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Bimini Top For Center Console Boat

How To Determine Your Height & Width:

How to measure your boat for a Bimini Top
  • Step 1 – Determine the mounting point for your bimini top. The mounting point is where you want the bimini top to attach on the side of the boat.
  • Step 2 – Determine the height of the bimini top by measuring from the mounting point straight up with a tape measure.
  • Choose the ideal height to fit the unique needs of your Center Console. A taller bimini top provides more head clearance & room for a spotter or for boats with no or low side rails. A shorter bimini top provides a sleeker look & ride and works well for boats with high side rails.
  • A Center Console with 30″ side rails and a 54″ tall bimini top would provide 84″ of clearance.
  • Step 3 – Determine the width of the bimini top by measuring from mounting point to mounting point. Select the width that closest matches the width between your mounting points.
  • Bimini frames can “flex” 3 inches out or in .
  • Width selections below are given in 6″ ranges. As long as your width measurement falls in the 6″ range, your width selection will be correct.

Choosing A Center Console Boat Cover

When it comes to protecting your boat, you have options. For daily use, we recommend choosing a center console cover or t-top console cover and an outboard motor cover. These are easy to put on or take off and can be folded up for storage, making them an efficient solution. For longer storage periods, whether on the water or in a covered area, we recommend a mooring cover. These covers have been designed to tightly fit your boat based on its shape and size and come in a range of premium fabrics that are durable and weather resistant. Our Boat Style Finder can help you quickly and easily decide which cover is right for you, or if you have questions, we are always happy to help!

As you look through our Style Selector to try to find the select the best center console boat cover for your specific boat, remember that once you narrow it down by style, youll need to further focus in by adjusting for length and beam. You can also try using ourCover Finder to select by the make, model, and year of your boat. This has the added advantage of alerting you to the availability of an Exact Fit® cover if we have that specific model in our database, and then thus, letting you choose between the Exact Fit® and Select Fit® options. If there are still any doubts in your mind, just call our customer service line at or send us an email at.

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Leader Accessories Bimini Top

This Leader Accessories bimini top comes with everything necessary, including the mounting hardware and the zippered storage boot. Moreover, the manufacturers also send instructions that are intended to teach you how to assemble the item.

You will probably find it beneficial that the mounting hardware is made of stainless steel and that the storage boot is color-coordinated with the rest of the bimini top. There are 13 colors and six different sizes of the product you can choose from. In addition to this, there are two fabric options 600D solution-dyed fabric and marine-grade 600D polyester canvas.

Another advantage is that the stitching is double overlapped to add more durability. Thanks to the fact that the legs are double-walled, the aluminum frame is very sturdy and reliable. Also, two nylon straps are attached to the front and the rear part of the structure.


  • Installing and assembling the structure is very easy.
  • The fabric of the cover is of very good quality.
  • You can choose from 13 colors and six sizes.
  • This bimini top features double overlapped stitching for extra strength.


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Leader Accessories Bow Bimini Tops

Since Im used to standing at the console to control my boat, adequate headroom is a must. By scanning through other bimini top reviews, I was able to select this item to achieve just that! I also use it on rafts, catarafts, and pontoons for generous headroom.

Many cases have proven that this bimini top can withstand the test of extensive use even in adverse conditions. It accompanies me through cold, rainy river trips. It stands firm under the blistering sun during my journey in a hot desert as well. The shade coming from it can counter the harshest sunlight. It works wonders in keeping me from getting fried.

Class III-IV rapids and gusting winds are not a threat with this top as it stays solid. It can survive 40 mph wind. Its necessary when you have kids with you based on the aforementioned effects.

The durability of the marine-grade 600D polyester fabric for covering is dependable. Moreover, adjustable straps located on the front and back make fittings easy.

No flapping will occur during transport. The white and navy stripes make my boat look spectacular with a clean and bright appeal. There are 12 colors that you can choose from and each has two tones.

The aluminum frame is one of the most important parts to look at in a bimini top. For maximum strength, this one has double-wall main bow legs to lift the covering and make room for everyone in the vessel. There are quick mounts for convenience too.

  • Has an aluminum frame with maximum strength

Standard Bimini Top Features

Collapsible TTOP Dolphin Pro2 T

Features for square tube frame, super sport, and stainless steel frame will vary.

