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What’s The Best Pontoon Boat For The Money

Sunchaser Vista 16 Lr

How To Select The Right Trolling Motor For Your Boat

SunChaser Vista 16 LR

Built for fun on the water, SunChasers compact Vista 16 LR puts the emphasis on comfort with its plushly upholstered seating, Sea Weave flooring and standard Bimini top. A wide range of impressive options from a trolling motor, a fish finder, a stainless steel grill and a cockpit table ensure buyers trim the affordable pontoon boat exactly as they wish. Prices start at $13,793. Learn more here.

Brad Rowlands Custom South Bay 925cr

This is the world record holder in action in his South Bay 925CR with a top speed of 114 mile per hour wow!

Lets start off with the world record holder for speed, with this completely custom pontoon that you wont ever be able to buy from a dealer.

In 2013, Brad Rowland broke the pontoon speed record after he hit 114 miles per hour in Missouri for the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout.

Nothing has since come close, and as at the 12th of June 2018, Brad and his pontoon still hold the record for the highest speed ever achieved in a pontoon.

Does that make it awesome?

I think so.

Top Pontoon Boat Brands You Should Definitely Check Out

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Pontoon boats have come a long way since they were introduced in 1952. Today, pontoon boat manufacturers offer advanced and luxurious features for a more comfortable and unforgettable boating experience. Take a look at the most popular and reliable pontoon boat brands that continue to make waves in the boating scene.

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There’s A Big Difference Between Cost And Value We Spotlight The Boats That Give You The Biggest Bang For Your Buck

If you’ve been boat shopping lately, then you know it’s hard to sort through the huge range of runabouts, the copious crop of center-consoles, and the plentiful packs of pontoons. It’s even harder to determine the ones that are merely cheap and the gems that represent real value. Never fear, dear boater. We’re here to help. In this issue, we’ll break down trailer boats into four basic classes: bowriders/runabouts, watersports boats, pontoon boats, and fishing boats. Then we’ll identify top values in four different price categories: those costing less than $15,000, those less than $25,000, those less than $50,000, and those less than $100,000. We’ll be sure to provide some boat-shopping insights along the way as well as tease you with you some additional options to dream about, too. Ready? Let’s look at some of the best buys for boaters.

The Best Pontoons For Fishing And Ideal Fishing Features To Install

The 10 Best Pontoon Boats to Buy in 2019

More than 70% of the Earth is comprised of water.

And youre itching to explore it all, because in that water is an abundance of fish.

Fishing is one of the most popular marine sports of them all, largely because it brings us so close to nature and wildlifeand because its so darn relaxing.

And theres no better way to relax and fish than in a pontoon boat. After all, this is a unique boat offering stability, style, space and comfort. Plenty of space for fishing gear, rod holders and friends.

Whether you take pleasure in harpooning, gill-netting, bottom trawling or using open nets, pens, cages and traps to get your catch of the day, it goes without saying that youll need a good, sturdy boat to aid you in your questand pontoons make for particularly great fishing boats.

Not only that, but electronic navigation charts and fishing maps will turn a pontoon into the ultimate fishing boat, allowing you to plan your routes and find fish with ease.

Thats getting more into the features end of things. First, lets start with the pontoon brands that have the best options for fishing.

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Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat

  • Quality

Designed for solo fishing trips, Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon has everything you need for memorable experiences on the water.

It features plenty of storage spaces, zippered armrest pockets, detachable foam fly patches, a fold-down plastic seat, a motor mount, and more.

But how good is this inflatable fishing pontoon boat?

Lets find out.

Features and Benefits


Theres nothing cheap about this Classic Accessories inflatable fishing boat. Everything seems high quality, and I cant gush much about how I love the overall construction and design.

The powder-coated steel frames are sturdy, while the abrasion-resistant PVC bottom will stand up to rough usage. Meanwhile, the seats are built with comfort in mind. Meanwhile, the accessories are built to promote greater convenience on your day out in the water.

Classic Accessories Pontoon wont have any issue with Class 2 waters, though its rated for class 2 waters.

It effortlessly glides over the rocks in shallow water and remains sturdy even after rough use.


Classics durability is also on point, thanks to the sturdy PVC on the underside.

The pontoons are tough, and I wouldnt hesitate to use the inflatable fishing boat on the sharp rocks and stone river bottoms.

Additionally, the pretty tough skin can also take on the rocks and gravels on the shoreline and withstand occasional impact.

Weight Capacity


  • Maneuvers well

Bennington 168sl Pontoon Boat

The S168L is moderately priced with a length of 17 ft 4.5 inches. At full capacity it holds up to 7 adults but it is also ideal for 2 to 4 passengers with plenty of room to move around. The L-shaped rear lounge seats are removable if you need more room for other activities. Its equipped with a bucket seat at the helm that is rotatable. This model is designed for an outboard engine of between 9.9 and 40 horsepower.

