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What Size Boat For Family Of 5

Complete Breakdown: Jon Boat Sizing Guide

Florida Sportsman Best Boat – Mid-Size Family Fun Offshore Center Consoles

If you are considering a jon boat, size is one of the most important things to consider. Youll want to select a jon boat that matches your particular needs.

What sized jon boat is right for your needs? 8-12 foot boats work great for small area-exploration. 14-16 foot jon boats work great for water sports and utility work. 18+ foot boats are for utility and commercial use.

For so many boating hobbyists, jon boats are the perfect solution to duck hunting expeditions, fishing trips, river explorations, and light transportation. They are very versatile and quite affordable, which appeals to a lot of people.

When considering size, the answer depends on how fast you need to go and how much you are looking to carry. More weight capacity requires more boat length. Understanding the activities you plan to engage in using your jon boat is a major deciding factor with the weight capacity you will need.

While you can find boats in a range of shapes and sizes, the most common lengths are 8, 10, 14, 16, 18, 20-feet. We are going to cover each of these lengths and go through maximum horsepower, weight capacity, and speed expectations.;Lets get right into it.

For a complete breakdown of the best uses for jon boats, please check out this helpful article.

Relationship Between Carrying Capacity & Length

Carrying capacity requirements and jon boat length requirements are very closely related. In general, the bigger the boat, the more weight it can handle. A bigger boat can displace more water. As long as it is lighter than the weight of the water being displaced, it will float.;With jon boats, the longer the boat and the more water displaced, the greater the load the boat can safely carry;.

Chaparral 19 H2o Sport

The Chaparral 19 H2O Sport has a higher starting price than the previous options listed at about $32,500.

However, this option is more luxurious and offers more customization options, including an arch tower and a swimming platform.

This boat offers performance as its main selling point. The Chaparral website boasts about a feather soft ride while maintaining stability, efficient fuel economy, and agility.

This boat also offers to seat up to 11 people or 1500 pounds. However, there have been reports of problems and issues with Chaparral boats.

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Pontoon Boats For The Family

A pontoon boat normally is a flat surface resting on two metal pontoons. This allows it to be incredibly buoyant and sit high on the water.

Pontoon boats generally have a large deck area that is ideal for moving around with ease. You can also have tables, bars, lounge areas, and other luxuries on the deck of a pontoon boat.

Pontoons are often used for recreational purposes and are great for entertaining and fishing.;

Most pontoons are not made to go at high speeds so they are not often ideal for water sports such as tubing or water skiing. There are exceptions and you are able to upgrade the motor or even add a second one to get more speed if that is what you require.

The Pros And Cons Of Boat Life

Shetland 570 Boat & Trailer Great Fishing Boat 70 Hp ...

Despite the freedom and adventure, Carey said it’s normal to get sick of the lifestyle because “it’s super hard living on a boat.”

Cramped living quarters, blocked toilets and no hot showers or cars are just the beginning. “Rolly anchorages,” a boating term for a rocking boat, prevent quality sleep.

But days aren’t rushed. The kids take courses through Acellus, an online school, for two hours each morning while Carey runs a PR agency called Roam Generation from their yacht. Then the family may go on a hike or to a museum, or the kids play or fish with other kids in the marina. They’ve started reading again, she said.

Are kids rare in the community? Not at all, said Carey.

The “cruising” community is well-connected, and families with “boat kids” seek one another out.

“Often people will change their plans and go to where the kid boats are because happy kids make this lifestyle so much better,” Carey said. ;

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To Make This Experience Work The Parents Are Homeschooling Their Children

Out on the ocean, no day is the same since the family’s daily experiences depend on where they are.;

But Samantha and Aaron still try to keep a light schedule to provide their children with structure.;

The kids are currently being homeschooled, which Samantha said has been “interesting.” She told Insider she’s been able to do six hours’ worth of schoolwork in about three hours.;;

She also said she’s had to get creative to deal with the challenges of homeschooling since her kids vary in age and it’s difficult to keep them all focused at once. Still, for her, the freedom has been worth it.;

“We love having the freedom to take our kids out exploring, hiking, fishing, and sailing during the week,” she said.;

Samantha said that those considering having their children homeschooled should free themselves from all preconceived notions.

“We certainly don’t have it all figured out in this department but the best advice we got from another cruising family was to figure out what interests your child and work their schooling around that,” she added.

Sylvan Mandalay 8525 Sportlounger

Image from sylvanmarine.com

The Sylvan Mandalay 8525 Sportlounger;is another all-around excellent family option. At 26.1 feet long, and able to accommodate 14 people onboard, it has the space for the whole family to enjoy a day out cruising on the water. It is very similar to the SunChaser, in that a pop up changing room is standard, but the port potti is an extra option.

