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Must Have Fishing Boat Accessories

Must Have Boat Accessories In Your Boat

6 MUST HAVE Accessories for Your BOAT!

Coastal Offshore

  • 1x Anchor and chain or line or both
  • 1x Bailer
  • 1x Bucket with lanyard
  • 1x Electric or manual bilge pumping system
  • 1x Pair of oars with rowlocks or pair of paddles
  • 2x Handheld orange smoke signals
  • 2x Handheld red distress flares
  • 1x Lifebuoy
  • 2x Lifebuoy
  • 1x Dinghy or liferaft
  • 1x Compass
  • 1x VHFMarine radio
  • 1x Red star parachute distress rocket
  • 1x Registered EPIRB
  • 1x Anchor and chain or line or both
  • 1x Bailer
  • 1x Bucket with lanyard
  • 1x Electric or manual bilge pumping system
  • 1x Pair of oars with rowlocks or pair of paddles
  • 2x Handheld orange smoke signals
  • 2x Handheld red distress flares
  • 1x VHFMarine radio
  • 1x Lifebuoy
  • 2x Lifebuoy
  • 1x Dinghy or liferaft


  • 1x Anchor and chain or line or both
  • 1x Bailer
  • 1x Bucket with lanyard
  • 1x Electric or manual bilge pumping system
  • 1x Pair of oars with rowlocks or pair of paddles
  • 2x Handheld orange smoke signals
  • 2x Handheld red distress flares
  • 1x VHFMarine radio
  • 1x Lifebuoy
  • 2x Lifebuoy


  • 1x Bailer
  • 1x Bucket with lanyard
  • 1x Electric or manual bilge pumping system
  • 1x Pair of oars with rowlocks or pair of paddles
  • 1x VHFMarine radio
  • 1x Lifebuoy
  • 2x Lifebuoy

If you are already equipped with the mandatory safety devices mentioned above, its time to go a bit deeper into the boat accessories world. Thats when the fun starts. Most of those boat accessories will increase your performance on the water and make your life a lot easier when boating.

M Ultrathon Insect Repellent Lotion

Insect repellant is an item you don’t want to skimp on. Still, you can grab 3M Ultrathon Insect Repellent Lotion for a great price and protect yourself from mosquitoes, fleas, flies, and chiggers. It lasts up to 12 hours and is made with a time-released formula. That means that it is good for one application, and you can get to fishing.

Must Have Boat Accessories Saftey Kit List

Just place these items in a dry storage box and keep them on the boat. Some of these items actually have multi uses.

The trash bags work great for trash of course, but also for storing wet clothing.

The duct tape and zip ties can be used to make a makeshift changing room with towels.

The knife is for . well.. you always need a knife when on a boat. Enough said.

The goggles are for the off chance youll need to go underwater to check on something. Its a rare thing to happen, but youll thank me in the future.

For the flashlight, its important you dont buy one that operates on batteries. Lets be honest with ourselves and just assume we will never check the batteries on it until we really need it. So just buy the hand crank flashlights.

Go out and buy the cheapest or go to Goodwill and get some basic t-shirts and gym shorts. You never know when someone will need spare clothes and youll be a hero. Just go with big sizes to make sure everyone can be covered.

The flares and VHF radio is more for people who go in the ocean. If youre on the lake a regular tow service is all you really need. If you do get a VHF radio make sure to keep it close and easy to access. Also, make sure to keep the battery charged or just buy the radios that mount to the boat itself.

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West Marine Three Layer Water Carpet

What could be more relaxing than unrolling one of these floating foam mats, and lounging next to the boat? The Three Layer Water Carpet comes in three different sizes, the largest of which can support up to six adults and 900 pounds.

Theyre outfitted with grommets so you can tie them off next to the boat and enjoy care-free fun afloat, and webbed cinch straps makes it easy to roll them back up and stow them away at the end of the day.

Our Review Of Waterproof Dry Bag


In our opinion, a waterproof dry bag is an impressive product by Sak gear. Here is our review of the product:

  • It gives you good space for storing your clothes and other valuable items.
  • The waterproof dry bag is waterproof and all-weather resistant.
  • It has comfortable shoulder straps which wont exhaust your shoulders. These straps are removable and adjustable.

Overall, it is a brilliant product with all the essential features that you see in costly bags.

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Choosing The Right Pontoon Boat Fishing Accessories For Your Watercraft

When youre shopping for pontoon boat fishing accessories for your watercraft, you dont necessarily have to put a million items into your shopping cart. Make sure you have room for all these accessories before you invest in them. Otherwise, you could end up with an overcrowded boat, which wont be fun for anyone involved.

However, if you have the space, these seven accessories are sure to come in handy during any fishing excursion you take! Once you have that nice marine-grade vinyl seating and organized tackle tray, youll never go back to your previous setup.

Why Avalon?

Underwater Camera Adapter System

Want to post your underwater footage to your social media platforms or just boast to your buddies about your watery experiences?

Then youll need this stellar underwater camera. Capture underwater footage with this 16MP underwater camera. Boasting an impressive 4K resolution, and able to reach depths of up to 40 meters .

