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What Type Of Paint For Aluminum Boat

Heres How To Paint Your Aluminum Boat

How to Paint an Aluminum Boat

All paint jobs are pretty much done the same way, arent they? There are always 5-6 steps to follow regardless if you paint a wooden door or a stainless-steel pot. Apparently, there will be some differences because the surfaces and the substances are not all the same, but its essence, the process isnt much different.

  • Preparation
  • Doing it again
  • Using Clearcoat
  • So, the first step is as important as anything. In fact, we can divide it into two main categories. First, preparing the work area around you and second, preparing the actual boat. Now lets go through all the stages that will lead you to have a brand-new coat of paint on your boat.

    The Best Boat Paints For 2021

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    What more could you want from your boat than to be able to enjoy it for as long as possible? For this, you need to take care of it and one way to do this is by painting it. Thats being said, its important to invest in the best boat paint today.

    The best boat paints can help you maintain your boats good looks and shape. Learn what the best paint boat options are and a few useful tips on how to choose and apply them.

    Prepare Your Work Area

    Repainting your boat is a big task that will take time, so its very important to ensure your chosen work area is protected from the elements if it begins to rain.

    Ideally you will want to paint your boat outside but close enough to shed or garage so that you can move the boat undercover if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

    If you are using a brush and rollers to paint then you need not worry about painting too close to anything, its spraying where this can be problematic.

    If you are using a spray gun, then you need to paint far away from anything that can get paint on it. Just a small gust of wind can carry a cloud of tiny paint particles that can land on your vehicle or house.

    If at all possible, create a small paint booth by taping the walls, floor and roof of a garage with plastic sheeting and tape the corners together, making sure that there is sufficient ventilation to reduce the amount of paint you might breathe in.

    Throw up some wet paint signs for good measure as you dont want random fingerprints from curious passers-by on your newly painted aluminum Jon boat.

    Make sure you have all the required protective gear like gloves, an all-over disposable body suit, and a respirator with the correct filters if you decide to spray. You will also need brushes, thinners, masking tape, acetone and any other consumables required.

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    Supplies Youll Need For Painting Aluminum

    Before you get started on painting aluminum, there are a few supplies you’ll want to collect in order to get the best finish possible.

    First off, you need to use a painting respirator if you’re dealing with spray paints, self-etching-primers, and top coats. All of these can be harmful to your health if you come in direct contact with them, so make sure you take proper safety precautions.

    DO NOT use any of these spray paints or primers inside as they will create toxic chemicals in the air.

    Finally, you’ll want to collect some other basic items like sandpaper and an old rag or cloth that will help you prep your aluminum surface for paint.

    • Spray paint

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    Total Boat Aluminum Paint

    Aluminum Boat Painting Procedure At Service Center Stock ...

    The first advantage of this paint is that it doesnt require any priming. You can apply it both to bare or previously painted surfaces. Another benefit of this product is that it can be used both above and below the boat waterline.

    Thanks to the substances it is made of, this paint proves to be resistant to chemicals, abrasion, or corrosion. Moreover, it doesnt fade out or peel off being exposed to extreme weather conditions. You can easily wash the surface that has been painted without worrying that the color will be ruined.

    For your convenience, you can apply this paint by brush, spray gun, or roller. Its chromate-free formula allows for good adhesion and is the reason why this product doesnt have a strong odor. The time needed between the coats for the paint to dry is just 1 hour if the temperature is around 72 degrees.


    • You can apply this water-based polyurethane directly to surfaces without using a primer.
    • Since this paint is chromate-free, it produces only very little odor.
    • A benefit of this product is that it can be used below and above the vessel waterline.
    • The paint dries very quickly for less than an hour, which allows you to put several coats of paint in a day.


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    Painting Your Aluminum Boat

    Now its finally time to start painting your boat.

    But whats the best paint for an aluminum boat?

    If you intend on leaving your boat in the water for longperiods, then you boat is at great risk. In which case an anti-fouling paintmay be the best option. Though, youll have to be careful with your choice ofpaint and only use one that it marked as aluminum safe.

    Otherwise, theres plenty of aluminum boat paint optionsavailable. You can find them at your local boat shop or browse from a widervariety from Amazon.

    How to repaint an aluminum boat

    Tape up any parts on your boat that you dont want to getpaint on.

    Again, you have a few different options of applicationtools. A brush, a sprayer or a roller.

    A sprayer is my choice of weapon for an even distribution.If you use a sprayer, make sure you use consistent motions and dont overspray.Over spraying will lead to dripping and uneven coats.

