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How To Sell Boat Without Title

Transfer The Title To Show Change In Ownership

Buying a boat in Texas without a title? Watch this!

If a titled boat is sold by an individual, the seller must complete the transfer section on the back of the title in the presence of a notary public before presenting it to the buyer. The buyer must take the title to a title office to complete the ownership transfer, and then to a boat registration agent to transfer the boat registration into the buyer’s name.

Some vessels and motors that now need a title may not have needed a title when they were originally purchased. Before selling these items, the owner must apply to an Ohio title office and obtain a title:

  • boats or outboard motors acquired on or before October 9, 1963
  • watercraft less than 14 feet long with a permanently affixed mechanical means of propulsion of 10 horsepower or greater and purchased on or before January 1, 2000

Ohios Alternative Registration Option

Alternative registration is only an option for human-powered watercraft, such as canoes, rowboats or inflatable rafts.

The boat owner may choose one of the following two options:

  • Traditional registration: They can have the craft numbered, pay a smaller registration fee and obtain square tags, or;
  • Alternative registration: They can choose to NOT have the craft numbered, pay a higher registration fee and obtain a rectangular tag. The rectangular alternative registration tag must be securely attached and displayed in one of the following manners:
    • In the upper right corner of the transom.
    • On a deck on the rear half of the boat.
    • On the outside of the boat below the port side gunwale.
    • On the inside of the boat on the upper portion of the starboard side gunwale so that it is visible from the port side of the boat.

    Evidence of registration is shown by displaying the rectangular tag. Boaters with an alternative registration have 72 hours to produce the valid registration certificate.

    Never choose the alternative registration option if there is a possibility of ever using a motor or a sail with the boat. Alternative registration is issued and renewed through any Ohio Division of Watercraft office.

    Hull Number Correction Information

    The U.S. Coast Guard has mandated that all registered vessels in the State of Tennessee provide a properly formatted Hull Identification Number to TWRA.

    The Hull Identification Number is a 12 character serial number that uniquely identifies a boat and is formatted according to US Coast Guard standards. The HIN is similar to the VIN on a car. Vessels manufactured or imported before 1973 are EXEMPT because they often do not have a HIN. All boats manufactured or imported after 1972, must have a HIN, and this HIN must be identified during the boat registration process. HIN numbers are typically located:

    • On sport and fishing boats, they can be found on the back right outside corner.
    • On pontoons, they can be found on the right side of the frame above the pontoon, but below the deck.
    • On personal watercraft, they can be found under the seat as well as on the lip of the footrest.

    If you are unable to locate the HIN number in any of these locations, photos of these areas of the vessel will be required.

    Customers with an invalid HIN may renew their boats but within the next three years, our system may decline these renewals and any new owner applications in order to comply with the Agencys Coast Guard deadline.

    It is imperative to correct these numbers in the system before that deadline.

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    Advice To Save You Time And Money

    It is important to understand the rules BEFORE you buy aboat, especially a used one that may not have all the paperwork needed to satisfyyour states requirements. Otherwise, you run the risk of spending your hard-earnedmoney not on the jon boat of your dreams but on your own personal Titanic.

    There are many reasons why a title may not accompany yourused jon boat. Many of these situations can be ultimately resolved in yourfavor, however there are some cases which will be impossible to resolve and theonly way to obtain registration is to first obtain a legal title for the jon boat.

    Although these circumstances are rare, they do happen andcould cost your far more in both time and money than your perfect jon boat isreally worth. Our advice to you is toalways make every effort to obtain the proper paperwork, including title if onehas been issued, at the time of purchase.

    Exempt From The Titling Requirement

    How do I sell my boat?

    These do NOT need a title:

    • vessels documented by the US Coast Guard
    • canoes and kayaks
    • watercraft less than 14 feet in length without a permanently affixed mechanical means of propulsion
    • watercraft less than 14 feet in length with a permanently affixed mechanical means of propulsion of less than 10 horsepower
    • ship’s lifeboat
    • boats owned by government agencies
    • motors less than 10 horsepower

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    What’s Included In A Boat Bill Of Sale

    A watercraft bill of sale is like a fleshed-out receipt. A receipt or invoice contains just the basics: purchase price, brief description, and date of sale.

    Do not confuse a bill of sale with a notice of sale. A notice of sale is a document used in real property to give notice of default proceedings.

