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How Much Do Boat Clubs Cost

How Do I Know There Will Be Boats Available For Me To Use

How Much Does A Bass Boat Cost

The Jacksonville Boat Club has a great reputation for always having boats available. We also have same day boating. While all of our members enjoy unlimited boating, there are two different levels of membership based on the size of the boats they want to use. To learn more about our membership levels call 904.477.9794.

Boatsetter Vs Carefree Boat Club

Like most boat clubs, Carefree Boat Club has an initial membership fee and an annual fee. These fees vary depending on the location and may even be monthly. According to, the initial membership cost ranges from $4,000 to $6,000, and a monthly cost ranging from $140 to $300. As you can see, the price of renting a boat can add up quickly. If you have the time to use a boat every month, you might get the full value out of Carefree Boat Club, but it wont be easy. By renting a boat with Boatsetter, you can avoid all initiation and monthly/annual fees! Just pay each time you would like to take out a boat, and you are all set for a fun day out on the water. With over 4500 active boats on our platform across the country, you can find the perfect boat for your needs.

Grapnel And Other Small Craft Anchors

A Grapnel anchor is generally used for small boats such as Kayaks, Dinghies, Canoes, etc. Its also popular with fishermen.They fold up very compactly and are easy to stow. A Grapnels holding power comes from hooking onto another object, such as a rock. When it does hook, it can create immense holding power, which can also make retrieving the anchor difficult.

Pros: Great for use as a lunch hook. Folds to allow for compact storage.Cons: Not appropriate for non-temporary anchorage.Bottoms: Rock or other situations when it can hook onto an object.

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What Exactly Is A Boat Club

Boat clubs work by offering members access to a fleet of boats for a monthly fee. Members can reserve a boat to use without having to worry about the costs associated with maintenance, insurance, and boating education.

Boat clubs allow members access to a wide variety of boats for a much lower cost than purchasing a boat. This can make joining a boat club a good way to see if boating is the right hobby for you without having to commit to a large purchase.

In addition to providing members with boat training and well-maintained boats, boat clubs offer members many perks. Many boat clubs offer complimentary access to water toys such as skis and slides. Other clubs offer training for each specific vessel in their fleet to ensure your comfort and safety.

Boat clubs also act as social clubs that bring together people with similar interests. Many clubs offer member-only social gatherings, parties, and cruises.

These gatherings can be a great place to make new friends and connections in the boating scene.

What Is A Yacht Club

How Much Does a Freedom Boat Club Membership Cost?

The first step is to understand what these clubs are. A yacht club is a social club full of boaters who either rent, lease, or own boats they store at the club. The clubs are usually on lakes or harbors for quick access to water.

Yacht clubs charge for their memberships on a yearly or monthly basis. Yacht clubs range in prices as well as atmospheres.

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Plow Anchor With Roll Bar

There are several anchors on the market today that are essentially plow anchors with roll bars. These include the Rocna, Manson Supreme, and Bugel.

Each of these anchors are essentially a variation on a plow style anchor. If you look at the plow portion of these anchors, you can see they are a lot sharper than traditional plows like the Delta/Wing and CQR. Analogous to a knife through butter, these anchors can penetrate the sea bottom a lot easier than the other anchor styles. The roll bar also helps them orient themselves upright when setting.

These anchors have performed extremely well in third party tests. The biggest downside to these anchors is that because they are still patented, they can be very expensive. The roll bar along with the elongated plow can also make storing these anchors on bow rollers difficult.

Pros: Very high holding power for many models.Cons: Difficult to stow on a bow roller. Expense.Bottoms: Performs well in most bottoms.

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How Much Do Boat Clubs Cost

The cost of joining a boating club varies based on your location and the type of boats a club keeps in its fleet. Many boat clubs require an initial membership fee that typically ranges between $1,000 to $5,000. The monthly fee for a boat club can range anywhere between $150 to $500.

Despite the high initial cost of joining a boat club, many people find boat clubs a cost-effective way to enjoy boating when compared to the cost of purchasing your own boat.

Boat clubs often provide a wide variety of benefits to members at no extra cost, such as training and access to the dock. The cost of insurance, maintenance, and slip fees are also paid by the club owners.

The only additional cost for club members is the cost of fuel.

Each boat club will use a different fee structure, and some may allow you to pay part of the initial fee over time with additional monthly fees. Some boat clubs offer different levels of membership each with their own perks. You should consult with each boat club in your area to get a good idea of the standard fees charged in your area.

