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How To Clean Mold And Mildew From Vinyl Boat Seats

Vinegar And Baking Soda

How To Boat/Marine: Easy clean mold mildew from vinyl boat seats & interior

Both vinegar and baking soda can be used solely to kill mildew, but when combined together, their potency goes to a whole new level. This combination works because of the fizzing action that eliminates mildew from all the surfaces, including boat vinyl seats. Sprinkle enough amount of baking soda on the seat and then pour white vinegar on it. Leave the solution to do its work, and then clean with a damp cloth. Redo the method if required.

Vinyl Boat Seat Cleaning And Conditioning Tips

Spring is in full swing, which means that warm, sunny days are just around the corner. While there is plenty to look forward to, as a boater, theres likely nothing you love more than getting out on the water.

If youre eager for the upcoming boating season and are ready to freshen up your boat seats, these vinyl cleaning and conditioning tips will help you do just that.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Mildew Remover For Boat Seats

I believe that all boat owners experienced molds and mildew on their boat seats at a certain point. Thus, mildew remover is one of the most sought after products in boat cleaning and maintaining. However, there are factors that you must consider when choosing mildew remover for boat seats.

Eliminates Severe Mold and Mildew Stains

Eliminating severe mildew on surfaces is the main factor of using a mildew remover. Ensure that the mildew remover has an excellent reputation of eradicating severe mold and mildew stains. It is to avoid stressful situations while getting rid of the stubborn stains by your preferred mildew remover.

Easy Usage and Application

It is one of the most critical factors of a mildew remover. Boat owners buy ready-to-use mildew removers to avoid exerting longer time and effort in terminating molds and mildews. So, look for mildew removers that are easy to use and apply.

Fast-acting Formula

Another factor to consider is the products fast-acting formula. Not all mildew removers offer instant changes, so try to look for products with this factor. It is to quickly remove stubborn molds and mildews on your boats surfaces.

Safe for Marine Upholstery

Mildew removers that are safe to use on marine upholstery are the best mildew remover. You wouldnt want it to damage your boats interior further. Therefore, it is best to look for mildew removers that are perfect for marine-grade upholstery materials.


Bleach-free Solutions

Requires Minimal Scrubbing

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Wiping Off Mildew With A Microfiber Cloth

Once youve done scrubbing, the next step is quite unpleasant but viable.

Wipe off the mildew patches by using a microfiber cloth. Apply a piece of cloth firmly on your boat seats in a circular motion. Using fingers would also help in increasing penetration on mildew.

Repeat the process over and over again unless there are no remaining fumes on the vinyl surface.

This step requires soft hands to deal with. If you exert too much force on your seats, you will have to pay the price.

Why should you use a microfiber cloth? Let me get you into the details.

The microfiber fabric is made of polyester and nylon fiber. Its about one-fifth the diameter of a human hair. Its smaller diameter, as compared to human hair, penetrates and removes germs so well that cotton and silk cloths cant compete.

Its made to wipe off the germs and stains without leaving any scratch or spot on the vinyl surface.

There is no need to throw out the used microfiber cloths because theyre washable and can be reused many times. They absorb water and any other liquid as well.

Most importantly, the microfiber cloths are highly preferred over cotton and silk due to their durability and low pricing.

Thats how the use of microfiber serves as a better tool for removing stains and patches.

Shall I Use Bleach On White Vinyl Boat Seats

How To Clean Vinyl Boat Seats: Even Mold And Mildew ...

Bleach is considered a whitening agent. However, is it safe to use on white vinyl boat seats? Unfortunately, it dries out vinyl and even causes damage. Dont mind recommendations saying to dilute it with water for making a cleaning solution.

There are stain remover solutions that are way safer and more effective than bleach. You have to be aware of harmful substances aside from bleach. Some of them are ammonia, detergents, waxes, solvents, acid-based cleaner, and dry cleaning fluids.

Its crucial to know and avoid harsh substances so reupholstering wont be needed later on. Also, you have to be careful with what you use for scrubbing. Soft-bristle brushes are the ideal tools. You may also prepare spare sponges and dishcloths.

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Store Your Boat Properly

Storing your boat in a humid garage invites moisture to sit on your upholstery. Inspect your storage space and check its humidity levels. If theres too much moisture in the air, then you defeat the purpose of drying your seats down in the first place. If your area is just naturally humid, you can try setting up a dehumidifier or even just a few buckets of charcoal to absorb extra moisture in the air.

Removing Mold & Mildew From Boat Seats

You work hard to maintain your boats sheen. But sometimes you place such emphasis on the fiberglass that you forget the boats interior. Your reward? Smelly and unsightly mold. Removing mold and mildew from boat seats might sound like a disgusting task, but it doesnt have to be. Armed with the right know-how and the right products, theres no reason you cant make quick work of the problem.