    A vessel bill of sale provides proof of the sale of a boat that is more detailed than a receipt. It includes the following information:

    • Names and addresses of buyer and seller
    • Date of sale
    • Purchase price
    • Detailed description of the boat or watercraft including make, model, year, color, condition, and hull identification number
    • Information on what is being sold along with the boat or watercraft, such as the trailer, life jackets, cover, etc.
    • Information about any warranties the seller is making about the boat
    • Signatures of the seller and buyer
    • Signature by a notary, if required by your state

    How To Get & Transfer Boat Titles

    A title is different than a registration. A title is legal proof of ownership, while registration is more like the license plate on your car, it proves you have paid the appropriate taxes and fees and the boat is legally permitted to be on local waterways. In this article, we will discuss titles.

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    Requirements For Registration And Titling Of Boats

    Special Notice to;Boat Owners

    Renewing Boat Registrations

    See instructions here for;renewing a boat registration.

    Prior to registering your boat, please read;DMV’s;notice to all vessel owners.;Read the;notice here.

    Replace a Registration

    See instructions here for replacing a boat registration.

    New Boat Registrations

    Federal law requires a hull number on all vessels manufactured in 1973 or later. The hull number must be given on the application. If the vessel has a “CT” number , that number stays with the vessel and must be entered on the application.

    If a vessel has a US documented number or a Foreign Documented number then that vessel is not eligible to obtain a CT Title. You will receive a CT vessel registration using your documented numbers.

    Vessels eligible for titles are vessels with a model year of 2017 and newer, or vessels that were previously documented either US or Foreign.; Documentation from the Coast Guard is required to show that the Vessel was and is no longer documented.

    A.;Application for Vessel Registration and Certificate of Number or Decal

    B.MCO/Out of state title/or previously documented paperwork from the U.S Coast Guard or Foreign Entity.

    C. If the state that the vessel;is currently registered in, and your vessel is 2017 model year or newer, you must have the following:

    D.;Bill of Sale/ Q1V ;:

    Purchased From An Sc Owner With Missing Titles


    If you purchased a watercraft and/or outboard motor in South Carolina, and the owner has misplaced the title, you must title and/or register it with SCDNR. You will need to submit the following:

  • Paid property tax receipt in your name for the coming year from your county of residence.
  • Watercraft/Outboard Motor Application
  • Signed and Notarized Bill of Sale
  • Fees
  • Effective January 1, 2020 your watercraft registration will be valid for one year from the date you purchased the boat. The fee will be $10.00 per year for an annual registration. In 2021, the $10.00 renewal fee will be included with your county property tax notice. SCDNR will send renewal notices for tax exempt boats.

    Make checks payable to SCDNR. Do not mail cash.

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    Take Your Trailer For A Weigh

    Youd need to provide several technical details about the trailer, and one of them is the weight. This is often a step that needs some resourcefulness. So, where do people get their heavy objects weighed-in?

    You can get your vehicle assessed at truck stops. Thats the most convenient solution. However, if the nearest one is too far off, look for a recycling facility. They often have that service as well.

    How To Apply For Boat Titles For Boats With A Title

    Each state has different specific requirements regarding titling applications, but there are some things you will most likely need before you can title your boat in any state.

    1) Original Title. No matter if you are applying in the state of purchase or a new state, you will need the original title from the issuing state. Somewhere on the title, there is a place to sign the title over from buyer to seller.

    Make sure when you purchase a boat that the seller signs the title over to you properly.

    It is best to have the title notarized when completing this step. Some states require all signed over titles to be notarized, while, in some situations, this may not be required.

    2) Bill of Sale. This is another item that is not always required, but it is best to have a notarized original bill of sale. You will need this if you buy a boat in a non-titling state, you are titling a new boat, or you are transferring the title to a new state.;;

    3) Pencil Rubbing/Tracing or Photo of Hull Identification Number. The HIN is normally found on the transom of the boat and is permanently affixed or etched in the hull.

    If the boat has never been titled in your state, you will need a photo or tracing of the number to go with your application.

    4) Previous Registration Card. In some situations, you must present a registration card to title a boat. This is particularly important if you purchased a boat in a non-titling state and are moving it to a titling state.

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    Can You Pull Two Trailers In Iowa

    k. A combination of two vehicles coupled together, one of which is a motor home, shall not have an overall length in excess of sixty-five feet. A combination of two vehicles coupled together, one of which is a travel trailer or fifth-wheel travel trailer, shall not have an overall length in excess of sixty-five feet.

    What About Homemade Boats

    How do I sell my boat?

    Most states hold homemade boats to the same standard asmanufactured boats of a similar length in terms of registration and titling.Although some states still provide a registration to a homemade boat fewrequire them to be titled. Generally, you will be required to show, driverslicense, receipts for parts and inspection by a licensed marine surveyor.

