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What Is My Pontoon Boat Worth

How To Define A Pontoon Boat

How Much Did My Custom Pontoon Boat Cost?

A pontoon boat is a flat boat that relies on two or three metal pontoons to float. The pontoons, or tubes, are what keep the boat afloat while allowing a flat deck.

Pontoon boats are excellent recreational vehicles because their flat decks allow for lounge areas, stand up bars, tables, sun pads, and other types of deluxe accommodations.

Pontoon boats are used for pleasure boating, water sports, fishing, swimming, lounging, and other recreational activities.

Thinking Of Selling My Boat What Is It Worth

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Are Lowe Boats Good Quality

While the quality of a Lowe boat is decent, what youre essentially giving up for a more affordable boat is the fit and finish, ride quality, and resale value. While the Lowe boat doesnt offer the best quality in the market if you do have issues the brand is good with fixing the vessel under warranty claims.

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Before You Call The Dealer

If you plan on hitting the water but your pontoon boat wont start, you might want to run through this list before .;;

This is especially true in peak season when the service waitlist can be longer than usual and your dealers service center is running full steam ahead.; Talking with one of Barlettas dealers, they explained how common it is that a service appointment was performed just to flip on the emergency stop switch.;;

Check on these small details before determining that you need to get your dealer involved.; You might also want to check out your boat manufacturers Owners Resource Center for troubleshooting tips and FAQs.;

How Does Hydrofin Work

Naming Your Pontoon Boat

We use the weight, length and horsepower of your boat to determine the perfect installation for our universal hydrofoil system. The structural mount of the universal hydrofoil system is sized to fit your pontoon. The angle of the Hydrofin wing is then adjusted to provide the appropriate amount of lift to boost speeds.

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Disadvantages Of Pontoon Boats

Now its time to talk about the drawbacksand negative points to pontoon boats. I dont think there are as manydisadvantages to pontoon boat boats as there are advantages. Also, personally Idont think that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages though everyonesopinions vary and other may priorities different things.

Lets get started:

  • Outboard Noise

Visit The Boat Manufacturers Website

Some boat manufacturers offer a builder tool on their website, and many include pricing. Some will offer to email you a quote after you complete a virtual build.;These often allow you to price different features and options and can be very helpful in determining the value of the package youre looking at.

We have a list of links for NMMA Certified Boat Brands & Manufacturers to help lead your search.

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Berkshire 23e Sts 275

This 2019 Berkshire 23E STS is powered by a 2019 Mercury 150L motor designed with stylish upholstery, contemporary rail design, and high-end amenities.

More than that, this pontoon is outfitted with a soft-touch premium backing interior with vinyl wrapped seat bases and an extended stern swimming platform.

Its wood finishing, and onboard mini-bar is an unbelievable luxury for such an affordable price!

With nearly twelve under-seat storage compartments, several cupholders, retractable awning, and a fiberglass console, you can rely on this pontoon to be around for a long time.

Family memories start here, on the 2019 Berkshire 23E STS 2.75 pontoon boat!

Price: $59,000.00

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Boat From Online Outlet

Common Problems with Pontoon Boats

It might have been difficult to conceive the idea of buying boats without first getting it properly inspected some 10 years ago. As things and today, many people buy boats online without first inspecting it. One of such sites where you can buy boat is eBay. Those buying online never get to see the boat before it is delivered at their doorsteps.

There are so many outlets online today where you can buy boats. Professionals that can help you make the right boat when chopping online are also available. You will never have any interaction with the boat dealer when buying online. Just visit the website and read up the specs of the boat and that is all. You will also not have to bother yourself on traveling own to the showroom. All you have to do is simple website navigation to place your order for the boat. You can also bookmark the webpage to check thing up again at a later date.

You can complete transaction on the boat without leaving the comfort of your room. The boat will be delivered at your doorstep once you have made payment for it online. The boat can also be deposited at your driveway when it is being delivered.

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Advantages Of Pontoon Boats

Lets start with the advantages. They areliterally so many positives of owning a pontoon boat, I dont even know whereto begin! There are so many reasons as to why pontoons are my favourite type ofboat. Ill try my best to inform you of all the great aspects of a pontoon.

  • Family Boating Trips
  • Storage

What Should I Look For When Buying A *used* Pontoon Boat

The major thing to remember when buying a used boat is to make sure it is properly inspected and this is no different when it comes to pontoon boats.

