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What Is The Best Cuddy Cabin Boat

Boston Whaler Conquest 285

What is a Cuddy Cabin

The Boston Whaler Conquest 285 is a smaller cabin cruiser.

Its length is 2710, and its beam is 96; The dry weight without the engine is 7,300 pounds.; This is light enough that the boat could be trailered with a larger truck, but the width would make it difficult to tow around realistically.

With the high weight of the boat comes a large engine.; The engine on this is a 500HP engine.; This engine is fueled with a 200-gallon fuel tank.

The outside features a few captains chairs and a nice standing area that could be used for fishing.; This area also features a fridge and a small sink as well. At the bow, there is a small door so that the rear can be accessed for water sports.

The cockpit is completely enclosed, and there is seating for three.; Head through the cockpit, and you can enter the main salon, which features a berth that converts to a dining table, a small head, and a small kitchen.; There is also a cabin inside as well, which has a berth that can convert to a small seating area.

A thirty-gallon freshwater tank supplies the bathroom and kitchen with clean water, and a 6.5-gallon wastewater tank provides black water storage.; There is also a 26 gallon live well as well.

This boat sells new for several hundred thousand dollars, but you can buy them used for less than $50,000.00.

Toilet Use At Night In A Boat

A cuddy typically has a head which simply consists of a porta potty located inside the cuddy itself amongst the sleeping quarters. ;During an overnighter, I recommend that everyone do their business on land if at all possible.

If you only have to do a number 1, every cuddy owner will tell you to do it overboard or inside a container that you can dump overboard.

If you have to do a number 2, use a restroom on land if at all possible. ;If it isnt possible, try to make sure to do your business at least a half an hour before bed so that you can air out the cuddy before you sleep down there. ;

Waking up and having to use the head will likely result in everyone waking up down below and will offer no privacy unless everyone gets out of bed and goes up top. ;

Luckily, everyone will usually only consist of one other person since a Cuddy Cabin can generally only sleep about 2 adults. Having an aerosol air freshener that can be sprayed is a wise choice to keep around in case things get sketchy in the smell department.

What Kind Of Features Does It Have

You also need to think about the kind of activities you want to use it for. If youre into water sports like water skiing, tubing, and wakeboarding, or youre more of a sport fishing kind of boater, then you need to consider the must-haves on your boats critically. These are the features that you are not willing to compromise on.

So, if you intend to use it for angling, you need to buy a walkabout that has ample storage for all your fishing gear. It should also have provisions for fishing rod holders, a livewell or two, and a couple of gunwales to attach your fishing accessories.

The same logic applies when choosing a watercraft for your watersports adventures. If youre an avid water skier or tuber, you want to get a boat that comes with a ski/wakeboard tower.

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Beneteau Flyer 66 Sundeck

With three design options, the Flyer concept works perfectly well with a compact selection of the same hulls. You purchase the space deck if you want an open boat with a great deal of freedom of movement; you want the bowrider layout with the optional wakeboard tower, buy the sports deck; and if its a sun , purchase the sundeck.

It has a 200 hp outboard, eight seats, a small house with an optional sea toilet, and a double convertible bed on the cockpit. I still expect a lot of this superior trimming looks like its going to give up in a steep brush, but it won the 2015 European Powerboat of the Year and still has value.

Cruisers We Love: 10 Top Picks

World Top 10 Best Cuddy Cabin Boats with Uncommon Facts

There are many ways to go cruising and many cruisers out there. No matter which type of boat you like the most, if you havent made up your mind just yet) one model or another is sure to fit your idea of ideal.;Among the seemingly countless choices, these 10 stand out in our minds as great platforms for exploring new ports or rediscovering the ones youve already visited.

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What If I Dont Necessarily Need A Cabin

If not having a cabin isnt a deal breaker, your options for affordable boats just blew wide open:

  • The 162 Bayliner Element with a cruising speed in the mid 20s can seat four.
  • The 1711 Four Winns H180 OB includes a swing away tongue, full-sized walk-across swim platform, and Bluetooth-capable stereo with MP3 port and two speakers.
  • The 231 Larson LX 225S IO comes with a trailer that has disc brakes, a canvas bow, and cockpit covers. It also has an MP3-capable stereo.

Best Walkaround Boats Top 5 Picks For 2021

by Kyle WUpdated on July 25, 2021.

Boat Safe is a community supported site. We may earn comission from links on this page, but we have confidence in all recommended products.

Heres a little ice-breaker you can use at parties: What do you call a cross between a small cuddy boat and a center console? A walkaround boat! Okay, it may not work as well as we thought it would, but hey Its a great way to kick off this review.