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Sylvan Mirage 818 Cruise

The Mirage 818 Cruise is made for up to 8 adults with 3 wrap around lounge seat and a transom extension. The beam is 8 ft and the length is 18 ft 10 inches. Notable features are the pedestal mount tables with integrated beverage holders that are also removable, a rear swim platform with a boarding ladder and 3 entry gates for easy access to and from the boat. The helm seat slides and swivels. The maximum power capacity is 60 horsepower.

Premier Pontoon 220 Cast

Compare the Pros/Cons of #Jet Boat Vs. #Stern Drive Vs. #Outboard Vs. #Inboard boats

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The Premier 220 Cast-Away is an excellent choice for a pontoon boat equipped solely for fishing. It has a composite fish station located aft, as well as two fishing chairs for the ultimate comfort while waiting for that fish to bite. It has a bait prep station overtop of a built in live well centrally located on the pontoon. There are built-in rod holders and tackle trays, to keep everything conveniently located.

There is an additional live well at the helm, as well as a sink and fish finder included. The Premier is 22.5 feet long built on two 25 foot pontoons, with an outboard capacity of 115 horse power , making this an ideal and convenient fishing platform for any angler.

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Sun Tracker Party Barge 20 Dlx

Pontooners who like to hit the lake one day and then head for the bay the next will want to check out the Sun Tracker Party Barge 20 DLX, which can be had in a complete boat-motor-trailer package for a couple thousand dollars under our max. That gets you a 90 horse Mercury FourStroke, too, so this boat wont be a slouch and you can expect to run at speeds nearing 30 MPH.

The trailer is a tandem-axel rig with brakes and a forward boarding ladder. Seating includes a couch/couch/L-lounger layout plus the helm chair, with added comfort provided by 26-ounce upholstery over multi-density foam padding. Unique Perk Alert: The Party Barge 20 DLX has a wheelchair-accessible access gate.

Visit Sun Tracker to learn more.

So there you have it: 10 affordable pontoon boats that the average American family can get without even changing the budget. Then again, if money is no object

Bennington Qr27 10 Wide

Bennington Marine make superb high performance boats with the model above being a fantastic example.

If you still want something fast, but that actually comes with a price tag, then you might want to take a closer look at the Bennington QR27.

With a top speed of 51 miles per hour, you arent going to get much change out of $200,000 dollars, but you will be getting one of the best pontoon boats on the market.

To make it truly awesome, opt for the Elliptical Sports Package as that comes with power-assisted hydraulic steering to help you handle the massive power that comes with this stunning pontoon boat.

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Princecraft Vectra 21 Rl

This is one of the most budget-friendly pontoon boat options on this list and yet it is packed with loads of features that will make you start wondering why its not priced higher than its actual price. Some of the good things that come with this boat are a swim platform, a sundeck with a 2-position adjustable backrest, storage under all the sitting areas, a 12-volt outlet, and a captain passenger seat. The 2021 Princecraft Vectra 21 RL has a starting price of $23,189 USD.

What To Look For/consider When Buying A Pontoon Boat

The Top 10 Best Pontoon Boats to Buy in 2020

With all the different choices of pontoon boats, it may be difficult to narrow it down to the one that fits your individual needs. There are many different factors you need to consider before you can pick the pontoon that works for you. Overall cost, the intended use or purpose of the pontoon, the length needed, the type of pontoon, which amenities or options are available with different models, and what type of warranty is being offered with the purchase. You will also need to take into account the various best pontoon boat brands available, as well as the overall budget you have to spend.

A large part of the cost will depend on the size of the engine: the more horsepower the engine has, the more the overall cost of the pontoon boat. Depending on if you need a family friendly boat, or perhaps a platform on which to land that trophy fish with a few buddies , or if a luxurious model that dictates a day of partying out on the lake are all different things that need to be taken into account.

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The 10 Best Pontoon Boats To Buy In 2019

Pontoon boats have changed a great deal in the past twenty years or so. They were once made with a simplistic box shaped floating concept and they really werent that spectacular in appearance. These highly functional water craft have undergone a metamorphosis which can be compared to a butterfly shedding its cocoon, and what has emerged from the original designs is now more geared towards luxury rides than the practical function based models. Here are the 10 best pontoon boats that money can buy for 2019.

A Pontoon Boat For A Fishing Boat

Most people donât think of a pontoon boat for a fishing boat, at least not prior to running across one like the Angler Qwest, which is bedecked with dozens of rodholders, livewells, and the like. Even then, your average V-hull owning fisherman is likely to scoff at the notion. We did, too until we tried some pontoon boat fishing. Would you believe, it was excellent in every regard? We were uber-comfy sitting in the luxurious seats, had tons of elbow room, and caught plenty of fish. There are, of course, numerous down-sides to using a pontoon boat for a fishing boat. But there are also plenty of serious advantages. Ready to take a look at each?