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How To Remove Mildew From Boat Seats

by Andres Aguero | Jun 5, 2021 | Trailer Valet |

Having a boat is incredible because you can enjoy numerous fun adventures on the open sea. However, having a boat also requires constant maintenance and care because they are constantly exposed to harsh natural elements like salt water, sun rays, rain, hot weather, cold weather, wind, and so on. For the boat to be in the best condition possible, you need to clean and maintain it regularly. One of the things you absolutely need to know is how to remove mildew from boat seats.

Our boat seats are very susceptible to mildew and mold which can build up over time and become an issue. You can take some measures to prevent mildew from forming like wiping down our seats after you use them to take the moisture out or cover our seats with a mildew-resistant material but water can escape our sight and penetrate even the most resistant material over time.

Rmr Brands Marine Mildew Stain Remover

Removing mold from vinyl boat seats.

This marine mildew stain remover from RMR Brands boasts of a powerful formula that is 5 times stronger compared to other mildew remover brands. This allows you to remove mildew from boat seats a lot easier than before.

What I like about this mildew stain remover is that it instantly cleans and removes mold and mildew stains. Moreover, it was specially designed for use on marine surfaces, hence making it effective for use on vinyl seat cushions, covers, and dashboards.

I also like how it has an easy-to-use spray bottle design which allows me and other users to clean mildew stains easily without any hassle. Furthermore, the spray bottle design is also great for efficiently targeting mildew stains on your boat seats.

This powerful product contains sodium hypochlorite in its formula which enables it to remove mildew stains quickly and effectively. It can be applied and removed in just 30 seconds. This makes it easy for me to clean my seats and other parts of my boat while still having time to take it out for a ride.

  • Effectively removes mildew stains from marine surfaces
  • Easy to use spray bottle design that targets and cleans mildew stains
  • Quickly removes mildew stains, allowing for more time to use your boat
  • Also comes in a gallon version for larger mildew removal projects
  • Less effective in removing dark stains from light-colored surfaces

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Too Much Moisture In The Air

The probability of growing mildew on vinyl boat seats is very high where the air has a higher percentage of moisture. Since boats are water vessels, its inevitable for you to avoid the moisturizing air.

So, its an uncontrollable thing for you. What you can only do here is to be cautious whenever mildew starts appearing on your vinyl coverings.

Can You Use A Magic Eraser To Clean Your Vinyl Pontoon Boat Seats

We get this question a lot and yes, more than likely, you can use a Magic Eraser on your white vinyl boat seats. That said, colored seats must be tested in a small area, perhaps under the seat, before using throughout. Use your best judgment and test thoroughly.

I know this has been mentioned before, but I thought Id just add my voice to the chorus of praises for the Magic Eraser. It aint cheap, but it IS amazing. If you have marks on the boat upholstery and have tried everything to no avail pick up six or eight of these little jewels and I promise youll be more than pleasantly surprised.

-iBoat Review

Were an Amazon affiliate and we hope you love the products we recommend! We may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. These images are provided by the Amazon Product Advertising API.

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M Marine Vinyl Cleaner/conditioner/protector

This is my choice for keeping your boat seats and interior looking like new. There are some conditioners that you spray on, but since you have to use a rag to wipe it anyway, I like the result that this gives me. Another nice thing is that I dont get overspray on other areas.

One more benefit of this 3M product is that when you do a treatment to your boat seats, youre also doing a touch-up cleaning. About once a month during the boating season, you just go over all your vinyl boat interior to protect it, and because of the cleaning properties, youll most likely find that you wont have any other vinyl cleaning needed. .

3M also makes a spray mildew stain remover and a mildew blocker which are all available on Amazon as well. I have not tried them yet, because I am getting great results with what I have shown you.

Scrub But Don’t Scrub

How to clean mildew off your boat seats

Alright, so we’ve gone over the cleaning and drying process but there is one more thing that we need to cover. I mentioned at the very beginning about a scuffed seat. After a few rounds, people start wanting to kick their feet up on anything available. I don’t blame anyone because I do the exact same thing, but it still leaves marks.

Check out these premium boat scuff magic erasers. They make removing these unsightly marks an absolute snap. Stay away from those green scrubbing pads and especially steel wool, and be amazed at how quickly these magic erasers can clean vinyl seats. They can work anywhere else on your boat as well!

You won’t find anything safer or easier. Speaking of scrubbing, when you’re using the ultra safe cleanser we mentioned you should pair it with an equivalent brush. This high-quality cleaning brush set includes one nylon brush for general cleaning, and a gentler horse-hair brush for any detailing that needs to get done.

Your scrubbing shouldn’t be overly vigorous, and the cleaning brush set above does wonders at helping you to apply just the right amount of force. With the arsenal of four simple items I’ve suggested, you’ll be prepared for any difficulties that might be presented. Mother Nature will cower in fear at your cleaning prowess!

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Cleaning Products For Boat Seats

After decades of playing with boats, I have found some cleaning products that I count on to do the best job for me. One might expect that you would have to spend a bunch of money on marine only cleaners. However, thats not what Ive found, and I dont just work on cheap beginner boats. I have boats that are upwards of $50,000 and I use the same products if theyre required.

