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What Kind Of Carpet For Boat Trailer Bunks

Installing Your New Carpet

Boat Trailer Bunk Carpet Replacement – Part 1

Once you have selected the right replacement carpet installing it is pretty straight forward. In another article we give you some step by step instructions on how to replace your bunks and boat carpet on any trailer. You can check out that article here: How to Replace your Bunks & Carpet 8 Easy Steps, but here are some basic tools and supplies you will need to get started:

Foote 18 Feet Boat Trailer Bunk Carpets

Carpet by the Foote isnt one of those outstanding brands in the market, but they do put out a few of the products that had gained quite a following of boating enthusiasts.

Leading the boat carpet kits within their lineup is this UV stabilized trailer bunk carpet that is made with high quality, marine-grade polypropylene material that was engineered with low water retention capacity for a guaranteed lengthened shelf life.

When it comes to durability, this is a carpet you can expect to deliver as promised, since it can endure a high degree of usage or exposure to natural elements without easily deteriorating.

Although this trailer bunk carpet isnt necessarily from one of those prominent brands in the marine and boating industry, I like how this product delivers with quite a lot of high-rated reviews from a variety of users. In fact, I would recommend this product for its quality, durability, and ease in installing.

The condition remains relatively nice even with all the impact and foot traffic, and the fabric is simple to clean, doesnt absorb unpleasant smells, and doesnt deteriorate for a good while, even when I use it regularly on my boat.

  • Maintenance and installation is a breeze with this product, and it makes carpet upgrades something to look forward to.
  • This is a product that can last you a good while, even when it is subjected to frequent and heavy use over a long period.

Types Of Carpets For Boat Trailer Bunks

Although all boat carpets for trailer bunks serve to safeguard boat hulls, they come in different types to cater to other boaters needs.

Here are the following types of carpets for trailer bunks:

Vinyl Bunk Carpet

This type of bunk carpet is highly recommended to new boat owners. It removes the hassle in installation as it snugly fits unto the boards without slipping. Despite that, the material is vulnerable under extreme sun exposure. Upkeeping it, particularly during summertime, is imperative to prevent damage.

PVS Bunk Carpet

A PVS bunk carpet is dense enough to repel moisture. Boat owners who are looking for a long-term investment go for this type. It resists mold and mildew. Plus, it offers ease in installation. Since it is a heavy-duty carpet, the price also comes in hefty.

The trouble with this type of carpet is it is not made to resist sun damage.

Rubber Bunk Carpet

This is equipped with a rubber backing that allows easy installation and snug fit on the bunk boards. The price is surprisingly affordable, given its first-rate quality. Regardless, it doesnt hold up well with extreme exposure to sunlight.

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What To Know Before Buying Carpets For Boat Trailer Bunks

The best carpets for boat trailer bunks allow a smooth surface that allows your boat to slide onto the trailer easily. Aside from protecting your boat from scratches, it also protects your hull when you are not using it or when you are towing it. This guide will talk about how boat carpets work, the different types of carpets, the pros and cons of using a boat carpet, and what to consider before purchasing one.

How Boat Carpets for Trailer Boats Work

Unlike indoor carpets often used for aesthetics, boat carpets for trailer bunks can cover the boards of the trailer. The purpose of doing this is to provide a flat surface for the boat to slide on whenever you load or launch it. Without a carpet, your boat is more likely to get scratched or damaged in some other way.

Another difference with a boat carpet is that it is designed to carry heavy impacts from foot traffic. For boat owners who use their boats regularly, a durable boat carpet is critical to maintaining the hulls integrity.

The material used for boat trailer bunks carpets ensures that your hull is protected from harsh elements, which increases the shelf life of your trailer bunk. In addition, since the carpets also come in different colors, they can enhance the appearance of your trailer.

The different types of Boat Trailer Bunk Carpets

Boat carpets for boat trailer bunks are designed to protect boat hulls from harsh elements. Still, there are different types of carpets that you need to consider.

  • PVS Bunk Carpets

Other Important Factors To Consider

12"  x 20

What is Carpet for Trailer Bunks?

A boat trailer bunk carpet is used to provide a smooth surface for the hull when loading or launching the boat. A trailer bunk carpet also protects the hull when the trailer supports the boat during storage or towing. Unlike the common carpet, the trailer bunk carpet is designed with superior quality material that is durable and holds up well in the harsh marine environment. It is designed to endure the damaging UV light and moisture, ensuring that water does not saturate on the board bunks. Thus, you can forget about mold and mildew. The trailer bunk carpet requires regular care and maintenance in order to get rid of dirt and sand that may damage your boats finish.

How Does it Work?

The bunk carpet is wrapped around the boards to offer partial or complete coverage. The carpet material is trimmed to fit on the boards in order to allow butt seams. Once properly installed, the bunk carpet will offer a smooth surface that will protect your hull from getting damaged during loading or launching. Since most carpets are breathable and have little water absorption, they will also protect your bunks from getting saturated with water.

