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What Kind Of Boat Do I Have

What Size Boat Can I Safely Handle

How to identify which Jabsco Manual Head you have –

If you are new to boating, a 40-foot boat may not be the best option even though you may want one. That’s not to say you can’t buy a large boat and learn quickly to captain it well, but for the most part, it would be wise to start small and trade up as your experience grows.

Most people don’t want to be in the position of a family we heard about recently. They purchased a 36-foot boat without previous boating experience. After a few close calls, the wife refused to step onboard the boat until her husband took a course. Since he was a very busy man and taking a course was not a feasible option, the boat was put up for sale. Sadly, they are the perfect example of people starting out with good intentions and getting in over their heads.

How Do I Choose A Boat

The best boat for anyone depends on how they will use it. Sailors wont have much use for a center console fishing boat and a trawler wont be any good for towing sports. The best way to choose a boat is to honestly assess your needs and budget. Also, do you have a place to keep the boat? Can you afford its insurance and maintenance? Will you have enough time to use it?

How Do I Get To The Pleasure Craft Electronic Licensing System And How Do I Submit My Request

In order to submit your request for either a new, a transfer, an amendment or a duplicate of your Pleasure Craft Licence, please click on the following link: Pleasure Craft Electronic Licensing System and follow the instructions.

The capability to “Renew” your pleasure craft licence through the Pleasure Craft Electronic Licensing System will be available in a future release.

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What Is The Environment I Expect To Operate In

It would be foolhardy to daydream about perpetual sunny skies and calm seas when purchasing a boat. That’s easy enough to do in Florida, but it’s an entirely different matter in the Puget Sound, for instance. Inland lake boating is different than boating on the Great Lakes, which have sea conditions comparable to oceans. When you purchase a boat, take into consideration the size of the boat and its limitations in different environmental conditions.

What To Think About While Youre At The Boat Dealership

What kind of boat is this?

When you are at a dealership and think you have found the boat for you, it is your responsibility to ask for a sea trial, if appropriate and to conduct a marine survey.

What is a sea trial?

A sea trial is a marine equivalent to a test drive, with a few key differences. Most boat dealers have to schedule a sea trial days in advance so they can be sure to prep the boat for usage and have all the proper safety guidelines fulfilled. For this reason, it is frowned upon to take more boats than necessary on a sea trial. Most people take the boat they are seriously considering purchasing out for a sea trial. When you are on a sea trial, this is the time to look for any red flags. Do the things you plan to do with the boat yourself while out on the trial run. Bring the boat up to at least 30 mph, make some sharp turns, test the boat in waves, practice tying off the boat at a slip, sit in different positions, make a note of anything you find out or out of place. Test the sound system, the steering, the get-up, and really anything else you can think of that would be important to you as a boat owner.

What is a marine survey?

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Boat Items Checklist: What To Have Onboard

Beginner boaters need to know what to always have onboard the boatthis checklist will help.

Whether youre headed for one of the 10 best party coves in America, casting for walleye from a freshwater fishing boat, or going offshore powerboat racing, there are certain items you need to have aboard every boat. These things should be on each and every boaters checklist:

  • United States Coast Guard required safety gear
  • Additional safety gear appropriate to the type of boating you do
  • Legal documentation for the boat and captain
  • A basic first aid kit
  • Extra food and water
  • An anchor and rode
  • Basic tools or at least a multi-tool
  • A full fuel tank
  • Always, always, always make sure a full tank of fuel is on your must-have boating checklist.

    When Is The Best Time To Boat On Lake Michigan

    Lake Michigan is known to be one of the tougher Great Lakes to boat on due to its choppy waters and various currents. However, many people create their greatest memories out on the Lake, and it is no shock as to why. Lake Michigan is as beautiful as it is large- full of gorgeous views, refreshing air, and plenty of space for water sports.

    Many people choose the summer to boat on Lake Michigan, optimizing their days in the sun for a chance to swim and participate in other water sports like skiing, tubing, etc.

    Due to the increased quantity of boats out on the lake in the summer, the choppy waters will also increase as the ripple effect is caused by the high-speed boats out on the water. This can make even a calm day on the water even a bit more difficult to navigate your boat through.

    Choosing to boat on Lake Michigan during the off-season, though, will decrease the number of boats that will be accompanying you out on the water. This will simultaneously decrease the effect of the waves that are stemming from the rush of a boat passing by. If you choose a calm day during the off-season, you are sure to have calmer water.

