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Freedom Boat Club Cost 2020

Q: What Sort Of Boats Will You Get Access To With The Freedom Boat Clubs

Freedom Boat Club

Freedom Boat Clubs maintain thousands of different boats and watercraft. From bowriders to cruise ships to flatboats, youll get access to any sort of watercraft youre looking for.

The range, however, depends highly upon the in-house needs and overall trajectories. For an accurate estimate of the boat types and availability, check out the official website.

What Are The Drawbacks Of A Boat Club Membership

1) Limited Selection of Boats

When we join a boat club, there is this idea that one weekend we can take out a family-sized pontoon and the next, a luxury catamaran. The problem is that most clubs really only offer a pretty narrow selection of boats. Not only that, with most people having the same free time as in being off on the weekends, holidays, and certain summer months, then you may find yourself standing empty-handed.

2) Too Much Pressure

The problem is that once you join a club, you feel pressure to get the most out of it. The average annual boat club is $275 per month. If you dont boat that often or have a hectic month, it feels like money just is thrown down the drain and just another wasted expense.

3) Limited Locations and Blackout Days for Boating

While some clubs have locations worldwide, youre still limited to whatever places theyre in. For the most part, this basically keeps you stuck around the most touristy places. And those are only the biggest clubs with typically the highest prices. Freedom Boat Club, for example, is one of the largest boat clubs in the world, but most of their locations are in the US. On the other hand, smaller, more affordable local-based boat clubs may only have one or two locations that make getting the most out of the boat club quite difficult all together.

4) The Clubs Might Be Full

5) Cost

Be sure to read about the real costs of boat ownership in Boat Ownership Costs: How Much Does it Cost to Buy & Own a Boat?

Boats Available For Freedom Boat Club Members

The FBC owns more than 2,000 boats of different kinds. One of the perks of becoming a Freedom Boat Club member is your opportunity to use and enjoy all kinds of boats available. That way, you also get to enjoy different types of boating activities.

Freedom Boat Club has tied up with several boat manufacturers. However, this does not mean that all clubs have similar types of boats. Franchisees, club owners, and operators are free to choose boat models that they think are ideal for their local market and waterways.

Most boat types available in Florida are fishing boats, bowriders, deck boats, and pontoons to give you an idea. Whereas kayaks, sailboats, and wakeboard boats are more popular in southern areas.

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Freedom Boat Club Overview

The monthly fee will entitle a member to unlimited boating at their home port location and four outings a year at any of the 80+ locations throughout the world. A member may have up to four active reservations at a time and can book as far out as six months in advance.

Freedom Boat Club boats range from 16 to 24 feet, including flats, skiffs, deck boats, pontoons, bow rides, sailboats, and kayaks, with almost all boats younger than three years old. All options will vary from location to location.

The club will clean, maintain, store and do all of the prep work on its fleet so you dont have to.

The membership will also include a two-hour training class to learn how to operate the various boats in the fleet.

According to members, a two million dollar insurance policy along with a $2,500 deductible is included as well, but this may vary from location to location.

Aside from the boats, clubs will hold a dock party at least once a month, offering a member the opportunity to meet other members of the club.

Q: Do Freedom Boat Club Offer Insurance Coverage For Their Boats

Freedom Boat Club Catawba Island Ohio Photos Freedom Boat Club

Yes, FBC offers insurance worth $1M in terms of Watercraft liability, extending up to one additional person. The coverage can also protect you from the qualms of third-party claims unless its a specially complicated case.

The original insurance policy itself goes for 2 million dollars alongside the $2500 deductible caused by additional privileges. Like the usual fees and costs, this amount also varies heavily depending on location and other casualties.

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Get Local Market Information From Freedom Boat Club Membership Executives

Each Freedom Boat Club has membership executives who are highly familiar with all available membership plans and other costs. They know the features and amenities of each plan, so its best to get information from them.

Membership executives will also help you decide which is the right plan for you. They may ask you a series of questions that will help in your decision-making.

Whether or not you will join Freedom Boat Club, the membership executives are always there to answer your inquiries. So, dont hesitate to contact them.

Q: Depending On The Area Can Members Get Better Deals

Members can surely avail loads of discounts and promotional offers depending on the area. FBC often promotes different locations by launching different collaborations and campaigns. And these usually happen around the primary tourist attractions.The regular upsurge in pricing is balanced out by all the different promotional discounts oftentimes. Thus, its entirely possible to strategically avail better deals from the club.

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Unlimited Access To Their Boats

As a member, you can reserve any available boat for their fleet without limitations. You can also secure any vessel for a certain period through an online reservation system.

This way, you can ensure four boats in advance, according to your plans. However, you can immediately book another boat after using one.

According to the membership plan you choose, the club doesnt have any restrictions on the number of boats you reserve throughout the year. Plus, you can use the desired vessel at any time of the day.

