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Where Can I Sell My Boat

Theres A Reason Why Were The #1 Place To Sell Your Boat To


We know theres much better and more important things youd rather be spending your time on than trying to sell that old boat, which is why wed love to take it off your hands. Weve kept the process simple and fast:

  • Fill out our form to obtain a quick online quote
  • Well get in touch to arrange an onsite inspection
  • Well give you a guaranteed best price for your boat
  • If youre happy to proceed with the deal, well make sure the payment is in your account instantly, before pickup and within 24 hours. Yes, its that easy so please contact Are You Selling to sell your boat today.

    Brokers You Can Trust

    Having worked in the industry for many years, we have dealt with and seen our share of dodgy operations. We know the high standard of quality service that you require when selling a boat and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are transacting with dealers who are licensed and reliable, especially when dealing with large sums of money. We are proud of our status as a quality endorsed company so when you sell your boats to us, you can trust our experienced and friendly team to deliver a trouble-free and honest service.

    Were the experts in selling used boats call us today on .

    Forget About Low Ballers And Time Wasters Sell Your Boat To Are You Selling Today

    Whether its time to get a new boat or you just dont have time to sail the high seas anymore, you can trust Are You Selling to get the vessel off your hands for the best guaranteed price, with minimal hassle and time needed.

    Dont let low ballers or tyre kickers get the best of you, trust our experts to handle it all. As long as you boat is a 2004 make or newer, youre right to go! No matter where you are in Australia, trust Are You Selling for a stress-free way to sell your boat.

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    So How Much Should You Sell Your Boat

    Okay: now are you ready to answer the how to price my boat for sale question, once and for all? At this point it should be clear that pricing your boat is as much an art form as it is a science, and youll need to do a lot of research if you want to get top dollar without working to sell the boat for months on end. Most sellers settle on a number, list their boat, and see how much attention it draws. If people dont come rushing, they drop the price incrementally until buyers seem interested.

    There is, of course, one other option that greatly simplifies matters: rather than selling your boat, trade it in on a new one. If this is an option youd like to examine, check out Trade-In or Sell Your Boat to learn the ins and outs of the process. Whatever you decide to do, one thing is for sure: when you kiss your old boat goodbye youll be sad, but when you say hello to your brand new boat itll be one of the happiest days of your life.

    Compare Internet Boat Sales Listings

    How Can I Sell My Boat Fast?

    The true value of a boat quite simply depends on how much a buyer is willing to pay for it, and many sellers start with a high price and drop it through time until the boat sells. In fact, the time it takes to get from an initial listing to a final sale is a factor professional boat dealers consider when trying to figure out just how to price a boat.

    So, you have to recognize that when you look at boat listings on the internet, many of the asking prices you will see are a bit far-fetched.

    • Online boat listings generally run on the high side, since boats that are priced too low get snapped up quickly, and then the listing disappears.
    • While you may see a lowball listing here or there, expect that the numbers you generally see can be a bit inflated.
    • Also note that while researching how to price a boat by looking at internet listings youll have to sift through a huge number of listings that dont actually state a price.

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    How Long Does It Take To Sell A Used Boat

    Typically, the higher the price, the longer it takes. Figure 8-12 weeks as a baseline. Time of year can also be a factor. There are typically more consumers looking to buy boats in the spring, summer and fall months, but during those times, there is also typically an elevated number of boat listings on the market. That said, your best bet is to list your boat on a website with an audience of potential boat buyers like Boat Trader or boats.com.

    Pricing Your Boat To Sell Using Iboats Sell A Boat Program

    • Compile a list or scrapbook from local classifieds and the internet of boats that are similar to yours. Compare prices, condition, engines, etc. to help you price your boat. Pricing the boat correctly for your market is an important selling strategy. Some boats command a premium in certain markets while the same boat will sell at a discount in others. Getting the price right for your market will mean a quick sale and no worries about money “left on the table.”
    • The best place to find and compare boats and sales prices from many different areas is the Internet there are a number of sites including Boats For Sale that you can use.
    • Another source for pricing information is the marine “Blue Book” that your local bank, or boat dealer may be willing to share with you. You should also check the iboats.com Boat Prices page that will help you price your boat by entering your zip code, and boat information.

