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How To Keep Birds Off Boat Dock

Are Ducks And Geese The Same Thing

How to prevent birds from pooping on your dock, boat or pool area!

Ducks, geese are all considered to be waterfowl, in the United States.

While these birds share many similarities, ducks and geese have few differences.

First of all, geese have much longer neck than ducks.

Ducks also have lesser number of neck bones than compared to geese and swans.

Due to these distinctive neck features when you see Canadian geese and ducks you can easily tell them apart.

While certain geese and ducks can be sometimes aggressive, they do not fight with other birds or attack one another.

What Works To Deter A Sea Gull

Every solution has benefits and detriments. Some people are happy with in motion designs while others prefer the static design. The in motion deterrents are both encumbered by the same thing when there is no wind their motion either diminishes significantly or stops altogether, eliminating their effectiveness. The static system, however, produces no motion so according to the formula motion equals deterrent this system finds fewer adherents, as it does not necessarily keep the birds from flying over and messing up your canopy. The other significant difference is versatility.

Keeping birds off of your lift, dock, and waterfront is something that nearly everyone can get behind. The systems we have discussed are designed to accomplish this. The choice of which method will work best for you is largely dependent on preference. Each of these systems has specific qualities that will appeal to different people in different ways, and in the end, the look of a system is as important as its functionality.

The sea gull is an intelligent bird. As a result, it is best to keep changing the type of deterrent you use. This way they dont get accustomed to your efforts. It keeps them off balance.

Patrol With A Sheepdog

If the gulls are too invasive and they hang out on your boat every day, its time to take your sheepdog for a walk. Let the furry one roam your boat and chase the gulls away. Do this repeatedly and youll observe a massive decline in the number of birds pestering your docked vessel.

A group of researchers had conducted a study about the efficiency of using sheepdogs to discourage birds from invading the coastlines. They let a sheepdog walk the 200-meter beach stretch with its handler. The result is a staggering 99% decline in the presence of seagulls. Doing this in the peak hours of perching during early morning and evening is seen to be the best strategy.

The sheepdog doesnt need to chase the birds nor kill them. Its mere presence is enough to send the fowls away. Just do this on your boat on the said times of the day and you can see the uncanny result.

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S For Keeping Seagulls Away From Boats & Marinas

The above seagull deterrents are specifically designed for boats, boat canopies, and boat lifts. Either one or a combination of a couple of solutions should work for you.

However, whilst researching this guide I also stumbled across a variety of other methods that people are using to scare away seagulls and birds on a far larger scale.

I thought it would be a little fun just to list a few other anti-bird deterrents and methods that I found online, some of which might not be particularly helpful on a boat, marina, or dock.

Here are some methods you can try out to help keep keep seagulls away from marinas and docks.

Some are low cost solutions which you can set-up with very cheap items, others require more advanced expertise.

#1: Sheepdogs

This is more of a solution for people who own or manage marinas and docks where berth or slip holders are experiencing seagull pooping and infestation problems.

Believe it or not, recent research has shown that by patrolling with a sheepdog you can reduce the number of seagulls by up to 99%.

And theres even a best time of day to do it.

Its worth mentioning that the intention here isnt for the dog to kill the seagulls, but instead to scare them away. Seagulls will see the dog as a predator and steer well clear.

#2: Hawks or Falcons

This is another great way to rid a marina or dock of birds and seagulls.

But it requires someone with expertise in raptor bird handling.

This guy just saw the hawk approaching and his days are numbered.


Install Microfilament Strings On The Mast

How to Keep Birds off your Dock &  Boat for Good

Of course, the cat decoy works for the onboard space. Some birds can still ignore the decoy and stay within the mast and spreaders. They will poop and perch and even an actual cat cant stop them because of the height. Also, the beams of the mast are just perfect to roost on with the view of the surroundings and any incoming predator. So how can you stop this from happening?

Install microfilament strings to start scaring birds away from boat. By making the space here unavailable for potential landing, you basically stop the birds from visiting your boat. You can install the strings in a zigzag pattern to remove enough space for perching. Through this, the birds cant spread their wings or stay on your boat.

If you dont have the microfilament type, any string will do as long as it can withstand the pecking and continuous exposure to outdoor elements.

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Try Making Your Dock Look Scary

A scary dock will make it unwelcoming for the ducks and geese and they will stay away.

However, this is not a long-term solution because there will come a point where these animals will get used to the scary dock.

It doesnt hurt to try. So, you can use some visual aids to scare the geese.

