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How To Make Money With Your Boat

So How Do You Figure Out What A Boat Is Worth

Making money with your boat | Mark Menendez | Accel Graphics Boat Wraps

If you are working with a buyer broker, they will search the database of sold boats for comparable vessels for selling prices. That is the most accurate check for used boat value. Just like appraising a house, you can start with several similar boats and do your best to adjust for age, equipment, and condition.

If you’re buying a boat on your own in a private sale, you have other resources. You can checklist prices for similar boats. While list price isn’t the best guide for value, if the boat you are interested is in the range with other similar boats, at it’s a reality check.

Offer Sightseeing Or Photography Cruises

Viewing a destination from the water has always been a popular activity, and you can offer private boat tours along the coast for a couple of hours up to a whole day. If its a warm destination, full day tours could include beach picnics and swimming in pretty coves, or you could go in search of secret spots, lonely lighthouses or magnificent cliffs as part of a two-hour photography tour. This can be a great option if your boat is in an area popular with visitors, as locals are less likely to sign up for these kinds of tours in big enough numbers to make it worth your while. Sunset cruises are also highly sought after, and you could throw in a glass of bubbly and some nibbles to create a really special experience. If your boat is big enough you could even offer small weddings aboard! Be flexible and creative with the tours you offer and its a great way to make money with your boat.

Ten Ways To Make Money While Sailing Around The World

First of all is it possible to make money while sailing around the world?

Yes its definitely possible to make money while living and traveling around the world on a boat. But the question is, just how much can you make and how can you make it?

At the time of writing this, Ive been;living on our sailboat in the Mediterranean full time for the last year. Ive met a variety of people doing an assortment of things to make money .

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How To Make Money While Living On A Sailboat

The are obviously a million different ways you can make money from a sailboat depending on your skill set. Well look at the ways we KNOW work, to give you that bit more security.

We do know people who successfully monetise YouTube but please dont rely on this as a form of income! It takes time to build a social following, and the market here is very saturated.

Unless you have experience with digital marketing or video filming and editing skills then this is a hard route to go down and comes with a lot of personal sacrifices. We havent included it in our list of job ideas for this reason, but its a lovely thing to do if you just want to document your travels!

Step : Customer Experience

Make Money with your Boat

Engines with sustainable resourcesIn order to create a truly valuable product, you should strive to create an experience that serves as a sanctuary. This sanctuary should enable customers to be truly present and help them to forget about the commotion of everyday life. Provide an experience that evokes smile and laughter in a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere.;

Customers should not be interrupted or disturbed with neither engine rattles nor the smell of fuel/gasoline. At GoBoat, customer experience is our greatest value and trademark. We care about the environment, which is why our green boats are powered with solar and water energy, reducing the engine sound to a gentle hum. The motors should reflect your entire concept. At GoBoat the motors are essential parts of our sustainable concept: our boats are made of recycled material, our shop sells organic snacks and drinks, and our pavilion, tables and our dock are made of sustainable wood.

A happy work culture is your prime hidden assetYou should always strive to offer the best all-round experience. To do this, you must realise that the staff plays the most important role in making every sail-out a success. You want to give customer service at a ridiculously high level. As First Round Capital documents, founders are responsible for 80% of the culture affecting staff.

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Making Money Living On A Sailboat Is Possible

As you can see, there a whole variety of ways to make money living on a sailboat. Unfortunately though, there is no easy way.

Work is work, whether its from a country cottage, a London flat or a sailboat in Greece. If youd rather be on a sailboat in Greece then you absolutely can be, you just might have to work a little harder to make it happen Some of these work avenues might take time to get going. You might have to learn a new skill, or be a little more forward than youd like when selling your services.

The question is, how determined are you to make it work?

Sort Out Power And Internet Early

If youre taking on a remote job to earn money from your sailboat then youll need to make sure you have a that wont cost you more than youre earning! And youll need the power to run laptops etc we invested in some which are perfect for Greeces sunny climate. Find out how we get the internet here.

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Her Advice To Others Trying To Make Money Sailing Around The World

She said if you want to quit your job, you should make sure to have two to three different ways of making money in case one disappears.

Ive known highly successful entrepreneurs whose businesses took a nose dive when Facebook or Google changed their algorithms and suddenly they werent showing up on their potential clients newsfeeds or search engine results, she said.