When shopping for a used boat make sure to inspect:

  • The Hull:The most important thing on any boat is the hull. Check for cracks, patches, or chips. These can get worse over time and need to be properly taken care of.
  • Pontoon Tubes:You will want to make sure your pontoon tubes are straight. You will also want to check these for cracks, dents, holes or anything else that might require repairs.
  • The Engine:The engine is very important when it comes to buying a boat. If there isnt a functioning engine the boat will not be useful. You will want to look for any smoke, seepage of liquid, rust, or other signs of decay or corrosion.You will also want to look at how many hours are on the engine or if there were any repairs made.
  • Interior:You will also want to check the interior such as the floor and furniture. Make sure there are no cracks, mold, or rotting.

One way to make sure you are buying a boat with minimal to no issues is to get it inspected. An inspector is a professional and will be able to spot things that you cant.

If you can, it would even help to take the boat out for a test drive.

You can also see if there is an available warranty on the boat depending on its age.

You will also want to make sure to look at used boats that meet all of your requirements in advance.

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Boat Shows Are Great For Buyers

Boat shows also offer deals for people purchasing boats.

In warmer climates, these shows generally take place in the winter. In colder climates, you should look for them in the spring.

In addition to discounts, you can also gather information at these boat shows that will be valuable for your future boat hunting. At a boat show, you can compare different companies and models for features and other products.

How Do I Find Out What Its Worth

Bennington Pontoon Boats

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pond tuuunes wrote:There is a southbay trifecta here with a 600hp engine in it, he runs about 70 on a good day. He paid $139K for that, of course its newer. I have seen a add for a new outboard southbay, twin 300’s on it, I think that was around $140K. Mine is faster than both of those, but alot older. I know it will never get what I have invested but Im thinking rite around $40K might take it. JT

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Typical Pros Of Getting A Pontoon Boat

  • Family Friendly:Pontoon boats are family-friendly and provide plenty of space and comfort for multiple people. Their design is also good for small children since most models feature doors or gates at all entrances and exits to prevent falling in.
  • Storage Space:In addition to having plenty of space on board for passengers, there is plenty of storage space on a pontoon as well. This means that you can bring more out on the water with you without worrying about clutter.
  • Versatile:Pontoon boats can be used for many different activities including fishing, pulling up to a nearby beach, watersports, grilling, and other activities.
  • Durability:Pontoon boats are incredibly durable and the maintenance that is required is often easy enough to accomplish it yourself. This makes them cheaper to own in the long run, especially if they are properly taken care of.
  • Simplicity:Pontoon boats are easier to use and harder to damage during use than boats with v-shaped hulls. You are also able to take them into shallower waters.
  • Safety:Pontoon boats are one of the safest types of vessels you will come across. Their pontoons make them highly stable and the chance of tipping or capsizing is very low.
  • Negotiating Your Boat Purchase

    Before you even begin to negotiate a final deal, make sure youve already gone through all of the above research and come to the table armed with solid background knowledge. Boat dealers know that todays buyers are savvy, can research boat prices, and have probably already talked with their competition. They know just what their overhead costs are and what level of profit they need to make to stay in business. Ask an honest dealer what the bottom-line price is, and youre likely to get a straight answer.

    That doesnt mean, however, that you cant make some special requests. Dealers can sometimes add an extended warranty or an option or two to sweeten the deal, without taking too much of a hit. And remember, youll often be able to get a better deal if you:

    • Buy a boat during the off-season or at the very end of the boating season, when dealers really want to move their inventory.
    • Buy a leftover model year boat, which the dealer wants to move to make way for the next model year.
    • Buy at a boat show, where the dealer may offer special incentives or reductions.
    • Order a boat as opposed to buying off the lot, so the dealer doesnt have to pay floor plan .

    To learn more about the entire buying process, financing or ownership costs, be sure to read:

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    Things To Consider When Buying A Pontoon:

    Pontoon boats have changed a lot in the last few decades. It is important to ask yourselves plenty of questions before you decide to buy a used pontoon.

    Here is a list of things to consider if youre still on the fence about what you need:

    • How much seating do I need?
    • Will this primarily be for relaxing, partying, luxury or fishing?
    • How fast do I want to go?
    • What kind of motor do I need?
    • What kind of bodies of water am I sailing on?
    • Do I need all that luxury, or something more simple?

    All of these questions can be answered or narrowed down with this amazing list compiled for you here. Looking for more space but less speed? Consider one under $10,000.00. Looking for luxury? Over $50,000.00 is your best friend!