    Whether you pick to go boating in-season or off-season on Lake Michigan is a matter of priorities. If you prefer a warmer day and can handle the rougher chops that come with having abundant boats out on the water, then the summer is likely the best time for you to go.

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    What Are Some Boat Manufacturers Currently On The Market

    There are a surprising amount of boat manufacturers currently on the market. Some specialize in one type of boat while others focus on many types of boats. Some are considered affordable while others are considered a luxury.

    • Princess Yachts
    • Hatteras

    This is not an exhaustive list of all the boat brands that are currently on the market, but it is a good starting place to do some research. For a full list of all boat brands available, head over to Discover Boating.

    Here’s A Quick And Handy Overview Of The Different Hull Types

    What type of boating insurance do I need in Alabama?

    In each category, we find different designs and styles that have different characteristics. There isn’t a real clear distinction between categories and styles: there are semi-displacement hulls and so on. So I thought the best way to learn you the different hull types is by simply creating a list with lots of pictures, instead of getting all theoretical about it.

    So below I’ve listed all the different hull styles I could possibly think of, mention what category and type it is, the pros and cons of each one, and give you examples and illustrations for each one.

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    What Is An Inflatable Boat

    The inflatable boat was used to be called rubber boat. However, most inflatable boats these days are not made of rubber anymore. These boats are also referred to as Zodiac and Gemini, which are brand names of popular inflatable boats.

    An inflatable boat is a kind of boat that is lightweight since it is made of flexible tubes that are filled with pressurized gas to work. Modern inflatable boats have a motor that runs it, so the user doesnt need to row it to move.

    Some inflatable boats can be dismantled and folded to make them smaller for easier transportation or storage. A foldable thwart is what keeps an inflatable boat firm.

    Inflatable boats are first used in 1845 when Peter Halkett designed one of the prototypes, which can only accommodate a single passenger. Nevertheless, the history of inflatable boats can be traced back to when Charles Goodyear discovered vulcanization in 1838.

    The Difference Between Great Insurance And Bare Bones Is Less Than The Cost Of A Tank Of Gas

    Are discounts available?

    Discounts are available after you have responsibly owned your boat for three to five years, for being claims free, and if you have taken courses at Canadian Power and Sail Squadron or Sail Canada. Discounts are not available for holding the required Pleasure Craft Operator Cardthats like asking for a discount because you have a drivers license.

    Is my boat insured even when Im not using it?

    Yes, when you buy a years policy, your boat is covered in storage, in transit, on the water and over the winter. The risks dont stop when youre not using your boat – its more likely to sink when you are not there, and more electrical fires start in the cold months.

    Can my insurance be voided?

    Yes, if you are involved in any criminal act such as drinking illegally on your boat – your insurance is void.

    What about my trailer?

    ICBC requires a license plate, and liability insurance. Physical damage can be added to your boat policy for Agreed Value.

    Take time to choose your insurance, Paul advises, to make sure you get everything you need.

    He asks, Whats peace of mind worth to you?

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    How Big Or Small Of A Boat Do I Need

    Because you want boating to be fun, you will want to purchase a large enough boat to meet all your needs. In the case of a family of four, space will be at a premium. Do you want to entertain guests, or possibly do some cruising? By knowing the primary use of the boat, you can narrow down the size of boat you will need.

    In some cases, you may need to sacrifice on the bells and whistles to stay in your budget, yet purchase a large enough boat that has the accommodations you desire. In other cases, you may decide a smaller boat will do just fine, and you can splurge on the bonus items.

    What Is A Pleasure Craft Licence And Why Do I Need It

    What kind of bass boat do you have?

    A pleasure craft licence provides a unique identification number – commonly referred to as the “licence number” – that you must display on your recreational vessel, as required under the Small Vessel Regulations of the Canada Shipping Act, 2001. This licence number helps law-enforcement and search and rescue officials trace a pleasure craft to its owner.

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    The Best Family Boat: A Guide To Help You Buy The Perfect Boat For Your Family

    Posted Date: 08/26/2019

    When it comes to buying the best family boat, matching the right boat with your familys needs is an important step to ensuring you make the best long-term purchase that enables you and your family to make memories for years to come. Different boats do different things well, and different boats enable certain types of activities out on the water. As such, typically we start with how a family plans to use the boat and what that means for the type of boat that should be considered.

    Activities on the water can range from freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, watersports, day cruising or overnight cruising. Considering how you plan to realistically use the boat with respect to these activities is a great starting point when considering the best family boat for you and your family members. After discussing the planned activities, its time to consider the type of boat to purchase. Lets review some of the popular options.