There is also an optional ski tow pole and stainless steel grill, which would be mandatory for a day out with the family. A rear entry boarding ladder does come standard, to assist with re-boarding the pontoon after swimming. Overall a very comfortable and usable pontoon boat to facilitate the entire family.

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The Grady White Fisherman 180

This fiberglass fishing boat is a center console fishing boat.; It has a reversible bench seat behind the console and a seat directly in front of the console.

There is a raised casting platform on the bow of the boat and a set of cushioned seats at the stern.; A swim platform with a ladder also resides at the stern.

Top Express Cruisers: Favorites For Family Boating Fun

What Size Boat Is BEST?

The express cruiser is an amazingly popular powerboat design, and with good reason heres our pick of 10 top favorites in a wide range of sizes.

Express cruisers are a top choice for family boating, and its no wonder why: they offer both fun in the sun and protection from the elements, they come in all shapes and sizes, provide exhilarating performance, and can be used for everything from sun worship to weekending to cruising. In some cases, an express can even double as a fishing boat, or a watersports boat. Naturally, that means there are a lot of choices on the market. As in, hundreds of choices, for any given size range. But as we tested, reviewed, and relaxed aboard boats these past few years, we’ve noticed a few stand-outs. Here are 10 favorite express cruisers that stood apart from the pack.

The smallest boat in this bunch, the Cruisers 279 still has some unique features.

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Best Houseboats Top 10 Options For Every Budget

by Kyle WUpdated on May 17, 2021.

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Approximately 71 percent of the Earth is covered by water. So, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with the idea of building a houseboat. At this point, you might be wondering what the difference between that and a liveaboard boatis.

A liveaboard boat is essentially any kind of watercraft that you can live in full time. A houseboat, on the other hand, is a very specific type of liveaboard boat thats used as an individuals primary residence. Its construction and overall look mirror that of a conventional land-based house. The only difference being it is designed to float on water.

Houseboats are not what they were a few decades ago. They are now luxurious contemporary structures whose elaborate designs rival some of the best land-based homes in the world today.

If this is the lifestyle you envision for yourself and your family, weve rounded up the 10 best houseboats in the market today. Weve also put together some useful tips you can use to help you pick the best one.

The Zion is the ultimate all-American houseboat. This 14 x 14 floating home comes with two bedrooms and a loft area, all of which can comfortably accommodate up to eight guests at any given time. It has high ceilings and lots of windows that bathe the space in natural light.

What Is The Environment I Expect To Operate In

It would be foolhardy to daydream about perpetual sunny skies and calm seas when purchasing a boat. That’s easy enough to do in Florida, but it’s an entirely different matter in the Puget Sound, for instance. Inland lake boating is different than boating on the Great Lakes, which have sea conditions comparable to oceans. When you purchase a boat, take into consideration the size of the boat and its limitations in different environmental conditions.

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What To Look For/consider When Buying A Pontoon Boat

With all the different choices of pontoon boats, it may be difficult to narrow it down to the one that fits your individual needs. There are many different factors you need to consider before you can pick the pontoon that works for you. Overall cost, the intended use or purpose of the pontoon, the length needed, the type of pontoon, which amenities or options are available with different models, and what type of warranty is being offered with the purchase. You will also need to take into account the various best pontoon boat brands available, as well as the overall budget you have to spend.

A large part of the cost will depend on the size of the engine: the more horsepower the engine has, the more the overall cost of the pontoon boat. Depending on if you need a family friendly boat, or perhaps a platform on which to land that trophy fish with a few buddies , or if a luxurious model that dictates a day of partying out on the lake are all different things that need to be taken into account.

The Couple Also Decided To Make Some Career Changes

Four Winns Vista 278 1995 for sale for $10,000

To make this experience work, Samantha stopped working once they started cruising. Aaron has a wealth-management practice that doesn’t require him to be in one place.

“Originally, we had planned to spend six months in the Bahamas and while there I’d work remotely the best I could,” Aaron told Insider.

When the global pandemic hit, his plans changed and he now intends to work remotely indefinitely while he travels with his family.;

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Choosing A Pontoon Boat Deck Size To Fit Your Needs

Owning a pontoon boat allows for you to enjoy many different recreational activities with your friends, family and neighbors. It’s easy to get caught up daydreaming about fishing in one of the confortable fishing chairs on deck, diving into the lake with your family off the easy water access features, or even moving the neighborhood picnic out onto the boat for a day of fun on lake; but how do you know what size to get?