You can place a fake animal around the docks. Just make sure that these animals are predators of ducks and geese.

Remember to place them in different areas of the dock that will keep geese from pooping on your dock.

To increase the amount of time it takes the ducks to get used to this you can keep changing the places of these fake animals every day or two.

Doing this will make the ducks think that these are real animals and they will stay as far as possible.

Loud Noises To Scare Them

The best way to get rid of any animal from your property is to make them think that there is a danger.

The best way to make them think that is by using loud noises to scare them away.

This also works best because ducks and geese are always looking for a consistent environment.

They dont like change at all. So, if you suddenly start producing loud noises on your dock then they will get scared and go away.

There are many ways to do this.

For example, you can use an air horn, fire a hunting rifle, or keep a speaker around on which you can play these loud noises.

The aim is to produce loud noises in any way you can.

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Deterrents That Use Sound Touch And Light

Alternatively, using several different gadgets, you can irritate the hell out of those seagulls. Although theyre not going to be an effective tool for keeping seagulls off your ships, you might still find them fascinating.

Maybe now hell look smug, just wait until he hears the nasty noise

Sound cannons and amplifiers, strobe lighting, and even spray-on sticky liquids that seagulls hate landing on are the types of solutions I mean.

The audio deterrents emit noises like hawks and falcons or even seagull distress calls, close to predators.

It is sufficient for seagulls to stress out sufficiently that the manufacturers of these different devices say if they are kept away for longer periods.

The First Step To Keep Sea Gulls & Geese Away

Birds Off Boats – Mounting the Gullsweep Rail Mount To Your Boat

NO feeding sea gulls

The FIRST step is to follow this rule: NEVER feed the gulls. Dont leave any food where they can see it. Yes, they will get friendly with you if you feed them. You could also become the next Birdman of Alcatraz. However, do you want that?

The result will be that the sea gulls will gather on your dock every day waiting for food. Like an unwanted guest, they will spend the nights eating and p__ping on your canopy, boat or dock. Sometimes they will even bring their own food, which is nice for a guest to do. However, the mess they leave behind is NOT so nice.

Sea gulls

So how do you get rid of the gulls or better yet prevent them from coming in the first place?

Hint: Did you ever notice that the sea gull family seldom ventures under trees or in areas that are not open. Read on to find out why this is.

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How Can We Keep Geese From Pooping On Our Dock

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We have goose poop on our dock. What are some suggestions to keep geese from using our dock as a bathroom in the future?Vera Gibson, Twin Lakes, BC

Geese are not easy to drive away, particularly if you cottage in an area with grass instead of a natural, native shoreline . And its tricky to keep themand others, such as mergansers, mallards, and gullsoff docks or rafts because these make such attractive waterfowl hangouts: Theyre right at the water, theyre easy to access, and they allow the birds to see predators coming. Good deal! But not for you.

So, try making the dock less appealing to your geese. Two basic options are to block it in some way or make it scary. Since geese usually hop up onto the dock from the water, you could try putting up a perimeter barrier, such as one made from yellow caution tape. Or you could obstruct the dock with a row of chairs, or a rolled up tarp.

To scare the geese, try rigging up something that looks weird and flaps or moves in the breeze, for example, an owl decoy attached to the end of a fishing pole. But keep in mind that in general, deterrents only work until the geese realize they can simply ignore them.

The longer the geese have been using your dock as a toilet, the harder it will be to convince them to stay away. But its worth a try by being persistent and using a few tactics in combination, you just might be able to break them of this messy habit.

Trap The Geese With Drop Nets

This is the perfect solution if you have a lot of geese and ducks on your dock.

The net will trap many of them at one time and then you can easily relocate them somewhere else.

However, this is an extensive measure and you will need a few days to prepare for this.

Drop nets are nets that are suspended using four poles above the ground.

You can tie them to the poles on your dock and then trap the geese and ducks whenever they show up.

You can even lure these birds by keeping some sort of food for them so that they can smell it from afar and show up.

Once they show up, you can just drop the net on them and they will be trapped.

After this, you can safely relocate them or call your local animal control to handle the situation if there are too many of them.

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Keep The Flock From Your Dock

Less hassle, less mess, and fewer birds! Please keep in mind that the WhirlyBird Repeller works best as a preventative measure, so we highly recommend that it be installed BEFORE the birds arrive. If the birds have already arrived and are feeding, perching, and/or nesting on or near the dock, additional measures may be necessary. This may include things like stringing monofilament fishing line across the birds flight paths and/or installing a sonic device that broadcasts the sound of a bird of prey. All of these additional measures can reinforce to the birds that the WhirlyBird means business!

