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What Is The Best Electric Motor For Boat

The Best Electric Outboard Motors Reviewed

How To Choose The Best Electric Trolling Motor For Your Boat
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The weight of this motor is 30 pounds, and it is appropriate for inflatables and small boats up to 3,000 pounds. It also makes a suitable sail boat motor. It is available in long- and short-shaft versions.

To fully recharge the battery, it takes about 15 hours. This motor will also accept power from solar chargers and onboard generators.

A feature most people really like is the onboard GPS chip, which provides a continually updated range estimate based upon current usage. The results are reported via a display integrated onto the tiller.

There is a display that indicates battery charge and boat speed. You are going to enjoy the smooth power delivery of the Travel 1003 and you will surely praise its build quality. This motor carries a two-year warranty.

What We Like:

  • The on-board computer| The on-board computer also has GPS calculation which provides runtime and range remaining. Included for it is a 915Wh battery, plus a battery charger.
  • Compact | At only 32 pounds , carrying this motor is easy and its simple to transom mount. An ideal choice for dinghies, tenders and RIBS. Also, the long shaft is perfect for day-sailors who need an effective way to motor in the harbor and dock.

With an adjustable 36-inch shaft length for optimal depth placement, this motor is made to suit all inflatable boats, kayaks, dinghies, jon boats, small boats, and inflatables with a transom.

What We Like:

What We Like:

The Electric Trolling Motor Has Evolved To Become One Of The Most Important Accessories Anglers Can Install On Their Boats While An Electric Mightnt Directly Catch You More Fish It Will Put You In Their Vicinity More Stealthily And In The Case Of Many Current Models Keep You On The Spot Using Modern Gps Technology Many Electric Motors Will Also Automatically Steer A Course Along A Troll Line Run Virtually Silently Deploy At The Push Of A Button And More If Only They Could Brew Coffee

Electric evolution

Like many keen anglers, Ive long relied on electric trolling motors to assist my fishing. The first electric motor I owned was a Shakespeare 12v 24lb thrust model bought in the 80s for use on a canoe and a 10ft Brooker tinny. While not as sophisticated as the current crop of electrics, that old Shakespeare repaid its initial outlay cost many times over the years, mostly trolling for trout in the Snowy Mountains and natives in south western NSW. Being a basic design though, the Shakespeares 3-speed toggle switch set on High would drain a fully charged car battery in quick time.

When I upgraded to a 3.9m Stessl Edge Tracker I fitted a Minn-Kota 42lb bow-mount 12v electric with foot pedal control and autopilot at the time these motors werent common place in Australia. It was also a freshwater model, the precursor to the later Riptide saltwater series. That motor delivered years of trouble free duty and helped me fish for everything from trout to natives, flatties and bream. When upgrading again to a 4.3m Webster Bassmaster, I installed a new Riptide 12v 42lb thrust Minn-Kota bow-mount, later retrofitted with a Co-Pilot remote control. That motor was used on the majority of my fishing trips over the next 10 years, apart from offshore, and indirectly caught me a lot of fish.

History of electrics
Which motor?
Bow or stern mount?
Height advantage
12 or 24 volt?

Why Pick An Electric Motor

Electric motors are picking up quite nicely and they become more and more powerful as the years go by. Electric motors are much quieter than other boat motors. One feature that is excellent for fishing is that it makes no noise so it wont scare the fish away. Electric outboard motors are also easier to maintain because they have direct-drive technology. That means there are fewer moving parts which reduce the amount of time you spend on maintenance. Another great perk of electric motors is that they are much cleaner. You wont stain your clothes, deck, or hands with greasy dirt if you get an electric motor. The final feature that makes electric motors a better choice is that they are environmentally friendly and dont produce exhaust smells and fumes. This is not just good for the environment but your health as well.

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Top 10 Best Electric Trolling Motors Reviews In 2021

When you get out to the waters and you dont have a good motor, then you will be sure that you will spend lots of time on the waters without having to know your destination. Now, the electric trolling motors that are here will ensure that you are able to move around with ease and coming back. That will mean that either on freshwater or salty water. Make the right kind of choice of these electric trolling motors and your journeys will be better at all times.

Electric Propulsion Boat Motors

Elco Motor Yachts Launches New Line of Electric Outboard ...

A pioneer in;electric propulsion;back in 1893, Elco is again leading the way again today. With the first fully integrated electric boat motor and drive system, available in AC technology, Elco brings reliability, durability, and high efficiency together with ease of installation and greater ease of use. The Elco electric inboard boat motor system is ideally and responsibly suited for sailboats as well as yacht tenders and launches.

