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Where Can I Scrap My Boat

What Kind Of Boat Is Scrap

I Built an EXPENSIVE Gas Guzzling JET BOAT! (Scrap Mechanic Survival Ep. 10)

The hull is the biggest thing which decides whether a boat is scrap-able or not. Like we said earlier, fiberglass is neither valuable nor scrap-able. It is a sad thing that most of the time, the boat hull is just smashed and stuck into a landfill.

There are donation programs where you can donate the boat, but they too have stipulations on whether or not they will take the boat or not. If there is no value what-so-ever in the hull. Then it is time for disposal!

There are some hulls though that do have some value. Metal hulls have a little, but it isnt really much. Scrap metal has some value to it, but mainly its super cheap, and you cant get much out of the boat.

There are a ton of steel boats out there as well that are scrap-able, but the biggest and most valuable is the aluminum.

Aluminum hulls like Jon boats, aluminum bass boats, flats boats, or the pontoons off of a pontoon boat.

That is where you can strip the boat down and take in the clean aluminum for some money!

Boat Motor Scrap Value

This leaves us with the motor on the boat. Which depends on whether or not the engine is ready to be scrapped, or fixed. There are many reasons why an engine will meet the scraping requirements.

Maybe it has blown up, locked up, or worn itself to the point of not being worth fixing. Any of these can be an excellent reason just to scrap the engine.

Make sure it is at this point before doing so though. You can always have it looked at to see if it has any value to someone before taking it in for scrap.

Scrapping it means that all of the parts have to come off to get clean metal, or taking it in and seeing what they will give you for dirty metal.

There are a lot of scrappers out there or also wholesalers that are interested in buying used blown up engines. They will go through and remove all of the parts, selling them one at a time.

Sometimes boat rental companies are interested in buying engines like this for the parts that are on them. Buying the engine for the lower units, or the miscellaneous electrical and fuel components that they can use on their rental boats.

Obviously, the end goal to scrapping the boat is to get the most money possible! Right?

Where To Get Rid Of Your Boat:

Now that you have decided to get rid of your boat, you might be wondering where you should get rid of it.

Places where boating is more common often have more options. This is commonly near oceans and towns that have high amounts of water traffic.

Florida and California are two common places where people seek to get rid of their used junk boats.

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How Boat Salvage Yards Near Me Operate

Most boat scrap yards operate on a local levelmeaning they dont have national chains. These boat junkyards buy boats from people who feel they are too damaged or in some cases they just no longer want the boat. Some boats are in fine condition while others may be beyond repair or the owner just felt the repair cost wasnt worth the money. Maybe the vessel has simply reached its end of life.

In some cases the boat salvage yard will pick up the boat on a trailer, but owners also can drop off the boat to the scrap yard. In addition to boats some yards also will take jet skis, wave runners, sea doos and other personal watercraft vehicles. There are also salvage yards dedicated completely to Yachts, sailboats, or smaller vessels like pontoon boats.

A boat salvage yard in some instances will purchase a boat from an insurance company. When an insurance company replaces a boat in a total loss claim or has salvage charges it is responsible for the one that no longer works or perhaps has sunk and needed to re raised. This makes for a great relationship between the insurance company and the boat scrap yard. The scrap yard gets a good price on the boat, which they can sell the the used parts off of and the insurance company recoups some of the money from the claim.

How Much Can You Scrap A Boat For

Japanese Junk Boat

Most likely if you have reached the point where the boat sitting in your yard has become the description point for your house. It is time to scrap the boat! So that your house can be the blue, yellow, or red house, instead of the one that has the giant bush, which is actually a boat covered in shrubs!

How Much Can You Scrap A Boat For? Fiberglass is not valuable nor scrap-able. It is the metal, aluminum, and other components that are on the boat which a scrapper will pay money for. Depending on how much precious metal is on the boat, or if the boat is aluminum. Will decide how much your boat is worth to a scrapper.

Here is a breakdown of what items on the boat are scrap-able. Along with the most important things you need to know in order to scrap a boat!

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Remove All Personal Belongings And Garbage From The Vehicle

It’s important that you remove any personal belongings. Check all compartments including cup holders, door pockets, glove box and arm rest. Look under the seats and in between the rear seat and back rest! You might find some long lost coffee change! Don’t forget to check above your sun visors. Don’t forget your 407 transponder if you have one! It’s the one most commonly forgotten item! 407 ETR will charge you for a lost transponder.

Boat Motor Salvage Yards Near Me Find Marine Engine Parts

A boat motor salvage, sometimes called a marine engine salvage, is a specialized salvo for watercraft engines. There are not many of these around so you often have to settle for a standard boat scrap yard. What makes a marine engine salvage so special is they deal exclusively in used engine parts for resale. Below, I will share my experience with the boat motor salvage yards near me.

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How To Build Boat

  • Build wings made of plastic blocks to balance the boat
  • Why did I choose Bubble Plastic Blocks? Because they are light and do not sink immediately.
  • Also, make the blocks high so that the boat doesnt sink
  • Imagine as if youre making a ship: the bottom is as long as the top
  • Cover the wings you make from the blocks
  • If your boat sinks, use the lift immediately
  • Put the rear wheels horizontally and adjust their direction
  • Put thruster in the boat. But I couldnt direct the boat using the bearings
  • I tried to steer the front section made of Bubble Plastic Blocks , but I couldnt be very successful as thrusters provided a lot of power
  • Optional: If you have a respawn bed, place it on the boat immediately. You can respawn from your boat when you die

Vehicle Portion Of The Ownership

We Built an Elevated Track System to Move Our Boat Across Land! (Scrap Mechanic Co-op Ep. 56)

It is important to have your vehicle portion of the Ontario ownership ready for scrapping your car. On the back of the ownership you will find the vehicle transfer section, where you should indicate the name of the new owner, their address, indicate the sale date, odometer reading and finally – sign the document. This is imperative to have the vehicle transferred out of your name.