If you find yourself in the middle of a particularly sticky problem, were happy to help you troubleshoot. If youre in need of a durable, humane, and effective bird deterrent for docks, the WhirlyBird Repeller may be the right solution for you.

Shop today!

Excessive Damage To Boats And Structures

Keep birds off your docks and swim platforms

If allowed to accumulate, bird droppings can cause stains and erode materials on boats and docks. They can cause problems for roofing, especially tar roofing, boat machinery, finishes, and ventilation systems. Damage caused by bird droppings can also affect the weather-proofing on certain materials.

Bird droppings can also damage anything left on your boat, such as plastic containers, and contaminate food stores.

Birds can also build nests on boats that are left moored or used very little. Nests mean a buildup of nesting materials and droppings which can block drainage systems and ventilation, blocking airflow, water egress, and eventually causing damage.

Nests and built up droppings can eventually cause a roof collapse on some vessels. And because birds are migratory, they can pick up and carry with them different bacteria and chemicals from one place to another in their feces.

Another consequence of bird droppings is fouling. The bacteria present in bird feces encourages growth of mold and other organisms which in turn act as a fertilizer for algae, barnacles, and weed growth on a boats hull. This growth can create drag and friction on hulls and propellers, affecting the speed and maneuverability of the boat, as well as safety at sea.

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Don’t Let Birds Ruin Your Day On The Water

You’re not the only one who sees your boat as the perfect spot for waterfront lounging. Birds tend to flock to boats, docks, and swim platforms for a variety of reasons, and can quickly become a nuisance. Birds can leave droppings, damage structures, and even pose health risks and hazards as carriers of transmittable diseases. Here at Overton’s, we offer a variety of dock and boat bird deterrents and repellent to keep the critters away from your vessel and docking area.

If you’re looking for more dock accessories, check out our pages on dock signs, dock carts, and boat hooks.

Shop Overton’s today for all of your boating and water sports needs! Free shipping on orders over $99. Good Sam members enjoy free shipping on orders over $49.

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Keeping Birds Away From Boat And Dock

April 13th, 2020

When U.S. Airways flight 1549 ran into a flock of birds in January 2009 and pilot Chelsey Sullenberger famously crash-landed the Airbus A320 into New Yorks Hudson River, the issue of bird and human interaction became front-page news. Though sailboat owners face much less devastating consequences, our interaction with the avian community is nonetheless problematic.

As Practical Sailor described in the April 2008 issue, guano and other bird scat not only can cause maintenance headaches but they can be damaging to boats, particularly those left unattended. Most readers are familiar with these problems, and-as weve found-nearly every boat owner has a story about his battle with the birds.

Why so much fuss about a little poo you might ask? Well, despite the negative connotations of the term bird brain, it turns out that birds can be resolute foes in the battle to keep your boat clean.

Experts assert that birds adjust quickly to uniform movements or noise patterns, so visual and aural devices will affect them only temporarily. And, its proven that if theres a food source near a boats berth , most birds will endure significant hardship simply to feed. Further, birds feeding will very likely attract other birds, compounding the problem.

How To Keep Ducks And Geese Off Your Dock

Gull-Cat Bird Deterrent Scares Birds Away from Boats, patios, balconies

Ducks and geese are attracted to bodies of water so it is common to find them around docks.

They stay there to look for prey and rest.

However, this may prove to be a problem because they are a bit difficult to get rid of.

They can rest on your dock, start nesting there, and the next thing you know your dock is filled with these birds.

Nobody wants this and neither do you.

Of course, there are some measures you can take to keep ducks and geese off your dock.

And here I have listed down everything you need to know about it.

But before getting to the ways on how to keep these birds off, lets check what does attract them most to your dock

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    Let Scare Tapes Flapping

    Scare tapes had already proven its efficiency in household use. If you have a full roll, you can put some on your boats railings, spreaders, radar, and other parts. This will keep flapping in the air and it also reflects the light that it gets struck with. Birds have more sensitive eyesight and what we see is just a mild version of what is registered on their vision.

    Any shiny streamers or surfaces will do here but if you want to make the solution easy, buy one of PREDATOR GUARD Scare Tape Bird Repellent. This is a 150-ft. roll that you can use for years to guard your boat. Just let the other end flapping in the air and youll be scaring birds away from boat. Aside from the shiny effect, the tape also produces a metallic clatter that becomes scarier for any birds trying to perch.

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