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Who Takes Boat Trade Ins

How Much Does It Cost For Boat Consignment

We Want Your Boat | Take Advantage of Top Trade-In Values

How much does it cost to consign a boat? It costs 10% of the boat price for the boat consignment fee. This fee may vary from location to location, and often it is 10% or a flat fee minimum if the boat sales price is not high enough. Expect to pay a minimum fee of $500 for boat consignment.

Typically, boat consignment costs nothing upfront. Once your boat is sold, the dealer has earned their 10% commission for selling the boat.

Also, the dealer only makes money if they sell the boat. If they cannot find a buyer for your boat you can cancel your contract and pick up your boat at any time.

*With this said, be sure to read the fine print of the boat consignment agreement.

Exchange: How To Trade In Your Boat

If you’re planning to change boats, it is well worth looking into the part-exchange and trading in options available through brokers.

Part-exchange can be the easiest route of all to a new boat, but it pays to have an appreciation of the pros and cons of doing so, as well as knowing how to negotiate the best deal.As when buying a car, when buying a boat, part exchanging your existing boat against a new vessel can make a lot of sense. Although the price you receive for the existing boat if you trade it in is likely to be less than might be achieved in a private or brokerage sale, the certainty that your responsibility for the existing boat will cease when its replacement is delivered can make this a very attractive option and can save money on upkeep, storage, hassle and time.

Trading in your boat can be a seamless and hassle free route to your dream boat.

Why Trade In Your Used Boat For A New One:

Simply put, the biggest advantage to trading in your boat is that you dont have to go about the trouble of selling it. The amount of time a used boat remains on the market before selling has a lot to do with its value but its not uncommon for boats to take six months to sell, and quite often a lot longer than that.

When you are trading in your boat for a new one, there is no wait you get your tools and silverware off your current boat, hand in the keys, and youre done. Some dealerships will even assume ownership of the boat at its current location and you dont even have to worry about making that last trip with it.

Another important advantage is the tax benefit as it pertains to the purchase of your new boat typically, you will only pay state sales tax on the difference between the price of the new boat and the value of your trade in, which, depending on your local tax laws, can save you a pretty penny.

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Why Do Sellers Choose Us As Their Used Boat Dealer

  • We specialize in selling pre-owned boats.
  • We may even purchase your boat immediately!
  • We welcome trades if youd like to trade your boat!
  • We provide a comprehensive price analysis that will maximize your profit and decrease the length of time your boat is on
  • the market.
  • We sell boats worldwide and are one of the biggest used boat dealers in SC.
  • We advertise in the top print and international online boat sales publications.
  • We complete a certified pre-owned inspection that increases buyer confidence in your boat.
  • We manage any service work needed on your boat.
  • We have on-site sales staff available 6 days a week.
  • We keep your boat in show-ready condition.
  • We make the sale fast and easy with our turnkey process from listings to the sea trial and sale!

Will A Car Dealer Accept A Boat As A Trade In

2008 Bertram 410 Convertible Boat for sale

Many dealers are not set up to take in boat trades because they do not have the means to service, move or inspect them. However, plenty of other dealers will do what they can to make a car deal, even if it includes taking in a boat. The process may differ by dealer, but trading your boat can be a possibility.

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Can I Trade In A Boat I Still Owe Money On

Yes, you can trade in a boat you still owe money on. If your boat has a trade-in value of $20,000 and you still owe $10,000 on the boat, when you trade in the boat, the dealer is purchasing the boat from you for $20,000. $10,000 will go to the bank to pay off the loan and the remaining $10,000 balance will go to you.

In the case of a trade-in, that $10,000 that is coming to you will be applied to the purchase price of the new boat.

Another scenario that I hope you dont find yourself in, but many people do is referred to as being upside down in your boat. This is when you owe more than your current boat is worth.

If you are trading in a boat that you are upside down on the payments, then you can assign the additional debt to the purchase price of your new boat.

The debt does not go away, but it is tied to the new boat so you have the benefit and enjoyment of the new boat, but the responsibility to repay your debts in full.

With this said, all of this is based on your credit score and the ability and willingness of the lender to work with you when you are trading in a boat you are financial upside down in.

We Buy Boats Immediate Cash Purchase

When selling your boat quickly is your priority, selling your boat to us is your best option. We buy boats everyday! The benefits are:

  • No cost to you for this service.
  • On the spot same day payment.
  • We will pay off your loan.
  • No detailing and repair bills to pay.
  • In most cases your boat MUST be less than 7 years old and locally popular.

