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What Cleans Mildew Off Boat Seats

Cleaning With Mineral Oil:

The Best Way To COMEPLETELY Clean Mold Off Your Boat Seat! It Turns Out GREAT!

Mineral oil is a less common ingredient than vinegar or bleach. Mineral oil is created as a by-product during the distillery process of petroleum.

This cleaner is recommended for cleaning vinyl stains that are older, or even stains that have been caused by oil or grease.

This is because mineral oil has the ability to decompose oils while not doing damage to the surface featured underneath.

One important thing to note when using mineral oil for cleaning your seats it that it is mainly used for the stain itself. For this reason, you will want to make sure your seat is cleaned before proceeding with the mineral oil.

Tips on using mineral oil on marine vinyl seats include:

  • To apply the mineral oil you will want to use a small piece of dry cloth that you have applied a few drops of mineral oil to.
  • Wipe the stain with the cloth.
  • If the stain seems to be really deep, you can consider using a few drops applied directly on the stain.
  • Keep the stain on for about 5 minutes.
  • Make sure you wash off the mineral oil.
  • Repeat this process until the stain is sufficiently removed.

Mineral oil should not be used as a basic cleaning ingredient, it should be used more as a spot corrector for stain removal.

Make sure you are using the proper oil and that you are following any directions or special instructions.

What Are The Different Types Of Boat Mildew Removers

Liquid boat mildew remover

Liquid forms are typically found in Walmart and other stores. Liquid sprays are especially preferred because they are convenient to carry and ready to use.

Those bought in bottles and gallons can also be directly applied or diluted with water if necessary. However, they take up more space because of their large containers.

Powder boat mildew remover

Powder boat stain cleaners require extra time to make the right mixture. It may also be a bit messy to do. You may be anxious to keep the measurements accurate, but its product instructions will guide you through it.

On the good side, storage will not be a problem because of their relatively smaller containers. You can keep the rest in the cabinet after scooping out a portion for mixing. Nonetheless, the powdered mold remover is as effective as the liquid form.

Vinyl Boat Seat Cleaning And Conditioning Tips

Spring is in full swing, which means that warm, sunny days are just around the corner. While there is plenty to look forward to, as a boater, theres likely nothing you love more than getting out on the water.

If youre eager for the upcoming boating season and are ready to freshen up your boat seats, these vinyl cleaning and conditioning tips will help you do just that.

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Protecting Your Boat Seats From Uv And Dirt

Its easy to be happy and just quit after getting your nasty, moldy boat seats clean. The problem with being satisfied here, is that theyll get dirty very quickly again and be difficult to clean all over again.

After getting the results you were hoping for on you boats interior, you need to take another very important step. You need to apply some vinyl boat seat protectant/conditioner.

The conditioner will do a few things for you:

  • It helps keep your boat vinyl pliable. Untreated vinyl will eventually dry out and crack.
  • A boat vinyl conditioner will also protect from UV light, which will sunburn and also dry out your boat seats.
  • It will also have a protective coating that is guarding against dirt and stains. If conditioned regularly, cleaning your boat seats will take nothing more than a damp cloth to wipe them clean.

So again, youll only have the one time deep cleaning to get it like new. From that point on, its all about just doing a little light cleaning and conditioning.

M 09067 Mildew Stain Remover

How to clean mildew off your boat seats

Ive been using the 3M 09067 Mildew Stain Remover for almost a year now, and I never regretted the day I bought this product. My old pontoon boats vinyl has serious mildew stains. Luckily, I found this mildew stain remover before it got worse.

One of its notable features is a bleach-based formula. Contrary to what others say, in my experience, it works more effectively than any other homemade and diluted bleach. It is designed to deeply penetrate the affected surface, leading to the fast removal of dark mildew stains.

Additionally, it is quick to use and apply. With its spray bottle, you can pull the trigger and directly apply it to the damaged area. Once it has been sprayed, you can let it sit for at least five minutes before gently scrubbing with a soft bristle brush. Make sure to wash it off with clean water to avoid any bleach residue.

Upon using this product, I can say that it is suitable for marine upholstery, vinyl, and seat cushions. Ive used this product on all of the above surfaces, and it worked excellently.

  • Intense bleach smell

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Why Clean Your Boat Seats

Even though boat seats are designed to hold up against the environmental conditions they encounter, you will still want to make sure you are keeping them cleaned and well maintained.

The most obvious reason you would want to clean your boat seats is so that you and your passengers will want to sit on them without the fear of getting dirty,

It can be highly unappealing to sit on a boat seat that has stains, mildew, or even bird droppings on it so you will want to maintain cleanliness at all times.

You also will want to maintain cleanliness for your boat seats to protect them and their integrity.

Without regular cleanings and care, they will accumulate dirt and mildew that can cause damage to overtime.

To protect your seats and preserve your investment long term, you will want to clean your seats regularly as well as taking steps to guard them against the harmful UV rays that come from the sun.