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What Is The Jacksonville Boat Club

Golfers dont buy golf courses they join the Country Club and share the facilities. Jacksonville Boat Club operates a lot like that. We are a private Boating Club whose members have all the benefits of owning their own boat but none of the hassles and expense of maintenance and repairs that go along with it. They also dont have a boat loan or insurance payments. They dont even pay to store the boats. Without all that aggravation, they also go boating a lot more and are able to experience just the enjoyable part of being on the water with family and friends and none of the aggravations.

Speak To A Membership Executive For Local Market Information

MSC Yacht Club Cruise Costs vs Benefits: Worth It? Sunday Sofatime 2021

The membership executive in each local market knows all the available membership plans and associated costs, and will happily answer all your questions.

We understand that people are often reluctant to speak with a sales professional, but Freedom Boat Clubs membership executives are here to help you decide if a boat club is right for you or not. They can guide you through all the options, and explain the costs and benefits of each.

If the pricing or the membership plan doesnt suit your lifestyle, needs or budget, thats OK! The membership executive is just there to answer all of your questions, so you can make the best decision for you.

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Is It Worth Joining A Yacht Club

Yacht clubs can be enticing to boat owners, but there is a lot of unknown involved in joining one. People new to yacht clubs often have questions about the joining process and what is included. But really, what everyone wants to know is: is it worth joining a yacht club?

To understand if a yacht club is a good fit for you, well break down the pros and cons of joining one and the cost that usually comes with it.

After reading, you should have a solid idea of what a yacht club is and what happens when you join one.

Why Join A Boat Club

Purchasing a boat club membership grants you access to a fleet of vessels you may be able to take out, depending on your level of skill and availability. Youll also be joining a social club where everyone there shares your love of the boating lifestyle.

In places like Florida, where watersports are the centerpiece of many social events, your membership fees open the door to a whole world that you might not see if youre trying to access the waterways on your own.

Plus, some clubs offer perks like free towing in case of breakdowns, unlimited training, safe anchoring at marinas in other locations, and even free access to water toys like pontoon boats and paddleboards.

Consider if you have a family member visiting who wants to rent a kayak. Instead of searching for a loaner, your boat club might have one you can borrow as part of your membership. There are lots of perks associated with a boat club membership.

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Advantages & Disadvantages Of Boat Clubs

Lets break down the advantages and disadvantages of a boat club:


  • Boat clubs provide a wide range of boat types and sizes.
  • Boat club prices are far less than buying most new boats, and in many cases different levels of membership are available at different price-points.
  • Reservations can be made ahead of time for specific models, or you can grab whatevers available on the spur of the moment.
  • Boat club membership comes with a number of perks ranging from boating education to insurance coverage.
  • The club takes care of maintenance and tends to keep the fleet in excellent condition.
  • Some membership plans include reciprocal rights to go boating at the clubs different locations, so you may be able to utilize your membership from coast to coast.


  • You dont actually own the boats, so you cant customize them.
  • A boat youd like to take out on the spur of the moment may have been reserved by someone else on that particular day.
  • There may be some restrictions and/or required training for overnight use.
  • Although joining a boat club is far less expensive than owning the average boat, its still a substantial expense.

What Weight Range Fits My Boat

How much does it actually cost to charter a yacht?

Choose an anchor thats the right size for your boat and the locations and weather where you anchor. Take the anchor manufacturers suggested sizes into account and consider your boating style. Do you typically anchor for two hours or for two weeks, in a lake or in the Atlantic Ocean? The recommended anchor sizes from our website will work well for most boaters, under most conditions.

Sizing an anchor for your boat reinforces, with some limits, the bigger is better idea. If your engine fails and you are drifting toward a lee shore, having a properly sized anchor ready could save your boat. But raising the anchor by hand, with no electric powered windlass, calls for light and efficient ground tackle .

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How Much Do Boat Clubs Cost For New Members

The payment structure for membership in a boat club has two main expenses: The initiation fee and a monthly participation fee. Typically, a discount is applied if you pay all of your monthly fees upfront as part of an annual plan.

Boat club membership initiations usually cost a few thousand dollars. Premier clubs with the largest fleets in the best locales can cost up to $10,000 to join. Smaller clubs can be much more affordable. Monthly fees vary similarly, with some costing only a couple of hundred dollars and the premier boat clubs costing $500 or more per month.

Youll also be responsible for the fuel you burn while running your boat out on the water. Boat ownership also involves paying for fuel. But boat owners will also have to pay for maintaining and outfitting their boat, as well as the purchase cost. Large boats can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even smaller boats are quite expensive. You could easily end up with a $1,000 monthly payment.