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Trade In And Buy All In The Same Place

No matter which you decide, you can trade in your boat and buy new all at the same placeyour nearest Bass Pro Shops/Cabelas Boating Center, where there are more than 130 locations.

Stop by any of the Boating Centers to learn more about their simple process for quickly providing you a good faith trade in value using pictures and information you provide about your boat. A whole team of outfitters with years of experience in the pre-owned market will use national and local resources to determine your boats value, making this key factor in your new boat purchase process stress free.

What makes a trade-in or purchase most appealing is having more boats from which to choose, all designed and built by White River Marine Group, the worlds largest manufacturer of recreational boats.

From pontoons for partying and runabouts for watersports to fishing boats for freshwater and saltwater, there is a boat for virtually every need and budget. Bass Pro Shops/Cabelas Boating Center sells some of the most trusted and popular brands on the waterTRACKER®, NITRO®, MAKO®, SUN TRACKER®, REGENCY® and TAHOE®. You will not find a broader selection anywhere else.

You can even take advantage of in-house financing through White River Financial Services. You can also get competitive financing for new and pre-owned boats and even Premier Protection Plans®.


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Trying To Sell Your Boat In Georgia

Pricing Out Boat Accessories on Trade-In | Boating Tips LIVE Clips

Many Georgia area boat owners find it difficult to sell an aging boat. We are delighted to assist you at The Boat Shop at Lake Lanier, and our entire team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive a fair price for your boat. We provide a large range of used boats for sale after youve sold your old boat to get you back out on the water.

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Boat Importing & Exporting

Importing or exporting a boat, either by land or by sea requires a significant amount of due diligence and is best left to a professional broker. Beaches Marine Brokerage has been importing and exporting boats for over 40 years and can thoroughly perform the necessary paperwork, licensing, invoicing and sales tax preparation and reporting with the Canada Border Services Agency and the US Customs and Border Protection on your behalf to ensure for a smooth transport.

Nah Ill Just Trade It In

Trading in your boat is a logical option if you want to sell it sooner than later. The upside is the dealership does all the work for you, from handling all the title exchanging and other paperwork, to setting the trade-in payment to you. Before you accept an offer, do the homework by using the same resources used by the dealer. Do the online research of comparable boats for sale, and then find the estimated trade-in and average retail value from the NADA, which stands for National Automobile Dealers Association. Its basically a car and boat trade-in value guide, where you can find listings for a comparable model. That gives you some inside knowledge when it comes time to negotiate the price.

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Boat Consignment: What Does It Mean To Consign A Boat

A boat consignment means that you still own the boat and you are hiring the dealer to list and sell your boat for you. They get a fee for their services, and they make the process easier for you as the seller.

If you have ever purchased or sold a home with a realtor, a boat consignment agreement works much the same way.

The boat dealer will show your boat to qualified buyers and handle the financial transaction, and transfer title to the new owners once the boat sells.

Can I Trade In My Boat On A Used Boat

1998 Legacy Yachts 40 Flybridge Sedan Trawler for sale ...

What do you think? Can you trade in your old boat on a used boat? Yes, in some cases you can trade in one used boat for another used boat. It is similar to trading in a used car for another used car.

This being said, you may find dealers are less willing to trade on a used boat. This is often due to the profit margins associated with new boat sales in relation to the profit they make on a used boat sale.

For this reason, I would expect selling your boat yourself or going the consignment route is your best bet when trading up from one used boat to another.

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We Make Selling Your Used Boat On Consignment Easy And Safe

For over 30 years, we have offered a fantastic consignment / brokerage program that gets results! Boat Consignment is a great option for those interested in selling their boat easily and for more. The benefits to selling on consignment is:

  • FREE valuation appraisal.
  • Higher price paid for your boat.
  • We aggressively advertise your boat on over 20 websites worldwide.
  • No dealer fees to seller.
  • We handle all negotiations, closing paperwork and titling.
  • We guarantee funds.
  • We keep your boat looking great.
  • We store your boat at one of our dealerships.*
  • We accept trade ins on consignments.
  • We offer great financing terms on consignment boats.
  • We DO NOT sea trial your boat until it is sold and paid for.
  • We have 3 Florida locations with 15 sales professionals working 7 days a week to sell your boat.
  • In most cases your boat MUST be less than 12 years old and locally popular.
Consignment Program Details
  • Consignment fee is a portion of the overall sales price paid by the buyerNOT YOU THE SELLER.
  • $149 per engine Our service department charges a survey fee which is well under the $750 to $1500 a surveyor would charge. For this we perform a complete mechanical, electrical and structural survey on your boat. This allows us to reassure a buyer that the vessel is a great opportunity and will be advertised as Certified Pre-Owned.