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    Warranties On Boat Sales

    A warranty on a boat sale is a promise by the seller that the title to the boat is clear and that there are no existing outstanding claims against the boat at the time of the sale. A warranty gives the buyer protection so that if a claim should arise that existed before the sale, the seller will be liable for it, not the buyer.

    It’s also possible to sell a boat without making any warranties about title. In this situation, the buyer takes on full responsibility should any claim arise after the sale.

    Buying A Boat Without A Titleis That Ok

    Grumpy old guy who plays with boats
    Grumpy old guy who plays with boats
    Grumpy old guy who plays with boats

    shrew said:It doesn’t matter what is required in 49 other states. The only thing that matters is what the state where the boat is being registered requires. Not all states require titles on boats. Different states have different requirements for titles and title searches. Your best bet is to verify the requirements with the registering authority.This question gets asked a lot and people tend to get a significant number of bad information in the replies.

    shrew said:It doesn’t matter what is required in 49 other states. The only thing that matters is what the state where the boat is being registered requires. Not all states require titles on boats. Different states have different requirements for titles and title searches. Your best bet is to verify the requirements with the registering authority.This question gets asked a lot and people tend to get a significant number of bad information in the replies.

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    Is It Worth Trying

    This is a question that comes up often, and one which can not be easily answered. Whether or not it is worth attempting to register a boat without first obtaining a title is a question very specific to your own situation.

    Depending upon the reason there is no title available the recourse can vary greatly and it may simply come down to whether or not you have the time and money to address the possible scenarios.

    If you have the ability to contact the last owner and obtain a duplicate it is a matter of a few day, maybe a week, until you are on the water. On the other hand, if you are buying a deal that is too good to be true, without paperwork or even a name/address for the last owner, chances are there is a problem. The more complex the problem the more likelihood it will not end in your favor.

    I Have A Sailboat Without A Motor Does It Have To Be Registered

    Buying a boat and trailer with no title in NJ

    All sailboats with mechanical propulsion must be registered regardless of length. Sailboats less than 12 feet in length without mechanical prolusion do not require registration. Sailboats 12 feet or longer must be registered whether or not they have mechanical propulsion. Boats operated exclusively on private ponds or lakes do not have to be registered.

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    Titling Of Boats & Outboard Motors

    A title establishes ownership;of an item. Titles are filed electronically in Ohio through the Clerk of Courts. It doesn’t matter what county you live in ;as the owner you can file a title or obtain a paper copy;of any Ohio title at any title office in any county. You can also lookup titles online through Ohio BMV Online Services.

    If you are buying a boat that has a title, the title must be transferred;to you before you can register the boat in your name.;

    If you are selling boat;that is titled, you need to transfer the title to the new owner before they can registration it in their name.

    The title on a boat must be an Ohio title in order to get an Ohio registration.

    Where Do I Get The Boat Title

    Boat titles are issued by a government office. Some states have a Fish and Boat Commission while others have a Department of Natural Resources. Unfortunately, the Department of Motor Vehicles may also get involved in the process.;;

    A quick search on the internet will tell you where to go to title a boat in your area.

    If you are buying or selling a boat, make sure to know the ins and outs concerning titles in your state before you start.

    New boats may not have a title issued until after purchase. The Manufacturers Statement of Origin or a Certificate of Origin serves as a temporary title from the manufacturer to the dealer and then to you.;

    Compare the boats hull identification number to the numbers on the MSO or COO and have the seller sign the MSO or COO for a new boat. You must submit the original MSO or COO to complete the titling process.

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    Get Some Proof Of Ownership

    The bill of sale is the best document that proves your ownership of the vehicle. It includes all the necessary information about the trailer, the transaction, and the parties involved in the deal.

    Sometimes, the trailer is made up of assembled pieces. In that case, the garage should provide separate bills for each part used in its assembly. Scrap trailers are built in a similar way, but their parts cant be accounted for.

    There are also situations, where theres no document showing ownership. In that case, a notary should sign-off a document asserting the possession of the trailer. Two witnesses are also needed to testify to the same and provide their signatures.

    How To Get Title For A Boat With A Bill Of Sale

    Make your boat legit and recover lost boat title

    Once the sale is complete, the buyer must apply for legal title with the state agency that handles boat registration. It might be the department of motor vehicles or the game and wildlife agency or another agency.

    Check your state’s website to determine where you need to register the boat. Each state will have its own requirements about forms and fees, but, in general, you will be able to use your bill of sale as proof of purchase to obtain the title from the state. You may need to register the trailer separately, so be sure to check the rules for trailers as well.

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