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Sea-doo Switch Pontoon Boat

Arriving At The Boat Launch

2022 Boat Buyers Guide: Sea-Doo 21 Switch Cruise

Upon arriving at the launch, some regions require you to washdown your Switch before putting it in the water. Doublecheck those regulations and pull off for a quick rinse if needed to ensure youre not giving any aquatic invasive species a free lift to a new body of water.

Next, pull off to the side, check that your drain plug is properly installed and load anything from your vehicle onto your Switch. Remove any covers, tie-down straps and position your docking fenders if you have them. Attach docking lines to the cleats so theyre ready to go and connect a lead line to the rear of the Switch so you can pull it free from the trailer.

How Much Does The Sea

As a rule of thumb, the dry weight of Sea-Doo Switch boats ranges from 1,738 pounds up to 2,508 pounds. To be more specific, the exact weight of each model is as follows:

  • Sea-Doo Switch 13 weight: 1,738 pounds
  • Sea-Doo Switch 16 weight: 2,209 pounds
  • Sea-Doo Switch 19 weight: 2,508 pounds
  • Sea-Doo Switch Sport 13 weight: 1,738 pounds
  • Sea-Doo Switch Sport 18 weight: 2,209 pounds
  • Sea-Doo Switch Sport 21 weight: 2,508 pounds
  • Sea-Doo Switch Cruise 18 weight: 2,209 pounds
  • Sea-Doo Switch Cruise 21 weight: 2,508 pounds

Sound Dampening On The Switch Is Very Good

People like to rag on jet drive boats because theyre louder than other boats. This was true 10 years ago, but not so much these days.

Ive ridden many of Sea-Doos older Jet Boats before they stop making them in 2012, and they were quite loud. But they got it right with the Switch, and it was the first thing I noticed when I launched the boat into the water. I couldnt stop saying it in the review video, thats how impressed I was.

With the engine under you and closer to the middle of the boat, it really helps dampen the sound and give a better ride. While other pontoons have the outboard at the rear giving off heat, throwing off the weight and making all kinds of sounds, especially when shifting in and out of forward and reverse.

The Switch in comparison with the center engine, iBR system, and open space feels more premium. There is no clunking into gears, its all smooth. No hot engine getting the passengers at the rear. And no shaking of the boat when shifting either, it truly is a more enjoyable experience driving the Switch.

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Move The Seating On Your Switch

The biggest selling feature of the Sea-Doo Switch has to be the ability of easily removing your seats and build a custom layout of your choosing.

Anywhere you see the circle cut-out you can place a seat, no tools required.

While picking your own layout is cool, most will pick one and stick with it.

What makes this feature shine to me is how easy it makes it to clean the boat. Just pop off the seats, set them to the side, and power wash the deck of your Switch.

The seats still offer storage under them, but being able to take them out is a huge plus. Weve all had someone spill something on the seat or something leak out when in storage of the seat, and to be able to remove the whole seat to clean it just seems like a bigger deal then custom layouts to me.

The idea that you can make the Switch into a fishing pontoon boat for the weekend and a family boat for the holidays by swapping the seats around is a huge deal!

How Fast Can A Sea

New 2022 Sea

The top speed of Sea-Doo Switch boats is about 26-46 mph under ideal conditions. According to factory specifications, the top speed for each model is as follows:

  • Sea-Doo Switch 13 top speed: 28 mph
  • Sea-Doo Switch 16 top speed: 28 mph
  • Sea-Doo Switch 19 top speed: 35 mph
  • Sea-Doo Switch Sport 13 top speed: 44 mph
  • Sea-Doo Switch Sport 18 top speed: 46 mph
  • Sea-Doo Switch Sport 21 top speed: 44 mph
  • Sea-Doo Switch Cruise 18 100 HP top speed: 26 mph
  • Sea-Doo Switch Cruise 18 170 HP top speed: 37 mph
  • Sea-Doo Switch Cruise 21 170 HP top speed: 34 mph
  • Sea-Doo Switch Cruise 21 230 HP top speed: 44 mph

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The Best Boat For Beginners

The Sea-Doo Switch has to be the best boat for beginners Ive ever seen due to the handlebars, throttle controls, brakes and everything at your fingertips.

