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How Much Are Boat Trailer Tires

How Much Do Boat Trailers Weigh 9 Examples

Ralph’s Tip of the Week: Boat Tire Pressure

The answer to how much do boat trailers weigh varies, of course, depending on the size as well as the make and model of the trailer.

In this post, Ill provide you with 9 common boat trailer examples. They will give you a feel for what each size will weigh.

Lets get started!

What Load Range Tire Do I Need For My Trailer

Most boat trailer tires have a load range of B, C, or D.

If a tire has load range C, it can carry 1,820 pounds.

If its on a single-axle trailer, this means both tires can carry a total of 3,640 pounds, which includes the weight of the trailer, the boat, the engine, fuel, and anything else inside the boat.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Boat Trailer Tires

Consider these factors in your selection process of the best tires for your boat trailer.

  • Design

Design is the primary factor to consider in choosing the right tire for your boat trailer. It will determine its durability, stability, capacity, and other features that you need in a boat trailer tire.

You can choose a radial design for longer tread life, or a bias-ply design that fits with a more durable sidewall. When you plan for long-distance hauling, a radial design is preferable to dissipate heat, but a bias-ply design is great for shorter trips.

  • Durability

When you choose a different kind of tire for your boat trailer, it begins with a purpose to last long. Whether you are in an extreme environment or plain towing condition, your tires rely on durability. Thus, your number one priority is to find trailer tires that can withstand varying use and remain sturdy within their lifespan.

Check for water-resistant tires as they tend to last longer than their counterparts. Also, check the time your boat trailer tire was produced as older ones can get softened by moisture and water. A durable tire, on average, lasts more than five years.

  • Stability

Choose a boat trailer tire that is stable when you tow a small or large weight. It will provide ease and comfort to transport your trailer. The tread design and sidewall should offer great traction even on wet surfaces and wear evenly to last long.

  • Load Capacity
  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Mobility
  • Tire Pressure
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages

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Best Boat Trailer Tire Reviews And Buying Guide 2021

Best Overall

2-Pack ST205/75D14 White Spoke Tire+Rim

The Top Boat Trailer Tires

If you’re looking for the right boat trailer tire but don’t have the time to do your own research and compare prices, then go for the ELYAN White Spoke Trailer Tire.

At this price range, its overall quality and performance is better than most other trailer tires out there.

Without tires, you’re not going to be able to get very far. Although other parts get a lot of attention, having the right tires can make a huge difference in your experience of owning a boat.

While you don’t have to spend a boatload on tires, it’s generally not wise to go for the cheapest option available. You want to make sure that the tires will last, that they perform well, and that they’re safe while hauling the boat.

Although you probably want to spend most of your time with the boat in the water, you won’t make it that far without the right tires.

In most cases, you probably spent a decent amount of money on the boat. Why would you want to try to save money on the tires? A blowout while driving could significantly damage the boat that you invested your hard-earned money in. With the top boat trailer tires, you’ll get some peace of mind that you did everything you could to protect your investment.

Making the wrong choice could definitely come back to bite you.

Best Overall

  • Compatible with the marine environment
  • Tire comes pre-mounted on rim


With that many options, you can’t go wrong.

How Do Boat Trailer Tires Work


Trailer tires are different from car or truck tires as they are designed to be stable. Most boat trailer brands dont steer, transmit power from an engine to the road or swerve to avoid obstacles.

These tires have strengthened sidewalls to handle the weight of a boat, especially when rounding corners. There are either bias trailer tires or radial trailer tires available.

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Need To Replace A Trailer Tire

  • Outfit your travel trailer, pop-up camper, boattrailer or fifth wheel trailer with the Goodyear Marathon Radial. Its an excellent trailertire, and it’s made in North America. The Goodyear Marathon Radial makes it easier to take your “toys” with you, thanks to a rounded profile that

  • Related Products:
  • Carlisle 6h04621 Radial Trail Hd Trailer Tire

    The Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire is another product that lives up to the brands pristine reputation. With this product, specific features make it stand out from its competitors.