Boat owners will also be responsible for many other unpredictable costs, including:

All this translates to a minimum of thousands of dollars beyond the cost of the boat itself on an annual basis. And if your motor breaks down or you damage the hull, you could get stuck with an enormous repair bill.

How Much Does A Carefree Boat Club Membership Cost

The cost to become a member of the Carefree Boat Club will depend on the type of membership you sign up for and at what location. You can become an active member with a one-time initiation fee that will cost from $3,500 to $5,500, followed by monthly dues which would be around $350 per month.

For an even more affordable option, some lower-tiered memberships can be as little as $175 a month. These memberships are the perfect solution for those who only want to use their boat on weekdays and dont need full membership privileges like unlimited boating days or access to all boats in inventory.

You might also like our articles about the cost of a boat dock, an airboat, or to repair a fiberglass boat.

The company says that costs will depend on location, local cost of living, and fleet. They also say that the membership options and availability will also influence the final cost.

A boating magazine once featured a couple from Maryland. The article said the two people paid $315 per month for boat storage, plus fuel costs at one of four different waterways they had access to in that area.

According to someone on RipoffReport, membership to the club costs $3,500 and another monthly fee of $350. One Yelp review from a Washington D.C.-based member claimed that their final cost was just under $2,000 for joining fees plus an additional expenditure of around $385 per month in order to stay active within the club.

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Boats Available For Freedom Boat Club Members

The FBC owns more than 2,000 boats of different kinds. One of the perks of becoming a Freedom Boat Club member is your opportunity to use and enjoy all kinds of boats available. That way, you also get to enjoy different types of boating activities.

Freedom Boat Club has tied up with several boat manufacturers. However, this does not mean that all clubs have similar types of boats. Franchisees, club owners, and operators are free to choose boat models that they think are ideal for their local market and waterways.

Most boat types available in Florida are fishing boats, bowriders, deck boats, and pontoons to give you an idea. Whereas kayaks, sailboats, and wakeboard boats are more popular in southern areas.

Whats The Purpose Of A Boat Club

An in Depth Look at the Cost to Owning an Offshore Boat

Joining a boat club allows you to go boatingoften in exclusive areaseven if you dont personally own a boat. Clubs exist for all types of watersports, toofrom kayaking to jet ski riding to sailingso you are bound to find something you enjoy.

Boat clubs bring together people who enjoy watersports but, for whatever reason, may opt out of boat ownership. And its understandable when you look at boat pricesit can easily get expensive, depending on the type of boat you prefer.

Checking out a boat payment calculator versus membership costs can give you a good idea of the affordability of boat clubs. In many cases, the cost of a boat club membership is a fraction of what boat ownership would cost you.

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Being Safe On The Water

Although there are not a whole lot of requirements to become a member, Lee said they train all members with a licensed U.S. Coast Guard captain before allowing use of the boats.

Jordan said he is glad the club makes people take safety training before they are allowed on the boat.

Taking a boater safety course is huge, it just helps, thats what I love about Freedom Boat Club, they make you do a training, so I know how to operate a boat, Jordan said.

With a number of recent drownings in the area, Jordan said its important for people to wear life jackets, to not drink and make sure you know what you are doing when using a boat.

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What Isnt Covered In The Monthly Membership Fee

The answer to this question is the same for every Freedom Boat Club location: fuel.

Many of our clubs use fuel flow meters that are initiated at check-out from the dock, and then reviewed in full upon return. In all cases, you are only charged for the fuel that you use during your outing.

Some Freedom Boat Clubs offer optional programs that include special insurance coverage and towing provisions. Your local membership executive can provide full details.

Finally, every Freedom Boat Club has a professional dock staff, whose total focus is to assist members with boarding, check-in, dock departure and returns. They are happy to help load and unload your gear. Many of our satisfied members choose to tip for outstanding service, and the dock staff appreciates the consideration, this is fully at the members discretion.

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How Much Do Exclusive Boat Clubs Cost

Exclusive boat clubs can cost thousands of dollars per month, as well as a hefty initial fee. Keep in mind that the most expensive boat clubs are typically those located in the most densely populated cities.

When slips come at a premium, you can expect the monthly dues to be more expensive as well.

A boat club that has a more extensive fleet is also likely to charge more per month. In return, you likely have access to much newer models and a wider variety of sailing opportunities.

Exclusive boat clubs must charge more to make up for the fact that they do not have incoming fees from a wider group of members.

However, this does come with some benefit to you.

When you are paying this much for a boat club membership, you are also likely receiving true unlimited access to the fleet.

You can typically place a reservation for any day of the week on any of their available boats with a greater degree of success. In fact, many exclusive boat clubs boast a reservation success rate of ninety percent or higher.

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