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What Channel Is The Love Boat On

Ted Lange Bartender Isaac Washington

The Biography Channel: The Love Boat

Surprisingly, Ted Lange used to co-write a sex advice column for the magazine FHM. Initially, his co-writer was porn star Jenna Jameson and then he partnered up with Beth Ostrosky Stern, wife of Howard.

Additional surprises from Mr. Lange: he was in the original cast of Hair on Broadway in 1968, and hes written 23 plays himself. Hes an accomplished director, having done shows like Moesha, Dharma & Greg, Fantasy Island, The First Family, The Wayans Brothers, The Fall Guy, and of course, multiple episodes of The Love Boat. What else? He lost 28 pounds on Celebrity Fit Club in 2006, guest-starred on Psych, The King of Queens, 227, Evening Shade, and Scrubs, and did a bunch of Bud Light commercials.

During the run of The Love Boat, bartenders used to offer him their favorite drinks in the hopes that hed use them on the show, so even offset he was enjoying himself. Onset, he was traveling, getting to know colleagues who would become lifelong friends, and locking lips with one of his favorite movie stars. His first romantic screen kiss was with guest star Diahann Carroll, and it took a while before she and the crew caught on to the fact that he was asking for retakes just so he could kiss her again.

Linda Evans As Multiple Characters

Linda Evans played three different characters through a few two-part episodes of The Love Boat. She got to travel while filming on the Pacific Princess, including a trip to Australia in 1981 when she played Jessica Halberson, a young woman trying to get rich men to marry her. She also played Monica Brandon, the ex-wife of a photographer on board, who tries to get her to model for him, and a year later she played Barbara Fields, a woman who falls in love with an advice columnist.

Lauren Tewes As Julie Mccoy

Lauren Tewes was cast to play the cheerful cruise director of the Pacific Princess, Julie McCoy, only one day before she began filming for The Love Boat. She was chosen from a group of 100 actresses after the director saw an episode of Starsky and Hutch that she had guest starred on, and she received a call at 9:00 pm telling her to report to set at 6:30 the next morning. She did, and The Love Boat became the big break she was waiting for. Tewes was much loved for her bubbly, smiley portrayal of the cruise director, who spent much of each episode walking around chatting with the passengers and advancing the plot.

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Audra Lindley As Multiple Characters

Audra Lindley was another star from a classic 70s television show who guest starred several times on The Love Boat. Lindley appeared on Pacific Princess nine times between 1977 and 1981, playing a variety of characters. These included Mrs. Worth in a two-part episode during the shows second season, and Portia Fairchild in another two-part episode one year later. She was best known for her role on Threes Company, but her regular presence on The Love Boat made her memorable as well.

Jill Whelan As Vicki The Captains Daughter

Watch The Love Boat Season 2 Episode 3: Rocky/ Julie

A very young Jill Whelan joined the cast of The Love Boat in 1978 at age 11, playing the role of Vicki, Captain Stubings daughter. She remained on the series until it went off the air in 1986, growing up on board the Pacific Princess. She was living the dream of little girls everywhere as she got to join the all-star cast and spend her days traveling the world on a cruise ship. Whelan became friends with the cast and met many celebrity guest stars during the shows run.

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Bernie Kopell Doctor Adam Bricker

Kopell was already well known to TV audiences long before he set sail on The Love Boat. Oddly, he started out his acting career playing mostly Mexicans and Puerto Ricans. He taught himself to do a Russian accent, which snagged him the recurring role of Maxwell Smarts nemesis, Siegfried, on the Mel Brooks/Buck Henry-created series, Get Smart. He was also a regular visitor to Bewitched, playing a couple of psychiatrists, a warlock, a client of Darrins, the witches Apothecary, and a German Baron.

A smart man with a happy heart, Kopell knew a good thing when he saw it. The Love Boat paid him a great salary, allowed him to see the world, work among friends and meet his Hollywood idols. He used to joke that he got away with murder: as his character, the lecherous Doc, he could tell every attractive woman on the ship to take her clothes off, legitimately. He flexed his other muscles too, co-writing several of the shows story-segments with co-star Fred Grandy.

After the series ended, he did the requisite guest spots on other shows like Fantasy Island, The Six Million Dollar Man, Kojak, and Chico and the Man, and got a chance to focus on his tennis game, often winning the charity celebrity tournaments he competed in. He continues to do TV appearances and guest spots, most recently appeared on Raising Hope with Cloris Leachman, who also had been on The Love Boat back in the day.

Loni Anderson As Multiple Characters

Model and actress Loni Anderson was on four episodes of The Love Boat, beginning in the very first season of the show, when she played a woman named Barbie, who hits it off with a married man posing as single. In her most famous appearance, Anderson guest starred along with singer Donny Osmond, playing his relative Kitty, who catches the eye of a record producer he is trying to impress. Andersons fame and talent made her episodes some of the most popular of the series.