What are the Different Types of Carpets for Trailer Bunks?

Trailer bunk carpets come in different styles and designs to suit the style and needs of different individuals. Each type of carpet has its own pros and cons. Here are some of the types of trailer bunk carpets available in the market

  • Rubber Boat Bunk Carpet

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Seasense Boat Trailer Bunk Padding

This is a great carpet designed with a focus on comfort. One of the most impressive features of this product is that it can be used both as a carpet and as padding. This is rare to find in most marine carpets. The padding weighs a pound, which is excellent for those who arent great fans of heavy carpeting.

This carpet is made of polypropylene, which is resistant to both UV radiation and water. Its also static-free so you dont have to worry about getting weird buzzes from static electricity . Its highly durable and will protect your boat from scratches.

The acrylic backing ensures it is easy to install and has a good grip. The material is easy to precision cut and is a quarter of an inch thick. Its easy to make a custom fit for your boat. It also doesnt fray after cutting. This model is 12 feet long by 12 feet wide.

Tie Down Engineering Black Standard 86170 Bunk Slick

If you are searching for top quality boat trailer bunks wood, then you may start checking out the unique features of this product. You can get this for a very reasonable cost and it is capable of doing what it was made for.

As for installation, you wont have difficulties replacing damaged and old bunk slicks. It seems well-built and does a good job of helping users make launching and retrieving the vessels on the trailer bunks more plain sailing to manage.

You will be stunned of how this wood can go easy and is much slicker as compared to any indoor or outdoor carpet that it would replace. Such product is precisely the one you have been searching for at a decent price.

  • Not that thick
  • Appears not that solid since it is hollow inside

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Inspect & Sand Down Your Wood Bunks

After you initially remove the old worn down carpet, staples or screws, the timber may be quite rough as it has taken a lot of use and a fair beating from the water. It is important to inspect the timber to make sure there is no damage or splitting in the wood. Other things to check for are dents, rotting sections and weak spots. If their is, it may be better off to replace the timber as well as the carpet!

If the bunks seem in good condition, you can now sand down the bunks using the fine grit sandpaper. It is important that all the adhesive, and splinters are gone and the timber is nice and smooth.

Boatcarpetsales 8 Long Marine Carpet Black Bunk Boards

Trailer Bunk Carpet Replacement

The package comes with 2 sets that comprise of a total of four bunks and the quality is unrivaled. Fortunately, the bunks were straight and you can see that it is carpeted on all edges. The carpet seems to be built with premium quality as well. The price tag of these bunks were merely a little more if compared to what it would cost if you build them on your own and it definitely worth every single penny.

The wood is pressure treated and is also designed with high quality polypropylene non-woven fabric. It can be easily tied up using 1/2 stainless steel staples. Unquestionably, this could help create a more impressive look to your trailer. Hence, if you are in the hunt for reliable, durable and superior quality wood for vessel trailer bunks, then this option wont dishearten you.

  • Not reasonably priced
  • Carpet isnt glued to the wood

To wrap things up, this boat trailer bunk boards wood is never a waste of money even though it could be a little costly. It can work like a charm in terms of enhancing the overall appearance of the trailer through simply replacing damaged and outdated bunk boards using OEM products. You can line them up pre-drilled and bolt them right on without any major problems.

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Recommended Method Of Attaching Marine Grade Carpet # Fcr8008 To Trailer Bunks


Expert Reply:

From my research, it seems that a combination stapling the carpet to the bunks using stainless or Monel staples and outdoor carpet adhesive is the preferred method of attaching carpet. I replaced the bunks on my PWC trailer with new pressure-treated 2x4s and the Fulton marine grade carpeting you mentioned. I used stainless staples on the underside of the bunks along with a thin bead of Liquid nails on the top and sides of the boards. I replaced the boards and carpet about 2 years ago, and everything is still holding up very well. When placing the adhesive on the bunks, keep in mind that some day you might need to replace the carpet, so do not go too heavy on it.

Fulton Replacement Trailer Bunk Carpet

If you are looking for the best bunk carpeting, then Fulton should be your to-go-to brand. Not only do they have a solid reputation for integrity among customers, but they are also known for manufacturing some of the best marine products like the Fulton Replacement Bunk Carpeting. This high quality carpet is made of superior grade that will help you protect your investment.

I especially like the black color which does a job at hiding dirt especially if you dont like doing regular cleaning. Another great spec about this innovative product is the fact that it prevents scratching. Unlike most brands of boat trailer bunk carpets, the Fulton model offers ultimate protection for your boat against scratches and abuse.

Besides, it can be used for different purposes. Plus, the fact that is both weather and water resistant makes it a suitable choice to use in and out of season. So, whatever time of the year you want to use your boat, this trailer bunk carpeting comes in handy.

  • Poor texture quality
  • Material is thin

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How Does It Work

Carpets for boat trailer bunks are covered around the boards. After installing them, they provide a soft surface for your boat to slide on every time you load and launch it.