    For example, its made with heat-resistant polymers to make the tire incredibly durable. As you know, I need a tire with superior durability. I need a product thats going to last, and this tire provides that with the use of these polymers.

    Moreover, the tire is heat-resistant which is a huge plus for me. As I stated before, I live in the southern United States where its hot for about eight months a year. Therefore, I need some protection from the sun killing my tires.

    Also, this tire is specifically designed to reduce the noise the tire makes. I found this feature to be somewhat unique, as I didnt see it within any other trailer tire I researched. It would be nice not to hear the sound of Carlisle trailer tires scraping across the road.

    Furthermore, this trailer tire has high-strength steel belts to make sure the tire can withstand the grind of being regularly used. I was confident this tire would hold up against the needs of my trailer heavy schedule.

    However, my confidence got shaken by some of the reviews I read. In these reviews, there was a trend of tire failure being mentioned. Tire failure is the absolute last thing that I want happening on the highway.

    • Some users have experienced tire failure
    • Expensive

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    Boat Trailer Tire Pressure

    This is always important to remember. The boat trailer tire pressure needs to be monitored and maintained. If tire pressure goes too low, the trailer will be harder to tow. That strains your tow vehicles engine. And it wastes fuel. Too high and you risk a blow out. Always make sure theyre inflated exactly as the manufacturer recommended.

    Some tire shops will recommend a lower PSI. Why they do this is hard to say. But always follow the recommendations from the manufacturer. If your tire is recommended to inflate to 90 PSI, stick to that number. Some shops can and will recommend you go to something like 60 PSI. Thats going to put too much pressure on the tires. Theyre going to deform and spread unevenly when weight is applied. Even though it might seem like it will be easier on the tire, it wont be. Youll cause it to burst far too early. Its a waste of time and a waste of money. Plus you could end up causing a serious accident. Always follow those instructions.

    What Is A Radial Trailer Tire

    Trailer Tires Best Guide

    If you dont spend a lot of time shopping for tires, you may not be familiar with types. Maybe youve heard of radial tires before, however. But the existence of a radial boat trailer tire implies there are tires that are not radial tires. So what are they and what are the other kinds?

    In general youre going to be looking at radial trailer tires or bias trailer tires. Most tires for anything from trailers to scooters to cars can fall in these categories.

    Radial tires have been around for a very long time. Michelin put them on the market back in 1946. They basically became the standard at that time. There is a distinct difference in each kind of tire. And both have advantages. The difference comes in how the tire is made. Every tire is constructed in layers. If youve ever seriously blown a tire you can see this inside.

    The layers in a tire are called plies. Think of toilet paper to get the visual if youre not familiar. One ply toilet paper is a single layer. Two-ply is two sheets stacked. Three-ply is three together. Below the treat of your tire, layers of rubber and other materials are stacked the same.

    These advantages can make them potentially a good choice for trailers.. But at the same time, the tread is prone to deforming. That can increase slippage on the road. In turn that means your tow vehicle is exerting more effort to tow bias tires.

    Radial tires offer superior road contact as well. This is especially true when turning. Its also true under heavier loads.

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    When To Buy Boat Trailer Tires

    Unless youre buying a brand new boat and trailer off the dealer lot, you are more than likely going to be in the market for some new boat trailer tires. If you dont know how old the boat trailer tires are, you can check the DOT code on the side of the tire. The last set of four numbers in the tire DOT code indicates the precise week and year of manufacture. In the example below, this tire was manufactured in the 35th week of 2007.

    Now that you have an idea of how old your boat trailer tires are, you need to evaluate the condition of the tires.

    This tire is due to be replaced because all of Lincolns head is visible.

