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Where Do I Go To Register My Boat In Maryland

Comply With These Steps To Make Sure That Youre Legally Registered To Function A Ship In Maryland

Boating Basics: How to Register your Boat

The glowing, deep waters in Maryland are among the most attractive within the nation. With over 200,000 registered boats and greater than 12,000 private watercrafts on the water, spending a time out on the water is an integral, enjoyable piece of many Marylanders lives. From waterskiing to fishing to swimming, Maryland water is a superb place to be.

However, boating in Maryland does include strict security, registration and titling necessities. Earlier than you head out on the freshwater or the saltwater, try our information to boat registration in Maryland.

How Do I Know If My Boat Must Be Registered?

In Maryland, the next boats must be registered:

  • Any motorized boats
  • Any boats which can be used most in Maryland throughout a calendar yr

What Boats Are Exempt From Boat Registration in Maryland?

The next boats and vessels are exempt from boat registration in Maryland:

How Do I Know If My Boat Must Be Titled in Maryland?

In Maryland, you have to title your boat alongside its registration.

How Do I Register and Title My Boat within the State of Maryland?

In Maryland, its possible youll title and register your boat in individual at a DNR Service Middle, or its possible youll mail in your utility. You have to the next paperwork with the intention to apply for registration and titling of your boat:

  • A accomplished and signed DNR Kind B-240
  • The unique Producers Certificates of Origin
  • Unique Licensed/Notarized Invoice of Sale

Registration Charge 2 years:

Boat Registration: How To Register Your Boat

  • Specific laws for registering your boat vary from state to state.
  • In most cases any boat with mechanical propulsion will need to be registered.
  • The registration usually must take place in the state where the boat is primarily used, so if you live in one state but do your boating in another, check the local laws carefully to see where the boat needs to be registered.
  • To register your boat youll need the same type of basic information as needed for registering a car: a bill or sale or proof of purchase are almost always necessary.
  • When registering your boat, youll use the HIN the same way youd use a cars VIN number to identify the vehicle.
  • If you buy a boat new, the dealership can almost certainly take care of the initial registration for you.

So, youve bought a boat. Congratulations! And if youve found your way to this page, you probably already know that before you can use that boat, there are a few legal hoops to jump through. Perhaps youve already acquired your boating license, chosen a boat, lined up financing and struck a deal with the boat seller. The next step will be registering the boat.

The easiest way to register a boat is, of course, to buy one new at a dealership and let them handle all the paperwork. This is not always an option, though, so lets go through the process step-by-step. Since each state has its own specific regulations, remember that this will vary a bit.

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Which Boats Require Registration

Requirements for vessel registration vary from state to state. In Maryland, you must have a Certificate of Vessel Number and registration decals to operate a vessel legally on Marylands public waters. Exceptions to registration are:

  • Vessels without any kind of mechanical propulsion
  • Vessels properly registered in another state
  • Vessels documented with the U.S. Coast Guard
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Exemptions From Boat Registration And Titling In Maryland

How do I sell my boat?

Common boat registration exemptions in Maryland are important to know, that way you dont waste your time applying for a registration if you dont need one. The list of which boats are exempt from registration in MD includes vessels propelled exclusively by oars or paddles, vessels registered in another state, and those documented by the U.S. Coast Guard.

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How To Display Registration Number And Decals

You must display your boat number in the following manner:

  • Painted on or otherwise permanently attached to each side of the bow
  • Using BLOCK letters at least three inches high and of one solid color contrasting sharply with the color of your boat
  • To read from left to right letters and numbers must be separated by a hyphen or space for example, MD-1234-AA or MD 1234 AA
  • No other numbers may be displayed

Every vessel that requires registration must display registration decals, including personal watercraft, as proof of registration. You must display your decals as follows:

  • On both sides of the boat
  • Within three inches of the registration number
  • Only display current decals.

Boat Registration Renewals & Replacements

Registrations expire on December 31 of every second year. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources will mail you a renewal application about 30 days before your registration is set to expire.

If you lost the application or did not receive one, fill out an Application for Vessel Registration instead.

Then, you can submit a renewal application along with the necessary renewal feesin person OR by mail to your local DNR service center.

