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How To Keep Dog Cool On Boat

Groom His Excess Hair Off Before The Trip

How To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Heat- Summer Cooling Gadgets – Professional Dog Training Tips

You will hear from dog owners who suggest shaving your dog before a boat trip. Thats a non-starter for our own dog, as hes a short-haired breed and it would make him look ridiculous!

Most dogs will shed their winter coat in the warmer summer months as part of their own self-cooling mechanism, but that doesnt mean they cant do without a little help.

We have a product called the Furminator de-shedding tool . Its dead simple to use, and with a couple of strokes through his coat, we can remove any excess hair from him that could contribute to him over-heating.

Another side benefit to grooming and de-shedding before a boat trip is that you will reduce all those irritating dog hairs getting into your boat food;and onto the boat seats!

When Youre On The Boat

6. Keep your dogs first outing short. Hopkins says its best to make your dogs first boat outing brief so he can adjust to the ships movement. The first time they are out on a boat they can also get seasick, so watch for that, Botsford adds. If seasickness becomes severe, ask your veterinarian about possible medication for future outings.

Bring A Leash & Plan For Potty Breaks

You should always have a leash handy when youre on the boat for many reasons. If you have an unplanned stop, an emergency, or an encounter with other boaters and dogs, your pup will be better off on leash.

You should also have a plan for potty breaks. Some boaters use puppy pads or astroturf to let their dogs go potty on the boat, but some pups need to be on land before they feel comfortable enough to do their business.

If thats the case for your dog, plan where youre going to stop for potty breaks, and make sure your dog is on leash before you approach a dock or land. You dont want your dog jumping off the boat early and running off because they have to go potty.

This can be a safety issue because some dogs feel very anxious when they have to do their business and dont have anywhere to go. Most dogs know its not okay for them to go potty on the boat, so they may start to look for a way to get off and head for land.

Dont let it get to that point for your dog. Take breaks.

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Give Him A Gel Cooling Mat To Lie On

Dont ask me how this works, they may as well be witchcraft, but the benefits are insane. Essentially, its a mat that your dog can lie on in the shade, but if feels constantly cool to help bring their temperature down.

The mats are comfortable to lie on and have a special gel inside of them that cushions and cools your dog for up to 3 hours. Once the dog gets up, the gel will take around 20 minutes to re-charge itself back to a cool temperature.

Like I said, witchcraft.

You dont have to soak it, you dont have to put it in a cool box, it simply works.

You can see the one that we use to stop our dog from over-heating on our boat on Amazon. Its called the .

Acclimate Your Pet To Your Boat

Buddy Bowl

Before planning a big day on the water or a longer boating trip, prepare your pets for adventure by allowing them to explore your boat while it is safely docked or on land on a trailer. This way, your pet can get used to this new environment in a more controlled, safe way.

Watch your pets while they explore for any adverse reactions to being on a boat, and discuss any concerns you have with your vet. The first time you take your pet out boating on the water, keep the trip short, gradually acclimating them to longer times on the boat.

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Sailing With Dogs Can Be Challenging And Rewarding So This Is A List Of 24 Essential Things Every Boat Dog Needs To Have Onboard To Make The Experience Safe And Comfortable

After a year of sailing the world with my two beagles, Capn Jack & Scout, I learned a lot about how to keep my dogs safe, comfortable, and happy onboard. And if your furry family members are happy, their humans will be happy!

These tips and useful products are also great for those of you who love to take your pets with you in other kinds of boats!

I actually wrote the book on sailing with dogs. How to Sail with Dogs 100 Tips for a Pet-Friendly Voyage is available as an ebook and on paperback by following these links.

This SAILING WITH DOGS SURVIVAL KIT includes my 24 favorite products that make sailing with your dog easier, safer, and more comfortable for the dogs and their humans!

Watch the video about how to sail with dogs – everything you need to know

DISCLOSURE: This article contains affiliate links. If you click through and order the product, you allow us to earn a small commission at absolutely no cost to you!

Cruises On The Bay Baltimore Md

Cruises on the Bay by Watermark are pet friendly and all dogs ride for free. The company even occasionally hosts animal charity fundraiser cruises where a portion of the proceeds benefits local animal rescue efforts.

After a day of sightseeing, a cruise is the perfect way to reward your pooch for a well behaved walk down Main Street in Annapolis or a romp around the Baltimore Inner Harbor, says the boats owners.

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Make Safety The First Priority

Safety should be the number one priority when boating with your dog. “Small dogs are at greater risk of being thrown from a boat if you’re going to fast in choppy waters,” Bragg says.

