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How To Get Internet On My Boat

A Great Excuse To Have A Drink

How to get internet on a boat

Perhaps the most obvious, inconvenient and expensive option is to rely on wifi from bars or restaurants. We spent the first month of cruising without an inverter, and being too scared to med moor anywhere we were stuck without mains power for a long time.

To get around this we spent a lot of time in bars, charging our laptops and using the wifi. Its not always easy to find bars when youre in remote anchorages so you will need to plan accordingly if this is the option you choose. You will also need to be prepared for slow internet and be happy to part with well-earned cash for drinks in return. Weve regularly gone to a cafe to use their advertised internet, only to find its basically non-existent. Its pretty time consuming and annoying!

Cable And Internet Access On Your Houseboat

Get Cable TV, Emails, and Internet Access on a Houseboat

Can you get Cable and Internet Access on your houseboat, just like a regular home? The reason I ask is that I would like to have the same amenities on the boat as I have at home. This way you don’t have to leave your houseboat to get access to Cable Television and the Internet.

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Best Satellite Internet Equipment For Boats

Equipment setup
Learn more

*Data as of 3/31/2021. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. See full disclaimer.

We like the KVH TracPhone V3 HTS VSAT marine satellite internet system because it can be customized depending on your boat and individual needs. Its priced at $16,999 and up. Satellite data for marine vessels is priced at $300 per GB and up.

VSAT marine equipment is a big investment, but its extremely rugged and dependable. And satellite data service is the only available internet solution away from cellular service areas. VSAT service is broadcast from VSATs satellite system in high-Earth orbit. VSAT service is available almost everywhere except in the extreme northern and southern polar regions. All VSAT service works while in motion as well as while boats are stationary, although speeds are slower while a boat is moving than when anchored.

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Wifi Extender For Marina Wifi Connection

Most Marinas offer WiFi connections , but this is only good if you are close by the shore to get a good signal. So, to move away from the shore and still surf the net, you will need a WiFi extender.

When it comes to how far this WiFi extender provides you with a strengthened signal, it will depend on the product/companys claim.

To get the maximum distance or the maximum range claimed by the company, you must have a much stronger hotspot signal, direct-line-of-site, low intrusion, and good weather conditions.

Below are some of the top marine WiFi extenders that we recommend. Additional tools might be required to finish the installation. Antenna and cables are included in the kit.

The Wave WiFi Rogue Pro is a compact, ultra-small Wireless Bridge and Ethernet Converter. Every component of the EC-Series is offered in this simple installation kit.

The Rogue Pro has an essential 1-14 base for several standard marine extender supports.

Besides the improved dust and moisture protection, the stainless steel covering provides humidity and impact protection. It is easy to mount and can be connected directly to any WAN Ethernet-enabled device, router, or switch.

The Wave Wi-Fi EC-AP-HP High-Performance Access System creates the maximum allowable output power of 1 Watt. It lets WiFi signals be connected up to 12 miles from a solid hotspot with a continuous sightline. It also lets a wireless hotspot be generated within the boat.

Digital 4 Cellular 9db Dual Band Cellular & Wlan Antenna $24900

Boat Wi

Digital Antennas dual band cellular antennas improve signals on cellular and PCS bands. They are omni-directional, transmitting and receiving signals from all directions, which provides you with 10 times the signal strength of a cell phone used by itself. With a powerful 9dB gain and professional marine grade construction, these 4 cellular antennas deliver high performance that will last for years. Each antenna is designed for easy connection to your cell phone or cell signal amplifier.

Digital Antenna 4 Dual Band Cell Antenna comes with a collet ferrule to ensure no cable twisting and allows the antenna to be removed when needed. A tapered collet securely locks the Digital Antennas 1183-CW Antenna to the bottom ferrule which mounts standard 1-14 threads. Made in the US with 316 surgical stainless, UV stable high gloss finish and precision soldered components. Sleek, rugged design.

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Satellite Internet Cost Breakdown For Boats

Gaining access to the internet on a boat is an expensive proposition. Theres no other way to put it. Its nothing at all like signing up with your local cable internet provider, or even getting access through a home satellite internet company. There are substantial equipment costs ahead of actually obtaining the service itself. And then you have to sort out the service costs, which are much pricier than anything youll be paying on land.