    Pontoon boats are boats with wide-open decks that sit on aluminum logs which provide the stability and buoyancy. They typically are used in freshwater scenarios, although some of the higher end pontoon models can come with saltwater packages. Pontoons are very versatile and can be used for cruising and even watersports.

    How Do I License A Pleasure Craft That I Bought In The United States Or That I Bought In A Country Other Than Canada

    To license a new or used pleasure craft you bought in the United States, or in any country other than Canada, follow the application instructions given for I just bought a new pleasure craft. How do I license it? You may apply for a Pleasure Craft Licence online through the Pleasure Craft Electronic Licensing System , or you may submit your application, by post.

    NOTE: In the PCELS, when completing the New Application: Vessel Information, select the “Imported” button, as Origin of Craft : .

    On the Application Form, “FOREIGN” must be indicated/checked in section “C” – Unlicensed pleasure craft.

    You do not need to provide customs clearance documents to license a pleasure craft that you purchased outside of Canada, but you still need to remit duty and taxes on the purchase to the Canada Border Services Agency.

    For information on how to remit duty and taxes on the purchase of a pleasure craft, please visit the Canada Border Services Agency Web site or call 1-800-461-9999.

    A pleasure craft can only have one licence issued either in Canada or in the United States . It cannot have both. Displaying both licence numbers can result in a fine.

    In order for a pleasure craft to be eligible for a Canadian licence, it must be principally maintained and operated in Canada.

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    What Forms Do I Need To Apply For A Pleasure Craft Licence

    To apply for a pleasure craft licence, you can obtain your Pleasure Craft Licence either electronically through the “Pleasure Craft Electronic Licensing System “) or, you can fill out a paper application form.

    In either case, you will be required to provide the appropriate supporting documents to substantiate your request.

    If you are submitting your request, electronically:

    Depending on the type of request you have selected, the following supporting documents may be required to upload. Please ensure you have the necessary documents in the proper file format:

    If you have additional supporting documentation to submit, you are provided with two additional “Optional File” buttons.

    The minimum print resolution per document is 300 dpi the maximum size for upload of any file is 5 MB . Only the following file formats are acceptable:

    • PDF, JPG, TIFF or PNG.

    If your digital camera produces a file format other than those mentioned above, you will need to use the software that came with your camera to convert the images to the proper format.

    If you are submitting your request by post:

    Depending on the type of request, supporting documents may include:

    Do I Need An Anode On My Boat

    What kind of Batteries do I need for my Boat? Marine batteries explained!

    Even if you drive a small boat, protection from corrosion is essential to maintaining a long lifespan.

    Using an anode is crucial, and your boat should have anodes, no matter what kind they are.

    As long as they are best suited for your boat and the water type, anodes should definitely be on your boat or your engine if you have an outboard.

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    The Essential Factors That Affect The Boat Length

    Here are the essential factors that affect the boat length you pick.

    The essential factors that affect the boat length are the number of people, type of the boat and the boats purpose, fishing, cruising, water sports, or other boating-related activities.

    What Size Boat For Family Of 12? On average, a 28 ft is a good boat size for a family of 12. However, the length can vary from 20 ft to 32 ft or more depending on the boat type and, most importantly, the boats purpose, fishing, cruising, water sports, or other boating-related activities.

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    What About Those Funny Shapes On The Hull

    These funny shapes are strakes and chines. The strakes are the strips that stretch across a boats hull from the front to the back. Theyre almost always found on planing boats. The reason for this is that these little strips can help lift the front of a boat out of the water, reducing drag, and increasing speed. Most modern boats with a planing hull will have them

    Whats interesting is that they are also beneficial to a boats stability and passenger comfort. These strakes can help to soften the impacts made when a boat charges through a choppy wave. They also help deflect any spray from the water back towards the sea rather than up into the cockpit. Finally, they also act like little flat bottom hulls in places to boost stability.

    The bigger folds that you see in a boats hull are chines.

    Chines are the folds you see where a boats hull meets the sidewall. Kind of. Under normal circumstances, they dont do much. However, some boat designers have exaggerated the fold to further assist a boat from lifting out of the water. Some chines are quite large, and these help a boat remain stable when at rest. The chines act like flat-bottom hulls, which can help fishing boats stay stable when an angler walks from one side to another. They can also reduce rolling motions and improve maneuverability in some cases.

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