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How To Remove Oxidation From Fiberglass Boat

Meguiars Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover


If youre looking for a marine oxidation remover from a company that knows their stuff, then you may find this as the ideal one for you. Meguiar has been on the market for marine and land vehicle products for over 115 years. Their heavy-duty oxidation remover is only 0,16 fl. ounces, but its powerful and efficient.

This remover can get rid of light and moderate oxidation from various surfaces. You can use it on fiberglass, gel-coat, or high-tech paint surfaces. What is more, this product doesnt only remove oxidation. It also gets rid of stains and light scratches. You can rely on this marine cleaner to also get rid of hard water stains from your vehicle.

You can use this product on a boat, an RV, or any gel-coat surface. What is more, this remover doesnt damage graphics on the area that you treat. Its possible to remove even heavy oxidation with cautious work.


  • You can use this remover with a machine or by hand.
  • This cleaner restores the shine and gloss of the surface.
  • The formula contains diminishing abrasives, and it doesnt leave scratches on the surface.


How To Make Your Rv Gel Coat Shine Again

As an RV owner, you should be aware that maintaining your RV finish may get neglected. Washing and waxing an RV is a big job. However, if you want to keep your RV looking good and maintain its resale value, keeping the shine is essential. The best way to make your RV look shiny and new again, begins with removing any oxidation on the exterior surface. That process should be followed with a few coats of wax specifically made for fiberglass gel coats.

Your RV should be washed once a month with a car wash, then waxed. The wax will form a protective coating between the elements and the gel coat. But after a period of time, the wax will wear off and the gel coat will be exposed once again to the elements. As a result, this requires the regular removal of oxidation and a fresh coat of wax.

Tips And Suggestions For Using Meguiars Marine Compound

  • Before using a marine compound to remove below surface defects, wash and dry the surface of your boat or RV with a premium wash. Meguiarâs M54 Gel Wash is a great product to effectively remove loose surface contaminants without stripping wax protection. With biodegradable* detergents, itâs safe for both your boat and the marine life!
  • Shake the product thoroughly before use.
  • Always make sure the surface you are working with is cool to the touch.
  • Do not apply to vinyl surfaces, rubber surfaces or on decals.
  • If you have defects that the M67 One Step Compound canât remove step up to MeguiarâsMarine/RV M91 Power Cut Compound for more severe defect removal without scouring the finish.
  • After removing all defects and bringing back maximum shine, be sure to put protection back on the surface withMeguiarâs Marine/RV M56 Pure Wax Carnauba Blend or Meguiarâs M63 Flagship Premium Marine Wax.
Working by Machine
Working by Hand
  • Working a section at a time using a small amount of product on a 100% cotton terry cloth towel or Meguiarâs Soft Foam Applicator Pad.
  • Rub thoroughly into the surface with moderate pressure.
  • Immediately wipe with a Meguiarâs Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel or a separate cotton terry towel.
  • Do not let product dry on the surface.

*Detergents biodegradable per Regulation No 648/2004.

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What Is Boat Oxidation

Wiping clean your boat is not enough for you to say that you have taken reasonable care of the vessel. The reason why a bucket of water and a mop arent enough for the proper care of a boat is evident in our boat detailing section of the Marine Mag website.

There we have created guides on getting the top products for every aspect of boat maintenance. Once you go through our work, you will quickly find out that many threats lurk around, and by that, we mean corrosion, filth, denting, scratches, etc.

Every problem can be remedied, but we need to put the correct diagnosis first. So how do we tell that we got boat oxidation on our hands?

Well, for starters, your boat will start losing some of its shine. The term professionals use chalking. This is what appears on the surface of the vessel, and it is a sure sign of oxidation. Also, yellowish stains may signal that it is time to obtain one of the products we have reviewed above.

Mckee’s 37 Redline Wool Pad Spur

How to Remove Entire Waterline Rust Stains from Fiberglass ...

Long gone are the days of using a screw driver to clean your wool pad on the fly. This caveman method has destroyed thousands of wool pads over the years. Using a wool pad spur, like the one I developed for my 100% twisted wool cutting pad, removes caked-on polish and compound residue without destroying your expensive wool pads. As a matter of fact, using the McKee’s 37 Redline Wool Pad Spur after each section you compound increases the life of the wool pad, plus it fluffs the fibers so they continue to cut through oxidation and scratches.

Using a pad spur is simple: With the head of the polisher on your knee, turn the speed to high setting and depress the trigger. Move the pad spur from the inside to the outside of the pad, back and forth several times. In just a few seconds your wool pad will perform like new!

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How To Use A Boat Oxidation Remover

We will now go through the simple process of applying an oxidation remover on your boat.