Q: Is There A Difference Between Trading In My Boat And Selling It With A Broker

A: Denison makes the process of trading in your boat simple and easy. After we give you a fair price for your used boat, well take ownership of it and manage the sale. When you trade in a used boat with Denison, youll be relieved of expenses such as transportation, insurance, crew, and dockage fees that might accompany owning two boats at once while youre trying to sell one with a broker.

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How To Trade In A Used Boat

If you have outgrown your old boat or just want a newer model, you do not have to list your boat for sale in the local paper. Instead, you can trade in your used boat on a new one. Just like with cars, you can go shopping for a new boat and negotiate a used boat trade with your purchase of the new boat. When trading in a used boat, it is best to do your trade in early in the boating season because that it when you will get the best value for the boat.

Check the value of your used boat on one of the boat value guides, such as the Buc Valu or NADA Guides website . This lets you know the approximate worth of the boat. When you trade in the boat, you will typically get slightly less than its value.

Visit some local boat shops and dealers in your area to look for a new boat. If you find a new boat that you want to purchase, you must get your trade-in evaluated by the shop. When you do that, you will get a quote in return which details how much they are offering you for the boat if you purchase the new boat. Some examples of such shops include Delta Marine Sales, Boat N RV and 1st Klas Marina.

Attend a boat show in your area. Boat dealers and retailers have booths at boat shows and often negotiate used boat trade-ins on any of the new boats they are showing. The Marine Source website has a schedule of boat shows for the year.


Take Advantage Of New Boats In Stock By Trading In Your Old Boat With Denison Yachting

Boats and Trade-In Value | Boating Tips LIVE Clips

Demand for late-model used boats is exceeding supply, which means you can get more for your trade-in than in years past. The process isnt as daunting as you may think. Its actually quite simple when you trade in your used boat with Denison Yachting. Well offer you the best trade-in numbers for your used boat, in exchange for one of our new boat models. Ready to get started? Heres how to trade in your used boat.

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Selling Your Boat: Diy Or Trade In

Here are some tips to help you sell your boat for the best price.

My marina neighbor watched as I taped the “For Sale” sign on the bow of my boat. “What a coincidence,” he called across, “because I’m getting rid of this boat, too.””But,” he added, “I’m trading it in on a new boat. I don’t want to go through the headache of selling it myself.”I shook my head back at him. “I’m willing to put up with some extra work because I want to get the full value out of this boat.”As it turned out, we both got exactly what we wanted.

The owners of two boats tied up side by side in a marina might choose to sell in two different ways.

Georgias Choice For Boat Trade

Nobody does it better than The Boat Shop at Lake Lanier when it comes to buying secondhand boats. Even better, when you sell your old boat to our Georgia dealership, we apply the proceeds to the purchase of your new boat. We have everything for every sort of boater, from fishing and leisure to wakeboarding and surfing. Consult with our expert team before engaging in any boat trade-in situation to learn about the finest bargains accessible to you.

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How To Work A Trade In On A New Boat

The Boating Forum26 PostsHow to work a trade in on a new boat141 PostsRE: How to work a trade in on a new boat236 PostsRE: How to work a trade in on a new boatRE: How to work a trade in on a new boatRE: How to work a trade in on a new boat26 PostsRE: How to work a trade in on a new boat236 PostsRE: How to work a trade in on a new boat33 PostsRE: How to work a trade in on a new boat12 PostsRE: How to work a trade in on a new boatyourRE: How to work a trade in on a new boat

Broker Sales And Trade

2001 Riviera 40 Express Sport Fishing for sale

Valid like-kind trade-ins reduce the amount subject to sales tax when the owner or the broker/dealer accepts the traded-in property as payment or consideration. The trade-in does not have to happen simultaneously as long as the broker/dealer accepts the traded-in property as payment or consideration against the vessel being purchased.

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Have A Boat To Sell Or Trade

If youd like to sell your boat quickly, Rogue Motion is the place to go. Our new and used boat dealership in Charleston, SC, is the best way to sell your boat. Submit your boat for a no obligation SELL IT NOW offer. Pending a visual inspection by one of our trained associates, you will receive a written offer good for seven days. Choose the fast track or opt to maximize your profit and list your boat for sale with us at our used boat dealership! Contact us below to get a free no obligation retail appraisal of your boat.

Would you like to trade a boat instead? Rogue Motion accepts trade-ins on inventory boats. Whatever option you choose, our simple turnkey process will have your boat moving in no time.

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