Hold-Down Straps constructed of polypropylene webbing with stainless steel slide buckles and strong, cast nickle-plated brass snap hooks. * Universal Deck Hinges allow the option of mounting your top in virtually any position . Top quality nickel plated brass eye straps for securing the hold-down straps to the gunnel are superior to cheap, plastic eye straps offered by some competitors.
This mounting kit is included with every bimini top purchase. All necessary fasteners for mounting your top are stainless steel for strength and durability. 7/8″ heavy-walled bright finish aluminum tubing standard with 3/4″ insert. The double wall is for strength and stability.
The outside eye end is riveted on the main bow to provide greater stability and security at this key stress point.

Can’t find what you need? If you don’t see it, ask for it. We are constantly adding new products. Contact us for details!

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What Are The Benefits Of Custom Bimini Tops

Boat bimini tops come in two forms: standard and custom. Standard tops are pre-sized and take little effort to find for popular boat makes and models. On the other hand, many boaters prefer the freedom provided by custom tops. These tops are available in virtually any colour or pattern and can be made to user specification. The right boat bimini can increase your boat’s value and appearance, so make sure to choose a design that is of a top grade and offers a perfect fit.

What Features Should I Look For In A Bimini Top

Bimini tops are suited for a wide range of boat types, including yachts, pontoons, sailboats, and ski towers. When shopping, take the make, model, and year of your boat into consideration to help you to find the most suitable one for your specific needs. You should also take features of bimini tops into account. For example, look for tops that are water resistant, mould and mildew resistant, and made from a breathable fabric. You should also opt for a top that maintains its shape over time and will not shrink or stretch when exposed to the elements. Additionally, those that offer UV protection help to prevent sun damage.

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What Is A Bimini Top And How Does It Work

A bimini top on your boat is similar to a roof that protects you from outdoor elements. Its usually in the form of an open-top canvas, which is supported by a metal framework. When you no longer need to use it, you can fold or let it collapse for storage.

The canvas together with the framework is attached to the boat. Most bimini tops can be easily assembled as instructions are provided. So, theres no need to worry about setting it up. For effortless storage, a boot should be one of the features.

How Do I Protect My Boat From The Sun

Fishmaster T Top Walk Around

Every reasonable human being tries to protect themselves from the harmful sun rays. There is a range of ways to do this. The most common one is to put some sunscreen on your skin. However, how do people protect their boats from the sun?

Keep in mind that if you do not take good care of your vessel, it wont serve you for a long time. You have made such an investment with the purchase of your boat. So you will certainly not mind spending a bit more to make sure that it is well maintained. There are several things you can do to protect your boat:

  • Make sure it is clean before you put any protectant on your vessel, you should ensure its cleanness. There are a lot of boat washes that you can use for this purpose. Remember that if the boat is not clean enough, the protectant cannot be absorbed into its surface.
  • Use a protectant it serves as sunscreen for your boat. You can get any cleaner wax to do so. This material will make your boat shiny, but at the same time, it will seal the surface and thus protect it from the harmful UV rays.
  • Maintain your vessel in good condition whenever you come back from your trip in the water, remove the dirt that the top surface has gathered, put some light wax on, and also some polymers to protect it from the sun.
  • Get a boat bimini top it will protect not only your boat but also yourself. Of course, it costs a lot to get such a piece of equipment, but it is worth it.
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    Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Bimini Tops

    Here are the benefits that you can get in using a bimini top. They can improve your sailing experience for sure.

    For Comfort

    A sunny day is an ideal time for every boater to be on the waters. But, too much sunlight is not good for everyone. Thats why you need to have protection through a bimini top. According to experts, UV rays can damage your skin in as quickly as 15 minutes. Skin diseases should be avoided by shielding from the harmful sun.

    Most people rely on sunscreen but they still find reprieve from a shade, especially those who have sensitive skin. Bimini tops are available in various sizes and can be placed in different areas. So, youll be able to get as much or as little shade based on your needs.

    A bimini is flexible as you may lower or raise it at any time. Its simple to get a break from heat exposure.

    Protection from Other Elements

    Its normal for boaters to get caught by rain as the weather is sometimes fickle. No one can tell when the pouring will stop. Uncertainty is also present in occasional rainstorms.

    When it starts to drizzle, all you have to do is pop up the canopy. Then, you can lower the top when the rain or storm goes away. Set it aside then resume the fun.