Thanks to cooperation with a few reputable boat manufacturers, the club always offers new and attractive boat models.

Can I Use My Freedom Boat Club Membership At Other Locations

Freedom Boat Club, 10a

You may be able to use your Freedom Boat Club membership to reserve boats and attend social events at other Freedom Boat Club locations.

However, if this is something you anticipate doing, youll need to make sure that your monthly membership is a reciprocal membership. Reciprocal memberships allow you to make use of the fleets across all Freedom Boat Clubs in the U.S. and Canada, as well as French locations.

If youre interested in more flexible and inclusive membership options, you should ask your local Freedom Boat Club if they have reciprocal membership packages available.

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Q: Do I Have A Limit On The Number Of Outings With The Proper Membership Plans

Youll get to avail yourself of unlimited outings once you become a member of the esteemed FBC. Theres no limit on the number of outings since youll be paying for the fuel charge anyway.

Youll need to make sure you have signed up for the appropriate plans though. For instance you cant show up to take a boat on weekdays if youre a member of the weekend-only plans.

Comparing Boatsetter Vs Boat Clubs

Instead of dealing with all this, you may start asking yourself, why would I not just rent a boat through Boatsetter instead? You have a huge range of unique boat brands and models to choose from, and you can opt to be your own captain or hire one of our professional captainslearn more about why you might want to hire a captain for your next rental.

In the meantime, lets take a closer look at the differences between a peer-to-peer boat sharing community like Boatsetter, compared to a few popular boat clubs in the US:

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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Freedom Boat Club Membership

There are plenty of wonderful benefits or advantages of having a Freedom Boat Club membership, such as:

  • Unlimited access to the Home Club fleet of more than 1,600 different boats, all offering different amenities and gear
  • Ability to boat in more than 150 locations across 30 states, including Florida, and Canada
  • Access to free, unlimited boating guidelines and training classes
  • Perks of choosing among multiple membership plans or even customizing your own plan
  • The ability to book boats via a user-friendly online reservation platform

However, the disadvantages of Freedom Boat Club membership generally involve the high costs associated with a one-time entry fee and expensive monthly dues. In addition, if you have already learned all about boating practices and how to stay safe when in a boat on the water, you may also find it bothersome that youre required to attend a basic training class at one of their club locations.

What Is Not Include In The Freedom Boat Club Membership Fee

Matt OâHara, owner of Freedom Boat Club and Queen Boat Co. on Lake ...

There are many perks for becoming a Freedom Boat Club member. However, there is one thing that is not covered by any Freedom Boat Club plan. It is the fuel.

Freedom Boat clubs make use of fuel flow meters. When you check out from the dock, a fuel flow meter is initiated. This will then be reviewed upon return to determine the amount of fuel consumed. This means that FBC only charges you for the fuel used during your outing.

Several Freedom Boat Club franchises also offer optional programs. These programs may include special insurance coverage. They can also include towing provisions.

At the dock, someone will assist you with boarding, check-in, dock departure, and returns. Freedom Boat Club has a dedicated professional dock staff for all members. They will also assist you when it comes to loading and unloading your gear.

Members can tip them for their service. While tipping is fully done at the members discretion, FBC nonetheless encourages members to tip them.

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Freedom Boat Club Of Winter Haven

Freedom Boat Club Winter Haven is conveniently located on a private canal and inlet which connects to the Winter Haven Chains of Lakes. The chain consists of 21 interconnected lakes which are famous bass fishing, tubing, skiing, wakeboarding, and swimming. Lake Eloise is home to LegoLand which produces regularly scheduled water ski shows that can be viewed while boating on Lake Eloise.

Open For Business: Freedom Boat Club

Location: 8685 U.S. 1, Micco and 1221 Marina Village Circle, Vero Beach

Owners: Chris Kelly, Lisa Kelly and Ryan Kelly

Product/services: Members pay a lifetime membership fee and then monthly dues of $249, which entitles them to unlimited boating at their home port and four outings a year at each of the other 80 locations throughout the country. Members buy their own fuel.

The local outlets have nine boats total in both locations including pontoon boats, deck boats and a variety of fishing boats. Training for inshore and offshore, insurance and Seatow are all included in the membership.

What were you doing before this? I retired from a career in the car-rental industry in Orlando and Sarasota.

Why did you start this venture here? When we got to the point of where we wanted to do it with Freedom Boat Club, all of Florida was taken except for this general area. We were knowledgeable about the area, and we had property in Brevard County. I had thought about doing it on my own 10 years ago, and it’s a good thing I didn’t.

I recognized there was a need, but I didn’t know how to go about it. Without the foundation of the company and the website and corporate knowledge and experience, I would have been very fortunate to have been able to succeed.

Hours: First light to 5 p.m. weekdays, dawn to dusk on weekends.