  • Identify the level of oxidation you have. A couple of sections earlier, we mentioned the three primary levels of oxidation. To a large extent, this will determine the type of product you need. Newer boats with light levels of oxidation will require a light-duty product. Heavy-duty removers are to be sued only if the severity of the oxidation is high.
  • Once you are comfortable with what product you will use, wipe clean your boat using a simple rag or a mop. Apply water and some detergent if you wish, but make sure the hull is dry before commencing with the remover.
  • Pick the correct detailing tool. Oxidation removers are best applied using an electric cleaner. We dont recommend doing everything by hand, especially if you got a lot of areas to cover. Use a buffer, and it will make all the difference in the world. Look for a buffer with as much fluff and softness as possible. Remember, we need to be as gentle to the boat as possible. Something that rotates in a random direction and has a foam wool pad will do the trick.
  • After you are done buffing, nothing stops you from wiping the surface with a dry rag. Thats it, you are done!
  • If You Have A New Boat

    If you happen to be the owner of a fresh-out-of-the-mold, brand-spanking-new boat, you are in luck. Why? Because unlike other owners, all you need to do is wash your boat and apply a quality wax. Waxing your boat now will protect that like-new look and head off a time-consuming restoration project down the line.

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    X Premium Microfiber Towels

    Premium Microfiber Towels are the perfect workhorse for your towel collection. Yes they’re “premium,” but these towels are up for any task! Each towel is composed of an 80% polyester, 20% polyamide microfiber blend, offering the perfect balance of absorbency and cleaning power. Premium Microfiber Towels are perfect for any cleaning job in or around your vehicle!

    Kit includes:

    Remove All Surface Dirt

    How to remove oxidation off a fiberglass boat

    Give any surfaces youll be working on a good cleaning. Wash your hull and topsides with marine boat soap diluted in water. Marine boat soaps rinse residue-free and are better for the environment. If the surface is especially dirty, you might need to use a heavy-duty cleaner. After washing, let dry.

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    Advice For Removing Oxidation From Rv Fiberglass

    Polishes containing mild abrasives are a good option for removing oxidation from RV fiberglass. These will also remove light scratches, surface stains and weathered paint. Keep in mind, polishes are not a protective finish, and need to be topped off with wax. However, waxes and polishes only work for fiberglass RV exteriors with little to moderate oxidation.

    Star Brite Liquid Rubbing Compound 16 Oz Oxidation & Scratch Remover

    Our rating: 7 / 10

    Oxidation removers like this one from Star Brite are generally intended for fiberglass hulls when they suffer from discoloration and damage. However, they also work on gelcoat. For this reason, it has also become a favorite for users of both kinds of boats.

    The main issue with fiberglass and even aluminum is that as they age they can get a severe case of oxidation. Not only does oxidation weaken the hull of a boat, it can completely ruin its appearance.

    This oxidation remover from Star Brite will completely remove oxidation without leaving behind any scratches, and without harming the hull.

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    Other Important Factors To Consider

    If you are a newbie in removing oxidation from the boat, here are a handful of facts and boat oxidation remover advantages you should know.

    What is a boat oxidation remover?

    A boat oxidation remover is a marine cleaning solution which eliminates oxidation, chalking, stains, yellowing, and other forms of degradation on a boats surfaces.

    How does it work?

    Oxidation removers work by lifting stains and eliminating oxidation and chalking on fiberglass, gel coats, metal, and painted surfaces.

    What are the different types of oxidation removers for boats?

    Certain oxidation removers do the job of eliminating oxidation while adding shine, restoring color, and leaving a protective wax layer at the same time. This type of oxidation remover combines the power of a potent oxidation cleaner and wax or polisher.

    On the other hand, certain products only do the job of eliminating oxidation, staining, chalking, and other effects of degradation but will not enhance shine and brilliance or add a protective layer to the boats surfaces.

    Why do you need a boat oxidation remover?

    • It eliminates oxidation and other effects of degradation.

    Removing oxidation, stains, yellowing, and rust deposits are now made easier through the use of an oxidation remover.

    In case you are thinking about having your boats surfaces professionally restored, I suggest you save your money and just purchase a premium-quality oxidation remover. It effectively eliminates visible signs of degradation in one easy application.

    Will My Boat Surface Always Recover After The Use Of An Oxidation Remover

    Very Fast &  Easy way to Remove Chalky Effect of Oxidation ...

    There will definitely be some sort of improvement, but after many years of use, you cannot expect a boat to look as if youve just purchased it. Over time, the shine may stop coming back, but one thing is for sure, the hull will be in good shape.

    The bottom line is for the body of your boat to be healthy and stable. If you care about the gleam of the hull, then we recommend also looking at our professional reviews of select boat polishes. Polishing the boat after buffing it will significantly help.

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    Restoring Gelcoat Like The Pros: Elbow Grease Required

    Lets say that the gelcoat on your boat looks less than stellaras in chalky like a chalkboard less than stellar. Maybe your blue boat now has a purplish hue, or your topsides dont reflect anything other than poor care. The good news is that the damage is reversible, in most cases. The bad news is that you have a lot of work ahead of you.

    Whether youre trying to prep your boat for sale or rehabbing a new acquisition, or just sprucing up your current ride, restoring gelcoat shine not only makes you feel better, it actually enhances the value of your boat and helps to make it last longer. Its also one of the easiest things you can do on your boat yourself.

