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Which Boat Should I Buy

How Much Is Boat Insurance

Should I Buy a Pontoon Boat

Boat insurance requirements differ from state to state. Only a few states have legislation in place requiring boating insurance. Depending on the size, year and type of boat you buy, you can expect insurance cost to range from about $300-$500 monthly.

Looking for an insurance quote? Get a quote with Progressive, a leader in boat insurance.*This is a sponsored placement by Progressive Insurance.

Choosing The Right Boat Size

Figuring out the right size for your first boat is an important step. The larger the vessel, the more features itll have water and plumbing systems, kitchen areas, cabins, toilets and navigational equipment included. However, bigger isnt always better especially if this is your first boat. Sometimes, people buy a boat thats too big, and then theyre reluctant to use it because its more complicated to operate than a little one.

We recommend not going too large for your first start with something easy, and you can always upgrade later. It may take some time for you to figure out what features are important and not so important as you use your first watercraft.

Beginners Guide To Boat Lingo

Before we get into the more detailed information about boats and boat buying, lets take a quick look at some of the most common boat lingo and terms used by boaters. Hull the main body of the boat, including the bottom, sides, and deck, but not the masts, engine, and other fittings

Bow the front end of the boat

Stern the back end of the boat

Aft moving from the front to the back of the boat is called going aft

Underway the term used for when a boat is in motion

Ahead when the boat is moving in a forward direction

Astern when the boat is moving in a backwards direction

Port the left side of the boat

Starboard the right side of the boat

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Things To Know When You’re Buying A Boat

Many people dream of owning a boat. Days spent relaxing on the water, fishing with friends, or taking the kids out to the lake. Who wouldn’t love one of these idyllic scenarios?

A boat represents a financial investment, so youll want to pick the boat thats right for your budget. Also, boats require regular upkeep, maintenance and a time commitment. It’s important to be sure the boat you purchase is the right one for your finances and your long-term goals before diving in.

Are you considering buying a boat? Be sure to ask yourself these five questions before moving forward with your purchase.

How To Choose The Right Recreational Boat

What kind of boat should I buy?

If youre thinking about buying a boat, youre thinking the right way! Owning a boat for the first time is thrilling and opens your life up to a world of adventures on the water. Theres a reason over 250,000 boats are sold in the U.S. every year, and the number of boat enthusiasts is only growing. Theres no substitute for having your own boat when the weather turns nice, and you load up the whole gang for a day a fun, youll see that theres nothing better.

To maximize the fun from your new boat, youll first need to know how to pick the right one. As a first-time boat owner, theres a lot to remember when choosing which one is best for you and your family or friends. Thats why we made this guide to help you through the process of first-time boat buying.

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Quintrex 460 Renegade Sc

The Renegade range of tiller steer, side and centre console boats is made to be a no-fuss open fishing platform complete with front and rear casting platforms.

According to Heyes, the Renegades entry-level price point coupled with a priceless boating experience have helped the Quintrex 460 Renegade SC become one of the most sought-after fishing boats on the Australian market.

With the renowned blade hull and 3mm sides, the Renegade is built to handle a range of conditions while the clean-cut design delivers ample storage, spacious real-estate for uninterrupted fishing and a large casting platform, Heyes says.

Together with an array of standard features including a live bait tank and rod holders, it is a fishing all-rounder.

Can You Afford The Worst

Unless you are buying a new boat with a warranty, you have to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

You just brought the boat home after getting a great deal on it. Yourself and your family are excited for the first trip and the first season with it, and look forward to a series of planned and budgeted expenses. On your second trip, a disaster happens. The boat wont start, the engine loses power, you start sinking. No joke. I have heard all these stories from boat owners, self-included.

In 1985 I proudly launched my first boat, a very used 15-foot whaler I had bought from a dealer for a whopping $5,000 dollars. I knew nothing about boat ownership, nothing about outboard engines, nothing about what could go wrong.

Fast forward to a foggy June day on Joppa Flats at the mouth of the Merrimack River. My wife and I were fishingor I was fishing and she was enjoying a day on the water. The engine was off, I had a great drift along the flats as the tide dropped. Im pretty sure I caught a couple of stripers. I went to start the engine, nothing. No click, no radio, no power. A dead battery. A good Samaritan jumped me, but now I couldnt get the engine to catch. Choke in, choke outit wouldnt start.