    If you decide to use a roller then youll also want to use abrush so that you can reach the tough to reach areas. Also, youll want to makesure you dont overload the brushers and rollers as this will also lead todrips.

    Youll want to make at least 2 coats of paint. The secondcoat will

    If you have access to one, you can use a heat gun to speedup the dry process in between coats.

    Whats The Right Paint For Fiberglass Boats

    Since many boaters out there own fiberglass vessels, it makes sense to add this question to the list.

    The most suitable types of paint for a fiberglass boat include the following:

    Acrylic latex this paint can adhere to the surface quite well, has great durability and usually doesnt crack and is also easy to apply. Urethane paint with this paint, you can cover different types of outdoor surfaces. It contains chemical solvents, therefore, you must wear proper protective equipment while using it. Blend paint: this type of paint is made of a mixture of acrylic resin and urethane. It is one of the strongest types of paints and has outstanding adherence.

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    How To Paint An Aluminum Jon Boat Yourself

    The steps below will take you through the process of taking your Jon boat from junk status to looking brand new in a very short space of time. I will explain how you can remove the old paint, how to prepare the surface, what primer to use and how many final coats needed for a robust and stunning looking paint job.

    You will need:

    Best Paints For Aluminum Boats: Reviews And Buying Guide For 2020

    Painting an Aluminum Boat with spray paint & primer | Smokercraft Restoration.

    Sprucing up your aluminum boat with a fresh coat of paint is a great way of personalizing your boat, but paint is also important for protecting your boat. The right paint can prevent corrosion and UV damage, besides improving the performance of your boat.

    If you have a boat with an aluminum hull, its important to choose a paint that you can apply over this material. Here are our top picks.

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    Available Quantities And Colors

    Although this is not a factor designed to affect the buying decision with a high percentage, you will want to consider the colors of the paint is available as well as the quantities. After all, we all have different needs and preferences.

    So, once you have gotten an idea of one or two paints that will make a great choice, consider the available colors and quantities and pick one that is designed to meet your needs.

    How To Paint An Aluminum Boat

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    If you want to give your aluminum boat a fresh coat of paint, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure the paint job looks great. Sand the boat to create an even surface, and use soap and water to wash any dirt off. Prime the boat so that the paint adheres to the surface easily, and you can spray, roll, or brush the paint onto the boat. Applying a clear coat once the paint is completely dry will help protect all of your work.

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    Make Sure You Get Actual Aluminum Paint

    This sounds like a no-brainer, but you will be surprised at how many people actually buy something that isnt suitable for their surface. Second of all, make sure that your boat is indeed made of aluminum. Some metals may look alike and not to be skeptical, but if you bought your boat second-hand, theres a chance youve gotten a vessel that may be made of something else.

    Once you clear this out of the way, and once you are confident youve grasped all that you want to know about aluminum paint, commence to making a purchase.

    Sanding An Aluminum Boat

    What Kind Of Paint To Use On Aluminum Jon Boat â View Painting

    Just like painting fiberglass or wood, painting an aluminum boat begins with sanding away old paint and oxidation until youre left with clean, shiny metal. This usually requires 80 or 100 grit sandpaper, which will leave behind some scuff marks. Dont worry this is a good thing. The tiny scratches and scuffs will help the primer and paint adhere to the metal. In fact, an aluminum surface needs to be etched so the paint has something to hold on to.

    Naturally, some safety precautions are in order when you sand aluminum, which can release oxide dust into the air. Safety goggles are a must, as well as a dust mask or respirator. You should also wear gloves and clothing which can be washed immediately after you complete the sanding.

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    Sea Hawk Ah7033gl Aluma Hawk Boat Paint

    I can say that this is one of the most appropriate paints for aluminum boats. Theres a lot to gain from its quick-dry formula. My Jon boat that got painted with this product crashed onto the boat ramp. When I checked for some scrapes or scratches, there was none to my surprise.

    You can rely on this paint whether you apply it on parts that are above or below the waterline. Just as every owner desires, the aluminum boat is protected from corrosion by its coating. I love the green color as it gives a sleek and neat appeal.

    The paint has been on my boat for more than a year now. It stays in a nice appearance as long as you keep it clean, and protection doesnt cease as time goes by. Some bumps and small accidents cant easily damage Jon boats and aluminum boats with this applied.

    Straightforward application is what I appreciate the most about the products that I use. Lucky me, this paint has this attribute. It immediately sticks on bare aluminum, and theres no need to use a primer.

    Its fine to thin it out as the paint is thick, and doing so wont affect its performance. You would still achieve a wonderful result. Ive tried using a brush and a spray, and they both work well. Quick-drying is always consistent.