Walkaround boats, or walkaround cuddies as they are sometimes called, are essentially fishing boats that have a small cozy cabin and offer full 360-degree fishing access that you dont get with many other types of boats. This is thanks to the unobstructed deck passageway around the boat from the bow to the stern.

You can think of them as a pimped-up version of center console boats. So, you could stay overnight if you wanted to, or use the small cabin to escape the scorching heat of the sun when youre day cruising. Its the closest youll ever get to an actual cruiser yacht without having to spend cruiser-yacht-money.

Weve reviewed 5 of the best walkaround boats and compiled a comprehensive buyers guide to help you choose the right one.

It also has an 80-gallon baitwell, a spacious cabin below-deck with additional rod storage, and an optional coffee maker for the caffeine-lovers in the house. That, ladies and gentlemen, is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Can You Tow It

We’re working on the principle that you are buying your first, or perhaps second, boat. If this is the case, you probably dont have a lot of experience towing boats or launching and retrieving them. Given this, you need to make sure the boat youre interested in is not too big for your tow vehicle.

Most family-size sedans and SUVs can tow pressed alloy cuddy cabins to around 5.3m in length, and heavier fibreglass boats to about 5.0m long.

Beyond these lengths you should be looking for a bigger, more powerful tow vehicle, preferably one with all-wheel drive to make it easier to haul your larger cuddy or half cabin out of slippery boat ramps.

Generally speaking, vehicles with an automatic transmission suit towing a boat, particularly when it comes to hauling the boat out of a steep boat ramp. The torque converter in the auto can feed the power on more slowly and progressively than a manual vehicle. This puts far less strain on the drivetrain, largely because you can pull the boat out of the water gently without popping the clutch and spinning the wheels.

Modern automatic gearboxes are also well-tuned to towing, instinctively changing down gears to introduce engine braking on hills just like you would in a manual vehicle, reducing the braking strain on the car and trailer. Auto gearboxes also have sport settings that will hold gears longer before changing up, which is handy for climbing long hills.

What Is The Best Trawling Boat

Polycraft 4.80 Brumby Cuddy Cabin walk through

While you might not be a fisherman at heart, some of the heartiest boats are fishing boats. They have bigger cabins for fisherman to relax after a hard day on the water as well as large storage areas for their gear.

Trawling is a method of fishing where the fisherman drags a net through the water behind them.

Recreational trawlers arent actually fishing boats, however. They resemble the vessels design, but thats where the similarities end.

Remember that recreational trawlers use smaller engines than their fishing brethren; one which will only produce approximately 80 hp.

Trawlers have a dedicated following. These boats can be slow cruisers but, at their heart, they werent built for speed. After all, they are single-engine boats that can go from 7 knots to 20 knots.

One of the best values when it comes to trawling boats is the Carver c34.

Here it is:

While it might not be as inexpensive as the other options in this article, at $371,820, youre getting a smaller more economical coastal cruiser.

More economical than a lot of the other boats of the same type on the market right now, which can range up to $500,000 $900,000

If you look for this boat used, you will most likely find it over $100,000 cheaper than the new sticker price.

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Is Sleeping In A Cuddy Cabin Right For Everyone

Its kind of a joke in the Cuddy Cabin world that the only way to sleep in a Cuddy Cabin is to get drunk enough to fall asleep anywhere and bring the painkillers in the morning to take care of the back pain and headache from the booze the night before. ;

It really doesnt have to be that bad, it truly doesnt. ;

Its a lot like comparing camping in a tent vs. camping in a camper or RV. ;The cuddy would be a tent, and a Cabin Cruiser would be the RV. Theres just a different set of expectations as to how comfortable youre going to be and how high your expectations are.

However, there are certainly some people who may not favor sleeping in a cuddy cabin. ;The confines of a Cuddy Cabin are likely not suited for those who get anxiety in confined spaces, those who are prone to motion sickness , those whos age or mobility prevent them from stooping and crawling, or simply those who are considerably taller than average.

With that being said, there is certainly hope out there for everyone else who does a decent amount of preparation to maximize what a Cuddy has to offer for comfort.

Formula Boats Are Top Quality

Like you, were never content to be like everyone else. Thats why weve earned a long-standing reputation for crafting boats that are of the highest quality. Since we opened our doors more than 60 years ago, everyone affiliated with Formula has been committed to excellence, and that tradition continues to this day.

Since 1976, the Porter family has owned and operated Formula Boats exclusively. This makes every boat we craft and every interaction we have with clients personal. It also makes our dedication to excellence grow even stronger every day.

We know that when youre looking for a cuddy boat for sale, youre not just looking for a vessel you can take on the water. We know what youre really doing is preparing to invest in a sun cruiser boat youll treasure for years to come.

