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How To Measure Bimini Top For Pontoon Boat

What Type Of Boat Do You Have

How Measuring Your Boat For Bimini Top

One of the first things you need to think about when you are looking to choose the ideal bimini top is the kind of boat you have. Knowing what type of boat you want to equip can make all the difference when it comes to selecting exactly the right bimini top to suit your needs. Here are a couple of options to consider:

  • Competition ski boats like MasterCraft, Malibu, and Correct Craft fit different types of bimini tops, and Carver Industries offers some great variety to choose from. Among the most popular bimini tops offered here is the Super Sport bimini tops, which come in at 35″ tall, able to be cut down to 30″ tall, sizes range from 61″-96″ wide and are the perfect addition to any ski boat.
  • Pontoon boats can be fitted with Square Tube bimini tops, made from rigid 1 square aluminum tubing. Carver’s Pontoon tops are 96 long by 48″ or 54 tall, with widths of 96 or 102.
  • There are plenty of other boats on the market that you can fit bimini tops for such as the Runabout, Cuddy Cabin, Fishing boats, and others. This is all about getting the dimensions right, deciding on color and fabric type, as well as considering whether to get a storage boot, but well talk more about this later.

Caring For Your Bimini Top

Protect your investment by following our Bimini Top Care Tips:

  • Check all screws and fittings regularly and tighten as needed.
  • Make sure hold down straps are tightened.
  • When trailering, fold down your top and stow in the Storage Boot.
  • We do not recommend exceeding 35 MPH with the top deployed without thru-bolting your top.
  • Keep your top looking its best by regularly brushing away any loose dirt or debris with a soft brush, then rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Clean your top as necessary using a solution of lukewarm water and a mild soap such as Ivory. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry.
  • Always allow top to dry thoroughly before folding for storage.
  • We highly recommend 303 Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner which is safe and effective. Be aware that repeated cleanings can diminish the water repellency of certain marine canvas. Apply 303 High Tech Fabric Guard to restore water repellency to factory-new levels.

How Are Bimini Boots Measured For Replacement

  • Measure the width of the widest leg . Do this several inches below the radius of the frame where the frame straightens and becomes the legs. Be sure to add 3 on either end to accommodate the fullness of the frames that are stacked upon each other.
  • Next, measure the entire circumference of the frames that are stacked on top of each other. This includes measurements of the fabric itself. You should not have to struggle to zip up,so allow a little extra.
  • Another tip that will help is to know the circumference of the collapsed legs sticking out of the bimini top boot. Some of the boots on the market are too narrow here. Boaters have difficulty getting the boot zipped. If you are having one custom made, you can request that it narrows to your specifications around the legs which may help keep wasps out.

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Selecting A Bimini Top

To select a bimini top for your boat you will need to know the length, height and width of top your boat requires.

  • Determine what portion of your boat you want the top to cover. The tops come in 5, 56, 6, 8, 9 and 10 lengths.
  • Determine where you want the top mounted. Measure the width between these two points to determine the width of your top. All mounting hardware is included with our tops including universal deck hinges with 90 degree stops to allow mounting in virtually any position.
  • Stand inside your boat and measure the distance in height from the mounting points to the height you desire. This will help you determine how high your top needs to be.
  • Assembling Your Bimini Top

    Pontoon Bimini Tops

    3 Bow Tops

    Step 1. Identify the hook shaped, long, medium, andshort metal side bow sections. Using the long side bowside sections, and one of the center cross bow sections,assemble the side bow and center bow parts as shown,aligning the pre-drilled holes. Use the 1/2, no. 8 screws toconnect the bow parts securely.Repeat this procedure for the medium and short bows,aligning the pre-drilled holes and securing them with1/2, no. 8 screws.Caution: If screw heads become burred, cover heads withduct tape or file down screw heads to avoid damage tocanvas.

    Step 2. Spread the Bimini Top canvas out on a flat, cleanarea with the bottom side up. Sewn-in label indicates thebottom, or inside, and the back of the top.

    Step 3. With the bows assembled, insert the medium bowassembly through the sleeve at the front of top. Notethe position of the single pre-drilled holes on the bow frame.Insert the short bow assembly through the small sleevein the center of the top and the long bow assembly throughthe sleeve at the back of the top .Again, note the position of the single pre-drilled holes on thelong bow frame.

    Step 5. Pass looped end of each hold down strap overeach end of the long and medium bows. Use a no. 8, 1/2screw to fasten strap to bow frame at each pre-drilledhole position as shown. Position strap over hole and insertscrew, with finish washer, through center of strap and intopre-drilled hole.

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    How To Determine Your Height & Width:

    • Step 1 – Determine the mounting point for your bimini top. The mounting point is where you want the bimini top to attach on the side of the boat.
    • Step 2 – Determine the height of the bimini top by measuring from the mounting point straight up with a tape measure.
    • Step 3 – Determine the width of the bimini top by measuring from mounting point to mounting point. Select the width that closest matches the width between your mounting points.
    • Pontoon boats are usually either 96″ wide or 102″ wide. Select the bimini top width accordingly.Note: Bimini frames can “flex” out or in.

