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How To Register Your Boat In Florida

Florida Boat Registration Fees

How to Register a Kayak in FLORIDA easy

It is a requirement for boaters to submit payment for the applicable fees. Boat registration fees in Florida vary based on the size of the vessel and are provided below:

  • Class A-1 : $5.50
  • Class A-2 : $16.25
  • Class 1 : $28.75
  • Class 2 : $78.25
  • Class 3 : $127.75
  • Class 4 : $152.75
  • Class 5 : $189.75

However, reduced vessel registration fees are available for certain vessels in certain instances. Namely, lower fees are available for vessels with Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons and for vessel owners who have Personal Locator Beacons .

Do Campers Need License Plates

If youre interested in driving a camper , trailer, or recreational vehicle, also known as an RV, you may need a Class E or F drivers license if the vehicles gross vehicle weight is 26,001 pounds or more. Only certain types of campers or trailers that attach to vehicles must be registered and receive license plates .

Registration Numbers And Decal Placement:

  • The registration number must be painted or permanently affixed to each side of the bow, above the waterline.
  • The registration number must be in bold, block letters and be at least 3 inches high.
  • The color of the registration number must contrast with the color of the boat.
  • The registration number must be read from left to right.
  • Numbers and letters need to be separated by a space or hyphen that is equal to the width of the letters.
  • These placement requirements are also applicable to personal watercraft .

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Florida Boat Sale Laws

Ask around among family and friends, and you’re liable to get a whole heap of tips on how to sell a boat in Florida give it a wax, shampoo the carpets, clean the bilge, get it surveyed and make sure you take some well-lit photos. All good advice, but these tricks neglect one crucial element: The best way to sell a boat in Florida is the legal way.

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Apply For Vessel Registration

Registration Requirements: BoatUS Foundation

You can apply for an Fl boat registration together with the vessel title with an authorized license plate agent or a county tax collector.

Since your boat does not have a title yet, you must produce documents that establish proof of vessel ownership.

It can include a builders contract, a federal marine document, an executed bill of sale, a manufacturers statement of origin, or other acceptable documents.

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Applying For Duplicate Certificates

If a valid Florida vessel registration is lost or destroyed, a duplicate can be obtained from a county tax collector or license plate agent by submitting Form HSMV 87015. If a Florida certificate of title is lost or destroyed, the titled owner can get a duplicate by submitting a completed Form HSMV 82101 and a $6 fee to a county tax collector or license plate agent. The application will be processed and the duplicate title mailed within five working days from receipt of the application. For those counties issuing expedited duplicates and FLHSMV offices, a fee of $11 is assessed.


Boat Registration Numbers And Stickers Placement

Boat registration numbers must be:

  • Displayed on the forward half of your vessel well above the waterline
  • Painted or applied as a decal, where law enforcement officials can read it.
  • Letters and numbers in BLOCK style, at least 3 inches in height, and must contrast in color with the hull.
  • Letters and number that read from left to right and have a space or hyphen to separate letters and numbers.

Boat egistration stickers must be:

  • Renewed upon expiration.
  • Within 6 inches of, either in front of or behind, the registration number, on the port side of the watercraft
  • Displayed in line with the numbers
  • Show the expiration date

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How To Register A Boat

So you’ve finally purchased the boat of your dreams. Now, what’s the next step? A good place to start is with boat registration. Registering a boat is required by lawmuch like with a carand the rules and guidelines for how this process is done and what kind of watercraft must be registered are dictated by the state in which the vessel will regularly operate .

Here’s the basic steps to follow when registering a boat:

  • Research the boat registration requirements in your state.
  • Complete a registration formeither online, through the mail, or in person.
  • Provide proof of ownershipincluding a title and/or bill of sale.
  • Pay the registration fee, which varies by state and the size of the vessel.
  • Be conscious of the expiration date and apply for renewal.
  • Vessel Titling And Registrations


    All motorized vessels operating on Floridas public waterways must be titled and registered. Chapter 328, Florida Statutes, designates that FLHSMV is responsible for issuing vessel registrations and titles. Applications for titles and registrations must be filed at a county tax collector or license plate agent office. Owners have the option of registering their vessel for either one year or two years.

    A purchaser of a new or used vessel has 30 days to title and register that vessel. During this 30 day period, the owner must have proof of the date of purchase aboard the vessel. Operating an unregistered vessel after 30 days is a second-degree misdemeanor.

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    Initial Registration And Renewals

    Residents operating their vessels on Florida’s waters must register those vehicles in the State of Florida. Non-residents must register their out-of-state vessels in Florida if the vessel is used in Floridas waters more than 90 days. Initial registration must be completed at one of our offices, renewals can be completed online or in one of our offices. The cost of renewing a registration and tag varies according to length of the vessel:

    • Canoes under 12′ $15.50
  • Now serving you BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

    We are accepting walk-ins each day from 2:30 p.m. until close.

    Driver License Service Hours:

    9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • Registering A Boat In Florida

    Registering A Boat In Florida. Registering a boat in florida. All motorized vessels in florida must be registered through the local county tax collector’s office.

