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How To Patch Canvas Boat Cover

How To Repair A Torn Boat Cover

Easy stiching for boat canvas repair
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Repairing a torn boat cover is a simple job. The boat cover can be repaired by using a small sail repair tape. However, the repairs done using the sail repair tapes wont hold for a long time. This is because of climate change and heat. Over time, the adhesive present in the sail tape will be damaged and then finally the repairs will be useless. With that in mind, reinforcing the boat cover using a needle and thread or sewing machine is the best method because it is an easy, less expensive, and longer lasting solution.

After gathering your supplies, follow these step by step directions to repair your torn boat cover.

Step 1 – Measure the Torn Area

The first step is to find the length of the patch or torn area using a ruler or a measuring tape. Use this to calculate the size of the canvas required to cover the torn area. Add an extra four inches around the tear size in your measurements.

Step 2 – Cut the Patch Piece

Step 3 – Work on the Patch

Step 4 – Stitch the Patch Canvas

Although repairing a torn boat cover isnt difficult, make sure that you follow each step carefully so your repair will last under the demanding stress the boat cover endures.

Boat Cover & Seat Repair Kit

When you prepare your sailing or motor vessel to get underway, you know that certain things are essential for a safe voyage. Life vests, radios, batteries, extra lines, additional compass, first-aid kits, and drinking water are always vital, but you should also consider packing a boat cover & seat repair kit by Tear-Aid.

You may not think about a boat cover & seat repair kit in the same terms as life vests; however, it is important to remember that your boat cushions double as flotation devices. Heres something else you should also consider: members of U.S. Navy and Marine Corps special units that use inflatable craft such as Zodiac small boats include these kits in their mission checklists. Aside from your cushions, your boat may also be equipped with inflatable items that can be repaired with a Tear-Aid boat cover & seat repair kit.

There are two Tear-Aid products that you will want to include in your boat. The Type A kit is for canvas, rubber, fiberglass, and plastic materials that are generally dry and do not contain oily substances. The Type B kit is used for quick repairs of vinyl materials that have oils. The difference between these two types of repair kits is the oil-blocking inhibitor in Type B.

The Tear-Aid Solution

How To Patch A Boat Cover

Boat covers are also prone to wear and tear. They can rip due to constant use and exposure to the elements. While you can always opt to buy a new one when this happens, particularly if your boat cover has been serving you for more than 15 years, you can still probably get more years out of it by patching it up. Dont worry: you dont need any special skills to do it. Heres an easy way to patch a boat cover.

  • Inspect the entire fabric. Identify the cause and extent of the damage and the best way to fix it. Work in an area with adequate lighting to help you locate even the smallest holes, and mark the spots with a bright-colored pen.
  • Start with a clean, dry fabric. Wash the identified spot using an appropriate canvas cleaner to remove grime and dirt and let the fabric dry completely.
  • Measure the torn area. Using a ruler or tape measure, calculate the size of the canvas needed to patch the torn area. Add at least four inches to your measurements to ensure proper patching.
  • Cut and apply the patch. Cut two identical patch pieces to cover both sides of the tear. Use a canvas adhesive to secure them in place and weigh them down with a heavy item . Wipe excess adhesive for a cleaner look. Allow the adhesive to dry completely before stitching the patch. For best results, use the heaviest outdoor polyester thread your machine can handle.
  • Inspect your handiwork. Do a tug test to see if there are any gaps or loose stitching and fix the issue to avoid future problems.
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    Waterproofing A Boat Cover

    Before waterproofing a boat cover, it must be completely cleaned without exception. You don’t want to seal in the dirt.

    No, Scotchguard in the spray cans doesn’t work for well for waterproofing canvas boat covers.

    Use 303 Aerospace Protectant®;instead:

    A final reminder on the topic of boat cover repair. Keeping your canvas boat cover free of dirt to start with is your best defense against mold and mildew. This will help you prolong the life of your boat canvas which really does keep money in your pocket.

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    Fantastic Results

    “I wanted to thank you for the fantastic results I have with the EZ-Xtend zipper solution you provided for my Sea Ray.

    The isinglass had shrunk to the point that installing it was an all-morning job, with some snaps totally unusable due to the material shrinkage. I really was preparing to purchase a complete new canvas set, but hated to spend the money-especially since the canvas is still in excellent shape.

    The EZ-Xtend zippers have made the canvas/isinglass installation and removal about a 10 minute job! Thanks again for the quick solution and the reasonable cost, I really do appreciate it.”

    Steve Donovan – Georgia

    Easy To Install

    The Ez-xtend zippers were very easy to install — especially with a little lubricant .