And if youre opening an online business:

Always tell the truth. No matter what. Run your business with integrity, because thats when you get the customers who will bend over backward to buy from you. Trust is a huge thing, especially online these days, so Im extremely grateful that my audience trusts me. Id rather have their trust than their dollar. If they trust you, the dollars will come organically.

How Well Does Teaching Pay

How to make money from your boat – An owner’s success story – Introduction

People will pay pretty well for the chance to take fishing lessons from a seasoned pro. Depending on how many customers you can get, it might even be possible to make a good living just working as a fishing instructor. A lot of this career path will depend on how much effort you want to put into it. Marketing yourself is going to be essential to attract new customers.

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How We Make Money While Living On A Boat And Traveling

Many of you might be wondering how to get out of the typical 9-5 grind. We have been living on a boat and avoiding desk jobs for a few years now and at first it wasnt easy. We started filming and sharing our daily boat life adventures on . In the beginning our only followers were our families and close friends. We were both working multiple jobs at that point. ;Our first goal was to make a dollar a day for a month. Obviously that is not enough to live off of in the U.S. but it was a step, and more importantly it was hope. We slowly started growing our goals and just recently finished our last day of seasonal work with no intention of applying for other jobs. Here are the major ways we keep a steady income while vlogging our crazy lifestyle.

Our Home! A Marine Trader Trawler

As we grow in the Youtube world and reach more people we really want to emphasize that working at a desk is not for everyone. There are plenty of ways out there to make money. Just be creativeJ and dont give up!

How To Save Money On Your Boat

Although this article is about how to make money from your boat, don’t forget that saving money on expenditures is equally as important.

Consider the following:

  • Boat insurance: How much are you paying for your insurance? When was the last time you checked the competitor’s rates? Has anything changed on your boat which could lower your premium?
  • Cost of Mooring: If you are only using your boat in the summer, consider pulling it out onto the hard which is much cheaper. Or alternatively, consider a less expensive marina.
  • Upgrades: Consider buying good used equipment instead of new. Any product you purchase new is going to depreciate as soon as it sold. Let someone else lose this initial amount. Check boating and sailing forums as there is usually a classified section with items for sale. eBay is also a great place for boating parts and accessories.

As the old adage goes, âA penny saved is a penny earned.â I hope this has given you some ideas that will help you to enjoy your investment once again.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the authorâs knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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The Millionaires Dont Seem Interested In Making Money For Obvious Reasons

And the low budget sailors focus on saving money and living within their budget rather than making money. The millionaires have crew, often stay in marinas and for food youll see a helicopter fly in to deliver the fresh Main lobster.The low-income sailors tend to do everything themselves and I mean everything from sailing to maintenance to repairs. They always anchor. They often eat canned meat, fish theyve caught and anything found on the clearance section of the supermarket. Low-income sailors are often not interested in making money they seem to thrive on not spending money. This is not a bad thing

Setting Up Our Freelance Jobs

Make money with your boat â Sailsquare

Although we saved enough money to sustain ourselves for a year and set a contingency fund aside, I hated the idea of setting off on our cruise without an income.

Five months before our departure date, I started looking for potential clients.

Hunting for work in my field as a content marketer made things easier I could use my experience, personal connections, and LinkedIn.

Three months later I had two fixed clients and I was earning a modest second salary , so I quit my day job.

The couples solar panels total 560W giving them plenty of power for their laptops and mobiles. Credit: Sailing Kittiwake

The time spent building my business on shore was worth every weekend I worked. It meant I had a fairly reliable income.

On the other hand, Ryan, being a civil engineer, had to reinvent himself.

He had a passion for design, so taught himself to code.

Now he takes on web design and practical boat work projects.

He also edits the videos we produce tips and tricks vlogs, as well as episodes about our sailing adventures which we publish on YouTube to earn extra money.

Building the Sailing Kittiwake brand through our YouTube channel and blog has also helped us find more writing and design work.

We believe the best way to build a steady income is to set up a number of streams of revenue.

This way, should a client drop out or not pay on time, money is still coming in.

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Make & Sell Fishing Lures

For presentation, bait should be filled inside a container with dirt and night crawlers, and of course a little water. To keep bait alive, make sure the temperature is cool enough. Make and sell your own fishing lures and flies.