    • Some fumes during application
    • Eats through plastic

    Trilux 33 With Biolux

    Trilux® 33 with Biolux, unlike other antifouling paints, does not use cuprous oxide. Trilux® 33 uses Cuprous Thiocyanate. Cuprous Thiocyanate is safer to use then Cuprous Oxide. The biocides work together to fight shell fouling such as barnacles and zebra mussels while the Biolux blocks slime and algae. This blend of resins and biocides, when properly applied over primer, offer excellent antifouling protection. While Trilux® 33 has been specifically developed for use on primed aluminum, it can also be applied to fiberglass, wood and other underwater metals on boats. Trilux® 33 is for use below waterline in fresh, salt and brackish water. If you are in Canada use Tri-Lux II.

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    Interlux Fiberglass Bottomkote Antifouling Paint

    This product is ideal as powerboat and sailboat paint. Most users praise this paint for its efficacy.

    If you are looking for stunning results that are bound to stand the test of time, this is an option you should definitely consider.

    The durable finish you get with this paint will please your sight as time passes and the color doesnt fade. You can also tackle the problem of paint buildup with Interlux paint and another great advantage is that it dries instantly.

    If youre eager to learn how to paint a sailboat, this Interlux product is a good and easy to use option you can start with, this paint may disappoint you, however, in terms of price as it is more expensive than other boat paints out there.

    Diamond Brite Paint 46000 1

    How to Paint an Aluminum Boat – Short Video

    Heres a product that may not offer you much opportunity to be creative, but if you simply want your boat to have a stylish aluminum shine, it will work. The aluminum sheen has one specific advantage: your boat will look almost brand new.

    It takes a little longer to dry than some of our other productseven up to eight hours, but for a quality coating thats a sacrifice, you should be willing to make. If youre going to do two coats, be ready to wait a full day before using your boat again.

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    Remove Old Paint And Other Debris

    Never add a fresh coat of paint over an existing paint layer. The end result will look bumpy or worn and it will start peeling or chipping quickly. Removing the old paint will give you a fresh surface, which will make the new paint job look better and last longer.

    There are a few ways you can do this.

    What To Watch Out For When Buying Boat Paint

    Buying boat paint can prove to be a challenging task if you havent done this before. Now that you are aware of what the best boat paints are, your job is certainly easier.

    However, if you are not able to come across one of those brands, or if youre simply new at this, here are some basic things to consider when buying boat painting:

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    Calculate How Much Paint Is Needed

    Next you will want to determine how much paint you will need.

    You can do this by calculating how many square feet the surface is by assuming your boat is a rectangular box. For example, take the widest, highest and longest measurements of your boat and draw a rectangular box. You can then calculate the surface area.

    Equation: Area = Width x Length

    You will want to add a factor of 20% on top of that to account for any errors you may have made. This may seem a bit wasteful, but it is much better to end up with excess paint that to run out mid-coat.

    Keep track of how much you use. This means that next time you can be more efficient with the quantity required when you paint your aluminum Jon boat again in the future.

    There will usually be a datasheet with the paint that will tell you roughly how much you will you need. In my experience it will usually a gallon per square foot figure or similar on the can.

    These numbers are only for ideal conditions I always end up using quite a bit more, so woud suggest you buy more you actually calculate needed.

    Handy Hint:If you are painting your aluminum Jon boat with a spray gun, you will use less paint than if you were using a paint brush and rollers.

    Painting An Aluminium Boat

    Boat Bottom Painting â Top Ten Questions To Ask About ...

    Old, tired looking aluminium boats can have their appearance enhanced and lifespan extended with a new paint job that can easily be done as a DIY project.

    The most important aspect of painting an aluminium boat is to ensure the surfaces are thoroughly prepared to ensure you achieve excellent adhesion of the paint coatings. Any contamination on the surface or an existing glossy coating will reduce the adhesion of the paint and result in premature failure of the coating.

    If the boat is already painted, we would recommend removing the existing coatings using a commercially available paint remover. This will ensure all contamination is removed and the bare surfaces can be adequately prepared.

    Aluminium oxidises when exposed to air. This oxidation needs to be removed which can be readily achieved using a solvent degreaser and a nylon souring pad. DO NOT use steel wool as the metal fibres will embed in the surface which will lead to the aluminium corroding preferentially to protect the steel. Once the surface has been cleaned it will start to oxidise so it needs to be painted straight away.

    The aluminium must be primed with an Etch Primer first to provide adhesion and a key coat for your subsequent top coats irrespective of the final coating you choose.

    Pop in to any of the Crowies stores and they will be able to assist with product and colour selection.

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