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How Much Does Dry Boat Storage Cost

Winter Will Be Here Before You Know It: How Much Does Boat Storage Cost


If you recently purchased a boat, you are likely enjoying it as the summer weather begins to warm. Even though you’re having a blast on the water right now, you should start taking steps to store your boat this winter.

If you live in a destination where boating is popular, finding winter storage could be challenging. It’s better to start looking now for boat storage instead of waiting until the last minute. Securing winter storage now will allow you to obtain the best type of storage for your vessel.

When researching storage options, youll notice that there are different types available. Below, youll find a complete breakdown answering common questions like, How much does boat storage cost? After reading this guide, you should feel more prepared to begin storing your boat this winter.

Do You Really Need To Own A Boat

Have you researched the cost of owning a boat yourself? When we explain the benefits of of Gulfstream Boat Club to a potential new member, they very often ask, Why would anyone own a boat? We at Gulfstream Boat Club agree! Many of our members are former powerboat or yacht owners who dont want the expense and hassle of owning their own boat anymore. On the other hand, many of our members are interested in eventually owning a boat, or learning more about the boating lifestyle, and a boat club is a great way to try it out. Plus, we provide you with a hat, sun-safe clothing, a free boat lesson and priceless memories!

Boat Storage At Home Or At Sea

Boat storage at home on the drive or in the garage is very useful for security, care and maintenance, but it will take up lots of space and you will need to ensure your vehicle is certified to tow the weight of the boat and trailer.

A trailer is the most cost-effective way to keep your boat

Being able to trail your boat to locations around the UK and Europe is a definite perk but its worth ensuring launch, recovery and storage of the trailer will be easy when you get to your destination.

Another relatively affordable boat storage option is a swing mooring. This is where the boat is tethered to a mooring buoy and has to be accessed either by a shuttle service or your own dinghy.

Depending on the location these moorings may only cost a few hundred pounds annually but there are compromises to consider.

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The Key Takeaways From The Post

On average, storing a boat costs around $10 to $20 per ft per month. But the price can vary from $5 to $50 per ft per month depending on some essential factors like the type of storage you want , duration , seasonality, and the location.

Before choosing a storage option for your boat, there are some important considerations to check prior. Like the Security , Access Hours , and Weather .

A garage is an ideal place to;store a boat. This will protect it from the elements and keep it at a relatively stable temperature. However, if you dont have a garage, you can find accommodation at a reasonable price at indoor or outdoor self-storage facilities, dry-stacked storage, and at a marina.

At Indoor Self Storage Facility $10 To $40 Per Ft Per Month

Boat Storage Guide: Indoor Boat Storage, Dry Storage & Outdoor

On average, storing a boat in an indoor self-storage facility costs $20/ft per month. But the price can vary from as low as $10/ft per month to as high as $40/ft per month or more depending on the length of the boat, seasonality, and the location.

The indoor self-storage facility would be an excellent storage option for your boat because it gives extra protection to the boats from sunlight and rain than outdoors, which eventually increases the cost as well.

However, if it is not located near the lake or shore, that makes it a less convenient option for boaters because they need to go near the storage first and then trailer the boat from the storage to the lake or shore, double work.

You need to store a boat on the trailer, or blocking is needed to store the boat at these indoor self-storage facilities. We will now see the pros and cons of storing a boat at an indoor self-storage facility.

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Pros Of Storing Boat At The Marina

  • The essential benefit of storing the boat at the marina is you can take the boat right away from the water quickly, and you dont have to worry about a boat trailer and its expenses.
  • Storing the boat on a boat lift at the marina will keep the boat out of the water, making the boat less likely to get damaged by growth or barnacles, or corrosion.
  • In some places storing the boat at the marina is inexpensive compared to other storage options such as dry-stacked storage and indoor or outdoor self-storage facility.

If You Have A Boat From 15 To 28 Our Dry Rack Storage May Be Your Best Value Storage Option

Simply contact us an hour before you plan to arrive.; We will have your boat in the water and ready to go.; When you are done for the day, park your boat in the allocated spot, and we take your boat out of the water, and put it back in our covered storage building.

What are your hours?

We splash boats from 9 am until 4:15 pm, 7 days a week from Memorial Day until Labor Day.; After Labor Day, we splash boats Wednesdays through Sundays.

I want to use my boat outside of your normal hours of operation.; What do I do?