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Lauren Tewes Cruise Director Julie Mccoy

Cynthia Lauren Tewes was cast the day before the third Love Boat pilot was shot. Chosen out of a pool of 100 other actresses, she won the role after producer Spelling screened an episode of Starsky & Hutch shed appeared on, and she was told to report to the set bright and early the next morning. Her car had a flat, and she was broke, so she borrowed the money, fixed the tire, and started the next day as requested. Shed already been in over 20 commercials that year and had one line in a Charlies Angels episode, but Love Boat was the break shed been waiting for.

During the shows run, she got some small guest roles on other series , and starred in the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders TV-movie, and the theatrical release Eyes of a Stranger with Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Unfortunately, though, her journey from struggling actress to TV star was a rocky one. It was the 1970s, and she was making a lot of money it wasnt long before she was spending a large portion of it on cocaine. Things went from bad to worse, and a few years before The Love Boat finished its run, she was replaced after too many no-shows. She admits she would have accepted a pay cut and tried to turn things around, but it was too late, and Pat Klous replaced her as Julies younger sister Judy.

Theme Song And Title Sequence

The Love Boat Channel 9 Australia

The Love Boat theme song was sung by Jack Jones . The lyrics were written by Paul Williams with music by Charles Fox. The song has since been recorded and released commercially, by Charo in 1978 and Amanda Lear in 2001.

The opening sequence for the series underwent three changes over the years. From seasons one to eight, the opening sequence began with a long shot of the ship before the camera slowly zoomed in onto its bridge area. This was followed by posing shots of the crew members at different points on the ship set. The long shot footage of the ship was used for the credits of the celebrity guest stars. For only the first season, the guest stars were credited by having their names appear on the screen while the series’ logo, a radar/compass style circle with four hearts, wrapped around them. Beginning with season two , the compass was graphically put in place and at its center, the guest stars were shown posing for the camera on different parts of the set while their names appeared at the bottom of the screen. For the final season, the compass was replaced by a crescent wave and the long shots of the ship were replaced by a montage of the various locations traveled to on the series. At the center of the wave graphic, the guest stars were shown posing for the camera wearing their formal outfits against different colored backgrounds. Following the guest stars, cast regulars were revealed with a weighing anchor graphic wipe.

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Gavin Macleod Captain Merrill Stubing

When he was cast on The Love Boat, MacLeod had just wrapped up seven years on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. His agent told him The Love Boat script sucked but added that Spelling really wanted MacLeod for the part, and the industry-savvy actor recognized it immediately for what it was: a gold mine. A feel-good show was just what he was looking for, and he took the job.

After The Love Boat, he appeared in some musicals, co-hosted a wacky airline safety video with Betty White for Air New Zealand, was the honorary mayor of Pacific Palisades for five years, and even got a chance to conduct the Colorado Symphony.

He also has a rich spiritual life. He turned to religion in the 1980s, and remarried his second wife Patti, whom hed divorced three years earlier. They even co-wrote a book about it: Back On Course: The Remarkable Story of a Divorce that Ended in Remarriage. It was his religious conviction that led him to some of his favorite projects: he played the lead role in the 2008 Christian film The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, and co-hosted a show on the Trinity Broadcasting Network about marriage called Back On Course for 17 years.

Most recently, he wrote his memoir, This Is Your Captain Speaking: My Fantastic Voyage Through Hollywood, Faith, & Life. Hes still close with friends Bernie Kopell and Ted Lange, and went to Jill Whelans wedding in 2004.

Pat Klous As Judy Mccoy

Pat Klous took over as the cruise director on the Love Boat after Lauren Tewes left in 1984. She played Judy McCoy, Julies younger sister, who was another chipper and smiley cruise director. In order to incorporate the change into the plot, they wrote in a storyline where Julie left the Love Boat in order to get married, so Judy joined the crew. Klous had already made a couple of guest appearances on The Love Boat prior to being cast as a series regular.

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Florence Henderson As Multiple Characters

Florence Henderson appeared on The Love Boat nine times, including in the pilot episode, playing a variety of roles. She even came aboard the Pacific Princess for one episode playing her best known role: Carol Brady . She also played country singer Annabelle Folker, a recurring character in 1983, who showed up in three episodes that year. She was such a mainstay on the show that she even attended a Love Boat reunion in 2014, which was the first time the entire cast was together in ten years.