With that in mind, well work with you to customize and build a cuddy boat that reflects who you are. When you own one of our sport cuddy boats, youll never want your boat to be at the dock because youll want to spend as much time as possible making lasting memories on the water with your family and friends.

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The Cuddy Cabin: A Room Afloat

Evolution takes strange turns, but it’s thereand the most striking recent example of it in the pleasure boating field has come about in cuddy cabin boats.

According to the dictionary, a cuddy is A small cabin, formerly a saloon under the poop deck; also, the galley or pantry of a small vessel. Any small room or closet.

And that’s the way it started out in the small, open boats used for fishing or water skiinga small closet in which you could put the anchor, line and maybe a cool six pack but no more. The new cuddles sleep two people, and sometimes more. A head is either optional or standard and often it’s enclosed.

For other amenities, you may find a small galley including a refrigerator. The cuddy has undergone evolution and will probably continue to change from workboat to family cruising boat.

The names themselves lead to acceptance of this theory: convertible, overnighter, weekender, vacationer.

At the National Boat Show this year, there is a whole fleet of the new cuddies. You might take a look at the displays of AMF Slickcraft, Aquasport, Chris Craft, Cruisers Inc., Continental, Fiberform, Grady White, Larson Industries and Luhrs.

Others include Mark Twain, Pro Line, Sea Ray, Sportcraft, Uniflite, Whaler, Wellcraft and Winner.

They don’t want gas guzzlers or big cruisers which are expensive, take up a lot of space, cannot be trailered and are often hard to maneuver in close spaces.

Are The Cushions Comfortable Enough To Sleep On

250CR Cuddy Cabin

If youre young enough, youll probably be just fine for a night. ;For everyone else, it doesnt hurt to invest in some memory foam and cut it in the shape of the berth. ;

You could even make it into two sections that fit together if you wanted to. Two to three inches of this foam can be a real game changer.

My wife and I travel with memory foam when we visit her parents who live about 10 hours away. ;The bed we use when were there doesnt have it and we always paid the price with our backs.

We can fit a queen size cut-out into our car easily by folding into thirds laterally;and then rolling tightly from the foot of the bed to the head. ;We hold the bundle together with two to three canvas belts with D-ring buckles, and throw it in a garbage bag. Done and done.

You could easily do the same thing for a Cuddy Cabin, and you could sew a makeshift pillowcase for it to serve as a firm cylindrical cushion when not in use as a s leeping pad.

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Who Should Get A Cuddy Cabin

If you are a fan of compact cruisers and open deck boats, the cuddy cabin is a great choice for you. It offers what both compact cruisers and deck boats do, which is a smaller craft, affordability, and several commodities for the pleasure of passengers.

However, unlike cruisers, the cuddy cabin comes with a much more dynamic cruising experience and a sportier style. It makes it somewhat perfect for carving turns and certain water sports activities. If you are planning on taking your boat to different docks from time to time, the cuddy cabins reduced size makes doing so a whole lot easier.

Since small cuddy cabins contain fewer commodities, it also takes far less money to maintain. Perhaps the only downside to small cuddy cabins is the lack of an actual cabin itself for overnight stays.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a;small and stylish looking boat to use for a short weekend, the cuddy cabin is the right one for you.

Viking Yachts 42 Convertible

Many boaters think about fishing, but these are top-quality cruisers too. The 42 is the convertible ranges entrance model and is perfect for the three cabins. The owner, who plans to cruise with kids, pairs, and some fishing buddies, is a good option.

The three houses supplement the fuel-efficient joysticks mounted further back to allow more room to be used. The Cummins MerCruiser diesel is a pair of 440-hp Power. Top-end, respectable 30. The speed of the cruise is 28 knots.

Vikings proven saltwater hull improves this performance. Heres a boat capable of making long journeys both for fishing and cruising anywhere a landlord needs.

Hot feature: An enormous satellite internship.

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What Do You Intend To Use It For

The first question you need to ask yourself is Why do you want to buy a walkabout boat? The answer to this question will advise the size of the boat you should get. Heres why this is important.

Not all walkabout boats are created equal. Some are much much bigger than others, which is perfect if you plan to entertain a lot. You want your guests to feel comfortable onboard and not hurdled together as though theyre at a live baseball event.

It needs to have ample seating and even allow people to stretch out if they need to. If, on the other hand, its just for you, your spouse, and 2.5 kids, then a smaller boat would suffice.

Size also plays a major role in stowage. You may need to dock a larger boat at a marina. But keep in mind that this option has its own set of associated costs.

On the other hand, if you intend to tow it using your car, ensure that your vehicle is fully capable of doing this, and the boat in question is small enough to fit in a standard garage.

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