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Where Can I Keep My Boat

Answers To Some Common Questions

How To Keep Boat Battery Fully Charged

Q: How effective is shrink wrap?Ans.: If youre talking about eliminating the rats on board, then thats a no. Shrink-wrap doesnt do much when it comes to rat problems.

Q: How exactly do rats get on board?Ans.: Thats easy.

The utility lines and mooring cables are their paths to your boat. And theres no real thing that can stop them in this case.

Q: Are rat guards effective?Ans.: Yes, they are most of the time.

Rat guards are circular pieces of metal placed on mooring lines. They offer good obstacles for mice to get on board.

Q: Do rats climb?Ans.: Only if the surface is rough and has some incline.

Indoor Boat Storage At A Self Storage Facility

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If you cant store your boat in a garage and dry racked storage isnt available in your area, a self storage facility is a great option. Indoor vehicle storage at a storage facility is highly recommended as the best way to protect your boat during harsh winters.


  • Storage facilities are located throughout the nation, so its easy to find a storage unit near you
  • Amenities like drive-up access make it easy to pick up and drop off your boat
  • Facilities often have good security features like video surveillance and gated access
  • Some indoor boat storage options may come with climate control


  • Enclosed storage units for vehicles can be more expensive than other options
  • Some units may be too small height and length-wise for your boat and trailer

Before You Store

  • Protect your boat seats, upholstery, and other accessories with a waterproof cover
  • Unless you have climate control, make sure to remove electronics to prevent them from damage
  • Empty your water tank and run antifreeze through your system

Keep It In A Dry Stack

The Dry Stack boat storage system is booming in Britain because, done well, it has an enormous amount of merit. It guarantees your precious boat a life of jet washes, forklift launches and secure, clean storage and it brings you the promise of easier, more efficient, less stressful days out, as well as optimised hull performance and sturdier residual values. Just be aware that an effective Dry Stack system needs to be comprehensively staffed. Some marinas take advantage of the opportunity to extend upwards without adequately upgrading the workforce to cope with the demands that another 50 or 60 boat owners bring and any shortcuts can and do result in delays with the launch and recovery of your boat, particularly in season. So check with the marina in question watch the Dry Stack operation in action and talk to existing Dry Stack boaters about their experiences.

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Storing Your Boat In Saltwater

When storing your boat in saltwater, there aretwo potential issues to look out for. The first issue is boat damage stemmingfrom salt and other minerals in the water. These substances eat away at thestructure of the boat for the duration of storage. They also shorten thelifespan of manifolds by 50% over the course of a few years.

Barnacles also become an issue when storing your boat in saltwater. They congregate and add weight to your boat. This translatesto increased drag and fuel costs.

To minimize these issues when storing your boat in saltwater, be sure to clean the bottom of your boat once every 90 days to keep mineral deposits and barnacles under control.

How To Protect Your Boat From Spiders

How Can I Keep My Family Safe on a Boat?

Of all the creepy-crawlies that may come aboard your boat, spiders are often among the least welcome. These many-legged miniature monsters are especially common during summertime when the warm weather brings with it an abundance of food namely, other bugs. Despite their essential role in controlling populations of flies, mosquitoes and other bothersome insects, a spider infestation is the stuff of nightmares for most people!


Whether youre arachnophobe or not, large numbers of spiders can seriously mess up the interior of your boat. This is because, besides leaving webs everywhere, spiders also poop a lot.

Their grayish, brown or black droppings can often be found in corners and on seat covers of boats and will look like tiny dots.

If wiped up immediately, spider poop is no problem. However, if left for long periods of time, these tiny droppings will harden like concrete to form a crust thats almost impossible to shift. Even if you do manage to chip away at the mess, spider poop can leave stains that permanently damage the aesthetic of your boat.

Having large numbers of spiders on your boat can even be a serious health risk to you and your shipmates. Many spider species common to North America can deliver a nasty bite and some, such as the notorious Black Widow, can even be fatal.

So, the big question is how can you protect your boat from spiders? To avoid your boat becoming a web-ridden hellscape, try the following spider control methods for your boat.

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Pros And Cons Of Shrink Wrapping A Boat

Winter is coming. If you live somewhere temperate, the odds are good you’ll get snow, ice and freezing rain during the long, dark non-sailing season. If your boat is anywhere but indoors or under a roof, you’ll need a cover.

Is shrink wrapping your boat worth it? Shrinkwrapping your boat is usually a worthwhile investment. If you don’t already own a canvas cover and your boat is staying in the elements for the winter, there are many advantages to shrink wrapping versus other methods.