    An easy way to check if you need new tires is by the depth of the tread. To do this, you can use the Lincoln penny trick. All you do is set the penny, with the head facing down, into one of the grooves in the tire tread. Best to pick a couple of spots on the tire. If you can see the top of Abes head with the coin in position, then its time to start looking for some new tires.

    Cracks in the sidewall of the trailer tire should be inspected by a tire expert.

    Torque Settings For Wheel Lug Nuts For Boat Trailer And Utility Trailer


    I have small boat trailer and the wheel/tire set I have is a 480-8 with 1/2 lug nuts on a 4×4 bolt pattern with a steel rim. How much torque do I need?I also have a 5X8 utility trailer with ST205/75R/15 tire wheel/tire the rim is 6inch wide steel rim. With a 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern on 1/2 studs. How much torque do I need?

    asked by: David

    Helpful Expert Reply:

    I have attached a chart you can check out that describes the torque needed per wheel size, wheel stud size and material. For an 8-inch wheel with a 1/2-inch wheel stud the torque is 75 to 86 ft-lbs. For a 15 inch steel wheel with 1/2 inch wheel studs the torque is 90 to 120 ft-lbs and if you have an aluminum wheel the torque needed is 90 to 100 ft-lbs.If you do not have a torque wrench I recommend the Powerbuilt Dual Drive Torque Wrench, part. This has 3/8 and 1/2 inch drive and will measure torque readings between 10 and 150 lbs.

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    Carlisle 6h04561 Radial Trailer Tire

    This is another top-rated radial trailer tire by Carlisle Paddles that comes with industrial-grade materials and a long lifespan. Moreover, these radial HD boat trailer tires can withstand high-heat levels on the road.

    Be sure to check your existing tire sidewall and trailer owners manual for proper tire size and load capacity. Also, follow its maximum load rating of 2,000 pounds and tire pressure of 65 psi for optimal towing.

    I like how these Carlisle boat trailer tires were designed for both short and long-distance use. They are best with trailers for boating, utility, cargo, watercraft, stock, horse, and towable RVs. They are also optimized for low rolling resistance to provide the trailer with excellent stability. Additionally, I love its damage-resistant design that is tightly packed and impenetrable for debris.

    It uses innovative materials to improve its longevity and allows the trailer to move at higher speeds. I recommend getting this tire model as you can rarely find all of these combined qualities. Though I dont like that it is more pricey than other boat trailer tires, you certainly get your moneys worth with these. The tires are weightless and can carry impressive weight, which is uncommon for typical tires.

    • Withstand high levels of heat on the road
    • Damage-resistant design for short or long-distance use
    • Optimized for low rolling resistance and surface slippery
    • Best for popular trailer brands
    • More pricey than common trailer tires

    Motorhot Str Ii Trailer Tires


    Contrary to most models in this buying guide with a white spoke trailer wheel, this model has a black rim. Combined with the black rubber tire, it gives my trailer a modern and sleek look. I also like the black spokes because dirt is not easily visible.

    The use of top-grade rubber is one of the compelling reasons to choose this product. It is a solid material that runs quietly and minimizes vibration. This means that I can tow my boat smoothly in different surface conditions. The rubber in the tire holds up well even after tears of use unlike others that thin easily.

    As a bias ply tire, one of its biggest advantages is that it has a stiff sidewall. It is sturdy enough to minimize sway and bounce. This means that my trailer remains more stable. When there is too much wobble, my boat and trailer can be a safety hazard. It wont pose a significant risk as long as you follow its maximum load rating of 1,360 pounds at 50 psi and maximum speed rating of 75 mph.

    • Black spoke is not easily prone to dirt
    • No loud noise or excessive vibration
    • Holds up well even with long-term use
    • Has a stiff sidewall to minimize sway
    • Easily become hot

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    Group : Ski Boats And Bay Boats

    These two types of boat are often categorized as ships because of their sizes. As a result, a trailer with a large structure and impressive carrying capacity should be chosen in this case. I highly recommend tandem axle trailers or the Karavan tandem axle aluminum trailer for its amazing weight which varies from 800 to 1000 lbs.