And, even if your dog loves to swim, it’s a good idea to put them in a life jacket. Bragg recommends the Ruffwear float coat. “They’re durable, last forever, fit dogs well, and they have a secure integrated handle, which makes it easier to pull your dog back into the boat.”;

You’ll know it fits if you can get a couple of fingers beneath the strap. Get your dog into the life jacket as soon as you board. If your dog falls overboard, suddenly jumps off the boat, or there is an accident it would be too late to put the float coat on the dog.

You might also take along a floating leash especially if your dog doesn’t have a good stay or a good recall. “Floating leashes are less likely to get caught on something under the water surface, or in a boat propeller,” Bragg says. “They are also easier to grab onto if needed.”;

Also, keep your pup hydrated with fresh water, and, if they’ve got a pink nose or naked ear tips, slather on a bit of sunscreen specifically for dogs.;

Must Have Dog Sunscreen: Epi

How to Keep Dogs Cats and Pets Cool in your RV or Camper! Travel with Pets

Epi-Petis an FDA approved sunscreen for dogs and horses.; It should be applied to the skin and especially used on dogs with light colored fur and/or skin and thin fur, short fur, or shaved fur. Though Epi-Pet Sun Protector Spray is waterproof, you should apply it every few times your dog gets wet.; It should be applied daily when your dog is in the sun – dogs with light-skinned or light-colored fur can get sunburned easily, just like light-skinned people!; Do not used human sunscreen on your dogs!; They might lick up harmful chemicals.

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Choosing A Life Jacket For Your Pet

Many dogs love swimming, but having a special life jacket designed for pets is absolutely essential for water safety. Even strong swimmers can be challenged by adverse weather, waves or currents. Shop around for a dog life jacket well before your intended boating trip. Relying on human life jackets or life preservers is not enough because they wont fit correctly on an animal and wont provide the same level of protection.

When choosing a life jacket for your pet, you should look for:

  • Bright colors:;Look for a jacket with vibrant colors that are easy to spot, even in dim lighting or churning waters. Reflective trim is also a great feature to have on a life jacket.
  • A handle:;You may need to lift your pet out of the water, and a handle on the back makes this quick and easy. Never grab your pet by the collar, as this can cause injury.
  • The right fit:;Ensure that the life jacket fits your pet properly and that all straps and buckles are in the right places for maximum safety and comfort.

Before you travel, have your pet try on the life jacket and maybe go for a short swim with the new life jacket on to make sure they are used to wearing it.

Tips For Taking Your Dog On A Boat

If you have a dog and you dont take him on your boat, poor little Fido is missing out.

Most dogs;love getting out on the water as much as you and I doand you wouldnt leave you best friend stuck on shore every time you left the dock, would you? So the next time you grab your sailing bag or fishing rods, also grab the leash and the water bowl. Just remember to use these dogs-on-board tips, to keep the trip a fun one for everyone.

Dogs love boats just as much as people do!

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Must Have A Dog Harness: Puppia Soft Dog Harness

I’ve been a big fan of Puppia Harnesses since they first came out.; They’re great for small to medium dogs who pull because the Puppia’s have a soft front that doesn’t dig into their chests, but they come in sizes all the way up to XXLarge for the big guys too.; Honestly though, any harness that will restrain your dog without hurting him will do while he’s lounging around on your boat.

Cruising With A Boat Dog

Smart Tips to Make Ice Last Longer on Your Fishing Trip ...

A dog will impact what you can do.; If its hot, you cant leave your dog in a closed up boat while you go ashore. This may be a security issue in some places unless your dog is one that would deter thieves. However, before getting a guard dog, know that more and more countries have breed restrictions. Pitbull mixes are the most likely to be denied entry, but any breed with a reputation for aggressive behavior may have problems in some countries. Yours may be the sweetest dog in the world, but breed restrictions are a fact of life for boat dogs.

Sometimes, your dog may not be allowed in a place where you want to go and youll have to make alternate arrangements.; In general, we found fewer restrictions on us in Mexico and Central America than in the US.

If youre even remotely thinking of heading to the South Pacific, New Zealand or Australia, it is almost impossible to take a dog .; Regulations change all the time, so check for yourself, but the best advice I can give if youre heading to those areas is not to try to take a dog.

In many popular cruising grounds, both in the US and other countries, dogs are welcome in outdoor seating areas at restaurants.; Cruiser gatherings are typically very dog-friendly.; We never had a problem at a marina but I have heard that there are some marinas that dont allow dogs.