Faqs On Storing Your Boat

How much is winter boat storage?

It varies in different parts of the nation and according to your boats size. To get a general idea of the potential costs, you can figure on spending somewhere between $50 and $200 per foot of boat indoors and $20 to $50 per foot of boat for outdoor storage, per season.

How much does boat storage cost?

The cost of storing a boat year-round is no different during summer and winter months for most dry stack facilities, and if you store your boat on land through all four seasons, again, the above mentioned prices can give you some guidelines. When storing your boat in the water in a wet slip, the costs will vary by geography and boat size.

How to wrap a boat for winter storage?

The best way to wrap a boat for winter storage is to have it shrink-wrapped by a professional. The blue tarp method helps to protect your boat, but if the tarp isnt supported and secured just right, leaks, rips, and complete collapses are common.

How much does dry boat storage cost?

As we mentioned earlier theres a wide variation in cost depending on boat size and geography, however, remember that covered boat storage is more expensive than open storage and indoor dry boat storage costs significantly more than outdoor boat storage. If youre wondering, where is covered boat storage near me? then you have some searching to do, but remember, in parts of the nation where boating is popular there are usually plenty of options.

How to cover a boat for winter storage?

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Keeping Your Boat Warm

Spaceheaters are not a good heating method for your boat. A lightbulb left on onboard is also a bad idea, despite having a long history as a source of warmth. Both these methods could result in your boat going up in flames. Instead, keep the space where the boat is stored warm.

This is not an exhaustive list as a boat owner, you already know that boat maintenance can be complex. Hopefully these tips can function as a good starting point for winterizing your boat. Of course, as BOATUS states, the best winter storage space for your boat is indoors, in a climatecontrolled facility with a backup generator.

This means that you need control over the temperature in your garage. A good garage door that seals out the cold will help keep your boat safe over the winter. If youre looking for a new garage door, contact Atlas Overhead Door Sales for a custom door thats just right for you. We let you choose key features to ensure that you receive the door you were looking for.

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Dry Outdoor Storage At A Facility

How to keep your bass boat shining!!

If you dont have room for your boat at home but want to keep it outside, consider an outdoor boat storage facility. Each parking spot is usually covered with a small roof so it offers some protection against the elements, but not as much as if your boat were stored indoors. As a result, it may be an affordable option for boat storage when you dont have room on your property.

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Extra Tips For Winterizing Your Boat On The Water:

Make sure to inspect your dock lines.

Check your lines after you get some dicey weather. Inspect them for wear and replace them if you need to. Better safe than sorry, after all.

You may even need to add some chafing gear and/or double up some of the lines.

Install a de-icer. Depending on where you live, you may need to install a de-icer. Ice jacking can brutally damage a boat and can be heartbreaking.

A de-icer in your boats slip can prevent ice from even forming.

Short Term Anchoring Versus Mooring

Mooring your boat refers to where you leave it when you aren’t using it and involves tying your boat to something fixed in the water. It can be a chain attached to large weight on the bottom or a screw into the seabed, or it can be a set of pilings or other structures.

Anchoring your boat is using your own ground tackle to secure your vessel. Anchoring is short term, as you will not be leaving the boat unattended for long periods it is safer to use a less permanent means of securing the boat.

Moorings can be either commercial or private.

  • Commercial moorings are convenient to rent from the marinas and towns that manage them, though full-time seasonal rentals may be more difficult to come by than transient rentals for a short visit.
  • Private moorings are owned or leased to an individual.

Do not pick up a mooring if you do not know who owns it. You never know when the owner will return, or how large of a boat the mooring is rated to hold.

Anchoring is usually free, but some locations require a permit or paying a fee.

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Got Empty Space To Fit A Boat Or Water Toys Rent It Out To A Neighbor

If you have empty storage space that isn’t useful to you, it could be very useful to a local boat owner. Boats and other watercraft come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether your storage space is 15×20 or over a hundred feet long, there may be a boat owner in the area happy to rent your space for boat storage.

Since boats are often stored on a trailer, you don’t need specialized storage equipment. The boat owner will simply pull the vessel in and leave you with extra monthly income to enjoy while they utilize your unused space. Setting up and managing your listing is easy, which means you get extra income with practically no effort at all. Additionally, we provide you with a Host Guarantee which protects you up to $1,000,000 for personal liability. Making use of your unused space couldn’t be easier, and your neighbors will thank you.