    Karavan Tandem Axle Aluminum 8600 Pound Bunk Trailer

    This is a heavy-duty trailer meant to carry large boats of up to 8,600 pounds.

    It has tandem axles with 15-inch tires and weighs in at 1,320 pounds.

    The overall width of the boat trailer is 102 and the overall length of the boat trailer is 345. The maximum length of the boat is 327. The width between the fenders is 81 and the max-width at the bottom of the boat is 81.

    Bunks run along the sides and a tall 63 winch stands at the top. Taller than the winch is the tall lighting system that stands at a height of 91.

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    Don’t Let Your Trailer Tires Hold You Back

    We stock quality trailer tires that give your boat, utility or travel trailer the safest and smoothest ride possible

    Trailer tires are a special service tire used for utility trailers, boat trailer and travel trailers. A free-rolling, heavy-duty constructed tire with a greater load range and tire pressure than the common passenger tire, these specially designed tires are typically stiffer and narrower to help with the demands of these tasks the tire is expected to accomplish, such as sway reduction, towing stability, and a cooler tire, resulting in a longer lifespan. Trailer Tires are not to be used on cars and trucks.

    Your Trailer Needs A Certain Type

    always pump your boat trailer tires to 50 psi (much higher than the 35 psi for cars and trucks)

    It may be tempting to put any tire that fits on your boat trailer, but there are specifications in place for trailer tires. Special Trailer tires are the only type you should use on your boat trailer unless youre willing to risk damage or potentially an accident.

    ST tires have robust sidewalls to handle lots of weight, which helps avoid tipping your boat onto the road while cornering turns. Radial and bias-ply tires are both available for trailers, with radials working better for longer trips and bias-ply ideal for short trips to your local waterways.

    Before you purchase a trailer , consider the costs associated with the boat plus trailer and tire costs. Before you start estimating your investment with a boat payment calculator, think about how youll transport your new toy and plan accordingly. Trailer tires are an essential component of your boating setup, and its not worth the risk to gloss over that part of the venture.

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    Roadstar Set Of 2 Trailer Tire + Rim 13 White Spoke Trailer Wheel

    If you are wondering what appropriate boat trailer tires to buy, then you can check out what this product can offer you. This is plain sailing to replace which means it does not make you suffer since the tires are already mounted and well ready to go.

    The wheels are manufactured with super sturdy white finish and could fit without any hassle. These surely serve as excellent upgrade to a vessel trailer and theres an exquisite deep tread in them so you could expect a wonderful life from them.

    • Tire rims tend to rust easily
    • May call for a few minor fender modifications

    Trailer King St Radial Trailer Tire

    The Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire is a top of the line, high-quality product from a tire manufacturer that caters explicitly to trailer owners. In being so, there are many things I love about this product.

    First, the enhanced shoulder design is something my particular trailer would benefit from through its ability to boost tread life and even wear. See, I plan on using my trailer regularly therefore, I need a set of tires that will encourage long time use.

    Furthermore, the center groove with help my trailer deal with all the wear and tear its going to experience on all those highways. As you might expect, Im planning to use my trailer on a lot of highways. Due to this, the trailer I chose needs to be consistent.

    The center groove offers me the sense of consistency that I desire out from my trailer tires. More importantly, it gives the tire more stability conveying that this tire can handle a heavy workload.

    Additionally, the nylon overlay adds to this feeling of this tire being able to handle the workload I require. See, it gives this tire another source of strength and stability therefore, conveying this tire being an extremely high-quality product.

    However, there are some things I find a little concerning about this tire. In some reviews, there has been complaining about the tire disintegrating after just a couple of months.

    • Some reviews mention disintegrating after a few months
    • Sidewalls arent as sturdy as I like

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