Determining a deck size for your pontoon boat can be a difficult decision, it’s important to take into consideration both the amount of people you’d like to transport as well as the size of the body of water you plan to use the boat on.

Generally, a 17 to 19-foot pontoon boat is best for small bodies of water that tend to be calmer. These boats are great for entertaining groups of up to eight people.

20 to 22-foot boats are well suited for lakes and rivers that do not have large waves. The mid-sized boats are well equipped to seat up to 13 passengers.

The larger 23 to 28-foot boats are capable of cruising through rough waters and offer enough space for up to 15 people to enjoy a day on the lake.

If you need a little help deciding what size deck would work best for you, contact a local Bennington Pontoon Boat dealer.

What Size Mastercraft Is Best For My Family

If you are planning on purchasing a boat, aside from price and use, you need to consider what size boat you need. You should ask yourself: where will I be boating?How many people are in my family?;Whats my budget?;The ideal boat should be large enough to suit your boating needs without breaking your bank account.

MasterCraft offers a variety of boats ranging in size from 20 to 26 feet, and with six sizes to choose from, options may seem overwhelming. So from gear to guests, weve laid out what factors you should consider when deciding what size MasterCraft is best for you.;

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Boats Over 10 Metres In Length

For boats over 10 metres in length, use the appropriate formula below to calculate the number of adults you can safely carry in calm water conditions. For single-deck boats the formula is:

  • maximum capacity = 0.75LB where L = length of boat in metres and B = breadth of boat in metres.

For boats fitted with flybridge the formula is:

  • maximum capacity = 0.6LB where L = length of boat in metres and B = breadth of boat in metres.

Bennington 21 Slx Premium

Buying a boat? 5 reasons NOT to buy a boat … and also 4 great reasons to buy a boat

Image from benningtonmarine.com

The Bennington 21 SLX Premium;would be an excellent choice for a family friendly pontoon boat. It is 21.1 feet long with a beam of 8.6 feet, so there is plenty of room for the whole family aboard. With a 90 hp outboard, it can run at speeds up to 30 mph, and accommodate 10 people on board: perfect for that day trip with the family. It comes standard with a deep step ladder, easy for any family member to re-board the pontoon.

There are 4 foot and 6 foot long lounge chairs in the bow, as well as a 9 foot long L-shaped lounge chair at the stern: all constructed of a soft-touch vinyl. Overall, it is more spacious and affordable than the average pontoon boat, making it a clear choice in this category.

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Glastron Gs 259 Cabin Cruiser

The Glastrong GS 259 cabin cruiser is a great boat for entertaining guests or just spending a day on the water with family. The adjustable cockpit gives it a lot of versatility, allowing you to convert the seats into a large sun lounge for you to layout and relax on.

Not to mention that theres a full-service refreshment center there too complete with a grill, meaning you dont have to go inside the cabin to grab a cold drink or cook up a burger.

When you do eventually retreat to the cabin though, you will find a large couch that doubles as a queen-sized bed, another bed, and a breakfast center complete with a fridge, microwave, and sink.

It can comfortably sleep up to five people, and although the kitchen is not as large as some other cruisers kitchens are, this one still equips you with some essentials to cook for you and your family.

This cruiser also uses a SSV, or Super Stable Vee, hull design to ensure that every ride you take on it is smooth and stable. It has the ability to make tight turns with minimal rocking or choppiness, and it is also very quick to plane. This type of hull design makes the boat easier to handle and steer than some other cruisers that dont have this type of hull.



  • The kitchen is rather small and does not have a stove or oven, so you have to go outside to the cockpit in order to grill anything
  • The cabin is fairly small and cramped, so although you can host up to nine people above deck, you cannot fit that many comfortably below deck

Back Cove 3: The Downeaster

Back Cove of Rockland, Maine, throttled onto the scene in 2003 in response to a demand for a simple and easy-to-use Downeast-style cruiser with the look of a lobster boat and the fuel efficiency of a single diesel. Ten years later, the line has many loyal followers: There are more than 500 of these pretty hulls roaming the world. The 34 qualifies as a top cruising boat because it offers great value and style, and the type of practical systems and features a salty Mainer admires. For overnighting, theres an island berth and a large head with stall shower. On the helm deck, a fully galley serves a dinette for four with a pretty inlaid table thats just one fine example of the boat builders dedication to craftsmanship and tradition. With a 480-hp Cummins, cruise is at 26.8 knots. Hot Feature:;engine access is excellent as the helm deck, including the port-side dinette, lifts hydraulically to expose the mechanical systems below.

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