    Boating in florida is a quintessential part of being a floridian, and it’s a state known for the sheer amount of water that it holds. To register, you’ll need the hull identification number some amphibious vehicles that have already been registered elsewhere will not need to be additionally registered as a boat. How to buy a boat in florida. Registering a boat in florida. Any motorized boat in florida must contain boat registration numbers on the hull of the boat.

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    Do You Need A Title For A Trailer In Florida

    A certificate of title in electronic or paper form is the proof of ownership of a vehicle, mobile home or vessel in the state of Florida . Most vehicles, mobile homes or vessels are required to be titled, with the exception of mopeds, motorized bicycles, and trailers weighing less than 2,000 pounds.

    Fl Boat Registration Requirements

    Florida Boat Registration Number Decal Information ...

    To register your boat, head to the license plate agent or county tax collector’s office nearest to you with the following:

    • Completed boatregistration application.
    • Not offered online can only be obtained in person at from the license plate agent/tax collector office.
  • A proof of ownership document, like:
  • Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin.
  • Per lienrecorded on a title: $1 in addition to original title fee.
  • Fee for titling previously out-of-state vessel: $4 in addition to initial titling fee.
  • Original/renewal registration fees :
  • Class A-1 : $5.50.
  • Class A-2 : $16.25.
  • Class 1 : $28.75.
  • Class 2 (26 ft to 40 ft: $78.25.
  • Class 3 : $127.75.
  • Class 4 : $152.75.
  • Class 5 : $189.75.
  • Registration service fee: $2.25.
  • Florida’s Real-Time Vehicle Information System fee: $0.50.
  • Please note that some counties may tack on additional fees.

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    Boat Registration In Florida

    Flotilla 95 Staff Officer John Moyer checks the boat registration during a free Vessel Safety Inspection. Photo by Keith Wohltman

    Registering a boat is like registering a car. In Florida, all motorized boats used on Floridas public waterways must be registered. There are few exemptions, such as U.S. Government owned boats boats used strictly as lifeboats and non-resident boats used for 90 days or less on Floridas public waterways. Other exemptions are non-motorized boats that are less than 16 feet non-motorized kayaks, canoes, racing shells, or rowing skulls of any length and boats used exclusively on private lakes or ponds.

    The Florida Certificate of Registration and Validation Decal to are issued by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. You have 30 days from the time you purchase a boat to obtain the registration. During that period, you must carry the purchase receipt with you when operating the boat.

    You must keep the Certificate of Registration on board whenever you operate the boat.

    Displaying your registration and validation decal:

    You must display the registration

    numbers on the left and right sides of

    the bow of your boat.

    These numbers must be painted,

    applied as a decal, or otherwise

    attached to the boat.

    They must be maintained in legible


    The numbers must read from left to

    right on both sides of the boat.

    Numbers must be at least three inches

    high in bold BLOCK lettering in a color

    color of your boat.

    S To Registering Your Vessel In Florida

    Florida law requires all motorized boats that operate on its public waterways to be titled and registered with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. You have 30 days after buying the boat to title and register it, but until the process is complete, be sure to keep a proof of purchase aboard at all times, as operating an unregistered boat after 30 days is a second-degree misdemeanor in Florida.

    Below is an overview of the steps involved in registering your vessel.

    1. Visit your local license plate agency or county tax collector

    You must apply for titling and registration at your local license plate agency or county tax collector.

    2. Title the vessel

    A Florida Certificate of Title must be issued prior to registration. In addition to the appropriate titling fee, you have to present the following documents:

    • For new vessels: a Manufacturers Certificate of Origin. If it was built in a state that doesnt require this certificate, you may present an executed dealers bill of sale instead. Any proof of ownership must include a complete description of the boat, including its hull identification number and the name of the manufacturer.
    • Used vessels titled in Florida: documentation confirming that title was transferred to you.
    • Used vessels titled out of state: out-of-state documentation confirming correct title transfer

    3. Register the vessel

    • A manufacturers statement of origin
    • A builders contract

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    Visit A License Plate Agent Office Or Tax Collector With Your Boat Documents

    If your boat is not from the title exemptions list, you must visit a license plate agent office or a tax collector together with your watercraft documents.

    If you bought a brand new vessel, you must bring the Manufacturers Certificate of Origin. You may also present a statement of builder if you dont have an MCO.

    If you bought the watercraft outside Florida and the state does not have an MCO, you must secure proof of ownership. In most cases, the dealers bill of sale can serve as proof of vessel ownership. Ensure it contains a complete vessel description.

    Owners of used vessels bought from states without titling requirements must bring the watercrafts current registration certificate and the current registrants bill of sale.

    You might want to perform a boat registration number lookup from the state where the watercraft was last registered.

    How To Register An Untitled Trailer In Florida

    Do I need to register my boat? –

    Florida’s Department of Motor Vehicles determines what kind of vehicles need to be registered, which ones need to be titled and which ones need both. Fortunately, the process of registering and titling vehicles even a previously untitled trailer is a simple one, handled through your local county tax collector’s office.