    You might have a lot of folks tell you that you can get away with using one-step waxes and snake-oil treatments that guarantee a great shine, but the truth is, if you have a badly oxidized gelcoat finish, the method youre going to read about here is exactly how the pros would do it if you hired the job out yourself. It requires some specialized tools and materials, but you can save a good amount of money doing it yourself. If you have light or moderately oxidized gelcoat, have a look at this video, which explains the steps in removing that light oxidation from your boat.

    How To Use Boat Oxidation Remover And Not Damage Your Boat

    In this article, you will learn:

    • Why oxidation is such a problem for boats
    • How to safely remove oxidation from your boats fiberglass
    • How to help prevent oxidation to keep your boat looking new for longer

    Its true that Turtle Wax was founded to help drivers keep their cars looking great, but many of our products work just as well on other vehicles. Take boats, for example. Your boat is exposed to the very same environmental elements as your car. And even though the materials in your boat are different, Turtle Wax products work safely to restore and protect those materials as well. One of the primary concerns for both drivers and boaters is oxidation from the suns UV rays. A number of our polishing compounds can work as a marine polish to remove that oxidation from your boats finish, and well talk you through the process. Its easy!

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    Oz Nautical One Detail Spray With Carnauba

    Nautical One Detail Spray with Carnauba is a spray-on cleaner and wax in one! This unique formula is loaded with state-of-the-art, super slick polymers that encapsulate dirt, salt, and grime lifting them above the surface where they can be safely wiped away without scratching. Nautical One Detail Spray with Carnauba is enriched with high-grade carnauba wax that protects treated surfaces from UV rays, cracking and fading. Use Final Step Detail Wax on gel coat, paint, fiberglass, aluminum, chrome, decals, windows, countertops, appliances, and any other hard surface on or in your RV.

    Marine 31 Gel Coat Oxidation Cleaners

    Very Fast & Easy way to Remove Chalky Effect of Oxidation on Fiberglass Gel Coat for Boats/RV’s

    I found that this product is closely similar to that of McKees in the sense that they both use the advanced diminishing abrasive technology and are both formulated with lubricating oils.

    Both are effective in removing oxidation, allow a long buffing cycle, easy to rinse off, can be applied using a machine or by hand, and restores the boats color and shine to its lustrous and glorious old days.

    However, what made me appreciate this brand a lot is the fact that even if the formula used a unique blend of chemicals, they still managed to use materials that were environmentally-friendly. Aside from that, you can confidently apply the product even with direct exposure to sunlight and in locations with hot and humid weather.

    The only negative thing that I can point out is that its not as effective in dealing with heavy oxidation as expected. It can work with light or medium oxidation, but if you have heavy oxidation on your boat, then you might want to use a better remover.

    • Dual-purpose as oxidation remover and polisher
    • Works to restore surfaces as if its brand new
    • Safe to be used even with exposure to sunlight
    • Versatile enough for hand-use or machine-use
    • Environmental-friendly formula
    • Not quite effective in dealing with heavy oxidation

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    What To Look For When Buying An Oxidation Remover For Boats

    With all the various brands of marine cleaning products available on the market these days, narrowing down the best boat oxidation remover can be quite challenging.

    Here is a list of things you need to consider or look for when shopping for a marine oxidation cleaner.

    • Select a Product that is Purposely Made for Boats and RVs

    When shopping for an oxidation remover, it is not enough to just pick any product you think will do the job. It is extremely important to select the right product according to your boats surface materials and its oxidation level. Moreover, certain oxidation removers are meant to be used only on certain surfaces.

    Although your boats surface may look the same as your cars, boats surface materials such as fiberglass, metal, or gel coats require a specific cleaning and polishing product to protect and preserve the watercraft. Thus, in order to achieve the best results, I suggest you invest in marine cleaning products that are specifically formulated for boats.

    • Consider its Versatility

    Although the hull is the biggest surface area your boat has, the other surfaces of your boat may also need oxidation removal. Thus, choose a product that is not only suitable for a boats hull but also for other vital boat surface areas such as gel coat, metal, and fiberglass.

    • Check if it has Lasting Results

    Advantages And Disadvantages In Using An Oxidation Remover For Boat

    Using an oxidation remover will help you save money. It is a more economical option because you wont have to pay for overpriced professional fees. If you can see that the oxidation is not so severe, then you should try to do it by yourself. Note that when using an oxidation remover, this involves patience because it is a process of trial and error to see which one works best for your boat.

    On the other hand, if you are using an oxidation remover, one of the challenges you will face is the urge to find the right product that will work for your boat, and you will have to invest in equipment.

    If you have your boat restored by a professional, you wont need to invest in equipment and do trial and errors with different products. It will be more convenient, and you can be assured that the boat will be successfully restored. If you do the restoration by yourself, there is no assurance that the product will work, and the outcome is likewise unsure if the restoration will be a success.

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