Just a little pre-planning is necessary.; If you want to go out for a evening cruise, call us before 4:15 pm.; We will have your boat in the water and ready to go.; When you come back, leave your boat in the allocated area, and we will put it back into storage during our normal business hours.

What does it cost?

$1,650 $1,850 depending on the height of your boat.

We also have an owner accessible trailer lot for trailer storage for an additional $100 per year.

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How Can I Save Money

With any storage services, consider talking with at least three units in your area.; You are going to find that each will all offer something different and the prices will be all over the place. ;You just need to decide which feature they offer is the most important for your boat and your location.

The more money you pay up front, the more you are going to be able to save.; If you have the cash available, consider paying up to six months ahead of time to save upwards of 25%.

Options such as purchasing a locker are unnecessary. ;You can take your electronics and personal property home with you instead of paying to leave it there. ;Saving money on the little things can greatly cut your costs.

Some storage facilities will offer a discount if you pay your storage fees up front for six to 12 months at a time.

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Cons Of Storing Boat At Home

How much does it cost to buy and run this boat?
  • Storing the boat outside at home may require extra care or maintenance for the boat, such as covering the boat properly to prevent any damages from rain or snow or sunlight and theft as well.
  • If the boat is kept for a long time on a trailer without using it, the trailer needs to be appropriately maintained to prevent any problems, such as a flat tire.
  • And you need to trailer the boat to the lake or sea to use it. Whereas storing the boat at the marina or dry-stacked doesnt require trailering, they will keep it in the water if the storage is close to the waters.

Without a trailer, the boat needs to be placed on blocks , which is difficult to do than others. To know more about that, check this article on How To Store A Boat Without A Trailer?

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Cost Of Owning A Boat = Commitment Of Time And Money

Owning a boat is a huge commitment of time and money, especially for a busy family. Kids activities might make it difficult to use your own boat every weekend. Gulfstream Boat Club makes it easy to enjoy a boat when its convenient for you. All of our boats are expertly maintained, and have life jackets, stereos, depth finders, and up-to-date electronics. No need to stop for fuelwell fill er up. And we have an online reservation system that allows you to book boats anytime.

Decide How Long You Will Stay

Our best rates are for 12 month contracts. But if you want to try us out you can choose a month-by-month commitment .

; I will never go back to a mooring again. When I want to use my boat, it is clean and ready for me to head straight out for my day. When I worked out what I was spending on maintenance, antifouls and mooring services, I realised I am now actually saving money by keeping my boat in dry storage.

* $428 per month pricing for a 20 powerboat stored on a Standard launch package with a 12 month contract.

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Why Use Boat Storage

Of course, the biggest reason to use boat storage is to free up space on your property and ensure that your boat is kept in good condition ready for each boating season.

When shopping around, you will find that boat storage unit are not particularly expensive if you do not store the vessel at a marina. Marina storage tends to be extremely pricey.

Regular boat storage units not located at the marina are quite affordable in comparison.

They are also positioned conveniently close to the ocean, bays, lakes, and rivers. This means that you will not have to haul your boat a long way . Simply arrive on the day you wish to launch, collect your boat and head to your chosen spot, which is probably already nearby.

Secured On A Trailer:

Drystack Powerboat Storage

4) Secured on trailer storage leases are available for Boats and PWC’s and now RV’s. 24/7 access to a secure fenced in graveled lot parking area. Included in our rate is FREE BOAT RAMP use and use of the water front picnic area. Rates are from $125.00 per month ‘annually’ or monthly rates.

All leases must provided proof of Insurance for boats, PWC’s and RV’s and list Centerville Marina as additional insured.

Pump out station available on request next to the fuel dock.

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Pros Of Storing Boat At Dry Stacked Storage

  • Dry-stacked storages are safer than marinas because, at the marina, you store the boat in water, and barnacles or corrosions may form on the boat hull, or bad weather can cause any damage to the boat.
  • People working at the dry-stacked storage will keep the boat in the water if you call them in advance, and they will remove the boat from the water. Meaning they will take care of the boat entirely by keeping the boat in the water and taking the boat out of the water.
  • In dry-stacked storage, they will secure the boat properly using CCTV or some surveillance to avoid theft.