Its the perfect accompaniment for those wishing to engage in underwater escapades while filming it.

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Blue Pontoon Boat Led Kit

If you would like your boat to stand out amongst a crowd, LED lighting is the way to go. These pontoon boat accessories are easy to fit and look great if you are having a party on board at night.

CH Blue Boat Light Kit includes a universal fit and wiring set up. It is 15.5 feet long and has 300 LED lights that are boat battery-powered.

Essential Accessories For A New Fishing Boat

10 MUST HAVE Boat Accessories!

Gearing up for your first fishing season? Well, there are a few essential fishing boat accessories that youre going to need before launching for the first time. And, according to SaltWater Sportsman, one of those essential fishing-boat accessories includes a life vest. You might also opt for an inflatable life jacket instead.

Whether a vest or belt-worn model, inflatables are low-profile and lightweight. When the wearer hits the water, a CO canister inflates rubber bladders to provide flotation, SaltWater Sportsman explains.

As for additional fishing boat accessories? SaltWater Sportsman also recommends making sure that you have a first-aid kit, tool kit, emergency flares, and additional life vests on hand.

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Faux Teak Decking Mat

While covering your pontoon boat deck with a marine carpet is a good option if you are on a budget, it does have its disadvantages.

It absorbs dirt, sand, fish guts and can weaken the decking material, creating a less than sturdy floorboard.

EVA Foam Faux Teak Mat is an excellent option and a cool pontoon boat idea.

They have a combined thickness of 6mm of soft, durable foam materials with a simple, robust peel-and-stick backing. Its teak-like pattern looks good on your boat, and anti-slide surface also protects the floor.

Floating Oasis Lake Pad

A floating mat can be one of the best pontoon boat accessories for anyone who enjoys floating over the water surface.

Floating mats can be a great accessory to have when you want to enjoy a relaxing day out and can be a hit accessory when you invite friends over to your boat.

The Floatation Oasis Lake Pad from Floatation IQ measures six feet wide and 15 feet long and can hold over 1500 lbs. it is made up of non-toxic polyethylene foam and is easy to clean with soap and water.

The box contents include a floating oasis lake pad, one D-Ring, two Velcro straps, one bungee cord, and one product maintenance and safety sheet.

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Small Lightweight Navigational Lights

Poor lightning on the water can be a dangerous phenomenon.

Navigate with dexterity and stay safe with the help of these navigational lights.

Corrosion resistant, easy-to-install and capable of being mounted almost anywhere on your boat these small and lightweight navigational lights are perfect for a Jon boat.

Band Buster Line Release

5 Must

Simple and easy-to-use line release. Allows you to easily see when a fish bites your line thanks to its innovative design.

This popular Humminbird fish finder comes with a 5 color WVGA display and CHIRP Dual Beam PLUS Sonar.

Its has a power output of RMS 500 watts and a power draw of 615 mA. It offers precision Internal GPS Chart plotting with built-in Anima cartography and a micro SD card slot for optional maps or for saving waypoints. Target Separation is 2.5.

The Humminbird includes transducer and mounting hardware, power cable and gimbal mounting bracket.

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Fishing Boat Accessories You Must Have

Fishing boats come in different shapes and sizes and therefore have a wide range of accessories available. Many people prefer a good quality fishing boat, however, not everyone is able to afford to purchase one. However, by adding some essential accessories to an existing boat you can upgrade your time out at sea. However, not all essential accessories are actually a worthwhile investment for many fishermen. This article looks at some of these accessories that are worth considering. It also concludes with some advice on how to find good quality fishing boat accessories on the web.

An essential fishing gear item is the rod. Having a quality rod will make sure that you can catch more fish, and it can also help improve the quality of your catches. Buying a good-quality rod is one of the most important fishing boat accessories that you can buy. You should make sure that the rod that you are buying is of a reasonable price, and that it will provide you with all the functionality that you need. Some rods, particularly for beginners, can be quite expensive.

Another one of the most important fishing boat accessories is a waterproof container for storing all of your gear. If you are looking for a great place to store your gear when you are not fishing then you definitely need to get yourself a nice waterproof container. No matter where you decide to keep your gear it is important that you have a container that will keep it from getting wet, or moldy.

Power Pole Blade Series

Anchor your boat in shallow water with this power pole blade series. The innovative design makes this pole able to stabilize your boat in the shallowest of waters.

comes with a powder-coated protective finish that gives it its sleek galvanized look.

Its pump is relatively silent and can be controlled using a wireless remote.

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Aluminum Folding Dog Ladder

If you enjoy taking your pet with you on your pontoon boat, this pontoon boat accessory is a must.

Without it getting in and out of the water can be both dangerous and challenging for your dog.

Beavertail aluminum folding dog ladder is 11 inches wide.

So, if your pontoon ladder is more than 11 inches wide, this dog ladder can easily fit inside your ladder. It also folds up for easy storage.

Eliminator Trolling Motor Nut

Buyer’s Guide: Must Have Fishing Accessories

This trolling motor nut does just that. It significantly reduces prop noises and associated vibrations. It also features a cooling system which decreases the operating temperature of your trolling motor, thereby prolonging the battery life.