With the Sea-Doo Switch, youre moving fingers and not your whole arm and body to control it like other boats. You feel less fatigued, more in control and less stressed as everything is so predictable and easy.

Driving a boat can be very intimidating, especially for new boat owners, you need to turn the steering wheel multiple turns to get small movements and flip a throttle lever that is disconnected from the steering. While the Sea-Doo Switch has everything on the handlebars, you dont need to move the handlebars nearly as much, and with the jet drive, youre always processing water which gives you finer grain control .

The handlebars feel like a crossbreed between a steering wheel and a joystick there is a reason why joysticks are making their way to boats, as its so much easier than a steering wheel and levers.

How To Launch And Load Your Sea

  • Storing & Transport

We know the feeling you just picked up your new Sea-Doo Switch Pontoon and you cant wait to get it out on the water! Theres no doubt youll be sharing some incredible Sea-Doo life moments with friends and family in the near future. Before you begin making those amazing memories, weve got a few tips that will help you understand how to launch and load your Sea-Doo Switch Pontoon like a pro.

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What Size Switch Should You Get

This is a common question and there are a few variables to consider when finding your answer. The base Switch comes in three sizes: 13, 16 and 19 feet. The Sport comes in 13, 18 and 21 feet. The Cruise is available in 18 or 21 feet. Consider the following when making your selection:

  • How many people do you typically think youll have on board? Switch pontoon capacity is rated from 5 up to 9 people on board, depending on the size you select. If youve got a bigger crew, youll obviously need a bigger size.
  • Do you plan on towing your Switch a lot? Smaller Switch pontoons are light enough, you may be able to tow them with a family size SUV. The longer lengths require a truck. If you plan on trailering and launching a lot, a smaller size might best fit your needs.
  • Where will you store your Switch pontoon? If you live on the lake or have a marina to keep it at, a larger model is probably a great choice. If you plan to store your Switch in a garage or are adding to an already crowded dock, smaller models take up less space.

What Is The Maximum Load Capacity Of Sea

ALL NEW SeaDoo Switch Pontoon Boat!

The innovative tri-hull design of the Switch fleet offers a remarkable load capacity of 804 1,466 pounds. The maximum load capacities of the exact models are as follows:

  • 13-foot Sea-Doo Switch boat: 804 pounds
  • 16- and 18-foot Sea-Doo Switch boats: 1,135 pounds
  • 19- and 21-foot Sea-Doo Switch boats: 1,466 pounds

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Before Your Switch Heads To The Launch

Your next epic day on the water can be over before it begins if you dont cover a few basic items before you leave your driveway.

Before you set out on your next day on the water, its important to make sure youve got the proper licensing, permits and insurance for your pontoon and trailer, if required. This varies by location, so double check requirements with the local regulating organization. In many cases, you can complete and pay for any registration documents online and print off temporary documentation that will still allow you to head to the water that day.

Youll also need to make sure youve got all necessary safety equipment properly stored on board. A properly sized marine fire extinguisher is required as are personal flotation devices for all passengers on board. A throwable flotation device is also required on board in most locations. Your local Sea-Doo dealer can help make sure youre legally ready to ride with all the right equipment.

Dont forget things like dock lines for tying up, anchors for those beaches and sandbars, a cooler of refreshments and a couple of towels in case you decide to jump in!

Closed Loop Cooling For The Sea

A feature found on all Sea-Doos watercraft is closed loop cooling.

Sea-Doo uses anti-freeze and a ride plate, similar to how your car cools its engine, to cool their boat engines.

This means your Sea-Doo does not take in any lake or ocean water to cool the engine. They do take in water to cool and muffle the exhaust and intercooler if you have one.

Doing it this way cuts down on corrosion and keeps the engine more predictably cooled.