    Find out how much your trailer weighs. If it’s less than 2,000 pounds, it doesn’t require a title for registration in Florida. If it’s more than 2,000 pounds, you’ll need to apply for a new title at the time you register it. Read More:How to Register a Boat Trailer in Florida

    Take proof of ownership for the trailer and proof of insurance to your county tax collector’s office, which issues Florida tags and titles.

    Complete and sign Florida’s title application form and pay the title fee to the tax collector if your trailer weighs 2,000 pounds or more. Title fees cost $77.25 for new vehicles, $75.25 for used Florida vehicles and $85.25 for vehicles from outside the state.

    Purchase or transfer your trailer’s Florida tag by paying the appropriate tag fees and registration costs.



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    How Much Does Boat Registration Cost In The State Of Florida


    * as of August 2020

    Registration fees also include an additional $2.25 service fee and $.50 FRVIS fee.

    An additional $50 commercial vessel license fee is required of all non-residents or aliens unless specifically exempted.

    The Florida counties of Broward, Charlotte, Collier, Dade, Hardee, Hillsborough, Lee, Manatee, Martin, Monroe, Palm Beach, Pinellas, Polk, Sarasota and Volusia charge the optional county fee.

    Fl Boat Registration Renewals And Replacements

    The registration renewal period for your boat depends on its type of ownership:

    • Privately owned vessel: During the birth month of the owner.
    • Vessels owned by a corporation or dealer: From June 1 to June 30.

    You can renew your boat registration with the FL Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for either 1 year OR 2 years by submitting the necessary information about your vessel ANDrenewal fees:

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    Boater Safety Courses In Florida

    After obtaining documented vessel registration in Florida, operators must focus on safely using their boats at all times. Boaters with valid boat registrations who are convicted of two non-criminal vessel safety violations within a one-year period are required to complete a boater education course that is approved by the state of Florida and the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators .

    Courses are available online and in person, and proof of course completion must be sent to the FL Commissions Boating and Waterways Section. Additionally, vessel operators convicted of a criminal boating infraction or a violation that caused a boating accident must complete the standard boater education class along with a four-hour violator course.

    Note: Boating safety education courses and exams are also required for first-time boaters who wish to obtain licensure.

    Can I Register My Boat Online In Florida

    Where to put FL reg numbers?

    4.8/5A Florida boata boataFloridawillaregistrationThea boat registrationonline boat

    Also to know is, how do I register a boat in Florida?

    The proof of ownership must include a complete description of the vessel, including manufacturer’s name, year, type, hull material, propulsion, fuel, use of vessel, hull identification number and length. Used vessel currently titled in FLFlorida title accurately completed for transfer to purchaser.

    Secondly, do I have to register my boat in Florida? Vessels must be registered and numbered within 30 days of purchase. If your vessel has a current and valid registration or certificate of number from another U.S. state or territory, you may operate it in Florida for 90 days before you are required to register it in Florida.

    Correspondingly, can I register my boat online?

    Register Your Boat OnlineRequirements vary from state to state, and depending on the size and type of your boat, registration numbers and validation stickers may need to be displayed. Click on your state to find out how to register your boat, requirements, regulations and to get more information.

    Can I renew my boat registration online in Florida?

    Renew OnlineFLHSMV offers a quick, convenient way to renew a vehicle or vessel registration online at The following motor vehicle services are offered through GoRenew: One or two-year registration renewals for motor vehicles. One or two-year registration renewals for vessels.

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    How To Register And Title Your Boat In Florida

    According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles department, all motorized vessels operating on Floridas public waterways must be titled and registered. While there is a lot of excitement around you purchase your boat, registering your boat in Florida is an important first step that shouldnt be overlooked.

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    Fortunately, registering your boat is a simple process that doesnt take a lot of time. Simply put, you need to apply for vessel registration with your local county tax collector or license plate agent. Youll need a few things when applying for vessel registration in Florida, including:

    • Proof of ownership through executed bill of sale
    • Builders contract
    • Manufacturers statement of origin
    • Federal marine document or other acceptable documentation
    • Boat title

    Boat Is Registered In Georgia

    Seller should give the buyer a signed and detailed bill of sale and the Georgia boat registration card. The bill of sale must contain sufficient information to identify the boat, such as hull identification number, year, make, model, Georgia boat registration number, etc.

    Buyer should obtain the detailed bill of sale and the sellers registration card. If the seller is not the owner of record on the Georgia registration card, the seller should also give the buyer copies of bills of sale that form a chain back to the owner of record to show the boat was legally transferred by the owner of record to each subsequent owner if these bills of sale are available.

    The previous owners registration card should be retained by the buyer until their registration card is receivedafter their registration card is received we suggest the previous owners registration card be destroyed.

    Most Georgia registered boats have an eTitle in the state registration system. If a Georgia paper title for the vessel exists, it must be transferred and given to the buyer.

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