Have a candidate for FLORIDA TODAY’s Open for Business weekly profile. Contact Kristen Alligood at 321-242-3899 or call [email protected].

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What Are The Extra Costs

Fuel isnt included in the costs. Depending on the distance traveled and the current gas prices, most members pay $15 to $45 per outing. As a rule of thumb, most boats in the fleet will burn three to five gallons of gasoline per hour.

A transfer fee, if you were to want to transfer to another location, can be done for about $500.

How Much Does A Freedom Membership Cost

Freedom Boat Club May 2020

Heres where things can get a little complicated. In addition to the specifics of the Freedom membership plans varying between locations, costs are also liable to vary from one location to another.

Plus, theres actually more than one fee involved in signing up to the Freedom Boat Club.

First, youll need to pay the one-time entry fee, which varies depending on which location you sign up with.

Once youve paid your entry fee, youll then be asked to pay the monthly membership fee for your first month. This fee will be deducted from your account each month, but you wont have to pay the entry fee again.

Just like the entry fee, the monthly fee can vary depending on where you are.

Based on averages taken from the different Freedom Boat Club locations across North America, you can expect to pay roughly $5,000 for the one-time entry fee. After that, the average monthly membership fee costs $349.

This means you should be prepared to pay roughly $5,349 when you first sign up to the Freedom Boat Club, and $349 each month thereafter.

While the upfront cost might seem particularly expensive, its just another incentive to make as much use of your unlimited boat access and other perks as possible.

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How Many Times Can I Use A Boat

Your usage is unlimited.

You can make four reservations in advance using our proprietary online reservation system. Those reservations roll: as soon as you use one, you can book another.

You can also call your dock of choice at any time to check on availability. If theres a boat in the dock that has either returned for the day, or is unreserved, its yours!

Do I Have To Fuel Up My Boat Myself

In addition to paying for your fuel consumption, you may be wondering if you need to fill up your boat with fuel before and after your outing.

The policy regarding fueling up will vary between locations, but generally speaking, you wont need to take care of this process yourself.

Whenever you reserve a boat through the Freedom Boat Club, it will have a full tank of fuel when you arrive.

Whether youll need to fuel up your boat after bringing it back depends on the policy of the individual venue, so you should contact your local Club directly to ask about this. Either way, there is always fuel available either at the location or close by, so fueling up will never be too stressful.

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Boat Club Memberships Skyrocket During The Pandemic

NASHVILLE, Tenn. Boat club memberships have skyrocketed as families look to have fun while social distancing.

“Every day is like the 4th of July on the water which is very very busy,” Mariah Lawrence said, “This has been our biggest year yet. We actually just hit our 100th membership sold, which is the biggest year that Nashville has had thus far, and its been open for about 4 to 5 years now.”

“We had to buy a certain type of chemical we can spray on the boats to be sure theyre completely sanitized, Lawrence said, We have a pressure washer, and its a mixture, and we basically just hose every single boat.”

Families can take boats out during their designated time slots. Some people had to cancel trips due to COVID-19, so they’re using that money for a membership. “So it kind of ranges between that $4,000 and $6,000 entry fee, and then your monthly is kind of ranging between that $350 to $450 range.”

She said the membership is popular for first time boaters who want to learn the ropes. “Not only are these members getting access to the water, theyre getting access to the lake life, like Okay is this something that we want to do? And maybe in a couple years well buy our own boat.”

Boat sales are also up this summer.

What is the rebound?

Find more in the sections below

Open The Registration Slot

Freedom Boat Club Freedom Boat Club

Next, click on the registration tab and put down the desired date and time. You should also get to choose your vessel. Take your time and choose accordingly.

And thats it. Its this easy to book a slot for an outing if youre an esteemed member of FBC. Remember to put down the correct date and time though lest you should end up missing it.

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Whats Not Included With The Freedom Membership

Clearly, there are a lot of benefits associated with purchasing a Freedom Boat Club membership. The monthly membership includes plenty of perks and covers most of what you need to enjoy boat outings throughout the year.

With that being said, there is one key element of boating that isnt covered by the Freedom membership, and thats fuel.

Youll be charged a fee for the amount of fuel you use after each boat outing. This fee will be in addition to your monthly membership fee.

Fuel flow meters are installed in some boats owned by the Freedom Boat Club, and these meters are checked immediately before and after a boat goes out on the water. This means that youll only ever be charged for the amount of fuel that you use per outing.

The reason why Freedom Boat Club charges for fuel on top of the membership fee is simply because members will use different amounts of fuel depending on their individual boat usage.

Another potential cost that isnt covered by the Freedom membership fee is the cost of tips. While providing tips isnt mandatory, its a good way to show appreciation for the dock workers who deal with departures, returns, loading, and unloading all free of charge.

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