A Note On Bleach And Vinyl

Bleach can be a helpful tool in cleaning up all sorts of messes, including mold and mildew. However, you want to keep it away from the messes on your power boat seats. Why? Because of vinyl.

Using bleach on vinyl take out the oils in the material which are essential for its longevity and resistance to water. This process can also impact the stitching that holds your seats together, causing them to degrade and ultimately come apart. Yes, your vinyl won’t last forever, but you can increase its lifetime by not using bleach in this cleaning process.

You should stay alert when picking out your mold and mildew stain remover, as many of these products can include bleach as one of the ingredients. For a safe pick, we recommend CLR mold remover.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the cleaning process!

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Quickly Repair Your Boat Seat Vinyl

I have used Coconix Upholstery, Vinyl and Leather Repair Kit in the past to repair a few small tears in a boat seat. This process can be quicker than taking off the seat cover to make a new panel and sewing it back on, but it isnt as good as new vinyl. Though maybe it doesnt need to be.

Ive used other products that require heat to cure the product and pattern imprint. I prefer NOT to use heat on vinyl, because it is easy to make your problems worse, real quick. If you get used to the process, you can make some really quick vinyl repairs that are hardly noticeable .

One of the most important parts of this type of vinyl repair, is the mixing to attain the exact match color. It is a lot of trial and error. This is something you should try though. You just may be good at it. If so, you will find a lot of different applications for this. As with the other products, I am including a because this is going to most likely be your best price.

So as you can see, theres no reason to fear dirt, mold, or mildew on your boat seats. In fact if youre buying a boat that has a nasty interior, you just might be able to get a great deal on it. Though I will say, if the owner lets his boat seats get that bad, theyre most likely not properly maintaining other aspects of the boat.

Make A Cleaning Schedule

How To Boat/Marine: Easy clean mold mildew from vinyl boat seats & interior

If you get into the habit of scheduling a regular deep cleaning for your seats, you will not only form a good habit but you will not forget what needs to be done and when.

How often you are out on your boat and how dirty it gets when you are using it can help determine how often you should make cleaning a priority.

You also will want to make sure that you clean it if you notice a build-up of dirt or grime, even if you are not scheduled to.

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Needed Equipment And Products To Remove Mildew From Boat Seats

Depending on the material of your boat seats you may need different products and materials but most seat cushions and boat seats are made with vinyl. Vinyl is a material that can withstand a lot of exposure to sun and water and it wont get damaged easily as other materials, which is why most boat manufacturers use it for the interior. However, it is still susceptible to mildew and as a boat owner, you will need to get the right equipment and products to get rid of the mildew from your vinyl seats. The products we recommend are affordable and wont cost you a fortune. The things youll need to remove mildew stains are:

  • Soft brush
  • UV and Marine protective spray
  • Microfiber cloth

Rub Stains Off With Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser can work wonders to get rid of stubborn stains on vinyl upholstery, but try not to overdo it. The stuff can abrade your seats and cause micro-scratches on the surface where dirt, stains, and other contaminants can settle later on. So it pays to work as gently as possible.

Unlike your brush or spray, Magic Eraser can more effectively work into nooks and crannies to get rid of deep seated dirt. As you work it into the material, youll notice it creates a grayish debris from all the contamination on your seats. When youre done, it would help to take your microfiber cloth and wipe away the stuff to reveal the Erasers effects.

*See our guide on: how to clean boat seats with Magic Eraser

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Removing Yellowing From Vinyl

When youre cleaning your boat interior, one of the most frustrating issues can be the yellowing of vinyl. To tackle this issue, youll want to use a vinyl cleaner that is specifically made for this purpose. Although some resources suggest using ammonia, this can damage the material.

Use a cleaner that is designed to safely clean and protect against future yellowing. The same is true for cracking. For both of these issues, 303 Clear Vinyl Protective Cleaner is your best bet. It also provides superior UV protection as an added bonus.

Removing Mildew From Boat Seats

Cleaning Marine Vinyl Upholstery

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If youve followed our steps to clean your boat seats, and youve still got mold or mildew stains building up, its time to break out the big guns. Heres a look at the best ways to get those tricky mildew stains out, step-by-step.

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What Do I Need To Get Mildew Off

Based on the conditions of your boat seats, you may need different goods and materials. However, you can find most boat seats and seat cushions constructed out of vinyl.

Heres an additional guide on how to clean mold off boat seats.

Most boat makers choose vinyl on the inside because it can tolerate a great deal of exposure to the sun and water, and it doesnt get damaged as quickly as other materials.

Although mildew can grow on vinyl seats, boat owners will need the proper tools and supplies to remove the mildew from their vinyl seats. A mildew or mold infestation that causes an odor in your boat seats is likely to be deep-seated.