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Research The Various Types Of Boats

This is the foundation of your boat selection. Start the process by learning about all the different types of boats that are available today. Youll find numerous options, including all-purpose fishing boats, bass boats, off shore boats, cuddy cabin boats, dual console boats, and more. From small skiffs to massive offshore crafts, finding the right one for your needs is essential.

Understanding Boat Types And Their Main Functions

The Boating Guy – Should I buy a new or a used boat?

Before we delve too deeply into boat types, understand that there are three main categories of boats: man-powered boats, sailboats, and motorboats. Man-powered boats encompass boats like kayaks and canoes, which must be propelled manually with oars or paddles by the occupant. Sailboats are largely powered by the wind, which flows into the sails and pushes the boat forward. Finally, motorized boats are powered by a motor and are the easiest to navigate. Lets look at examples of each of the different types of boats.

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Costs To Expect As A New Or Used Boat Owner

Whether you decide to purchase a new or used boat, the cost of owning a boat isnt nearly as extreme as many people think. Thanks to the boat financing options available today, even including the initial purchase the average cost of a boat isnt out of reach for most middle-class Americans. There are, however, many factors to take into account and they can vary wildly depending on the size and type of boat you own. Thats why its nearly impossible to create an accurate cost of owning a boat calculator. If you want to get a solid idea of just what the true cost of owning a boat will be, youll need to consider all of the following.

Expensive To Start Up

A boat owner’s best days are the day one buys and the day one sells. The purchase is actually the cheapest part, and the real cost is incurred the minute you’re handed over the engine keys. The venture suddenly becomes a daily reality, with boat registration, tax payment, licensing, insurance and berthing fees all requiring settlement before you’ve even had the chance to step aboard and pop open a bottle of celebratory Prosecco. So much for thinking this was the kind of relaxation you were so utterly in need of!

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Different Types Of Pontoon Boats:

You will also want to consider the type of pontoon boat that you will want. Pontoons are often built for different recreational uses.

Knowing what you want to use the boat for in advance can help you when it comes to selecting the proper boat for you.

Some types include:

1) Fishing

If you are going to use your boat for fishing 70% of the time or more, you might want to consider getting a model that is equipped with fishing in mind.

  • If you are only going to fish between 20% and 70% you can choose either a fishing model or a cruising model.
  • If you are going to be fishing 20% of the time or less, you will likely want to stick with a model that is just built for cruising.

2) Watersports

If you plan to pull water toys such as tubes, skiers, wakeboards, and other sports equipment, you will want to make sure that your motor has no less than 90 horsepower.

Anything less and you will not get the power you need to pull these objects effectively.

3) Sunbathing & Swimming

If you plan to use your boat mainly for swimming and sunbathing you can get large sun loungers or swim decks for your boat. There are even additional options such as slides and improved ladders for swimmers.

4) Additional Recreation

Pontoon boats can also have changing rooms, bathrooms options, grills, sinks, or seating that converts to a bed. These available options will allow you to use your pontoon for any recreational activity you could think of.

Finding Boats For Sale

What kind of boat should I buy?

Where to shop for new and used boats. It goes without saying that there are many places to find both new and used boats for sale. From the junkyard to the showroom boats are everywhere, but where is the best place to find the right boat for you? These days its very common for many buyers to buy a boat online, or at least to begin the process of searching online.

Boat Trader is the go-to destination for buyers across America to find both new and used boats for sale by dealers, as well as by private sellers all over the U.S. With over 100,000 listings throughout the country, and advanced search filters to help you narrow down your search, Boat Trader offers the most extensive selection of boats to browse and choose from, including: fishing, ski/wake, pontoon, center console and long-range cruising boats and yachts. There is also a way to setup up Search Alerts on Boat Trader that will help you look without looking so you are immediately notified if any sellers list a boat that matches your specific criteria.

You can also consider as the place to research boats, read reviews, and search for dealer-represented boats. Many trusted experts in the marine industry review boats for including a library of helpful boat review videos and boats in action on their YouTube channel, which can help you narrow down the models that youre considering.

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How Big Or Small Of A Boat Do I Need

Because you want boating to be fun, you will want to purchase a large enough boat to meet all your needs. In the case of a family of four, space will be at a premium. Do you want to entertain guests, or possibly do some cruising? By knowing the primary use of the boat, you can narrow down the size of boat you will need.

In some cases, you may need to sacrifice on the bells and whistles to stay in your budget, yet purchase a large enough boat that has the accommodations you desire. In other cases, you may decide a smaller boat will do just fine, and you can splurge on the bonus items.