Whether on the Sound, around the bay, along the lake, or on the river, there is high value in protecting our waters. The Elco electric boat drives are a highly efficient and extremely durable alternative to fossil fuel options.

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What Is The Best Electric Outboard Motor

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Great Small Boats With Electric Motors

Did you know you dont have to choose a boat that relies on fossil fuels? Thats right.

You can go full electric, full solar, or a hybrid between the two!

Here are some great boats with electric motors to get you started!

If youre in the market for a small boat, theres a whole ocean of choices out there for you.

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Goplus Electric Trolling Motor

This trolling motor will make your fishing trip so much easier. The unit has a 6 telescoping adjustable handle that will allow you to control the engine quickly. You also get 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds that will ensure your smooth and easily controlled ride.

The three-bladed propeller of the Goplus Electric Trolling Motor 46/55/86 LBS is another essential feature the unit has. It is a guarantee for smooth movement even through grass and marsh. However, you need to be careful as the top head of the motor isnt waterproof and water could leak in there.

A significant advantage this unit has to offer is the 10 points LED lights battery indicator. You will be able to observe how much electricity is left. This is important because the second main disadvantage of this trolling motor is that it drains the battery really fast.; The fiberglass composite shaft of the Golpus trolling motor is corrosion resistant but the thrust, on the other hand, is not really durable.


Minn Kota Riptide 45 Sc Trolling Motor

Top 5 Electric Trolling Motors For Fishing

Its hard to beat this rugged, reliable troller from the company that essentially invented the trolling motor, and has been building them since 1934. Available in sizes from a 45-pound version with a 91cm shaft, to a muscular 112-pounder, our favourite is still the entry-level Riptide 45 SC, packing 45 pounds of thrust.

With five forward speeds and three in reverse, a 15cm telescoping tiller, indestructible, guaranteed-for-life composite shaft, and full two-year warranty its a great balance between performance and value. A icy-cool white finish too. We also like the clever Digital Maximiser tech that helps extend battery power.

RRP: £454.99

With each product is a Buy it now link. If you click on this then we may receive a small amount of money from the retailer when you purchase the item. This doesnt affect the amount you pay.

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How Is Power Measured For Electric Motors

The power of an electric motor is usually measured in watts, not horsepower. Sometimes the power of an electric motor is given in horsepower, but usually in watts.

Boat motors vary greatly in how powerful they are. A motor that is only 10hp, 5hp, or 3hp is common even though outboard motors can be 20hp or more.

Usually, you can go more like 5 knots than 15 knots with an electric or gas motor. To go 15 knots, you might need something like a 100hp motor – this is too expensive and not what people are likely to put on a small dinghy.

What Are The Advantages Of Gas Motors

In the long run, electric motors can save you money because it costs less to keep them running. After the first few years, electric motors are the cheaper choice.

The maintenance cost per hour of use is much higher for petrol motors. After only a few hundred hours of use, a petrol motor’s cost will exceed the cost of an electric motor.

One disadvantage of electric motors is that they run on batteries, which take time to charge. You will have to charge your batteries overnight, compared to quickly refueling a gas engine.

One way out of this problem is to use a solar charger. With a solar charger, you can charge your batteries anywhere as long as the sun is out.

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Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Best Trolling Motor


When it comes to trolling motors for fishing kayaks, Minn Kota is one of the biggest brands that you are going to come across. They have many trolling motor models, and their Endura C2 stands out as one of their best inventions. It is designed for use in freshwater and powered by a 12-volt motor that provides a thrust level of 30. This makes it ideal for use on fishing kayaks measuring 12 to 16 feet.

What we particularly love about the trolling motor multiple speed settings. It is fitted with five forward speeds and three reverse speeds, which make controlling the motor much more effortless.

On top of that, the trolling engine comes with a six-inch ergonomic telescoping handle. The handle is designed to tilt and twist, thereby giving you better control over the trolling motors speed and steering. It features a 30-inch composite shaft that is built to be durable and robust for long-lasting performance. Similarly, the cylinder is backed by a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind. As if thats not enough, the trolling motor is made to be energy efficient to ensure you get a good life out of its battery. This is an excellent addition, especially if you are planning on spending just a couple of hours out on the water.

Fast Electric Boat Hull

Torqeedo Electric Outboard Motor

There are several different Boat hull types available and a few of them are covered here. Each hull type has a different appearance and also performs differently than the next. The hull in general is selected out of personal preference based on appearance, speed and handling goals. The length of hull greatly effects speed, power

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Best Electric Outboard Motors

An electric outboard motor is an extremely useful accessory that can be installed on a boat. For fishing, it has evolved to become one of the most important additions an angler can make to their boating setup. The electric outboard motor allows for slow speed maneuvering to hold a position or for lure fishing.