Construct The Right Layout

You may want to offer a variety of storage units in your facility. Most renters will want an enclosed unit for RV and boat storage. Enclosed units offer more security and sun & weather protection than open storage spaces or canopy spaces.

When you offer more than one type of space, the layout of your facility should make it easy to get from one section of units to another. The units should also be built on either side of any established drives so that you maximize the use of the roadways. If you have a main office on-site, it should be clearly marked and easy to access as soon as a customer drives up to your storage lot.

Layout considerations also include the exits and entrances. You may need to work with the city to create or change the entrances to accommodate the size of the RVs and trailers. In addition, the adjacent streets must be able to handle vehicles of such size turning in and out of your parking lot. You also need to factor in fire codes when it comes to spaces between buildings, and the necessary hydrants or fire sprinkler systems in your buildings.

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Should I Keep My Boat In The Water All Year Round

If you think you are likely to want to use your boat in the winter and can still find time to do the necessary boat maintenance work then there is no harm in keeping your boat in the water all year round.

In fact, some of the most pleasant days afloat may come on a crisp, bright winters day when you have the harbours and waterways to yourself.

A swing mooring can be a cost effective option

If the boat is unlikely to be used regularly and could end up sitting unused in the berth then its probably best to look at onshore boat storage.

Even if you decide to keep the boat in all year it will still need to be lifted to clean off any fouling, apply antifoul and service the mechanical parts.

Place You Can Store Your Boat

HOW MUCH Does it COST to LIVE on a BOAT & How do we Afford it – Part 2 | Ep.56

Some people store their boats in the water all year long. This is usually considered an acceptable practice in temperate areas where winters are relatively mild, or if you completely winterize your boat;in its slip and then add an agitator to keep the water from freezing around the boat during the cold months of the year.

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At Marina $5 To $30 Per Ft Per Month And Up

On average, storing a boat in the marina costs $10/ft per month. But the price can vary from as low as $5/ft per month to as high as $30/ft per month or more depending on the location, season, and length of the boat. Also, these prices will vary drastically depending on shorter stays vs. longer stays.

The prices vary drastically depending on the location and the season mainly. Sometimes you cant even find a spot or slip or berth to keep a boat in a particular marina you are looking at in summer, demanding you to pay more for the slip.

If you want to keep your boat ready to use any time of year, wet storage at a local marina might sound appealing. This means its already in the water and ready for you to clean, work on or take out for the day, making this a convenient option than other storage options.

Generally, they are four options to how you can store your boat in the marina: Wet open storage, wet covered storage, dry open storage , and dry covered storage. However, every marina may not provide all those four options. The price also varies based on the option you choose, as shown in the below table.

Dry covered storage $20 $40 per ft

Those are the average costs of storing a boat at a marina. Sometimes the price can vary mainly based on seasonality and the boat length.

Other Boat Storage Considerations & Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing the vessel for storage is an important process. By taking the appropriate measures before storage, you can more easily ensure your boat or yacht is as close to seaworthy as possible upon your return.

Make sure the boat is washed thoroughly before storing the boat. Remove any perishables from the boat. Drain the bilge, and discuss with the marina personnel if there are any restrictions pertaining to how much fuel is left in the tanks .

For boaters up north, winterizing is a topic that commands more attention than we will give it in this article, but its worth mentioning at a high level. When the boating season winds down up north, there are crucial considerations such as whether to remove your boat from the water, winterizing the vessel and its various systems and finally where to store the boat. For some, this means indoor, climate-controlled storage . For others, it means going through a full process to protect the boat being stored outside. Shrink wrapping, winterizing the engine, taking care of the fuel and battery systems and more are all considerations that must be made. If youre a new boat owner, its best to lean on a professional to ensure your boat is properly cared for as you approach the winter season.

The following are;frequently asked questions regarding boat and yacht storage:

Can you bring an outside crew to clean or work on the boat?

If you have a boat in high and dry storage, how long does it take to launch?

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What Is Valet Boating

Our valet boating program offers the boating community the best of both worlds.; You get the pride of boat ownership without all the work of boat ownership.

  • Unlimited In and Out Service
  • Ready to go with 1 Hour Notice
  • Fuel Service Provided for You
  • Unlimited Use of our Do It Yourself Work Racks
  • We Fresh Water Flush Your Engine
  • We Rinse Your Boat
  • We Put Your Boat Away
  • Valet boating lets us do the work and lets you do the boating

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