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The New Generation Of Pontoon Boats

One of the most unique features of Switch pontoons is their jet propulsion system and handlebar steering. Although its much different from your traditional pontoon, the Switch drives with the same intuitiveness as a Sea-Doo Personal Watercraft. It even features Sea-Doos Intelligent Brake and Reverse system, making it the only pontoon on the water with brakes. And if you think youll need to squeeze the throttle the entire time, think again. Switch also features a cruise control so you can sit back and relax.The Switch pontoon hull construction is also unique. It uses a tri-toon design in which the outer pontoons sit slightly higher than the middle. This enables you to enjoy a gentle cruise or wick up the fun with runabout-like handling at higher speeds. And its made of an ultra-durable, lightweight Polytec material thatll last for many years of fun and adventure.Finally, the Switch is a total package. Where other pontoon boat models require you to choose a pontoon, then add an outboard engine and a trailer at additional costs, the Sea-Doo Switch includes these items in their upfront pricing. No surprises at the dealership. Its just one more way Sea-Doo Switch makes choosing a pontoon boat thats right for you a little easier.

What’s It Like To Drive Sea

2022 Sea

Sea-Doo raised a lot of eyebrows this summer when it announced its all-new Sea-Doo Switch pontoon boat. The company that brought the worlds first personal watercraft to market way back in 1968 has always been known for innovation, so when news of Sea-Doos new pontoon broke, we only had one thought how do we take this thing for a ride?

The Sea-Doo Switch definitely sounds different from any other pontoon made, with its Polytec tri-hull design, handlebar steering controls, and modular deck design that allows furniture to be repositioned on the fly as desired. But whats it like to drive a pontoon thats based on a big personal watercraft drivetrain?

I had the opportunity to find out in late August, joining Sea-Doo on the Ottawa River a day or two before they presented the new boats to their dealer network. With a small group of other journalists, we got to experience the Switch first-hand and all I can say is wow, talk about a thrill ride!

The Sea-Doo Switch isnt one model, but many. The boat comes in three basic trim levels Base, Sport and Cruise with each of those offered in different lengths and with different engine options, representing up to 25 possible configurations in all.

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Brp Introduce The 2022 Sea

BRP has been the industry leader in personal watercraft with its Sea-Doo brand for decades, cementing itself as the leading brand for on-water fun. And now, Sea-Doo is entering a new era with the introduction of the 2022 Sea-Doo Switch, an all-new pontoon boat that marries the spirit and fun of Sea-Doo with the incredible versatility and stability of a pontoon platform.

Over the years, we have proven that BRP is able to disrupt the industry by creating new segments. Our team has done it once again with the Sea-Doo Switch, which will revolutionize the pontoon market! Switch is uniquely positioned to attract new entrants and a younger generation, mentioned José Boisjoli, BRPs President and CEO.

This is not a typical pontoon the Switch is unlike anything that has ever hit the water, and it is built specifically to change the realities of what life on the water can be. The innovative and adaptable platform provides the flexibility to fit the dreams of all kinds of recreational water lovers with a completely new and modular design, ease of riding, and affordability.

Its a dynamic pontoon with the heart of a Sea-Doo, and its quick-change deck design can be completely re-configured to fit a solo fishing trip in the morning to a family picnic at noon, and a wakeboard session in the evening, said Annick Lauzon, Director, Global Marketing, Sea-Doo and Ski-Doo at BRP.

Three Models: One Favorite

The three models have their own particularities depending on your desires and needs. To learn all about the particularities of each one, once again, I invite you to read our article on the launch of the Switch: Whats new in Sea-Doo 2022: a new era for the BRP division

My heart went out to the 2022 Switch Sport model. I like the idea of the versatility of the Sport model. It allows you to bring a great gang with you and most importantly, it allows you to do water sports! Being a wakeboard lover, this aspect speaks to me a lot. I also have a weakness for the front lounge of the pontoon! Its really comfortable and spacious!

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Engine Is Super Easy To Get To

The engine placement and ease of access is something that the Switch has really done well, and I feel doesnt get much attention.

Every boat owner needs to check their oil, battery and other components, and making these things hard to get to seem to be a growing trend with other manufacturers. A lot of other boats you need to be upside-down to replace the battery, as Ive learned a few times.