On the equipment side of things, you can expect to pay several thousand dollars if not tens of thousands of dollars for a device capable of delivering internet access to a boat. The low side can be as little as $1,400. Spring for something a little more fancy and a little more capable, and the price can quickly shoot up to as much as $50,000 . You might also have to factor in what it might cost to have someone install the satellite device on your boat, or to have someone come and service your equipment should something go awry.

How To Get Wifi On A Boat Conclusion

As you can see, there are plenty of options at your disposal when it comes to getting an internet connection out at sea. The above 4 are all easy to implement.

If youre on a tight budget and will be far from shore, consider getting a MiFi device. Otherwise, if you dont mind paying for satellite internet, it should be able to cover you anywhere in the world.

If you want to take full advantage of WiFi from the marina or your phone and arent going too far from the shore, then consider getting a WiFi extender or cellular signal booster.

Whatever you choose, you dont have to worry about going offline when at sea.

Thanks for reading and we encourage you to check other posts in our blog.



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What Are The Problems With Getting Decent Internet On A Sailboat

The biggest problem is that boats move. Thatâs kind of the whole idea. Boats move around from place to place, away from land and civilization. The more you move about, the more you will struggle to find a connection. If you spend all of your time in one place. Only going out for day trips, but always returning to the same marina. Then setting up an internet connection will not be much different than it would be at home. If you plan to be moving from a marina to another marina, from state to state, or even country to country this simply isnât going to work with most internet providers. This means you will need to find some kind of satellite provider. Its a bit more pricey, but at least you will have a connection.

How Do I Get High

How Do You Get Internet On A Narrowboat?

by Richard Anderson | Mar 31, 2020

If you are a subscriber of Sailing SV Delos YouTube channel you may have seen their recent episode showing their new high-speed satellite Internet installation. In the video, Delos crew are joined by a team from Viasat to install a satellite broadband internet system. They show Brian installing a little rack of networking equipment below decks and then the team hoisting a large dome onto the center of their solar arch. Finally, they run a speed test with amazing speeds and then they stream their own Youtube videos via satellite. Amazing Right? We all want that! And you may be wondering what they actually installed, and whether its something you can get also? Read on for the details!

Who is Viasat?

What equipment does it require?

How much power does it take?

The high frequency combined with gyro-stabilization of the dish means that a VSAT system like the Sailor 600 can use 200-400 watts when its in active use. The rougher the seas, the more power it will consume. If you left it running all day and night you might be consuming as much as 7kwh per day. Of course, you can shut it down when you arent using it to save power but if you need active phone service all the time, and your VSAT system is your only satellite phone, then youd need to leave it on for that to work. Power usage does vary with how its being used, when its not moving or transmitting the consumption is considerably lower.

How fast is it?

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How To Get Internet On A Boat At Sea

Are you planning a boating adventure but still want to get an internet connection while youre in the middle of the sea? No worries! You dont have to disconnect while at sea.

So bring along your laptop and smartphone, and surf the net as long as you want! You can even go live and have video chats while youre miles away from the land.

How to get internet on a boat at sea? To get internet on a boat at sea, youll have four choices:

  • WiFi extender for Marina WiFi ConnectionWave Wi-Fi EC-AP-HP High-Performance Access System Our #1 Top Pick!
  • Amplifying Cellular Data
  • Satellite Internet
  • Portable MiFi DeviceGlocalMe G4 LTE Global Mobile Hotspot Wi-Fi
  • Read on to learn more about how to get internet on a boat at sea, including the details for each of our four recommended choices.

    Also, for excellent internet on a boat at sea, take a look at our top pick, the WiFi extender for Marina WiFi Connection:

    How Much Does Satellite Internet For Boats Cost

    Satellite internet for boats costs $300 per GB of data, which is much more expensive than data on land. Equipment costs several thousand dollars as well, varying depending on your setup.

    The cheapest satellite internet for boats is going to be a low bandwidth satellite phone communicator with GPS, mapping, and texting capabilities, like the Garmin inReach Explorer+ thats priced below $450. Youll also need a six-month Iridium talk and text satellite plan, which starts at $349.99.

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    How Can I Get Reliable Internet At Sea

    Getting reliable internet at sea is the tricky part. There are two options. First, you can use your phoneâs hotspot as mentioned above. The problem is this only works when you are within range of a cell tower. If you are planning on sailing from coast to coast across the united states, all the while hugging the shoreline, you might just manage to keep cell service. At least for the majority of your time. Chances are though, you plan on sailing away from the land. You might not be sailing to the Caribean, but you will likely be sailing away from cell coverage. This leaves you with option two. A satellite internet connection. Some companies produce a global satellite internet provider. It typically comes in a hefty box, that can be installed on your boat or simply kept in the box and put out on the deck when you need to use it.