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General Information About Numbers

We’ll guide you through the process of creating Maryland boat numbers when you click design now. Each state has specific verbiage as to their requirements. See the Maryland specific section below. The general requirements for boat registrations numbers are as follows:

  • A minimum of 3″ letter height
  • A block style font such as
  • Generally located on the forward hull portion of the boat next to the DNR tag
  • A contrasting color to base color of your boat.
  • Letters separated by a space or a dash

Renewing Your Maryland Boat Registration


You cannot renew boat registration online in Maryland and renew in person or via mail. The Maryland DNR will mail a renewal notice about 30 days prior to your registration expiration date.

This notice outlines the boat registration renewal process and tells you how to complete your renewal on time so that your registration does not expire do not. Submit this notice and fee payment in person at your local DNR service center or you may mail it to the DNR.

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Why Registration Is Important

Registration numbers provide identification for the return of stolen or found boats. Registration also helps locating persons involved in boating accidents, identifying vessels requesting assistance, and helps identify vessels violating the law. Registration fees are used to fund resource protection, educational programs, access areas and their maintenance, and fund safety patrols.

When a vessel is in use, the vessels registration card must be on board. Boaters stopped by Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Police who do not have a valid registration card on board may be issued a ticket. It is the responsibility of the vessels operator to be sure the vessel is registered, has all required safety equipment, and that it is being operated in a safe manner.

Replacing Your Maryland Boat Registration

You can replace a boat registration in Maryland by completing DNR Form B-108, Application for Replacement or Corrected Title, Registration or Decals. Complete your boat registration replacement in MD by delivering the form to your nearest DNR service center. Although you cannot request a replacement online, you can save a trip by mailing your payment and application to one of the service centers listed at the bottom of the form.

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Requirements For Boater Registration In Maryland

One of the requirements to register a boat in MD is to ensure that your vessel meets registration requirements. MD boat registration instructions apply to commercial or recreational vessels equipped with any kind of primary or auxiliary mechanical propulsion that are used in Maryland more than any other state within a calendar year. The registration form must be completed and submitted within 30 days of taking possession of the vessel.

You will also need to supply the appropriate supporting documents listed below:

All vessel types listed above must have verification that the HIN matches the number on all recorded documents. You may present your completed application, fee payment and documents in person or mail them to your nearest official Department of Natural Resources Service Center. Note that your MD vessel excise tax must be paid before you can obtain your boat registration.

Registering A Boat In Md

How do I sell my boat?

View Full ProfileDovetailIf it is sold with a trailer load up on the trailer value, the rate on the trailer is less than the boat.View Full ProfileRicksterAs others have said, lower the price where it would not look silly, like I paid 1000 on this 2010 Grady or similar. When I buy I ask for 2 bill of sales, one on the boat and one on the trailer and I don’t show DNR anything on the trailer because they don’t need to know. I had a friend that tried the yeah I paid X on this newer boat, the lady at DNR pulled the book out and taxed him on the value the book said, not what the bill of sale said. He said now wait a minute, she said wow that is a good deal you got there, but you are paying tax on what the boat is worth Sir.View Full ProfileView Full ProfileNo ExcusesSP,After that B.S., I registered my most recent boat with Delaware and saved thousands! My registration clearly says where I live , but I have a valid active Delaware registration. $60 for 3 years…I’ll never register another boat in MD again!BTW, you can also register your trailer in Maine. Maine doesn’t require a maine mailing address OR an inspection certificate. I think it’s $100 for 6 years. F& %$ OweMalley!Proline FisherI agree, you have to see whether the risk is worth the reward. Some people luck out and never get caught and then there are others who do. As a former sales tax auditor for the State, I can tell you that the penalities are pretty stiff. There is a 10% penality plus 13% interest.

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Title & Register Your Boat In Md

In general, you’ll need to submit the following items in person OR by mail to your local DNR service center to register your boat with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources:

  • A proof of ownership document, such as a:
  • Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin .
  • Properly assigned original title .
  • A certified/notarized bill of sale if the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin or title doesn’t include the boat owner’s name, purchase price, date of sale, and signatures from the buyer and seller.
  • A lien release if the boat had lien prior to being sold.
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