Other Boat Storage Considerations & Frequently Asked Questions

Probably only going to get out the one time this summer ...

Preparing the vessel for storage is an important process. By taking the appropriate measures before storage, you can more easily ensure your boat or yacht is as close to seaworthy as possible upon your return.

Make sure the boat is washed thoroughly before storing the boat. Remove any perishables from the boat. Drain the bilge, and discuss with the marina personnel if there are any restrictions pertaining to how much fuel is left in the tanks .

For boaters up north, winterizing is a topic that commands more attention than we will give it in this article, but its worth mentioning at a high level. When the boating season winds down up north, there are crucial considerations such as whether to remove your boat from the water, winterizing the vessel and its various systems and finally where to store the boat. For some, this means indoor, climate-controlled storage . For others, it means going through a full process to protect the boat being stored outside. Shrink wrapping, winterizing the engine, taking care of the fuel and battery systems and more are all considerations that must be made. If youre a new boat owner, its best to lean on a professional to ensure your boat is properly cared for as you approach the winter season.

The following are frequently asked questions regarding boat and yacht storage:

Can you bring an outside crew to clean or work on the boat?

If you have a boat in high and dry storage, how long does it take to launch?

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Drain All Internal Water

Dont forget about internal moisture! Drain your water tanks, ballast tanks, and fuel lines before you store your boat for the winter. Skipping this step risks the liquid becoming frozen this causes cracks in the engine or even the hull.

You may also want to consider taking your boat for a service. While youve got it out of the water and stowed for winter, any repairs can be carried out with plenty of time to spare. A service will also check your engine parts and make sure your fluids are fully drained for winter storage.

Boat Storage At Home Or At Sea

Boat storage at home on the drive or in the garage is very useful for security, care and maintenance, but it will take up lots of space and you will need to ensure your vehicle is certified to tow the weight of the boat and trailer.

A trailer is the most cost-effective way to keep your boat

Being able to trail your boat to locations around the UK and Europe is a definite perk but its worth ensuring launch, recovery and storage of the trailer will be easy when you get to your destination.

Another relatively affordable boat storage option is a swing mooring. This is where the boat is tethered to a mooring buoy and has to be accessed either by a shuttle service or your own dinghy.

Depending on the location these moorings may only cost a few hundred pounds annually but there are compromises to consider.

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How Much Does It Cost To Store A Boat

The type of boat storage you choose will have a large effect on the cost. For example, wet boat storage, like at a local marina, is typically more expensive than dry storage at a boat storage facility or dry stack storage. Other factors such as the size of your boat, indoor vs. outdoor, uncovered vs. covered and storage amenities will also influence the cost. In general, more protection and amenities will increase the cost, but also give you the best peace of mind if youre looking for the utmost protection.

How To Store Your Boat For Winter

Outboard Expert: How to Check Your Battery

Youve used your boat throughout the whole summer but now, with winter peeking around the corner, youll soon realize that you can no longer enjoy your boat like you used to. Its either too cold, or the water has frozen to a point where you can no longer even move your boat. At this point, the best idea would be to call it quits and simply store your boat.

That being said, there is a proper way to store your boat. You may choose to leave it the way it is and prop it into the garage but if you dont do it properly, you might end up damaging it in the long run. This article shall prove to be your guide on how to make your boat nice and comfy over winter.

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So Where Can I Anchor

In spite of all the regulations and rules, there are still many places to anchor. Vastly more anchoring spots are available than restricted – it’s the prime, high demand spots that have the most restrictions. Nantucket Harbor or Martha’s Vineyard – high profile, high traffic boating destinations – have much tighter regulation than a backwater cove on the Chesapeake. You should still take time to check out your destination and its rules before you get there, since local ordinances may not clear from the water.

Most charts show designated anchorages and prohibited for highly regulated harbors or coves – look for a little anchor symbol, usually circled or an anchor with a slash through it. Unless specifically designated as a “No Anchoring” zone, in almost any protected spot in coastal waters it is legal to drop the hook.

Deep Clean Your Boat:

Much like the advice listed above that involves making sure there are no sugary spills or food lying around on your boat, you will also want to make sure you clean your boat out good before winterizing it.

One of the best ways to make sure there is nothing on the deck of the boat that you missed, it to pressure wash the carpet or vinyl flooring.

Clean out all cubbies and other storage areas, and make sure no food is being stored.

To keep your boat clean, as well as stored properly for winter, you will want to make sure you have a cover for it.

This works for both inside and outside your boat.

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