Best Outboard Engines In 2021

A roundup of some of the best new outboard engines in 2021.

Every year we round up some of the best outboard engines on the market and review the latest innovations and technological advancements for our readers. Of course, the best outboard for your boat depends entirely what type of boat you own, from the class to the make and model, and how you intend to use the vessel.;

  • Honda 105 Jet
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    Minn Kota Edge 45 Trolling Motor

    This Minn Kota Edge 45 trolling motor is one f th highest quality nd effective type f mobility n th water today. This battery powered device is designed t b extremely quiet nd easy t handle, allowing u t concentrate n fishing rthr thn battling wth steering th boat.

    People who have used this freshwater trolling motor are of the unanimous opinion that its definitely smoother in operation and cause perceptibly less vibration than any other trolling motor.

    A different style mounting bracket is designed to absorb any impact. In fact, if you accidentally hit any object such as a rock, the bracket detaches away and then falls back into place once the pressure is released.

    The same concept is used in its 50-inch shaft which uses a composite material that flexes when put under pressure. With such a design it is no surprise that the Minn Kota Edge 45 trolling motor is the first choice when it comes to buying a trolling motor for your fishing needs.

    Continuous research has led to the development of a superior steering wheel and cable systems which are break proof. One thing which I missed in this motor was reverse speed, because it has only 5-forward speeds, anyway you can look for other models if you want reverse speed too like Newport Vessels.

    Key Features nd Specifications

    Minn Kota Terrova Ipilot Trolling Motor

    Pure Watercrafts Eco-friendly Electric Motors for Boats

    If you like the features from the Garmin model above but dont feel like spending so much money, then the Minn Kota Terrova bow mount trolling motor is a more affordable alternative. Its still a pricey product, since it offers top quality performance, but it sacrifices some of the finer details to make it a little more wallet friendly.

    Boasting 80 lbs of thrust using a 24 volt battery, this motor comes equipped with a multi-function foot pedal with two steering options: heel/toe pedal and left/right steering buttons. It features a sophisticated easy-to-deploy ramp mechanism that gently slides the motor into the water, and it comes with a Lift-Assist function for spring-loaded stowing assistance too.

    The iPilot function is one of the most interesting functions of this motor. It uses GPS to locate your favorite fishing spots, record your speed and heading, and allows for a touchscreen remote control function, with full compatibility with a Hummingbird fish finder device.

    Even without the Hummingbird fish finder, it has its own fish finding technology, with a built-in Universal Sonar 2 device and a protected transducer that wont be affected by your motors noise and vibration.

    This is a great motor thats primarily designed for freshwater and for bow-mounted fun, and its ideally suited for a number of applications. Its available with three different shaft lengths: 45 inch, 60 inch, and 7 inch.

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    Electric Outboard Motor Buyers Guide

    Choosing an electric outboard motor is an important investment for a boat owner.; For the more powerful motors, a few hundred dollars is an average price. Smaller units can be purchased for as little as $100 dollars depending on the power required. Although an electric outboard motor is not an absolutely essential piece of kit for boating, it is an absolute game changer for fishing or just moving through the water at a slow pace to enjoy being out.

    Our buying guide reviews the best electric outboard motors on the market so to help you make an informed decision on which to purchase. The following features are commonly found on electric outboard motors and will help you to select which features are required for your boat.

    Odyssey Trolling Thunder Marine Battery

    Size L,W,H: 13.25, 11.0, 9.5-in.Voltage: 12V.

    The Odyssey Trolling Thunder Marine Battery is a dual purpose mane battery. It contains stores 68 amp-hours of power with a reserve capacity of 135-minutes. It also has 880 cold-cranking amps which is more than enough to start most boat motors.

    This battery has a great shelf life and can go up to two years without needing to be charged. It also works up to 400 cycles, which is very competitive against the other batteries in its price range and category. With this battery, you get the starting power, the trolling power, accessory power, and a long lifespan.

    The motor is called trolling thunder because it is designed to be used with trolling motors. It is made with high purity lead plates is has an Absorbent Glass Mat to make it spill proof.; ;The terminals are made with tin-plated brass witch is a great conductor and corrosion-resistant. This is a sealed design and is maintenance-free. Oddessey batteries have a high plate surface area and have very similar amp-hour ratings and reserve capacity as Optima spiral-would batteries.

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