    E.Chesnavich – New Jersey

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    How To Clean A Boat Cover: A Simple Step

    Fabric Repair Tape Boat Covers Canvas RV Awning Tents and ...
  • Prepare everything that you need. For starters, youre going to need a cleaning solution, a spray bottle, paintbrush, soft bristle brush, gloves, and a container. For the cleaning solution, you can use soapy water or buy commercial products . Its your choice. Feel free to choose one that works for you.
  • Remove loose dirt and debris. Gently brush off loose dirt and debris and soak the cover in cold water or hose it down to prep it for the next step.
  • Spray cleaning solution. Use a soft bristle brush to thoroughly work the cleaning solution into the fabric, covering all areas. Pay special attention to the seams, since this is where dirt and grime usually accumulate. For stubborn spots, mix one cup of Borax powder and one cup of white vinegar in two cups of water. Tip: Always test the products on a small, discrete patch of the canvas before using it to reduce the risk of discoloration.
  • Soak it up. Leave the canvas for about an hour to allow the cleaning solution to soak into the fabric and work its magic. You may let it soak for longer to remove stubborn stains.
  • Give it a thorough rinse. Rinse until all soap residue is removed.
  • Repeat steps, if necessary. Check to see if you managed to remove all the stains. If not, you may want to give it another go. In this case, repeat steps 3 to 5.
  • Let it dry. Hang it up and allow it to dry completely before folding or putting it back on the boat.
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    Installing A Tent Pole Through A Grommet

    These type of vents require a 2 1/4″ hole to be cut into your cover. The vent unscrews and separates into two halves. One half goes on the outside of the cover and the other half goes on the inside. Once you have them positioned, screw the two halves back together and insert the pole into the female receiver cup.

    The bonus of using a vent is that the hot air build-up under the cover escapes through the vent. In my opinion, most boat covers should have this type of boat vent installed.

    This boat vent does not need a reinforcement patch in place before you install this type of vent.; However, if you decide to use one for the extra reinforcement, then the fabric would need to be very light.; This vent uses teeth to pierce the fabric and if the fabric is very thick it will resist the teeth.

    Restoring Your Boat Canvas Colour

    Overtime, your boat canvas can begin to fade and lose its colour. Thanks to a selection of canvasrestorers, such problems are a thing of the past. The pigment in the product acts as a dye to refresh the colour of your canvas, helping it to appear as good as new.

    1) Start off by pouring some of the canvas pigment into a container and giving it a good stir.

    2) Next, apply the product onto your canvas using a clean paintbrush. Make sure you cover thewhole thing in one application to avoid leaving a tidemark.

    3) The colour wont soak through, so make sure you paint both sides of the canvas, especially if the inside is starting to look a bit faded. Be aware that the pigment can make the canvas a little stiffer.

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    Fabric Repair Patch For Bimini Top Or Boat Cover


    • Accessory for your boat cover
    • One 3″ x 6″ adhesive patch
    • Durable polyurethane backing
    • Excellent durability against temperature fluctuation, punctures, moisture, saltwater, and sunlight
    • Easy peel and stick application
    • Clear patch can be used on any color boat cover or bimini top
    • Easy to cut to fit your needs
    Free Shipping
    Leaves warehouse in 2 weeks.

    Item #:

    Fabric Repair Patch for Bimini Top or Boat Cover | Westland | TEAR001

    Repair your canvas or fabric with the Westland Fabric Repair Patch. Its clear peel-and-stick adhesive patch is easy to cut to whatever size or shape you need. No need to scrap your old bimini canvas, simply repair it.; Use this top-notch fabric repair patch and experience continued durability against punctures, moisture, saltwater, UV rays, and temperature fluctuations.

    • One 3″ x 6″ adhesive patch
    • Durable polyurethane backing

    How Do You Repair A Tear In A Canvas Boat Cover

    Patching a torn boat cover

    4.8/5patchpatchholecanvaspatch fabrictopholecover

    There are two methods of repairing a torn or punctured oil painting on canvas. The damaged area of the painting can be patched or the entire painting can be lined onto a new supporting canvas. A patch in a busy part of the painting may be less noticeable than a patch in a solid area.

    Subsequently, question is, how do you fix a torn canopy? Here’s how to patch a rip in your tent:

  • On the exterior of the tent, start by cleaning the area around the tear with rubbing alcohol and a rag.
  • Cut a piece of repair tape to cover the hole and at least one inch of fabric surrounding it.
  • Lay the tent fabric on a solid surface and remove the backing on the tape patch.
  • Considering this, how do you repair a tear in a canvas tent?

    To mend small tears, cover the damaged area with cloth repair tape — ripstop nylon for nylon tents, taffeta for canvas tents. Apply a liberal patch to both sides of the tear, smoothing the edges of the tape carefully to prevent snags and leaks. Coat the edges of the patch with seam sealer, on both sides of the tent.

    Can you patch canvas?

    Holes in art canvases can be patched up with acid-free glue and another piece of canvas. Once the patch is secure, you‘ll be able to conceal the hole with paint on the front. Patches can be sewn on behind tears in outdoor canvas while adhesive patches will cover up small puncture holes.