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What To Do About Walking The Dog

Taking your dog for a walk to do it’s business is the biggest pitfall on a boat. A dog, unlike a cat, is not likely to learn to go in a special place. It is therefore advisable to plan frequent stops on the mainland every 3 to 5 hours and to limit the anchorage to the wild. If your dog is already an adventurer, a water lover and can move about on a dinghy, you can even head to the nearest mainland from a romantic bay.

You can also see if your dog will use a special place or strip of artificial grass at home before sailing. Maybe the dog will surprise you and get used to this place.

The Usefulness Of The Dog Cooling Mat

There are numerous benefits to keeping your dog cool in the summertime and some of them are noted below.

  • It provides your dog optimum comfort: Most of the cooling mats are designed with soft but sturdy and durable chew-proof materials. Your dog may easily be affected by coldness, sore joints or ear problems and pet proprietors know how much uncomfortable and painful experience it can be. A cooling bed can protect the dog from this unexpected illness and keep in a lot more comfortable and healthier situation.
  • It protects the dog during the summer: Mainly cooling mats help to keep your dog cool during summertime and warm days. There are various types of mat available in the market; those are special for their unique feature and functionalities. In that case, you should analyze your dogs age and other common behaviors before finalizing any cooling bed to get the best output.
  • It helps to keep your dog clean: Usually, dogs lay down on the floor at any time and becomes dirtier as well. A;dog bed;can save your dog by providing a protective layer on which the dog used to lie down. It helps to relax your dog without getting dirty or feeling discomfort on the floor.

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Know When To Call It Quits

Even a dog who loves to boat may hit their limit at some point. If you notice your dog seems too hot or tired, or if theyre just unable to relax, head back to shore and either call it a day or try again after relaxing for a bit on dry land. Youll both have a better time if you dont push your pup further than they can go.

Get Your Pet Used To The Boat Before You Get Going

Keep Your Dog Safe on a Boat Ride

Many dogs are anxious about the new experience of boating and may need time to adjust to the motion of a boat or the noise of the boats engine. You may get lucky and not experience any of these issues with your furry friend, but in most cases, these fears are easily remedied with the following tips.

Try taking your dog onto the boat when its docked so he can feel the motion of the boat and practice getting on and off. This will also give you an idea of whether he might experience seasickness. Next, turn on the engine so he can get used to the sound. If your dog is anxious about his life jacket, let him wear it at home or in the yard a couple of times to get used to the way it feels.

For your dogs first real outing on the boat, consider keeping the trip short in case it doesnt go as expected.

Although bringing your four-legged friend boating with you requires some extra planning and thought, you really cant beat the simple happiness of enjoying a day on the water with your dog. As long as you follow the safety tips above, you should have a stress-free day of fun and a great new companion to go boating with. We love dogs at 321Boat and were always happy to let your furry friend come aboard with you for your next adventure. Check out our available boats here and reserve yours now!

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Get The Right Kind Of Life Jacket

Even strong swimmers need a doggy life jacket. There are just too many situations where your dog might not be able to swim. The water could be too rough. Your pup could be pulled under by a current. They could be knocked unconscious or injured or swallow too much water and choke.

All dogs should have life jackets when on the water. Brachycephalic dogs dogs with short snouts are especially at risk.

Not all life jackets are the same. They come in different sizes and buoyancy, and no matter which one you get, you should always test it with your dog in calm, shallow water before you rely on it during a boating trip.

Get one thats brightly colored and has some reflective trim so its easy to see. Most life jackets have handles in case you need to lift your dog out of the water, but not all do.

The life jacket you choose should ideally keep your dogs head above water and be comfortable enough for them to move, lie down, and go potty.

Bow Wow Brunch Cruise San Diego Ca

Hornblower Cruise Lines offers a dog-friendly brunch cruise, the perfect afternoon getaway for you and your furry companion. Dogs can board the companys boat, which involves a full buffet meal for both pets and their owners.

The annual cruise is offered to help raise money and awareness about orphaned pets at Helen Woodward Animal Center, says the management. This cruise not only helps helpless animals, it puts smiles on the faces of many dog lovers in San Diego.

The cruise is two-hours long and costs $89.95 per person and includes unlimited mimosas , an all you can eat brunch, a doggie buffet to go, cold water bowls, and a reserved table for you and your dog. Only friendly dogs are allowed and owners are asked to keep an eye on their pets at all times.

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