environments and weather conditions that are favorable to the growth and spread of mildew. Mildew removers help clean and remove these tough fungi which can cause potential health issues when inhaled.

    How Does It Work?

    Mildew removers remove and clean mildew by killing the fungis spores. They do this through the use of acids from which most removers are formulated. Acids are incredibly effective in killing mold and mildew spores which is why its a common ingredient in mildew removers.

    Why Do You Need a Mildew Remover?

    As mentioned before, boat seats and boats in general are susceptible to the growth and spread of mildew because of the environment and weather conditions to which they are constantly exposed to.

    Mildew thrives on areas that have high moisture, and it tends to spread quickly, especially on surfaces like boat seats. Moreover, it can cause serious health problems when inhaled.

    How To Prevent Mold From Forming On Boat Seats

    Aside from using vinyl protectant, there are plenty of things you can do to prevent the need to clean up mold and mildew on your boat seats. Here are a few:

    • Wipe down your seats after use. Mold and mildew form from moisture, so wipe down those seats after you’ve had a day on the water! Even if it doesn’t seem like there’s any wetness, it pays to run a towel through cracks and seams.
    • Maintain your boat while it’s in storage. Mildew can spring up when you least expect itespecially if your vessel’s in storage. Checking in on your boat, even when it’s not in use, can help you catch a mess before it becomes a problem.
    • Purchase mildew-resistant seat material. If you are in the market for a new boat or you’re replacing a seat that’s too far gone, look into mold-resistant materials. While not one-hundred percent foolproof, they will reduce your chances of getting a moldy mess in the first place.

    Keeping your seats clean will pay off when selling your boat, as mold and mildew can decrease your ship’s value.

    Are you shopping for an outboard motor? Use our boat payment calculator to determine what’s best for your budget.

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