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How Much Are Touchless Boat Covers

What Are Some Different Types Of Boat Covers

Easiest Boat Cover You’ll Ever Own – The Touchless Boat Cover

There are many different types of boat covers, from the kind that attach to the boat to offer shade protection to those that provide protective storage. It’s been said that a good boat cover can prevent up to half the damage caused by dust and weather conditions that an uncovered boat is likely to receive. Whatever type a shopper is considering purchasing, he or she should think of not only the kind of boat he or she has, but also the weather conditions the boat is likely to encounter as well as how long the boat will be sitting unused.

Boat covers that completely cover the vessel make the best protectors, but these are sometimes difficult to find. Complete covers must also be the exact size to fit all the proportions of each individual boat, including the rails and mast. A custom boat cover may be the best way to go. Polyester and canvas are both good fabrics for covers, even those for boats that will sit unused for long periods of time. Boat owners should look for the heaviest cover they can find for long-term storage.

Sailors should always keep weather conditions in mind when shopping for any kind of boat cover. If someone wants to protect your boat from fading as much as possible from ultraviolet rays, a cover with UV protection is best. Waterproof boat covers are good if boat is likely to be exposed to rain. Water-resistant covers do not protect the boat from moisture damage as well as waterproof ones.

Boat Covers Anyone Why Get A Regular Boat Cover If You Can Get An Automatic One You Would Love To Use

Lets face it! A conventional boat cover is a pain. It is no fun dealing with straps and ties, having to climb on your boat and at the same time trying not to get burned by its hot surface. After a long day of boating, you are exhausted to deal with covering your vessel. It takes time and effort. At the end of the day, many boaters dont enjoy their boats as much because of the regular boat cover hassle. Well, not anymore. With our automatic boat covers, you can cover or uncover your boat within 30 seconds. All you have to do is press a remote control button. We carry the worlds only 2 automatic boat covers on the market today: The Touchless Cover and the SwiftShield Boat Cover.

This Boat Cover Puts The Fun Back Into Boating

If you have a boat at Lake of the Ozarks, you have probably experienced this. It is late on a Sunday afternoon. You have just finished the last boat ride of the weekend with friends and/or family. Now it is time to go home. Everyone steps off the boat on the dock and heads up the walkway. Nobody stays to help. You are stuck putting the boat cover on by yourself. Wasn’t boating supposed to be fun?

Midwest Touchless Boat Cover owner Ric Houser has been coming to the Lake since the 1950s. He has been selling the Touchless Cover at Lake of the Ozarks since the spring of 2006. Going in to the great recession didnt seem to slow him down at all. Sales were strong because the product was high-quality and boat owners could see the value and convenience.

They have provided covers to hundreds of Lake of the Ozarks boat owners. These boaters were fed up with dragging a heavy, dusty, pollen-covered factory cover over their boat. Then they had to pull, snap and tug to get the boat cover secured. Now they can uncover and cover their boat with the same effort it takes to open and close a garage door: the touch of a button.

Tritoon owners especially love the Touchless Cover because they now can easily use their boat year round. What tritoon owner hasnt struggled with getting the factory cover on their boat, trying to stretch the cover to match all of the snaps? The Touchless cover is so easy to use, you will cover your boat every time you take it out.

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Slipski Boat Dock Cover Benefits

The SlipSki Boat Dock Cover is a new and innovative way to cover protect your investment. We have engineered a modular boat slip cover, made of marine grade aluminum designed to cover all sides of your boat.

  • Save hours of time cleaning your boat
  • No more need for ropes, straps, or snaps
  • Protects your boat increasing your boats resale value
  • Save $1,000s in boat detailing and re-gel coating your boat
  • Protect your boat from sun damage, weathering, animals, dirt, and bugs

The SlipSki Boat Dock Cover comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty and is patent pending. This means we are willing to go through the extensive patent process to ensure consistent, quality and exceptional design, no copycats. You will always have our support when it comes to our boat slip covers and vehicle covers.

Sunstream Introduces New Swiftshield Automatic Boat Covers Compatible With Most Boat Lifts

Boat Covers

Announcing Revolutionary Hassle-Free Automated Cover System for Boat Lifts

Sunstream® Boat Lifts, the leading manufacturer of high-quality portable and installed boat lifts and hoists, announced today the launch of the SwiftShield Universal Automatic Boat Cover and the SwiftShield Piling Automatic Boat Cover . These two new configurations join the SwiftShield Automatic Boat Cover for the Sunstream SunLift line of products to create a family of cover solutions for most boat lifts in todays marketplace.

A breakthrough in boat protection, the ABC-U and ABC-P products greatly enhance the boating experience by automatically installing and removing a custom full mooring cover in seconds, offering unparalleled protection that including the sides and stern.