Designed to fit the majority of Motorguide trolling motors, you cant go wrong with this eliminator trolling motor nut.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Pontoon Boat Accessories

Pontoon boat accessories are a must if you want to make the most out of your pontoon adventures. Be it portable grills or cup holders, you must reserve a part of your boat budget to cater to these boating essentials.

The market is brimming with stuff for your pontoon, so it is easy to go overboard.

However, you must consider all options wisely before you make your purchases. Here are a few things to consider before you choose your pontoon boat accessories-

Boat Bar Cup And Bottle Holder

If you love entertaining on your boat, a boat bar caddy is one of the best pontoon boat accessories for you.

The Docktail boat bar and marine cup and bottle holder mounts in most standard sized rod holders and allows you to level flat at most any angle.

It can hold most bottles and cups from 1.75 liters and smaller. The bar includes a cutting board insert and has six pre-cut bottle slots.

It is made of King Starboard and is fastened with steel hardware.

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Aluminum Pontoon Boat Ramps

Pontoon boat ramps can be a great help when loading and unloading heavy items and equipment on your boat. It is also helpful for seniors, children, and pets.

The Harbor Mate Aluminum Pontoon Boat Ramps have a 600 lbs weight capacity. It is 6 long, 24 wide, and weighs 52 lbs. It has lightweight aluminum construction.

M2 Basics First Aid Kit

5 Must have tools on a fishing boat

Being prepared for anything is smart, so having a first aid kit along when you go fishing is a necessity. The M2 Basics First Aid Kit features 300 items like a CPR facemask, a tourniquet, medical tape, emergency blanket, compass, and more. Fix cuts, take care of a broken arm until you can get to a doctor, and even survive the wilderness all with a lightweight and affordable kit.

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Sams Retractable Fishing Nippers

You may need a cutting tool to cut fishing line, but it doesn’t have to be a knife. In fact, using a knife on the fishing line can result in sliced fingers. Enter SAMS Retractable Fishing Nippers . These retractable clippers clip on to a tackle box to keep them handy and secure, and they easily cut through the fishing line.

Lets Look At The Features:

Lets look at the features and products included in this first aid kit.

  • It is a waterproof kit. This feature safeguards all the bandages and medicines from water.
  • Coleman first aid kit is an ideal product for fishing, hunting, and camping.
  • If you accidentally drop this kit in water, it wont sink. It will float on the water because of its material.
  • Coleman first aid kit comes with a glowing label. It helps you identify the first aid even in the dark.
  • This brilliant first aid kit includes antibiotic ointments, antiseptic wipes, and gauze pads. It also includes razor, safety pins, latex-free bandages, and adhesive tape.

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Cool Bass Boat Accessories

Here are the cool bass boat accessories. Cool as in, you know, kind of funky and can make for a little bit of a talking point with all the other bass boaters out there. Get some of this essential gear and you will definitely set yourself apart from the crowd.

11. G-Force Troll Perfect trolling motor control enhancer

This awesome little gadget lets you take more control of your trolling motor. You can control the motor so much better when hitting high waves and heavy currents as it helps you stop fighting any kick back and side to side steering torque.

Its very simple, and fits onto the shaft of your trolling motor. You can adjust it easily so you no longer have to fight for control when in strong currents or winds. I think its really cool, and think you will too once you get your hands on one.

12. Power pole hydraulic anchor

In terms of bass boat accessories, Power Pole is one of the most expensive gadgets you will ever consider buying . Its a shallow water anchor that does all the work for you, letting you stop quicker, and dig in a lot harder at depths of up to 10 feet.

You can deny its innovative and sleek design, but you might baulk at the price. However, if you do have the money, its well worth the dollars if you desire the very best in shallow water anchoring and control.

13. Stohlquist Fisherman PFD life jacket

14. Yeti Tundra cooler box

15. Aqua Vu Micro Stealth 4.3 underwater camera viewing system

16. Fish lip grabber and gripper tool

17. Pedestal base plug

Make Your Boat The Best

5 Must Have Fishing Accessories Every Fisherman Needs

With these 20 must-have boat accessories, your boat will be THE place to be this summer. Maintain safety, play in style, protect your gear, or just fish in peace and quiet with these items. After your boat is fully accessorized, turn to Germaine Marine in Arizona, California, and Utah for all of your boating care needs. Stop by the dealership nearest you today!

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Must Have Fishing Boat Accessories

Maybe you just purchased your first boat or maybe you are wondering what other fishermen carry in their boat? This article is about what accessories you absolutely need to carry in your boat every day. This article is not about what bling you need to make your boat look cool but instead it is about real practical stuff.

The following list is in no particular order .

Trolling Motor Led Lights

Once you have installed the seat mounts, its time for new seats. Often, users want to upgrade their original boat seats anyways. At times, it becomes necessary as the original seats may not be as comfortable as you want them to be.

With a customized seat, you can also enjoy your boat ride better, mainly if youre using a 360-degree rotatable seat. Since boat seats are usually a bit expensive, I always recommend new users to start with cheaper models and gradually upgrade.

Retractable seats are also a good option because you can create space inside the boat when needed.

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