Teri Hatcher As Amy The Love Boat Mermaid

Watch The Love Boat Season 2 Episode 5: Julie

Long before Teri Hatcher played Susan Mayer on the hit series Desperate Housewives, or even Lois Lane, she was a Love Boat mermaid on the Pacific Princess. The Love Boat mermaids were regulars on the series from 1985-1986, clad in shiny silver leotards and black bow ties. Hatcher sang and danced with the troupe, entertaining the guests on the Pacific Princess and playing small roles in the storyline. It was her first credited television role, and it helped jump-start her acting career.

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The Love Boat: Romance At Sea

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The Love Boat is an American romantic comedy and drama series. During its decade-long run, it had 250 episodes, with four three-hour specials. According to Closer Weekly, the show takes place on the luxury passenger cruise ship the S.S. Pacific Princess.

Each episode follows the ships crew members as they interact with the guests. The characters help provide a quality experience for the various passengers. The action also has sexual undertones, with some crew members helping guests hook up.

Me and Ted Lange on The Love Boat! #TBT#ThrowbackThursday

Debbie Allen

The show also has plenty of love, partying, and drama. Many viewers compare the series to Below Deck because of their similar themes. Another aspect of The Love Boat that fans love is it shows viewers destinations around the world.

The Love Boat brought those locations to American living rooms and a lot of people who couldnt afford to go to or had never been to these places, author Jim Colucci wrote in Golden Girls Forever: An Unauthorized Look Behind the Lanai.

The Love Boat: Abc Tv Series Cast Reunites For Charity Tonight

Come aboard, were expecting you! For nine seasons, ABC encouraged viewers to board The Love Boat on Saturday nights. The series ran from 1977 until 1986 and was the fifth-most-watched network series for the 1980-81 season.

Tonight, at 8:00 PM , the complete cast of The Love Boat Gavin MacLeod , Fred Grandy , Ted Lange , Bernie Kopell , Lauren Tewes , and Jill Whelan will be reuniting on Stars In the House. The cast will be joined by frequent guest star Charo and Jack Jones, who sang the series theme song.

Hosted by SiriusXM host Seth Rudetsky and his husband, producer James Wesley, Stars In the House has been airing nightly since the coronavirus pandemic shut Broadway theatres nearly a year ago.

Viewers are encouraged to donate whatever they can to The Actors Fund, a non-profit that helps everyone in film, theater, television, music, opera, radio, and dance with programs including social services and emergency financial assistance, health care and insurance counseling, housing, and secondary employment and training services. Contributors can then submit their receipt to the hosts and the guests often read the names during the show. Stars In the House has helped to raise $689k to date.

The show frequently reunites Broadway show casts, as well as the casts of TV series like Star Trek: Voyager, Family Ties, LA Law, Taxi, Scandal, Frasier, and MelrosePlace.

Episodes are available for streaming on YouTube after theyve aired.

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Fred Grandy Yeoman Purser Burl Gopher Smith

Up until The Love Boat, Fred Grandys biggest break was a recurring role as Carols boyfriend on the show Maude. While his acting resume was somewhat limited, his academic history was anything but: he graduated magna cum laude from Harvard, and had good connections too: at Phillips Exeter Academy he was roommates with David Eisenhower and then was best man at Davids wedding to Julie Nixon in 1968.

Before The Love Boat, he waffled between politics and acting. He was a speechwriter for Iowa Congressman Wiley Mayne, and also co-wrote an off-Broadway play with future Saturday Night Live star Jane Curtin. After The Love Boat, he jumped back into politics. When he told MacLeod that he wouldnt be doing the TV movie sequels because he was going to run for office, MacLeod whipped out his checkbook and became the very first financial contributor to Grandys campaign. From 1987-1995, Grandy was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. He lost the election for Governor of Iowa in 1994 by a mere four percentage points.

The Love Boat: Memorable Characters And Episodes

Love Boat – S02E08

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Debuting in 1977, The Love Boat ran for 10 seasons on ABC. The shows main characters were Captain Merrill Stubing, bartender Isaac Washington, cruise director Julie McCoy, and the ships doctor, Adam Bricker, IMDb reports.

Gavin MacLeod, Ted Lange, Lauren Tewes, and Bernie Kopell played the respective roles. The series also featured various guest stars portraying passengers. For example, Betty White appeared in a few episodes. Little House on the Prairie star Melissa Sue Anderson also appeared on The Love Boat.

Episodes have multiple titles because they contain various storylines. One popular episode is Heads or Tails/Mona of the Movies/The Little People. The premise includes two boys making a bet on who can get a date with Julie, and another man hopes to date his crush.

Another fan-favorite episode was Thats My Dad/The Captains Bird/Captive Audience. The story revolves around a stowaway named Scott claiming that playboy Jeff is his father, and two crew members have mishaps with a parrot. And the episode Tony and Julie/Separate Beds/Americas Sweetheart sees one character butting heads with a zoologist.

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