Fishing poles made of wood are not too bad an idea as well, and remember to make smaller ones to cater to the kids market.

Consistent with our online life style, make sure you create a website for this, and old fashioned fliers and business cards wonât hurt either.

Explore Some Of Your Peer

If you are a boat owner, you probably know that your boat is an incredibly fun thing to have but the maintenance and storage costs can also get pretty expensive, especially if you live in a place where you cant use your boat for long periods of the year. There are also those times when you are simply too busy with work or family commitments to get your boat out on the water. During times like those, have you ever thought to yourself, I wonder if there is a place I can list my boat for rent? Well, with the sharing economy developing even more than ever in 2019, there absolutely is a place. Boatsetter is a peer-to-peer boat rental company that connects boat owners and potential renters. During the times that you are not using your boat, Boatsetter offers a safe and easy way to make money off your boat!

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Store Your Boat In A Cheaper Location

How far are you willing to drive to your boat? How far are you willing to sail or motor from your mooring to get to open water? We used to live up the bay from Newport, RI, one of the world’s sailing capitols. Newport is great, but not a cheap place to store your boat. A two hour sail up the bay, youâre spending a fraction on dockage and moorings. You lose the quick jump from Newport out to the Cape and Islands, but that two extra hours of travel time on your trip saves a ton of money.

Sometimes it’s a longer drive to your boat, sometimes it’s a longer drive ON your boat. The last isn’t so bad, since we like being on our boats, anyway. But if you store your boat a little further from the beaten path, you can save good money.

What Not To Do

Part 1 Getting started – How to make money from your boat

A few things not to do with storage…these are ways to cost yourself more in the long run.

  • Don’t consider anchoring your boat for permanent storage. It’s a risky way to keep your boat.
  • Do not stint on winterizing your boat or covering it well. You won’t be happy if you end up with water damage.
  • And do not store your boat some place insecure, either for the winter or the sailing season. Theft is expensive, even with insurance.

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Keep Yourself Safe And Legal

While homeowners occasionally run afoul of city and county codes, boat owners can easily run afoul of Coast Guard regulations. When renting out your boat, its important to understand the difference between bareboat rentals and chartering as regulated by the Coast Guard.

A clear line must be drawn between the types of service you can offer with your boat. What you cannot do without a master mariner on board and Coast Guard documentation is offer cruises on your boat. You cannot, for example, take your customers on a trip around the bay. That would be a charter, and you would need the appropriate captains license, and your vessel would need to meet the requirements of a passenger vessel, be it inspected or uninspected.

Bareboat rentals are the most popular on P2P websites. You are just providing a rental vessel. The owner should not be aboard, and the customer is the skipper.

Larger and more complex boats are often packaged with the captain. For renters, its essential to know that your captain and vessel are licensed by the Coast Guard.

How To Earn Money From Your Boat

Is your boat burning a hole in your pocket with the general upkeep, mooring fees and very little time to enjoy it?

Maybe you thought you’d use it more than you do. If this is the case perhaps it’s time to look at other options which will allow you to keep the boat, but earn from it as well.

Whether you’re a liveaboard or a weekly/monthly/yearly user of your boat you’ll find ideas here you may not have thought of before. Some of these will be better suited to some types and sizes of boats than others. Browse through and see which could turn your boat from a pain in your wallet into a pleasure craft again.

It may be necessary to check that with your boat insurance company if you wish to take paying passengers or implement some of these ideas. Your policy may need to be changed in order to run your boat as a business. It also goes without saying that it is necessary to have up to date and tested safety equipment on board sufficient for the number of people on board.

Beyond ensuring your insurance and boat are up to muster. It’s likely you will need local permits and licenses if you plan to stay and work in a certain area. Some areas and countries will be more flexible than others. Using due diligence before proceeding could save you a lot of headaches down the road.

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Become A Pro Fisherman

Being a pro fisherman is exciting, and you get paid to fish. However, your chances of getting there is very slim. Not to mention it takes a lot of time and commitment.

Look at life stories of some of the Bassmaster Classic contenders and youâll see what I mean. Many of them spent years participating in small tournaments, perfecting their skill on caching bass by learning their habits.

That said, if you have the commitment and donât mind spending eight hours on a freezing cold day in a bass boat, the potential to making decent money is there.

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