    What Are The Pontoon Brands To Avoid

    Top 3 Newest Pontoon Boats by Manitou Pontoons | Price & Features

    This question is often asked but does not have an easy answer. While certain brands are better than others, there is not really a certain brand to avoid.

    Any pontoon manufactured since the year 2000 has been held to high standards and follow the safety ratings and regulations.

    Instead of looking at a certain brand you will want to look at the overall workmanship of each boat.

    Check for things such as:

    • Whether or not the rails and decks were screwed in or bolted through. Bolting will last longer and will have lower maintenance costs.
    • Look at the brackets and welding for signs of damage or patching.
    • Look at the engine and its condition.

    You can also look for a brand that fits your needs and budget. Some brands are more expensive and offer more luxurious options, but most brands will hold up and provide fun for you and your family.

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    Pros And Cons Of Pontoon Boats

    As you may know if youve been on my blogfor a while.

    Pontoons boats are my favorite type of boats.

    Despite owning many different types ofboats from kayaks to deck boats to sailboats.

    Ive always had a strong passion forpontoon boats ever since I was young.

    Theres something about pontoon boats thatreally resonate with me.

    Because of my extensive history with them,Id consider myself somewhat of a pontoon boat expert.

    Any type of problem or issue you can runinto, Ive been through multiple times already. Likewise, Ive also had everygreat experience you can possibly have with a boat.

    Most of the articles Ive written onBoatCrunch are about pontoon boats and thats simply because I have the mostexperience with pontoons than any other type of boat.

    I know their insides and outs, Id besurprised if someone could ask me a question about a pontoon boat and Imunable to provide a detailed helpful response.

    Enoughabout me now.

    So more than likely youre interested inpurchasing or renting a pontoon boat, but youre stuck in two minds about it?

    You want to know about the pros and cons ofpontoon boats so that you can decide on whether the boat is a good fit for youor not.

    I did the exact same thing when I purchasedmy first pontoon many years ago.

    Lucky for you, youre now reading the mostextensive guide on the pros and cons of pontoon boats.

    How Do I Know It Will Work On My Boat

    With Hydrofin you are not flying blind! We work with you from the moment that you decide you want a faster and more satisfying pontoon experience. We will consult with you to learn the details about your double pontoon and how much speed you desire. Hydrofin is a pontoon boat accessory that is ideally suited to your watercraft, always.

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    Find A Boat Dealer You Can Trust

    We cant stress this one enough. Youll run across some dealers who are in the business of selling boats because they have a passion for boating, and others whose main interest is making a profit. Fortunately, there are a lot of boat nuts out thereand accordingly, there are a lot of dealers and salespeople who truly enjoy matching a person up with the boat theyre going to love. Yes, they still need to make a living and they will want to make a profit. But when you find a dealer you can trust, look them in the eye, and ask them to give you the bottom-line best price, youre likely to get an honest answer.

    A good place to start is making sure youre buying from a .

    What Do I Need To Register My Pontoon Boat In The State Of Ohio

    Bennington Pontoon Boats
    • The state of Ohio requires you to register your watercraft registration. Those letters and numbers that start with âOHâ on the outside of your boat? Thatâs your registration number. Think of it like a license plate for a boat.
    • Registrations are good for three years and expire on March 1. Boat registrations can be renewed online, at your local DMV or even right here at Charles Mill Marina.
    • If you buy your boat new at Charles Mill Marina, we’ll take care of your registration for you, including putting your registrion numbers onto your boat.

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    The Benefits Of Trading Vs Selling

    Arguably the biggest benefit of trading your boat in is that once you sign the paperwork, its off your hands. The dealer takes care of everythingthe cleaning, the storage, the listing, transportation, and, most importantlythe customers. All you have to do is sit back and wait.

    In some states, theres also a sales tax benefit. This means that the sales tax on your new boat may be reduced by your boat trade-in value and the sales tax on the said trade-in. You can find out by checking with your local state registration agency.

    Kelly Blue Book Boat Tips

    You need to be aware of the true value of the boat before going out to make your purchase. You need to properly prepare so as not to be taken for a ride while buying. A good knowledge of the boats value will help you arrive at a fair final price.

    Some of the top tips needed to achieve your aim is highlighted below:

    No one will be able to take you into buying an expensive boat if you already have your mind settled on the type of boat you want to buy. The salesmen will attempt talking you into buying the very expensive ones since this is where they get their daily breads. You will however be able to save lot of money if you already have a clear mind on what you want to buy. Never allow yourself to get talked into choosing a boat you do not have adequate fund for.

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