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How To Sell My Boat

Advertising Your Boat For Sale

How to Sell My Boat SAFELY

Below is a list of websites where you may want to promote your listing. Some are brokers only, so youll need to hire a broker who has an account on that website. A few are paid for, while most are free to post on.;

  • Apollo Duck
  • Owners groups, such as websites, Facebook groups, and Google Groups

Have a look at each site, check that youre happy with their policies and that your ad fits their requirements, and get posting.

We recommend keeping a list of your ad links, so you can regularly check on them. Plus, you can easily delete them, once youve sold.;

The work isnt done once youve posted on all of these sites, unfortunately. Your listing or post will soon get lost in the feed, unless you pay good money for it. Checking on where the ad is, whether you can bump it, or if you need to make a new one is very important.;

The first few days after an ad goes live will yield the most inquiries. After one or two weeks have passed, the ad wont be visible anymore. Only people who search for your boat model will be able to retrieve it.;

Where possible, update or re-create the ad at least once a month. Its a lot of work, so keep the ad text and pictures handy in a dedicated folder on your desktop. Youll have to copy and upload them dozens of times.

Selling a boat online is the quickest way to do it. However, if your boat is in a yard or marina, you may also want to promote the sale locally. Display a for sale sign and print a few ads to place on the marina/yard message board.

Focus On The Cleanest Areas

To create that wow effect, capture the cleanest places on the boat. You want buyers to see it and start thinking of how to make it their own.

Highlighting the best parts gives prospective buyers the impression that you took great care of your boat.

If the aesthetics are excellent, they will expect the engine and other systems to be in top shape.

Take Pictures in Good Lighting Conditions

The best pictures are shot when the lighting is perfect. So even if you are planning to sell your boat offseason, wait for that perfect time when the photographer can capture the vessel in rich detail.

When people see pictures of your boat sparkling in the sun, they automatically envision themselves piloting it or having a party on the deck.

So help them visualize owning the boat and it will be easier to sell. Plus, premium-quality pictures propel you above the competition that used poor quality photos.

Working With Boat Brokers And Dealers

If you understand how to sell your boat, but you really dont want to invest all the necessary time and effort, you can always enlist the help of a professional boat broker or dealer. Or, you could simply trade in your boat if youre buying a new one from a dealer who accepts trades. Both options are easier than selling a boat yourself, but there are some pitfalls to either approach. Brokers will take a cut of the proceeds, and you rarely get anything like top dollar on a trade-in. To learn more about these options, be sure to read Trade-In or Sell Your Boat.

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Selling Your Boat To A Dealer

If you decide to sell it through a dealer, you may find that they wont give you as much for the boat as you were hoping for. Often, this is because they have to keep their overhead costs in mind, as well as consider how much they think they can get for it when they sell it. They are in the business to make a profit, so they will be fair, but they will also make sure they make money on the deal.

One of the good things about selling it to a dealer is that you can get rid of it quickly. You wont have to answer questions about your boat or wait for a buyer to come along. There will be less hassle if you decide to go this route.

Research Local Boats For Sale Listings

Sell My Boat

Whether youre looking at a local newspaper, magazine, or localized internet listings like those on Craigslist, since the volume of listings will be lower than the national numbers you may have a tougher time finding directly comparable makes and models for sale.

That said, if you do find similar boats listed you may see a more realistic number because the location the boats being sold in is the same as your own and location does impact value. On the flip side of the coin, its still normal to see somewhat inflated numbers as boats priced properly tend to sell faster and be listed for shorter periods of time than those that are overpriced.

After looking at these three sources you may feel like youve managed to uncover how much you should ask for your boat, but there are still variables you need to account for before you can answer the how to price my boat for sale question. These include:

  • The boats condition
  • The quality of its electronics and how modern they are
  • Accessory gear and/or upgrades youve made to the boat

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What Should I Do To Prepare To Sell My Boat

Before you list your boat on a marketplace or make a dealer with a local dealership, you can prepare your boat to ensure you get top dollar for the sale. You can do a few checklist items ahead of time, so there are no surprises for you or the potential buyer.;

  • Inspect the outside of the boat. Look for any blemishes, scratches, dents, discoloration, rust, etc. If you can, try your best to repair any of these issues ahead of listing the boat, or you will need to be transparent and up-front with buyers about these issues. Go the extra mile and clean and wax the exterior gel coat and paint.
  • Collect and organize all the paperwork related to your boat. This includes maintenance records, service appointments, the bill of sale, the title, loan paperwork, etc. Its better to have more paperwork than you might need and to be prepared to answer any questions with physical evidence that a buyer might have.
  • Inspect the inside of the boat. Look for water damage, chipped paint, mold or mildew, dirt, etc. As with the outside, if there are any apparent blemishes, try to fix them before selling or at least be up-front about these issues to potential buyers. For example, you might want to replace any stained carpet or seating.
  • Deep clean the boat inside and out. Even if you plan to sell as is, your boat can still be clean. Trust us when we say it can make a huge difference for buyers. So get in every nook and cranny and polish it up as best as possible.
  • Top Tips For Great Boat Photos