A patented design, the keychain-remote-operated ABC-U and ABC-P systems actuate an arm with hydraulics and a spring-loaded roller and automatically deploys a tight fitting three-dimensional cover over a boat. The custom-fitted cover is stored on a roller when the boat is being used, consolidating space on board or on the dock, and eliminating the need to handle a dirty cover. When deployed, the cover is automatically unrolled and pulled over the boat.

About Sunstream Corp:

Sunstream Corporation, based in Seattle Washington, is the leading portable hydraulic boat lift and hoist manufacturer in the world. Founded in 1996, Sunstream has been recognized multiple times for their innovation and fast growth.

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Do You Want A Cover For Storage Or Trailering

Storage: Covers that are intended for storing your boat on a trailer, at the dock or while moored, fit loosely and can even be as simple as a blue tarp.

Trailering: The forces encountered pulling your boat on a trailer at high speeds requires a better fitting, tighter, reinforced cover that is made for your type of boat.

D Oxford Blue Yescom Pontoon Boat Cover

When it comes to durability and maximum protection, there are few covers that can compete with a Yescom pontoon cover. This cover will fit most pontoon boats that are between 21 and 24, and is a popular choice because of how easy it is to use.

If youre trying to find a pontoon boat cover that is durable enough to protect your pontoon from the harshest of elements, look no further than this cover by Yescom. Its made from a heavy-duty synthetic material and has been rated at 600D. This means that its durable enough to last years of wear-and-tear, and can also protect your pontoon from water and sun damage.

One of the best features of this Yescom pontoon boat cover is that its easy to use. The cover has an elastic lining thats able to stretch around the parts of the pontoon boat that other covers may not reach. Putting this cover on your pontoon will be a piece of cake!

In addition, this Yescom cover is also durable enough to withstand heavy speeds on a trailer. It comes with heavy-duty straps that will keep the cover securely fastened to the boat, even when traveling at high speeds.

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Buying Guide For Best Boat Covers

A boat is a big investment, one that youre going to want to protect into the foreseeable future. Whether its sitting in storage or being hauled to the water for a day of fun, a boat can take a beating. Everything from UV rays and salt air to debris, pollution, and bird droppings can damage your boat and shorten its useful life.

A boat cover takes the brunt of the elements and dirt so your boat doesnt have to. A quality cover has to face up to a variety of unique challenges. It has to be able to repel rain yet stay pliable in dry conditions. It has to thrive in hot and cold, resist mold and mildew, and be effective whether on the road or sitting for months in storage, indoors or out.

This guide covers the qualities and features to look for if youre in the market for a boat cover. In addition to considerations such as size and materials, we also examine the price range and any extras you might get with a cover. Finally, we highlight some of our favorites and share what we like about them.


What Type Of Cover Should You Choose

The Convenience of Owning a Touchless Boat Cover!

Universal Fit: Perfectly fine for storage or a short trailer trip, universal fit covers offer an inexpensive way to protect your boat. Like the name implies, these covers are designed to fit a wide array of boats with assorted accessories. Sizes are grouped in boat lengths in ranges of two or three feet. These covers are not intended for longer trips at highway speeds. Youll find these covers are available in only one color, usually gray.

We stock universal fit covers in different weight fabrics and sizes for V-hull cuddy cabin, bow rider and center console boats, bay boats, day cruiser boats, deck boats, jet boats, tri-hull boats, pontoon boats, fish and ski boats, aluminum and tournament bass boats, paddle boats and even inflatable boats or tenders. Each cover includes a storage bag and tiedown straps .

Semi-Custom: Next in price and complexity are semi-custom covers with tighter, better fitting, yet still liberal sizes designed for different makes and models of boats with a similar hull style. An example would be covers made for Whaler style inshore fishing boats. These covers fit smaller, center console boats with console heights up to 48, bow rails 6-18 and side rails up to 10, plus bound-in outboard motor hoods are included.

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Is The Color You Choose Important

Youll probably be surprised, but darker colors are best. Dark colors require more dye which increases a fabrics UV resistance and contributes to a longer life. Blue, black and green last longer than white, tan or red. The only downside to darker colors is that they absorb more heat and transmit that to whatever is underneath them. Your choices for universal fit covers are limited, but there are quite a few colors to choose from for semi-custom and custom.

Custom Dock Mounted Boat Covers

Let SlipSki engineer one of our Custom Dock Mounted Boat Covers specifically for your needs! Made of marine grade aluminum designed to cover all sides of your boat, automotive or RV and allow easy access. In addition to the marine grade aluminum structure of our boat dock mounted covers, our tarps are made from UV resistant material to withstand weathering and the tarp tension system ensures the tarp will stay tight with no wrinkles. Our functional and convenient design is 15 to 25 feet when fully extended, with an adjustable width ranging from 8 to 12 feet and a roof that reaches between 7 and 9 feet, providing ample room for your watercraft or vehicle.