Advantages Of Leasing A Pontoon Boat

Oftentimes, people looking for a new automobile will look into leasing it. This would allow for smaller payments and the customer would be able to upgrade vehicles more quickly.

You might be wondering if leasing is also a viable option for your marine purchase.

There are a few types of leasing deals that you could look into when looking at recreational boats.

If you belong to a boating club, you might be able to do a lease share.

If you belong to a boating club, you are often allowed to try boats in the boating clubs fleet. This option is often included in your monthly payment.

You could also look at a timeshare approach when working through a boating club. This would allow you to lock in blocks of time to use the boat of your choice.

Leasing this way is a viable option if you are not sure exactly what type of boat you would like or how large of a boat you will need.

You can also look into leasing with a purchase option.

This option works in a very similar manner to leasing a car. If you choose this option you will want to look closely at the terms of the lease.

It is important to make sure you look at what the value of the boat will be when the lease ends.

You will also want to make sure you can walk away when the lease is over if purchasing the boat does not look worth it.

Leasing can be beneficial if:

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Where Do You Plan On Boating

Do you prefer boating on big bodies of water like Lake Michigan or the Gulf of Mexico? Want to take your fishing boat to various lakes? Or, maybe youre into cruising up and down a local river?

Regardless of your preference, its important to pinpoint exactly where you want to dock or park your boat on a day-to-day basis.

Out of the three questions, this is probably the easiest to answer, he said. Prior to buying, most people have an idea where theyre going to be doing the majority of their boating.

What Should I Look For When Buying A *used* Pontoon Boat


The major thing to remember when buying a used boat is to make sure it is properly inspected and this is no different when it comes to pontoon boats.

When shopping for a used boat make sure to inspect:

  • The Hull:The most important thing on any boat is the hull. Check for cracks, patches, or chips. These can get worse over time and need to be properly taken care of.
  • Pontoon Tubes:You will want to make sure your pontoon tubes are straight. You will also want to check these for cracks, dents, holes or anything else that might require repairs.
  • The Engine:The engine is very important when it comes to buying a boat. If there isnt a functioning engine the boat will not be useful. You will want to look for any smoke, seepage of liquid, rust, or other signs of decay or corrosion.You will also want to look at how many hours are on the engine or if there were any repairs made.
  • Interior:You will also want to check the interior such as the floor and furniture. Make sure there are no cracks, mold, or rotting.

One way to make sure you are buying a boat with minimal to no issues is to get it inspected. An inspector is a professional and will be able to spot things that you cant.

If you can, it would even help to take the boat out for a test drive.

You can also see if there is an available warranty on the boat depending on its age.

You will also want to make sure to look at used boats that meet all of your requirements in advance.

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Boat Training Classes And Online Courses

Learning and obeying boat laws

Its also important to familiarize yourself with the local laws in your area. It is recommended to take a quick captains course online. With knowledge being so accessible these days, take advantage of your online tools and take a quick free online course on general boating and navigation.

You will learn about boating terms such as port and starboard, so you can sound like a pro when captaining your vessel, and actually know what youre talking about! You will learn about lights and what they mean as well as buoys, signs and much more.

As mentioned earlier, there is no better way than to just get out there and captain your boat but knowing your boat laws, and general boating etiquette is a critical part of being a great boat owner. There is no such thing as too much knowledge, so absorb everything you can!

Boat Handling And Safety

Learning the basics of boating. Now that youve got your own boat and youre ready to roll, you may realize that you have no idea what youre doing! Thats okay, because practice makes perfect. There is no better way to become an expert boat driver than to just get out on the water and do it!

If you have the option, find an experienced captain to take you out a few times and show you the ropes. This is the best way to go. You will find some of the most complicated and difficult things about boating is docking, knowing the waters, and remaining cool, calm and collected during your adventures. Being confident and not panicking is extremely important when driving a boat. Just like with anything, this will come to you naturally with practice.

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What Are Some Boat Manufacturers Currently On The Market

There are a surprising amount of boat manufacturers currently on the market. Some specialize in one type of boat while others focus on many types of boats. Some are considered affordable while others are considered a luxury.

  • Princess Yachts
  • Hatteras

This is not an exhaustive list of all the boat brands that are currently on the market, but it is a good starting place to do some research. For a full list of all boat brands available, head over to Discover Boating.

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