For a reasonable price, we recommend these products. To get rid of mildew stains, youll need:

  • UV and Marine protective spray
  • Soft brush

Spray Wait Then Wipe It Off

You can now start spraying this solution to the most stubborn mildew stains you have on your vinyl seats. I make sure to cover each blemish thoroughly since I typically skip the brushing if I use this method.

I let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Afterward, I carefully wipe everything off with a cotton cloth the softer, the better since you dont want to unintentionally damage the surface of the vinyl.

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Removing Mold Stains On Vinyl

In cleaning mold off vinyl materials, you should not use bleach simply because it will remove all the oils from the material and damage it further instead of taking care of it. Instead of bleach, you can use detergent mixed with water or white vinegar.

First, dust off any mold chunks or vacuum it, then damp the vinyl surface with your detergent-water mixture or vinegar. Let it dry and vacuum or dust off again.

For a step-by-step guide on how to remove mold stains on vinyl, check out this article we have.

Star Brite Mildew Stain Remover

Best Boat Vinyl Cleaner – How to remove mildew from boat seats?

If your boat seats have suffered from massive mildew, then this Star Brite Mildew Stain Remover is destined for you. We personally love this product because of how easy it is to apply. Just spray it on the affected surface, leave it on for a minute, and rinse when the stain magically disappears.

Aside from saving time, you also conserve energy as mildew is removed on contact. This means that there is no need for heavy brushing, making boat mold removal less laborious.

What makes this product suitable for your boats is that it is particularly made for marine use. Moreover, you wont have to worry about your boat seats delicate threads and upholstery as this vinyl mildew cleaner, as tough as it may be, is friendly with them. If you have already used multiple items and spent a considerable time scrubbing without any satisfying outcome, then it must be time to shift to this.

In addition to vinyl, this boat mildew remover works on many surfaces, including wood, awnings, concrete, fiberglass, and other outdoor acrylic materials. Unlike other commercial brands, its buffered-bleach formula can eliminate any filth instantly. Then again, it is ideal to test it first on inconspicuous areas before use.

  • Troublefree application by spraying, waiting and rinsing
  • Quickly takes away mildew stain on contact
  • Works on many types of surfaces
  • Scientifically made for marine upholstery
  • Needs second application for stubborn stains to come off

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How To Prevent Mildew From Developing On Vinyl Seats

To make things easier for you every time you clean the vinyl seats on your boat, you better learn how to prevent mildew from growing. You have to agree with the saying, Prevention is better than cure. Here are some things that you have to do:

  • Always wipe the seat after sailing. Although you cant see any wet sections, it wont hurt if you let the towel go through the seams and cracks. Mildew forms because of moisture, so you have to keep the seats dry as much as possible.
  • You still have to look out for mildew even though your boat is in storage. Choose a cover that ensures the safety of the interior, including the vinyl seats. You may also check the boat from time to time.

Boaters Edge Be1922 Mildew Stain Remover

This is convincingly one of the best mold and mildew stain removers. It is formulated with buffered bleach technology, which will not harm threads or stitches, making it perfect for use on .

I was skeptical of using this product at first because of its smell. Although not intense, it still made me uncomfortable when exposed. Thus, I always make sure to wear protective equipment while using this product. Additionally, working in a well-ventilated space is my preference to get rid of fumes quickly.

However, I noticed that some stubborn mold and mildew stains remained after the first application. So, I had to reapply the stain remover and did some light scrubbing with soft bristles before rinsing. You may also experience multiple applications and light scrubbing when you use this product, especially for severe mold and mildew stains.

Still, I consider this product as a fast-acting solution for removing mold from boat seats. Why? It is because almost 95% of the molds and mildews on my boat seats were washed off with only one application.

Furthermore, this product is easy to use and apply. Simply spray the formula on the surface and let it dwell for a few minutes. One thing I noticed while letting it rest is how yellowish my boat seats turned, which is the mold and mildews reaction from being lifted off the seats by the stain remover.

  • Stubborn mold and mildew stains require multiple applications

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Get Rid Of Mildew Stains With Ammonia

Ammonia is good at removing mildew, but it can harm vinyl, so proceed with caution and make sure to dilute your solution. This method uses ammonia diluted in water, not the concentrated version, which makes it relatively safer to use. In this technique, ammonia speeds up mildew removal by lifting it off your vinyl.

Here are the steps to remove mildew stains of vinyl surfaces using ammonia:

  • Using a soft-bristled brush, scrape off dry mildew stains off the vinyl boats seats.
  • Make a solution using a tablespoon of ammonia for every ¼ cup of distilled water. Mix well.
  • Scrub the vinyl with the solution using a non-abrasive brush.
  • Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to remove mildew debris and excess solution from your vinyl.
  • Allow it to dry.
  • When using ammonia, you must be extremely cautious because this chemical can be harmful when mishandled. Wear protective gloves and glasses. If you are concerned about it damaging your seats, do an inconspicuous spot test, or try one of the other methods instead.

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