    • Take yet another moment to look around for places you forgot to clean while also keeping an eye out for random items you may have left lying around ;;
    • Take both Wide Angles & Close Up Photos.; The top boat dealers in the county know that people want to see details, but that they also want to feel the space of the boat, so their photographers will often use lenses as wide as 14mm to give people the sensation of having a lot of space.; Taking a picture with a regular lens may make your boat FEEL smaller, and thats rarely ever something boat buyers are shopping for!
    • Make sure to capture all of those areas you meticulously cleaned up.; Focus and highlight them!; You want people to look at your listing and think, Man, this person was crazy about their boat.
    • Always wait for the best lighting-;;It may be cloudy today, it may be cloudy tomorrow, but you must wait for good lighting unless of course, you are selling a commercial fishing boat in the Grand Banks.; When people are thinking about being on the water its probably a sunny day they are imagining, and thats what pictures of your boat should line up with so they can see themselves;driving it on that perfect day.; Another good reason to make sure you get great sunlight is so that your listings stand out on websites next to someone else who may have been in a hurry to take their pictures.

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    How Do I Sell My Boat Quickly

    Selling the boat quickly almost entirely comes down to pricing the boat right. While its common for sellers to be overly optimistic with respect to what they can and should receive for their boat, sellers that are realistic about market conditions and the value of the boat are most likely to sell the boat quickly. Using a broker tends to result in a faster sale as well.

    Lights Camera Action: Make Your Boat Stand Out

    How to Sell your Boat for the Highest Price

    Once your boat is spotless, its time to take high-quality, detailed photos and video. Remember, the more photos the better! If you choose to sell your boat privately and own a smartphone, like an iPhone, you can shoot professional-quality photos without the need to hire a pro.

    When shooting photos, find an attractive, uncluttered spot in order to capture the best possible imagery. Direct sunlight can be harsh and may create glares and strange shadows that end up making the boat look worse than it actually is. Try to shoot your photos during Golden Hourin the eveningor in the morning when the sun rises.

    In addition, try to photograph your boat on the water. While trailer shots will suffice, there is no better place to show your boat to potential buyers than on the water. While youre there, dont be afraid to shoot a short walk-around video describing different aspects of the boat. Hold the camera horizontally, click record and show the boat off by walking through the vessel, showing a cold start, and talking about different options and features.

    Above: Be sure the lighting is right when shooting photos or video of your boat. Photo: Ryan McVinney for Boat Trader.

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    Protect Yourself With A Contract

    Once you’ve decided that this is the boat you want to buy, have agreed on terms with the seller, and checked that the title and registration are in the seller’s name, fill out a purchase agreement form. Visit our online boat buyers guide;to download one.

    An old legal adage says, “If it’s not in writing, it didn’t happen.” A “purchase and sales agreement” is the best method to protect you. Too often a private-party boat purchase includes an exchange of money and handshake to consummate the sale. A purchase agreement spells out the details of the sale, including contingencies that allow you to renegotiate or even back out of the deal completely. Make sure you spell out exactly how and when your deposit is to be refunded.

    Don’t forget to note the boat’s 12-digit hull-identification number and engine serial numbers on all forms. You’ll also want to include, in writing, all equipment that is part of the deal, or any repairs to be made by the seller. Any changes or additions to the contract should be initialed and dated by both parties. Both parties should sign and date the contract and ensure that everyone gets a copy. Sample purchase agreements and bills of sale can be found online here.

    Choose your own surveyor to ensure he or she is working on your behalf.

    How To: Selling Your Boat Privately

    Ocean House Marina is a full-service sales and brokerage dealership. We sell boatsnew and usedevery week. If youve got a boat to sell, check with us first. We can probably help you find a buyer and complete a sale.

    But note we said probably. We understand that there are times when we cannot help a customer sell his boat. Maybe its a brand we do not usually deal with and, therefore, do not have a ready market for. Maybe you wish to avoid the added brokerage fees. There are lots of reasons why you might prefer to sell your boat privately, on your own. And thats fine with us. We still want to help! ;Here are some good tips on how to sell your boat in the private marketplace.

    Start here. ;We recommend you list your boat on Craigslist, the extensive classifieds vault of the Internet. ;

    Heres how to do it.