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    Avoid Private Sales Pitfalls

    • Time Drain time to place ads, answer calls, meet prospects, show boat, provide documentation, wait for checks to clear, etc.

    • Inconvenience late night phone calls and text showing hassles often broken appointments.

    • Danger exposing family and property to the general public?

    • Costly often ineffective yet considerable advertising expense.

    • Financing inability to provide financing for buyer.

    • Litigation exposure associated with differences in buyers perception of undisclosed problems.

    • Buyer Expectations prospects seek a clean boat. This will require time and cost money.

    • Damage & Repairs in the Interim.

    Determine The Market Value Of The Boat

    How to Sell My Boat SAFELY

    The biggest mistake that can make or mar the sale of your boat is to either price is too high or too low. And the reason many boaters fall into this trap is that they dont do basic market research.

    Too low, you will lose money and too high you will drive prospective buyers away.

    Thankfully, there is a wealth of resources online and offline to help you identify the best price for your boat.

    Use the following resources when pricing your boat:

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    We Buy Boats Immediate Cash Purchase

    When selling your boat quickly is your priority, selling your boat to us is your best option. We buy boats everyday! The benefits are:

    • No cost to you for this service.
    • On the spot same day payment.
    • We will pay off your loan.
    • No detailing and repair bills to pay.
    • In most cases your boat MUST be less than 7 years old and locally popular.

    Tax Savings From Trading In A Boat

    If you elect to trade in your old boat to a dealer as part of the purchase of a new boat it could save you some money on taxes.

    In states with a sales tax, you often only pay sales tax on the new boat price minus the value of your old boat trade-in.

    Here is how the tax math looks in numbers

    New boat = $50,000 Purchase Price

    Old boat = $20,000 Trade-In Value

    In this scenario, you only have to pay sales tax on the difference between the purchase price and the trade-in value . This means you only pay taxes on $30,000!

    Assuming a sales tax of 5%, you would have sales tax of $1,500 due at closing.

    If you sell your old boat to a private party, and then turn around and buy a new boat from a dealer, the dealer will have to charge you sales tax on the full purchase price.

    Using the example we used above, buying the new boat without a trade-in could result in a tax bill of $2,500! Thats a full $1,000 more than trading in the boat.

    Taxes should not be the deciding factor on whether or not to trade in your boat, but you should at least be aware of the difference.

    *Check with your CPA to verify the tax costs or benefits to trading or selling your boat based on your personal state and federal tax situation.

    After reading this, you may be convinced you want to trade in your old boat to the dealer to keep things simple. There is a catch

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    Pricing Guides For Boat Sales

    Helping to arrange Boat Financing for your buyers is helping yourself get paid, and contrary to common sense, many people are shopping before they ever actually secure the funds! A new Boat Lender just popped up here in South Florida called Hydro financing and I would definetly give them a shout. Theyre designed specifically to get in and out quickly with rates that are just as good as you would get through any other lender!

    Warranties On Boat Sales

    Where Can I search for a boat for sale? Where can I Get a ...

    A warranty on a boat sale is a promise by the seller that the title to the boat is clear and that there are no existing outstanding claims against the boat at the time of the sale. A warranty gives the buyer protection so that if a claim should arise that existed before the sale, the seller will be liable for it, not the buyer.

    It’s also possible to sell a boat without making any warranties about title. In this situation, the buyer takes on full responsibility should any claim arise after the sale.

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    How Does A Boat’s Location Affect Price

    Location has a big impact on boat prices. While this variable is more or less out of your control, you do have to take it into account when determining a reasonable price to ask. Gaining insight into just how much higher or lower you should price your boat compared to other parts of the nation can be very difficult, but as a general rule of thumb, in areas where population density is low and theres a much smaller pool of buyers, the boats value could be as much as 10-percent lower than it would be in more heavily populated areas.

    Other factors, such as the general availability of boats in an area, can also play a role. In some parts of the nation like south Florida, there may be so many boats of the same size and type on the market that pricing can get competitive. And in some others, such as on an inland lake in middle America where the choices are much more restricted, it can actually inflate a boats value.