Sea-Doo also uses their own engine and not some repurposed Chevy engine block. Yes, a lot of the boat engines on the market are just SUV engines blocks with some changes to make them marine engines.

The Rotax Sea-Doo engine is purpose built for watercraft, the dip stick and the ease of access to the oil filter gives this away. Other manufacturers will use the repurposed SUV engine which still has the oil filter on the bottom, makes sense for an SUV but not so much for a boat.

How Many Passengers Can Sea

Sea-Doo Switch Pontoon Tour UP CLOSE !! (Cruise Model)

Sea-Doo markets its Switch boats with several hull configurations, which can carry 5-9 passengers, depending on the model:

  • Sea-Doo Switch 13â models: 5 passengers
  • Sea-Doo Switch 16â models: 7 passengers
  • Sea-Doo Switch 19â models: 9 passengers
  • Sea-Doo Switch 18â models: 7 passengers
  • Sea-Doo Switch 21â models: 9 passengers

What is the load limit of the Sea-Doo Switch?

The load limit of the Sea-Doo Switch family varies between 804 and 1,466 pounds, depending on their hull size:

  • 13â hull: 804 pounds
  • 16â/18â hulls: 1,135 pounds
  • 19â/21â hulls: 1,466 pounds

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How Much Do Sea

Sea-Doo boats for sale on Boat Trader are listed for a range of prices, valued from $4,237 on the lower-end all the way up to $47,232 for the more costly models. Higher performance models now listed come rigged with motors up to 442 horsepower, while the most compact more functional models may have as modest as 60 horsepower engines .

What Is The Storage Capacity Of Sea

You can expect the storage capacity of Sea-Doo Switch pontoon beats to range from 106-240 gallons:

  • Sea-Doo Switch 13â: 106 gal
  • Sea-Doo Switch 16â: 117 gal
  • Sea-Doo Switch 19â: 148 gal
  • Sea-Doo Switch Sport 13â: 141 gal
  • Sea-Doo Switch Sport 18â 152 gal
  • Sea-Doo Switch Sport 21â: 163 gal
  • Sea-Doo Switch Cruise 18â 100 HP: 187 gal
  • Sea-Doo Switch Cruise 18â 170 HP: 209 gal
  • Sea-Doo Switch Cruise 21â 170 HP: 219 gal
  • Sea-Doo Switch Cruise 21â 230 HP: 240 gal

How much fuel can a Sea-Doo Switch hold?

The fuel capacity of each Sea-Doo Switch is uniformly 29 gallons.

What kind of engine do Sea-Doo Switch boats have?

The entire Sea-Doo Switch family is powered by the Rotax 1630 ACE engine, which is a 1630cc, 4-stroke triple.

How much horsepower do Sea-Doo Switch boats have?

Sea-Doo Switch boats generate 130-230 HP depending on the model. The naturally-aspirated engine configurations offer 130 HP or 170 HP, while the supercharged version cranks out 230 HP.

What kind of propulsion system do Sea-Doo Switch boats have?

The propulsion system of the Sea-Doo Switch family is the proven Sea-Doo jet pump. This axial-flow, single-stage pump is made of aluminum and houses a three-blade stainless-steel impeller.

What kind of cooling system do Sea-Doo Switch boats have?

Just like any other Sea-Doo vessel, the Swith line utilizes the Sea-Doo exclusive closed-loop cooling system .

Do Sea-Doo Switch boats come with iDF?

Yes, each Sea-Doo Switch comes with iDF as standard.


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Thats A Yes Even For Beginners

Basically, I must say that the bet is won for the Quebec company. In addition to a younger look, the Sea-Doo pontoon boat meets the needs of a less experienced clientele, but also the more experienced ones!

If you want to learn or if you are already an amateur, I suggest you consider this new boat from Sea-Doo! Hours of fun guaranteed!

I would like to say a big thank you to the Sea-Doo gang for having me and for allowing me to try the Switch pontoon boat!

While waiting to try the 2022 Switch pontoon boat, watch our video on a day at Lac-St-Jean with Sea-Doo :

You can also listen to episode 7 of our podcast:

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