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Where To Buy Fresh Shrimp Off The Boat In Louisiana

Fresh & Local Shrimp Off The Boat

Fresh Off the Boat – Delcambre Direct Seafood

Shrimping on the Gulf Coast for over 30 years

Everyone knows that when it comes to shrimp, getting it locally and getting it fresh is the way to go. At Annan’s Shrimp Co. we provide fresh off the boat shrimp caught right here on the Alabama Gulf Coast. We catch our shrimp in Mobile Bay on our shrimp boat, the 55′ Kelly Anne. For over 30 years we have been helping both locals and visitors to Orange Beach and Gulf Shores enjoy fresh, delicious shrimp. Contact us today at 981-3119 to find out availability and pricing, and to place your order!

How Do We Determine Shrimp Seasons

LDWF biologists and managers recommend shrimp seasons based on a shrimp species annual life cycles and growth rates, which are heavily influenced by environmental conditions. LDWF biologists continually monitor shrimp populations and environmental conditions in Louisianas marshes, coastal lakes, and bays. At hundreds of sample locations, they tow trawls through the water, count and identify the species they catch, measure a random selection of the shrimp catch, and record the data. They also record water conductivity, temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen levels. They then compile the data and plug it into mathematical models. These models help biologists project when the majority of the shrimp population within each the states major estuarine basins will reach market size. The Commission uses these projections to determine when and where to open and close the shrimp fishery. Adjusting seasons in response to the conditions that influence shrimp populations helps fishermen have more productive shrimping trips.

How To Buy Seafood Off The Boat

Our local harbors are busy placesfishermen come and go, and offload their seafood for wholesalers and distributors to ship to restaurants, fish markets and grocery stores around the country.

Buying direct from local fishermen is a unique opportunity to learn more about different types of seafood, ask questions, and develop new relationships with the fishermen who bring seafood from the ocean to the dinner table. When buying off the boat, many people make a day of it, bringing their family to the coast to enjoy the ocean, returning home with freshly caught fish.

Fresh rockfish being sold off the boat in Moss Landing

David Toriumi of the F/V Grinder displays a fresh king salmon for sale off his boat in Santa Cruz

Customer purchasing rock crab off the boat in Monterey

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Online Service Helps Get Fresh Louisiana Shrimp Directly To Consumers

Schultz Bruce, Hymel, Thomas M., Shirley, Mark G.

Keith Ott of New Iberia buys a bag of shrimp from Terrell Melancon at the Bayou Carlin Cove. Photo by Bruce Schultz

Shrimp is weighed during a sale at the Bayou Carlin Cove. Buyers are using the Delcambre Direct Seafood website to find out when shrimp boats will be arriving with a fresh catch. Photo by Bruce Schultz

Tate and Janet Grossie remove the heads from shrimp on their boat as another shrimp boat arrives at the Port of Delcambre. Photo by Bruce Schultz

Shrimper Terrell Melancon, at left, helps Tom Dorman carry an ice chest full of shrimp at the Bayou Carlin Cove. Photo by Bruce Schultz

News Release Distributed 08/20/15DELCAMBRE, La. The first week of shrimp season is providing the chance for consumers to buy shrimp off the boats here.

One of those consumers, Tom Dorman, who lives near Delcambre, was buying an ice chest full of shrimp on Aug. 19. He said he watches the Delcambre Direct Seafood program website,, to find out when shrimp will be available from the boats.

Its the best thing going, he said. All youve got to do to get an order is figure out when the boats are coming in. And theres no doubt these shrimp were caught here.

Thomas Hymel, LSU AgCenter and Louisiana Sea Grant fisheries agent, said the Delcambre Direct program has been an asset at linking buyers with sellers. This is a great opportunity for consumers to get the shrimp they like at a great price.

Where And At What Time Can I Buy Shrimp Off The Boat

Louisiana shrimping season reopens after spill

Thanks in advance for suggestion, more details the better

The shrimp boats are next to the Hard Rock Casino. Just go to the parking lot and you will see them. I believe the shrimp season starts June 1st. You can get any size you want. Bring a cooler or a bag with you. Enjoy.

Shrimpers go out at night when the shrimp are most active and come in with the catch in the early mornings. That’s when you see a lot of local chefs buying where Claudia mentioned. The Royal Reds are the best but all gulf coast shrimp are good.

I have seen the most activity at the harbor from about 7:00am until 10:00am.

Now, might start earlier, but being on vacation, I usually do not start much before 7:00

Best of luck,

Love the gulf shrimp there! They charge a little extra to take the heads off for you but its worth a little more if you are buying much. We sometimes go there in the evening before to see which boats plan to go out. The ones who have shrimp for sale usually put out a sign saying they have shrimp for sale. They sell by the size, medium, large or jumbo. We usually just get the large but sometimes get some jumbo’s too. They provide the ice so no need to bring any, just the cooler but make sure its large enough for both shrimp and the ice.

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Your One Stop Seafood Shop

B& J Seafood has always offered the freshest ingredients for all your seafood needs.

100% Fresh, Local Caught Seafood

We buy Local and we buy Fresh! That’s the only way we’ve done it for 40 years and we aren’t changing anytime soon. We guarantee there’s no better seafood around!

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For Restaurants And Retail Buyers Looking To Purchase A Minimum Order Of 100 Pounds Or More Contact One Of Our Wholesalers Below Or Send A General Inquiry

Louisianas seafood industry sits in the richest deltas in the nation. The runoff of our bayous, wetland, and marshes into the coastal zones results in the best tasting seafood in the world. When you buy from Louisiana processors and wholesale dealers, you not only get the very best products, but you are supporting coastal communities and family-owned businesses that have often been in business for generations.

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The First Time Buying Off The Boat Can Be Intimidating

  • Find Dock Sales LocallyTo find out where fishermen are selling their fish in Monterey, Santa Cruz and Moss Landing, visit our Local Catch Guide, follow the harbormasters and fishermen on social media, and sign up for their email lists. When you get a notification about where and when dock sales are taking place, its time to get ready!

  • Bring A Cooler or Bucket with Ice, Plastic Bags, and a Facial CoveringAt home, fill a cooler or bucket halfway with ice, and toss a couple of recycled plastic bags in to transport your seafood purchase and keep it in top quality. That way your fish can stay at an optimal temperature , and you can enjoy some time at the coast or harbor before heading home. During COVID, also remember to bring a facial covering!

  • On The DockWhen you get down to the dock, find the right place, and just bring a plastic bag or a clean bucket with youno need to lug your cooler all the way down to the docks. Sometimes fishermen will have a table set up on the docks with a signother times, youll need to look for the boat name in the location they specify. Its common courtesy to avoid asking for all big ones or all small ones so that fishermen can provide a variety to all their customers that day.

  • Cooking Your SeafoodTake the fishermens recommendations for preparation, or find a recipe from one of our fishermen, chefs and home cooks!

  • Customers line up for dock sales in Monterey

    Buying fresh king salmon off the boat

    Where To Buy Fresh Seafood Around Lafayette Louisiana

    Buying Fresh Shrimp off the shrimp boats in Biloxi, MS.

    Seafood is a staple in Louisiana, as the unique landscape of the state offers a wide variety of different types of seafood. If youre looking to buy fresh seafood that you can cook at home, then youll need to find a reliable and reputable seafood supplier. Check out these top establishments for buying fresh seafood around Lafayette, Louisiana.

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