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The First Boat Cover You Would Love To Use

Imagine covering or uncovering your boat in seconds, and giving your boat complete protection from the elements and damaging UV rays. No more hassling with multiple covers and painful snaps. No more figuring out which is the front of the cover. With our automatic covers, you will use your boat more, enhance your boating experience, and your boat will stay new longer!

Swiftshield in Wind

  • Cover or uncover your boat in seconds with remote controlled electric or solar version. No more snaps or hassles.
  • Keep your hull from fading, with side and stern coverage. Can be used under a roof or canopy. Custom fit to your boat.
  • Universal design fits most boat lifts. Better security for the boats interior.

Uncover Your Boat In 30 Seconds

Used boat lift in Minneapolis???

The Touchless Boat Cover protection system introduces you to a lifetime of effortless boating by completely removing the hassle of covering and uncovering your boat. Making, The Touchless Boat Cover, one of the most demanded boat care products in the industry by maximizing your time on the water.

Fully automated, The Touchless Boat Cover protection system can operate independently with any boat lift. By the simple use of a remote and press of a button, the cover will smoothly lower over your boat. Its that easy!

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New Vortex Tan/beige Pontoon Boat Cover

Vortex pontoon boat covers are durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. The New Vortex cover is no exception this tough 600D pontoon boat cover is able to fit pontoon boats ranging from 22 to 24 in length, and also supports a beam up to 102.

The New Vortex cover also has elastic added to the base of the cover to help it stretch over those unusual areas. Its made from a 600D material thats excellent for keeping water out of the boat, so no worrying about water seeping through the cover.

Are you searching for a durable towing cover that can withstand long trailer rides? The New Vortex cover comes with 12 straps that help keep the cover securely fastened to your pontoon boat, so you never have to worry about it flapping on the road. Its also durable enough to withstand storms and heavy wind without damaging.

The only downside to the New Vortex cover is its price. Its almost double the price of its Yescom counterpart. With that said, this cover comes with a five year warranty and is incredibly popular with many pontoon boaters.

Slipski Dock Mounted Boat Covers Ease Of Use

SlipSkis dock mounted boat covers are easy to use, allowing you and your family to spend more time on the water and less time on the docks. The SlipSki Boat Dock Cover gives you to a lifetime of effortless boating by completely removing the hassle of covering and uncovering your boat. SlipSki Custom Dock Mounted Boat Covers ensures that you can enjoy their recreation time without any worry or hassle when it comes to protecting your boat, jet ski, skiff or other watercraft and retains its like-new quality.

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Know What Material Youre Buying

Pontoon boat covers generally come in two types of material: cotton canvas or a synthetic blend like polyester. Synthetic covers are usually given an added layer of acrylic. This helps them better keep the water out than cotton covers.

Another thing to consider is the durability of the cover, which is measured in denier. Denier represents the thickness of the boat cover, and thicker covers are generally better. The higher the number the denier is, the better it will protect your boat. Most top-of-the-line pontoon covers will be around 600D.

What Are Your Fabric Choices

Touchless Cover of Southeast Michigan! @The 2019 Novi Boat Show!

In order to protect your boat and last the longest, youll need to select fabric for the specific use you have in mind. You need to consider where youll be storing your boat. If youre going to be trailering your boathow far? Just like good foul weather gear, the fabric your boat cover is made from needs to keep water out, but allow water vapor on the inside to escape. This will help prevent mold and mildew. If you live in the southern United States or a place where your boat will be regularly kept in harsh sunlight, you need fabric thats highly resistant to UV light. If youre going to be trailering your boat at highway speeds for long distances, tensile strength and abrasion resistance are important to withstand the unique strains the road will have upon the fabric.

Cotton and polyester blends arent as durable or resistant to mildew and UV light as pure synthetic fabrics. Those fabrics that repel water and resist UV radiation the best typically contain pigment-dyed polyester which has a good strength to weight ratio and is strong and breathable. Hot Shot, an acrylic-coated polyester, is a good, economical synthetic fabric. The solution-dyed polyester Ultima fabric is durable, breathable, repels water and is stain-, UV- and mildew-resistant, making it a good choice for hot, humid climates.

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The Swiftshield Boat Cover

Fully automated, this boat cover can operate independently of a boats lift or service system. It combines best protection with optimum convenience.Unparalleled and superior to any traditional custom cover, mooring cover, canopy, or awnings, our Automatic Boat Cover has been developed to fit just about every boat application.Simply press a transmitter button to pull your custom boat cover onto your boat, covering the sides and back of the boat. No more hassling with multiple covers or snaps. Not only is it effortless, it offers exceptional protection to your boat from sun fading, birds, critters and debris. Boating is now seconds away, as your boat will be uncovered and launched by the time you walk down the dock! You will use your boat more often, clean it less, and keep it looking new longer.

  • Swiftshield Automatic Boat Cover
  • Swiftshield Automatic Boat Cover

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