    How To Measure Boat For Bimini Top

    To measure your boat for a Bimini Top, you should use the main mounting point as the point of reference. From here you can determine the length, width and height. The width is calculated by measuring from side to side, whereas the length and height will be down to personal preference.

    In this image, the red dot is the mounting point. Your Bimini Top can be mounted to a railing, the top of the gunnel or the windshield

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    How To Measure For A Replacement Bimini Top

    CoverQuest Apr 7, 2014

    Need to replace your bimini top canvas? Dont panic, measuring for a replacement bimini top is easier than you might think! To determine the size of the canvas youll need simply measure your Bimini Top frame while it is fully deployed from the first bow to the last bow. This measurement should be taken over top of the frame from the first bow to the last bow and in a straight line.

    While shopping for a replacement bimini top canvas it is great time to consider your fabric options. CoverQuest carries Carver Industries guaranteed fit Bimini Top Canvases which come in four material choices.

    All Replacement Canvases are made in the USA with USA made materials. Replacement Bimini Top Canvases come standard with a light cut-out for a running light that can be mounted to the main bow of the Bimini Top. Zippered sleeves allow for installation without taking apart your Bimini Top frame and the attached strap and buckle system allow for the best fit possible on any frame.

    We offer replacement canvases in 8, 9, and 10 foot lengths, for any 4 bow bimini top with 1 inch to 1 ¼ inch square tube Bimini Top frame that is up to 102 inches wide.

    If you are still not sure how to measure, or have questions about our Bimini Top Replacement Canvases, contact a CoverQuest Bimini Top Expert at 1-888-726-9300, use our live chat tool, or e-mail . Also, be sure to check out our Bimini Top Guide.

    Leader Accessories 3 Bow Cover & Framemy 3 Bow Recommendation

    How to Measure Your Boat for a Bimini Top

    The previous two reviews were of 4 bow cover tops. But, if you need 3 bows, look no further than the Leader Accessories Bimini. Its cheap, easy to install, and comes in loads of different colors so you should be able to find one that suits your preference.

    Plus, it has some of the best reviews on Amazon I have ever seen in this industry. Want to see for yourself? Go look for yourself and .

    The specifications are virtually the same as the 4 bow version I highlighted previously.

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    Do You Want A Storage Boot

    Keep your Bimini BoaTop neatly stored when you are not on the boat. Zippered Storage Boots feature one separating plastic zipper for easy on/easy off, and are made of two choices of fabric. Traditional Marine Vinyl is waterproof and UV resistant and lasts for years. Hot Shot acrylic-coated polyester fabric makes the boot strong yet lightweight and easy to store. Our site includes all the widths from 60″-66″ to 97″-103″. Complete bimini kits include the boot, while some of the biminis require boots to be purchased separately. Check product descriptions or ask an Associate for details.

    Follow These Simple Instructions To Measure Your Boat

    Provide precise measurements where indicated on the drawing.

    Note : DO NOT install the Bimini directly on or beyond the windshield. Damages or injuries could occur with such an assembling!

    Length: Determine which length portion of the boat you wish to cover 5, 6 7 or 8 feet.

    Height : Determine the height of your top,between 31″ and 36″, 40″ and 46″ or 48″ and 54″ from the anchor points on the boat. Make sure to allow a minimal clearance of 6″ above your head.

    Width : Determine the pivotal mounting spots on each side of the boat, , measure the distance between these points to determine the width needed!

    How to measure your boat

    The installation of the Bimini Top is very simple. All you need is a pen, a measuring tape, a drill and a Phillips screwdriver to install your top correctly.

    We have been equipping yours boats and vehicles!

    Through the last 40 years, our enterprise equips your boats, pontoons and specialized vehicles.

    Convertex is offering you a huge choice of biminis, pontoons tops, camper tops, tower bimini tops, as well as a wide selection of accessories for your pleasure boats or your fishing boats.

    Furthermore, we are working with R& D team of some internationally reputed manufacturers, like legend Boats, BRP, Four Winns, Glastron, Argo, Khrome, Jeanneau, Beneteau and many more

    At Convertex, we make sure that you only get top range of products in terms of quality, quantity, cost and delay along with considerate and respectful customer service.

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    What Makes Our Bimini Top Boots So Special

    • Choose any color of Sunbrella fabric.
    • Weather you need a yellow bimini top boot or a pontoon bimini storage boot with light hole we can accommodate your request.
    • Custom measured by you, so your boot will have an accurate fit.
    • #10 Marine Zipper – As good as it gets in the industry and comparable to any custom canvas shop.
    • Our bimini boots are true custom canvas products.