    A satellite internet device will cost you perhaps $600-$1000 dollars. Itâs not cheap but once you buy it, you have it for life. Some providers still charge a subscription fee. Many donât though.

    This may seem great at first. Its simple to use, very convenient, and you can use it worldwide. Not just on your boat but if you went camping in the wilderness, trekked across the Sahara desert, or wandered off into the Australian outback you would still get a connection. Great, right?

    How To Get Internet On Your Sailboat

    Van Life Internet Options: How to Get WiFi on the Road ...

    Daniel Wade

    Having an internet connection in the modern world, and on a sailboat, is vital. Without it, you are going to feel unconnected and limited in almost every facet of your life.

    Even if you donât have a job, the chances of you getting one without an internet connection are slim to none. The days of walking into a building and handing them your resume are long gone. So, does living on a sailboat disqualify you from having a job or attending college? Not quite.

    It is entirely possible to get a reliable internet connection on your sailboat. It may not always be easy, or cheap, but it is possible. This article will show you how.

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    Get Connected: Wifi On Boats

    The latest WiFi technologies enable you to navigate, monitor, or keep your boat secure, all from your tablet or phone.

    Since WiFi entered the mix on boats, entertainment and navigation at sea have never been so much fun. Its easier than ever to connect our navigation, stereo and engine displays with mobile devices. And we all like to be connected 24/7, wherever we are.But before you go and purchase a range of new equipment, ask yourself: do you really need WiFi connected systems, or is this just another way to pour money into your hole in the water? To answer this question, I recently sat down with a local expert Mike Wheeler from Yacht Masters Northwest and selected four areas where all this new technology can be very useful.

    With WiFi, an iPad is all you need to integrate a second helm station.

    Best Cellular Internet Setups For Boats

    Equipment setup
    Learn more

    *Data as of 3/31/2021. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. See full disclaimer.

    The MobilSat cellular system is our top pick. Its a comprehensive solution and extends cellular range up to 20 miles away from the shore. Its very effective for boaters who cruise along the coast or go boating at lakes and along rivers. Like any cellular data, it wont work everywhere, but it delivers an affordable internet solution for boating.

    Of course, cellular data wont work if you go too far from shore. Even with a booster, youll only be able to get online when youre located close to shore and in a direct line of sight to cell phone towers. Once you cruise away from shore, or past the nearest ports cellular coverage area, you wont have a signal. Thats why we recommend always having a satellite phone on board for emergencies.

    The advantage cellular internet offers to boaters is the price tag. Cellular equipment and data service are much less expensive than satellite setups. Even a complete marine setup with cellular modem, router, and a top of the line booster is less than $2,000.

    Cellular data plans are affordable. Cellular data is $5 or less per GB, while satellite data for marine vessels costs $300 or more per GB. So most boaters use cellular as much as possible, even if they have a satellite connection for deep sea excursions.

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    Wifi At Sea: Your Guide To Marine Satellite Internet

    Boat WiFi Internet At Sea. Photo by C. Ryan McVinney for YachtWorld.

    While some sailors will leap at the opportunity to forgo emails for a few days and go truly off-grid, there are many practical reasons why you might need to access the internet hundreds of miles out at sea. From accessing navigational information, to staying in touch with friends and family, access to the internet can make many aspects of being out on the open sea much easier. Our guide provides solutions for everything from low to heavy-duty data usage.

    Basics For Using The Internet On Your Boat

    29. How I get online to the Internet on my narrowboat

    If youre a boater who rarely ventures far from shore, your cheapest option is public Wi-Fi and a signal booster system that puts Wi-Fi networks in reach of your vessel. And mobile hotspots can offer an internet connection if a marina with public Wi-Fi isnt in sight.

    But for a more reliable, expansive internet connection, BGAN satellite systems are your best solutionand also the most expensive.

    Just know that, whichever marine internet option you choose, your online experience wont be the same as it is at home. Even creature comforts like unlimited web browsing and unlimited ship-to-shore calling cost the equivalent of a decent midsize automobile for a satellite dish that has a diameter of about two feet.

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