On youll most often see examples of projects being done to some pretty neglected boats. This is done with purpose, because when most people begin boating, they do it with a beginner boat. Just like in the video above, Im cleaning boat seats of a boat that I most likely am going to donate . It does you no good if I demonstrate how to clean a newer semi-dirty seat.

For cleaning vinyl boat seats, these are a couple trusted ones:

How To Clean Mildew: A Stepwise Procedure

No matter which vinyl material you choose for your boat seats, the above two factors would remain beyond your control.

Mildew is a recurring thing which you might face twice in the summer, depending upon the humidity and temperature.

How to get rid of this fungus, keeping in view the low-cost budget and on-the-spot results?

Lets dive in the much-awaited steps to clean your vinyl boat seats.

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What Causes Mildew Stains On Vinyl Boat Seats

The constant contact of vinyl boat seats with seawater splashes is the main reason for mildew formation. Moisture can also create a suitable environment for mildew to thrive, which is why mildew often grows on your boat seats after being in storage. Mildew needs a moist environment to thrive, so store your boat seats in a dry location.

Still Some Mildew Left On Your Seats

Best Boat Vinyl Cleaner – How to remove mildew from boat seats?

The mildew remover and a cloth are usuallyenough to get the job done.

However, if your mildew situation wasextremely bad then you may need to take it one step further.

Its time to introduce our secret weapon Mr Cleans Magic Eraser.

I was surprised how affordable it was, you can view the product on Amazon by .

I have found this product to workflawlessly on tough mildew stains. Its never let me down.

Like an eraser you just run it over yourmess and it will take the mildew away with it in a stroke.

You dont have to apply a lot of pressure,Id recommend starting off lightly as you dont want to damage your expensivevinyl seats.

Make sure you get into the seams of yourseats. It will be a lot easier to get into these small gaps with the eraserthan it is with a brush.

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Can You Use Clr On Boat Seats

Yes, you can use CLR Mold & Mildew Clear on boat seats. Ive used this product on one of my boats seat cushions to remove rigid molds and mildews after 10 minutes of resting, all molds and mildews came off the seat cushions neatly.

Although it works perfectly, it may not work on other marine vinyl upholstery. However, one of my friends told me that it worked excellently on his vinyl boat seats. He followed the products instructions and lightly scrubbed his boat seats with a magic eraser.

You can try it on any vinyl surface, but dont expect too much. If you plan to clean your vinyl boat seats with CLR, I suggest using the CLR 8541813620 Mold and Mildew Stain Remover. It is formulated to work well on marine vinyl upholstery.

Choose The Right Cleaning Solution

Oh, the horror stories I’ve heard of some cheap Charlie that thought they could save a few bucks by attacking their vinyl seats with bleach and a pad of steel wool. I shudder at the thought. To clean vinyl seats you need to utilize the right cleaning product, or be at risk of wearing away the structural integrity of the vinyl itself!

Even supposedly “lighter” cleaning solutions such as Windex or that old Navy favorite Simple Green will deteriorate vinyl over repeated uses. You definitely don’t want to end up with a color-faded seat, especially one covered in duct tape patches for the myriad tears that will start developing once the vinyl seat starts to give.

Of course, reupholstering every few years isn’t an option for most of us either, so the only solution left to clean vinyl seats is a cleaner that doesn’t use harsh chemicals and can protect your seats properly. Enter The Better Boat’s marine leather conditioner and cleaner with UV resin!

Our marine leather/vinyl cleaner is so gentle that it will not degrade seats or trim even after years of use. It adds moisture to restore color, and leaves a UV resin that will prevent the color from being stripped away. When I hear horror stories of bleach and ammonia, this is what I recommend. It just works.

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Types Of Mildew And Mold Stain Remover

Bleach Theyre common in the market, a bleaching agent diluted with water, and other components are mixed together. Bleach works, but the downside of it is that it causes discoloration and, in most cases, will damage the vinyl material. This should be avoided if you want to protect your seats.

Calcium lime rust This is also another popular compound used in mildew stain removers. Such products are used in the household for cleaning stains on surfaces, the downside is that they can affect sensitive materials.

Homemade Some resort to using DIY mildew remover and its normally done with water and vinegar. A lot of people have tested this solution and they claim that it worked for them, we dont recommend using DIY, even if it worked because it will end up damaging your seats or changing their color.

Professional stain remover These are the most expensive ones and are more effective with a guarantee. Different compounds are used to create a professional product that works and wont cause much harm to your boat seats.

This is what we recommend for cleaning your boat seats to avoid any risk of damaging your seats. Youll save yourself a lot of time as they are more effective in the shortest time possible, they also prevent mildew and mold from forming again.

On the other hand, theyre costly, theyll cost you more than the typical stain remover in your household and even though theyre costly, some wont be as effective as they are advertised.

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