A pontoon boat designed specifically for fishing, like this Angler Qwest, actually makes a great platform for casting, trolling,and jigging.

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What Does Your Pontoon Boat Cover Need To Do

There are several things that your pontoon boat cover will need to accomplish. Easily the first and most important is to protect your boat from the elements. Sure, you may have spent the extra money to purchase a pontoon boat that is supposedly rust, corrosion, and water/moisture resistant.

Nonetheless, you can never be too careful, especially when your boat is always being exposed to water, changing temperatures, debris, and so on. Changing temperatures in particular can actually cause your boat to contract and expand, causing cracks and compromising the structural integrity of the vessel.

Granted, there are other ways you can help to mitigate the risk of this such as by using a gel coating, but this can only work so far. A cover will give your boat another layer of protection in addition to the coating.

Furthermore, if your boat is continuously exposed to the UV rays of the sun, the color of the boat is going to slowly fade away over time. This is yet another reason why a cover is so important: to keep your boat looking shiny, nice, and sharp.

In essence, the first thing that your cover must accomplish is to protect your boat from every kind of outdoor element you can imagine, whether it be moisture, temperature changes, the suns ultraviolet rays, and so on.

The next reason to have a boat cover is to keep unwanted guests at bay. By unwanted guests, this doesnt just refer to thieves or people who commit vandalism.

What Is The Best Pontoon Boat Grill

Cheapest Fishing Boats to Buy

Pontoon boats offer the deck space to do whole lot more than just sunbathe and fish from. The three Cs of any Pontoon Boat trip should be Catch them, Clean them and Cook them! To do that your going to have to invest in a grill for your pontoon boat.

There are numerous options out there, so lets give you the best Pontoon Grill options we have researched, and then a few grilling tips for the fish you are hopefully bringing up onto that oversized deck!

When choosing a Pontoon Boat grill it is important to consider the size and model of your pontoon boat. A grill has to be fitted securely and be of the correct size to be operated safely. Pontoon boat grills are mainly rectangular or circular to accommodate either a larger cooking area or a reduced footprint

If you are in a rush and just want to know which grill we recommended then it is the Marine Kettle from Magma It offers 12-17sq inches of cooking area and hinged lid as well as being one of the more popular pontoon boat grills for a wallet friendly price of 170 USD and Up. We have more details belowor you can jump to check the price on Amazon by clicking the link below.

The three Cs of any Pontoon Boat trip should be Catch them, Clean them and Cook them!

Fisher and Hunter

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How To Choose The Best Pontoon Boats Buyers Guide

If youre a first-time pontoon buyer, youre likely confused about which one to get from all the different options available. Although it may seem overwhelming, the good news is whatever you decide to go with will likely be able to meet your specific needs. Nonetheless, here are a few things you need to know before you buy your pontoon.

How Do I Choose A Small Pontoon Boat

In order to choose a small pontoon boat, it’s essential to determine the size that suits your needs. There’s the narrow, compact, and mini pontoon boat sizes. Each kind fits best for different people. As a general guideline:

  • Narrow: For navigating narrow lakes and rivers.
  • Compact: A budget luxury option for families and fishing.
  • Mini: A small 1-2 or 3-4 person raft for fishing and cruising.

Buy a pontoon boat that matches what you’re able to tow. Even with a lighter boat, this is an important factor that some people somewhat neglect. If your vehicle can’t properly tow your boat, it will cause serious engine, transmission, and braking issues. You can read the guide on pontoon boat weights to better understand how to do this.

Choose a pontoon boat that’s well made so it lasts. Most manufacturers designing boats include a warranty along with purchase. If buying used, be sure to inspect each element of the boat so that there isn’t anything wrong with it. Overall, most pontoon boats are built strong and last for many years.

Below is a checklist of things to look for when choosing a small pontoon boat:

  • Ensure you choose the right size boat.
  • Buy a boat that your vehicle can tow.
  • Choose a pontoon boat that is well made.

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A Word About Warranties

For most people, the biggest advantage of buying a new boat is the warranty that comes with it. Simply put, the warranty is the manufacturer’s promise to stand behind its products by providing service and repairs after purchase.

Because marine warranties vary widely in their coverage, compare them before you buy. Look for multiyear warranties for hull and engines, as well as coverage for osmotic blistering a common problem on fiberglass boats that’s expensive to fix. Find out whether the warranties transfer to subsequent owners a crucial determinant of resale value.

Charles Fort

How Long Do Pontoon Boats Last

The 10 Best Pontoon Boats to Buy in 2019

One of the many reasons why pontoon boats are popular is because they tend to have a longer lifespan than other motorboats. The top pontoon boats last on average about 10 to 20 years. They are easy to maintain and are typically less expensive to insure. Of course, the lifespan of any pontoon boat depends on the brand, its material, and construction, maintenance, where it is used(saltwater or freshwater, and how often you use it.

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