    What Should I Expect

    • Expect to sign a Listing Agreement which includes:
    • Selling Price Your broker will research what comparable boats are for sale and evaluate what price similar boats have been sold for to advise you at what price the vessel should be offered. That selling price will appear on your Agreement.
    • Timeframe The agreement gives your Broker a minimum of 6 months to exclusively represent your boat.
    • Commission In exchange for marketing, representing, and processing all documents necessary to complete the sale of your boat, we collect a commission of 10% of the selling price or a minimum of $7,000, whichever is greater. Nothing is due until we sell your boat.
    • Expect to provide your Broker with a copy of your drivers license, title, registration card and Certificate of Documentation . Having this on hand will make the paperwork process quick and simple when your boat sells.
    • Expect your Broker to familiarize them self with your boat, take pictures and/or video to build your listing.

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    Prepare The Boat To Woo Buyers

    If you did a great job at pricing your boat, many buyers will start contacting you to learn more about it.

    You want to create a powerful first impression when they come to see the boat.

    You are in luck here as most boaters give little attention to preparing their boat. And then they wonder why its practically impossible to sell it.

    If you want to sell a house, you stage it so that prospective buyers can picture themselves already living in the space. Use the same logic to sell your boat fast.

    When preparing your boat, take care of:

    Broker Dealer Or Private Sale

    How to Sell My Boat SAFELY

    For those who like the idea of third party professionals handling the sale of their boat, its worth going through a Dealer of the relevant boat brand, or an independent Broker. For their services youll pay a percentage of the final sale price. A potentially cheaper option is organising the sale yourself through a classified website like BoatsandOutboards.co.uk or in print in your local paper or a specialist publication like Boat Trader magazine.

    When choosing a Broker, carry out some research locally and make sure you agree with their terms of business before making a decision. The BoatsandOutboards Find a Broker tool will give you the names of many leading brokers around the UK.

    Brokers and Dealers should deal with the advertising, sea or river trials, liaise and assist with surveyors, arrange any rectification work, assist with negotiations and deal with all the paperwork so they are worth every penny. In some cases, they’ll even berth or store your boat at their yard free of charge to enhance their display of boats for sale, and make it easier to show potential buyers your boat.

    Typically a Broker or Dealer will charge a sales commission of between 6% and 10% of your boat’s eventual selling price, plus VAT. The percentage charged principally depends upon your boat’s value the lower the boat value, the higher the percentage charged. But as a guide, for every £1,000 that your boat ultimately sells for, you can expect to pay between £70 and £120.

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    How To Sell A Boat: The Complete Guide

    The process of selling your boat privately can be a daunting task. If youre interested in learning about the ins-and-outs of selling, then look no further! The experts at Boat Trader have compiled an extensive list of suggestions to ensure a quick sale. If youve done this before and are ready to list your boat for sale right away, then Boat Traders private sellers page is where you may want to navigate.

    We begin with some basic steps to understand before you strike a deal with a buyer. It is best to review and understand each of these steps prior to listing your boat for sale. Think of it as studying for an exam. You want to know each of the steps very well prior to meeting with potential buyers. So, lets get started! Here are the seven steps to selling your boat online.

  • Interacting with potential buyers be ready to communicate with buyers
  • Paperwork ensure the Is are dotted and the Ts are crossed
  • Payments now, its time to get paid!
  • Above: Boat Traders Lenny Rudow walks through the steps to sell your boat online in this helpful video.

    There Are Some Places Only A Boat Can Take You One Of Them Is Called Happiness

    Roads and highways can take you to some amazing places, but the route is the same each time, and you dont get to set it yourself. A boat lets you travel to some spectacular destinations, but the real joy is in the journey. Every trip on the water is an adventure, and its never the same one twice.

    As you think about purchasing a boat, there is a lot to consider what journeys do you want to take? The answer will help determine which boat is right for you, where to buy and store it, determine if you need to license or register it and, when youre ready to move on, how to sell or dispose of it.


    There is much to consider in determining the right boat for you and your family. What kind of boating are you interested in? Do you want to use it for day tripping or long-term cruising? How many people does it need to accommodate? How much do you want to invest?

    Our partners at Discover Boating Canada have and in-depth boat selector tool that can help you make the right choice. You can check it out here.


    If you are purchasing a new or pre-owned boat, we strongly recommend you use a dealeror certified broker. They will walk you through the process step-by-step, ensure the vessel has been properly maintained and surveyed and can also assist with marine financing, insurance and offer ongoing support once youre off using your boat on your own.


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