  • Visit and select the geographic location where you live . ;
  • In the upper left-hand side of the screen, select Create a Posting and then select the For Sale By Owner button, and the BoatsBy Owner button. To create your ad, enter the title or heading, usually the description of your boat, i.e. 2016 Boston Whaler Montauk. ;Input your asking price.
  • Then, create the descriptive copy that tells people about your boat. Keep it short and simple, and emphasize the best selling points of your boat, such as low hours, new outboard, the boats condition and any additional gear onboard thats part of the sale.
  • Good luck!

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    How To Sell Your Boat

    Selling a used boat? Here’s a step by step guide to make it happen quickly and easily.

    If you’re reading this article, we have a pretty good idea of what you may be dealing with right now. As boat owners, we all love our boats but sometimes it’s time to let go and move on. Whether you’re buying a new boat and must first sell your old boat, or just ready to collect on your investment and take a break from the water, all of us here on the editorial staff have been there. However, the sell-my-boat process doesn’t have to be painful. This comprehensive for-sale-by-owner boat selling guide is intended to provide information to private sellers just like you to help get you through the steps.First, if you have the time take a look at our “How to sell your boat” video with Lenny Rudow for some great tips on selling your vessel.

    Now that you’ve watched the video hopefully you have a good idea of the process for selling your boat. Let’s take a deeper dive into each step.

    Good Luck Selling Your Boat

    Sell My boat

    No matter what reason you have for getting rid of your used boat, its a good one. There are many things you have to do to get your boat ready for sale, but its worth the time and effort to ensure you are getting what the boat is worth. There are both pros and cons to selling to a dealer or to an individual, and you have to decide which one works best for you.

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    The Benefits Of Online Advertising

    The top sites for online boat sales:

    • has more than 120,000 global listingsthe biggest collection of boats online, periodnot to mention thousands of boat reviews to attract buyers.
    • Boat Trader, which lists approximately 108,000 boats for sale, can attract more than 2 million unique visitors in a single month .
    • On YachtWorld, where you can list and sell your boat through a yacht broker and larger boats are common, nearly 3,000 international brokerages list more than 80,000 boats.

    Editor’s Note: This article was first published in 2018 and last updated in June 2021.

    Sell your boat fast with a listing!

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    Boat Restoration And Upgrade Costs

    In case you skimmed over it just before this section, I want to highlight again the importance of understanding that upgrades or restoration costs to a boat do not pass on directly to a buyer.; You may have loved that new Garmin Electronics upgrade, but your buyer is a Raymarine fan.; Why should they pay full price for your favorite gear?; They wont; They just wont!

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    No Two Used Boats Are The Same

    One thing that is for sure, unlike a car, is that you are not going to find your identical boat out there.; Someone will have the same hull but upgraded motors.; Another boat owner will have the same motors but more/less electronics.; You will get in the ballpark easily, but the rest you will have to use your best judgment.;;

    Best practice here is to consider what it would cost someone to upgrade then back down from that .

    Selling Your Used Boat Or Yacht Should Be Easy


    Sell us your used boat today! Simply complete the form below with the year, make, and model of the boat you are selling along with your contact information and one of our brokers will give you a follow-up call within 24-48 hours. Thank you for contacting Off the Hook Yachts and we look forward to working with you!

    If you are not interested in wholesaling your used boat or yacht, Off the Hook Yachts can represent you in either the buying, selling, or trade-in of your boat. We are true professionals in the field who absolutely love boating and boats, and are here to make this the most pleasant experience for you that we can. Learn more about our brokerage process here.

    • Be the first to know about incoming trades and price reductions!

    • Email Address

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    When Should I Sell My Boat

    Ideally, you will put your boat up for sale in the early spring or early fall. These two time periods mark the beginning and end of the traditional boating season. Most people will be in the market for a new boat right before and right after boating season. Either they are looking for their first boat before the summer, or theyve realized their boat isnt a perfect fit and are looking for something different after the summer.;

    In addition to the time of the year, there are a couple of other factors that determine the best time to sell, including the age of your boat and your readiness to sell.;

    Age of Your Boat

    When you are ready to sell your boat, the other factor contributing to selling your boat is how many years you have used it and how old the boat is. It can be difficult to understand the worth of your boat, especially one that has been used. This is because boat owners typically take more ownership over maintenance, are often are equipped with more accessories, and the market isnt as vast all complicating the evaluation of a boat. Generally, a new boat is expected to depreciate a small amount each year for the first 7-10 years. After that ten-year mark, you can generally expect your boat to be worth $100 per foot of the boat. This assumed regular use and wear and tear and no special equipment or upgrades that would raise the boats value.

    When You Are Ready to Sell

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