    Pontoon Bimini Top Replacement Canvas

    How to Measure Your Boat for a Bimini Top

    Bimini Top frames almost always outlast their canvases. Many times boat owners are faced with the choice of buying a complete new top or taking the risk of buying another manufacturer’s canvas in hopes of a good fit. Not anymore! Carver Industries has developed a pattern for a replacement canvas that is guaranteed to fit any manufacturers frame, and it is made right here in the USA! Shop Bimini Replacement Canvases now!

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    Bimini Tops For Pontoon Boats

    Video Guide: Bimini Tops: How to Measure Your Boat

    First choose where you want to mount your bimini top. The most common mounting point is at the widest part of your boat. If this wont work, then move the bimini mounting points forward or back to accommodate.

    Once you decide on a good mounting point, measure a straight line between these points on either side of your boat and keep the following in mind:

    • Make sure not to measure up and over or around obstacles.
    • As bimini tops come in a range of widths, choose the range in which your width measurement falls.
    • The bimini top will measure in the middle of the range, but can be flexed in or out.


    The mounting point is the center of the bimini top, so the top will extend half its length in front and half its length behind the mounting point.

    • A 6 foot top will cover 3 feet forward, and 3 feet behind the mounting point.
    • Check to see if your new bimini might conflict with existing antennas or ski pylons.


    Measure straight up from the mounting point. Keep in mind that the total standing height is the height of the bimini top plus the height from the floor to the mounting point.

    • In order to determine what height you should get, remember to consider how much clearance you want underneath the bimini.
    • With a 36 inch bimini, the support bows will cross the boat 36 inches above the mounting point.
    • A 36 inch bimini that is mounted 20 inches above the floor of the boat will have 56 inches of room underneath.

    For Your Bimini Top Boot Sunbrella Is A Great Choice

    Choose long life fabrics such as Sunbrella® or similar fabrics with a 5 year minimum warranty for your bimini boot cover. If the warranty isn’t listed, Google the name of the fabric along with the fabric’s warranty, and you should get the information back on how long the manufacturer warranties the fabric. Pick the fabric that lasts the longest. That way, you will get the biggest bang for the buck.

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    Installing Your Bimini Top

    Step 1. The Bimini Top is now ready to beinverted and positioned on the boat. Thisis easier with two or more people, one tohold the top in place, while another marksthe positions of the hinges to be attachedto the gunnel of the boat.

    Step 2. Measure the marked position ofthe hinges carefully to make sure they areexactly opposite each other. If not alignedproperly, the top may become warped ordamaged and unstable while in use, orlook unbalanced.

    Step 3. Use a drill with a 9/64 bit to drillthe pilot holes for the deck hinges. Ifdrilling into fiberglass hollow out the pilothole to avoid cracking fiberglass wheninstalling the screws. Secure the deckhinges with 1, no. 10 sheet metal screwsprovided.

    Step 4. Place top on boat, attaching thelong bow ends to the hinges securely.Raise top to desired upright position andadjust each hold-down strap. Straps shouldbe adjusted to a length that attaches to theboat at approximately 45º to 60º angles tohold the top securely to boat.

    Step 5. Mark the position of the eye strapson the gunnel of the boat, measuring tomake sure they are exactly opposite eachother on the sides of the boat. Use a drillwith a 9/64 bit to drill the pilot holes forthe eye straps. Be sure to hollow out thepilot holes with the drill bit if drilling intofiberglass. Secure the eye straps with 1,no. 10 sheet metal screws provided.

    Step 6. Attach the snap hook to the eyestraps and adjust the hold down straps.

    Tower Mounting Bimini Tops

    Bimini Tops: How to Measure Your Boat

    The Tower Mounting Bimini Top is designed to eliminate the need to drill into your tower. Universal tower clamps that accommodate a wide range of tower tube diameters from 1-7/8″ up to 2-3/8″ makes installation a breeze. Each tower Bimini comes standard with one set of tower clamps, high-grade black nylon fittings, and front and rear hold down straps. Hold down straps may be replaced with optional braces.

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    Best Double Bimini Top For Pontoon Boat

    But what double Bimini tops? They are a great choice if you need extended coverage from the sun over your deck and console. I am considering one myself given I take the kids out so much and want to keep them protected from the UV.

    I dont own one yet but am seriously considering it. Heres a couple of selections that my buddies own and love.

    Measuring For A Bimini Top


    To determine the size of your new Bimini top, you firstshould consider what portion of the boat you would like to cover. You shouldtake your measurements from your main mounting point, which will be the centerof the Bimini top. This means if you choose a 6 long top, you will have 3 ofcoverage in front of and behind that mounting point. This is the point whichyou will use going forward to measure your width and height from.

    Mounting Width

    To obtain your width, just measure across your boat from side to side at the points where you wish to mount the top to your boat, which will be the center point of your Bimini top, or your main mounting point. Our tops can be mounted to virtually any surface including the windshield, railing, top of gunnel, or the outside or inside of the boat.


    Measure straight up from your mounting point to determine the heightyou would like your frame to be. Keep in mind that staying with the lowestheight possible will ensure you do not lose shade. Once you have the length,width and height, you are now ready to select your new top by dimensions!

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