    How to Repair a Torn Plastic BBQ Cover

  • Turn the grill cover inside out.
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    How To Clean A Boat Cover

    by Ian ForteyUpdated on May 31, 2021.

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    Keeping your boat canvas clean is an important part of boat maintenance. Unfortunately, its not always as simple as taking a hose to your boat cover. A canvas boat cover cant just be tossed in a washing machine. Cleaning stained canvas requires the proper cleaning solution and technique. If you took the time to cover your boat with a canvas cover then you should take the time to keep it clean.

    Boat Cover Repair Advice

    What every Boat Owner Should Know About Boat Cover Repair:

    Does your canvas boat cover look like this?

    We will teach you all you need to know about sprucing it up again.

    Learn about:

    • Waterproofing
    • Buying Boat Cover Repair Products

    There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars in shop time on boat cover repairs. Read on to learn more about canvas repairs and how to save money. This could potentially help you salvage your boat cover rather than having to replace the cover altogether!

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    Cleaning Your Boats Canvas Cover

    A dirty job like this might have you reaching for the pressure washer but;the powerful jet can damage the threads of the canvas. Its also sometimes a good idea to test the products on a discrete patch of the canvas to make sure theres no discolouration.

    1) Start by scraping off loose dirt and gently remove any bird guano with a normal household sweeping brush.

    2) Once this is done, dampen the seams down with fresh water in order to help the cleaner to penetrate the fabric better you might find it easier to use a spray bottle for this.

    3) Apply neat canvas cleaner to your cover with a paintbrush before using a bristle brush to scrub the cover all over. We like the;Renovo Boat Canvas Cleaner;,;or the Sail and canvas Cleaner from;Starbrite;but make sure you choose the right productfor your cover material.

    4) Ensure that you really work the cleaner into the cover to help get the best results from the product. Its important to pay special attention to the seams on your boats canvas as this is where a lot of dirt and grime can build up.

    5) Leave the canvas for an hour before returning to scrub the canvas with a soft bristle brush and warm water, then rinse thoroughly. If your canvas is particularly dirty then you may wish to leave the cover for longer in order to remove any stubborn stains or algae that have worked their way into the fabric.

    6) It might be necessary to repeat this process a few more times if youre still struggling to remove some of the stains.

    Boat Cover Cleaning Basics

    Fabric Repair Tape Boat Covers Canvas RV Awning Tents and ...

    The best method of cleaning a boat cover is to use a hose and a soft bristle brush. If you are suffering from stubborn spots and stings youll need to mix up a cleaning solution. You can use a mild soap, but a properly formulated cleaning solution will work better.

    You need to first make sure that your boat cover is properly secured. It also needs to be elevated. This prevents water from pooling. Ideally you would have secure your boat cover in place with some poles to allow for this. With your boat cover in the position you need it in you can simply brush off loose dirt. Spray it down with a hose. Use the soft bristle brush to scrub off any dirt or mildew growth.

    If your boat canvas was not badly stained, the water and brush should be enough to clean it. You will need to let it air dry completely before you fold it up for storage. That will prevent any further mildew growth.

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    Time For A New Boat Cover Find What You Need At Seal Skin

    Serious boaters wont settle for less. They know that their boats deserve nothing but the best boat cover so choose a Seal Skin cover when its time to buy a replacement. At Seal Skin Boat Covers, all of our products are 100% waterproof, yet extremely breathable, durable, and extremely affordable. We understand how much you love your boat so we help you get more for less.

    Were extremely confident that our products will not only meet, but surpass your expectations so were offering a 30-day return and exchange warranty with every purchase, at no additional cost. Please feel free to call us at 800-915-0038 during our office hours if you have any questions about our products, exchange, and refund policies. Were here to help you find the right cover for your boat, so give us a call today!

    What Is The Best Boat Cover Solution

    Boat owners tend to make a common mistake of buying a universal boat cover. However, boats come in different shapes, sizes, and designs, meaning there is not a one-size-fits-all cover. The first step to choosing the right cover is to know your vessel’s dimensions. Secondly, what kind of material are you looking for? Winter boat covers are made out of various materials, including plastic, canvas, polyester, etc. Another vital thing to consider is the features you want: water resistance, UV ray resistance, mold and mildew resistance, straps for tying down, and more. Finally, don’t forget the color that will leave your boat looking beautiful.

    Essentially, a winter boat cover should keep water, snow, and ice out without encouraging condensation that would otherwise lead to mildew. The cover should fit snugly and have a solid build to last the entire winter.

    It all comes down to the kind of boat you have. There’s a vast difference between sailboats, fishing boats, and cabin cruisers. Even if the boats are of the same make and model, customizations can make a difference in how a cover fits your particular boat.

    With that being said, there are several options when it comes to covering your boat, including custom boat covers. This includes:

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