    Taking Care of Your Investment

    A bimini top is your assistance in taking care of the things that youve invested in your boat. Components and pieces of equipment found in a water vessel are not cheap. The sun and rain can also harm pricey objects just like what they do to your skin and health.

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    Msc 4 Bow Bimini Top Boat Cover

    What makes this MSC 4 bimini top different than other similar products is its storage compartment made of mesh, which aims at more convenience. The fabric part is made of marine-grade 600D polyester canvas, which has double PU coating. You can be sure that the frame is very reliable and robust. Apart from this, it is also anti-rust.

    There are two rear poles which are intended to provide better support. The poles are 40 inches long, which includes the plastic tips which come at the end of each. Keep in mind that the rear supports have to stay upright in the storage boot, whereas the forward supports should be folded back.

    If you dont want to make a new hole in your boat, you can remove the attachment pieces and install quick release pins. When you order this product, you also get a storage boot. You can choose from a range of colors and sizes.


    • The instructions coming with this product are simple and easy to follow.
    • You will probably find the mesh storage compartment very convenient.
    • This product is equipped with two rear poles, which are long enough to support the top.
    • Installing the unit can be pretty quickly done.


    What Is The Bimini Top

    China Ground 5.1m 17FT Center Console Bimini Top Aluminum Fishing Boat ...

    Before deciding whether you need one, probably you would like to know what a bimini top is. Read the following part of our buying guide to find an answer to this question:

    • A bimini top is most typically a metal structure that is covered by canvas.
    • People put it on the cockpit of their boats to protect them from the sun or rain.
    • The frames are usually made of stainless steel or aluminum. If your boat is a small one, it is advisable to get a bimini top with an aluminum frame, as it is light-weight. Vise versa, if you have a larger vessel, you need a structure made of stainless steel, which is heavier but endures the marine weather conditions better than the aluminum one.
    • These types of products can be used on any boat.
    • It is crucial to have a bimini cover on your boat so that you wont get sunburnt or dehydrated.
    • Using such a top on your vessel, you will be even able to use it in the rain.

    We hope that now you are well informed on what a bimini top is, and why you need it to protect your boat. If you are curious to learn about other boat equipment and accessories, visit our homepage. There you can read our reviews on the top products and choose the ones that will contribute to your pleasant boat experience. You will also learn useful tips on how to choose, install, and maintain a variety of boat items.

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    Serenelife Slbtw90g Bimini Top Cover

    A decent amount of space and shade is provided by this bimini top. Two adults and two dogs usually stay under it and I have nothing to complain about. I dont have to hunch when standing. It can conclude that it excels among its counterparts in terms of longevity due to the following reasons.

    Im not afraid to go sailing or fishing under the sun due to the protection provided by this bimini. The usual rain or even the one caused by a hurricane cant bring it down. My boat can go as fast as 40 mph and this canopy stays in its place. It doesnt bow down to the force of the wind.

    Although the color is limited to blue and gray, its fine as it can survive harsh outdoor conditions because of quality parts and solid construction. The cover is a marine-grade denier polyester canvas with double-stitched seams. Thats why it looks neat and nice. To my delight, its lightweight too. It has components similar to sunbrella bimini top replacement parts.

    The aluminum frame is supported by rear poles and front straps. Just like what I expect from a good bimini system, it has a storage boot that you can just zip in for storage. This style saves space and prevents it from being easily blown away.

    • Rain and wind cant bring it down
    • Has quality parts and solid construction
    • Can be compared to a sunbrella
    • Used in different kinds of boat
    • Screws need to be better

    How Do I Thru

    If you have nylon fittings youll first need to replace them with stainless steel fittings.The next step is to thru-bolt the connection points of the bimini to the boatthe front and rear eye straps, as well as the deck hinge. In order to thru-bolt, youll need a longer bolt that travels completely through the fiberglass and reaches to the underside. For added stability and security, we recommend adding an extra washer and nut.Lastly, check the top for stability, ensuring the front of the top is angled downward. If it isnt, pull the front hold-down straps tight in order to change the angle. As always, check all straps and fittings for tightness before using your bimini top at speeds higher than 35 MPH.*Note: Thru-bolting will allow you to operate your boat at speeds of up to 45 MPH with the top still up. Keep in mind wind speeds and adjust your speed accordingly. Whenever trailering your boat, your bimini top should be laid down flat.

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