Despite impacts and heavy foot traffic, it keeps your hull protected from any damages and scratches. This way, you can maintain your boats appearance. Plus, achieve a better boating experience.

Boat trailer carpets are made to be breathable and with low water retention. This way, it dries off quickly. Furthermore, it also performs a reliable job in preventing mold and mildew which lengthens the materials shelf life, including your trailer bunks.

Recommended Staples For Installation Of Carpet On Bunk Boards

Boat Trailer Bunk Board Black Marine Carpet 18 inch Wide /ft


what size staples do you recommend for bunk carpet install??assume stainlessany particular brand?heavy duty stapler needed??Thanks!

asked by: Bb

Expert Reply:

I recommend using 1/2 inch stainless steel staples when installing marine carpet like the CE Smith Deluxe Marine-Grade Carpeting,. I strongly recommend using stainless steel staples because they provide the best rust resistance so will last much longer. You can use whatever staple guy you are most comfortable with, nothing brand specific is necessary.I also recommend using a hammer to drive the staples all the way into the boards. Especially in areas were there may be extra layers of carpet. You can see this in the attached video.

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What To Look For When Buying A Carpet For Boat Trailer Bunks

Quality of Material

Before you make any buying decision, it is necessary to check the carpets quality and texture. The idea boat trailer bunk carpet is made of high quality and dense material to ensure its durability. Also, a superior quality carpet will feature a quality rubber backing to prevent water from damaging your boat.

Size of the Carpet

Basically, carpets designed for boat trailer bunks come in numerous sizes. Hence, it is vital to first measure out the area that you want carpeted before heading out to shop for a carpet. This will help avoid the frustration of realizing that you dont have enough carpet to complete the job.

Measure out the length of the carpet you will need and use the chart to get your final estimate. It is advisable to purchase about 20 percent more that what is needed for the job.

Weight of the Carpet

Another important consideration to keep in mind is the weight of carpet. Boat carpets usually come with Oz ratings to measure their weight. A carpet with a high Oz rating has more dense fibers than with lower Oz ratings. Additionally, carpets with, more weight have better quality and are more durable than their counterparts. However, a downside of weightier carpets is that they come at a higher price. But still, they are worth the value if you need a long lasting product.


Easy Installation

Quality Glue

Loadrite 8ft Carpeted Boat Trailer Bunk Board #106093

Stock# 10413058′ x 2″ x 4″ pine bunk board covered with deluxe marine carpet. This bunk board is made with non-treated lumber. Replace damaged or worn Loadrite bunks and renew trailer appearance with new marine grade carpeted bunk board.

Stock# 1041323LOADRITE 8′ x 2″ x 6″ non treated bunk board covered with deluxe marine carpet. Replace damaged or worn Loadrite bunks and renew trailer appearance with new marine grade carpeted bunk board.

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So How Does A Boat Trailer Bunk Carpet Work

The carpet is wrapped around the boards to offer either partial coverage or complete coverage. The material is trimmed so it can fit perfectly on the boards, and also to allow butt seams.

Once the bunk carpet has been installed, it will provide a smooth surface on which you can place your boat during loading, launching, towing, and storage.

Most carpets on the market are breathable, which means they wont absorb much water. That ensures your bunks themselves do not get saturated with water.

Boat trailer bunk carpets come in different types, with different designs meant to suit the various needs buyers might have. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on what youre looking for.

Some of the most common types include the ones below:

You might wonder why, exactly, you need a boat trailer bunk carpet. There are quite a few reasons:

So now that we know the basics of what a boat trailer bunk carpet is and what its advantages are, what should you look for when buying one? As it turns out, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration:

How To Pick The Right Size Of The Carpet

Boat Trailer Bunk replacement – DIY (wood and carpet) in 4K

The secret to choosing the right size of the carpet is first to measure the area that you need to cover. Once you have an estimate, you will have a better idea of the size and quantity you need. Then, when purchasing, make sure to select the right size and make room for adjustment. When buying a boat carpet, it is always best to have more material than you need rather than to lack.

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Inspect And Measure Boat Trailer Bunks

First things first, create a plan and determine what needs to be replaced. This is best done by thoroughly expecting all of you boat trailer bunks and checking for damaged boards and worn out carpet. During your inspection if you can visibly see any signs of fraying, tears or damage its time to get the carpet on you bunks replaced. Make sure to also inspect the wood on your bunk boards as they likewise might need to be replaced. If you see any indications of damage such as bowing, warping or any other kind its best to replace the entire bunk.

After you have a good idea of what youll need to get replaced, its time to get some measurements. Measure the length and width of each trailer bunks and determine the amount of surface area youll need to cover with the new carpet. If the entire bunks need to be replaced, make sure to write down the exact measurements for each bunk as they tend to be different sizes depending on the trailer.

Once you have inspected the carpet, wood and gathered the right measurements its time to start collecting the proper tools and materials for this job.

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