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How To Recycle A Fiberglass Boat

Recycling your boat can possibly result in some financial gain if you an get all the good metal bits off it and cut up all the worthless fiberglass. You can either recycle your fiberglass boat yourself, or find somewhere else to take it.

Lets start off with the DIY method.

Step 1 Drain all fluids

Like any mechanical device, there are lots of toxic fluids required to make it run, these can include fuel, oil hydraulic fluid, and other liquids. You will need to first drain all of this into drums.

Do not mx the fluids into one drum as worst case you will create some exothermic chemical reaction or could get a tongue lashing from the people at the hazardous waste disposal facility.

Always dispose of any hazardous fluids through the official channels.

Dont be that person that dumps chemicals into water ways and municipal drains the knock-on effects of your actions contribute to devastating environmental damage.

If your boat is large you may have sewerage tanks on it as well. I dont recommended you try to clean this yourself, unless you are a sucker for punishment and looking at getting some nasty disease relating to handling sewage!

Step 2 Remove all equipment and gear

Once all the fluids are removed you can begin by disconnecting your battery from the boat. This is to ensure that you do not get any unwanted shocks while removing any other electrical devices.

It is also important to note which components are worth salvaging.

Step 3 Cut the boat up

How Much Does It Cost To Get Rid Of A Fiberglass Boat

Costs vary based on the boats size. For a small dinghy it could cost $350, but a 52 foot fiberglass yacht could run $2500. Your average 32 footer would probably cost around $1700. A good portion of the cost is the transport to the disposal facility, so if you could get it there directly, you could save up to 30%.

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Don’t Pass Up That Junk Boat

i usually keep a booster box with me and its has air on it to pump up flat tires — every time i see a junk boat i always ask about it … alot of times they will give it too you ….. 25 dollars to dump the boat and you have a trailer —- single axle trailers go for 100 – 300 and the double axle trailers i usually keep and built to use for scrapping … also in your spare time just go to boats on cl and type in free —- nice way to add extra income

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  • scrapGAME said:11-14-2012 05:17 AM

    usually boat trailers are adjustable to move the axle’s forward and shorten the tongue …. if you plan on keeping and building it …

  • landmine said:11-14-2012 07:11 PM

    Where do you dump the boat for that cheap?You dont pull engines? and other weight?

  • CarolinaEwaste said:11-14-2012 08:45 PM

    When we first started hauling autos and other scrap in 05 we thought there was money to be made in boats with the trailers,engines ect. Wasn’t long till we ended up taking most of the trailers and other stuff to the scrap yard because no one would buy them.

  • jghilino said:11-14-2012 09:04 PM

    Part out a pickup truck or suv thats on a frame. You can make the rolling chassis into a trailer. Or make a pickup bed trailer. Either way its cheap. The problem i see is there is so many trailer options and the market is so bad right now that you should be able to get a nice 20+ foot trailer pretty cheap anyway.

  • We Pay Cash For Junk Boats In Tampa Bay And Well Tow It For Free No Hassle No Difficult Online Forms Just Text Us A Photo Of Your Boat And If We Make You An Offer Well Remove It For Free

    Pontoon Boat Parts Salvage Near Me [Locator Map + Guide + FAQ]

    If youre looking to junk your boat and would like more information, just send us a text. Here are some FAQs about our Tampa Bay Junk Boat Buying Service

    • We are a junk boat buyer serving Tampa, Brandon, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, New Port Richey, Hudson in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco County, Florida.
    • When you junk your boat with us, we will remove it for free
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    How To Get Rid Of An Old Boat

    If you have an old boat youd like to donate to someone, or youre looking for a free boat, wed suggest using a social media site like to post your message . Then follow up with interested parties using direct messaging. Also refer to commercial operators like or

    Buying a new or used boat is difficult for any prospective owner who already has an old boat. The presence and backlog of used boats is actually hindering the sale of new boats. In this tight buyers market, selling or donating the old boat first would make room for new boats to be sold. But, what do you do about boats that no one will takethe dead boats that should be scrapped?

    • Contact your local vocational school and see if they are open to a donation for restorationyou can still get a tax break.

    Get A Quote From Auto Heaven By Calling 1

    There are Scrap Yards in Ontario which operate their own tow trucks. You can call for a quote and arrange a date and time for a pick-up. Most offer free towing.

    Ontario Auto Recycling companies must be registered with EASR under Section 20.21 of the Environmental Protection Act , the use, operation, establishment, alteration, englargement or extension of an end-of-life vehicle waste disposal site, as prescribed in O. Reg. 85/16

    You can search if a scrap yard is licensed using Access Environment Website.

    Alternatively, you can verify the legitimacy of the scrapyard by accessing the database from the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association. You may be pleased to locate Auto Heaven within that database.

    If you are getting quotes from Auto Recyclers online, you can verify their licensing using the above link. Many will claim they are licensed, but most aren’t. Do your due diligence and deal with registered recycling yards only!

    The best way to scrap a car in Ontario is by using a Licensed Auto Scrap Yard or a Salvage Yard. Some crap yards offer free towing if you can’t drive your vehicle to a scrap yard. This is an easy way to scrap your old car.

    You need your vehicle ownership to scrap your car. If you lost your ownership and can’t find it, you may contact the scrap yard to find out if they can make alternate arrangements. Some scrap yards will make exceptions.

    You can get the most money for your car by following these steps:

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    Disadvantages Of Buying Spare Boat Parts From The Junkyard

    Sometimes its not all glory purchasing used parts. You may find some part you purchased doesnt last or is not durable. There is a popular saying cheap is expensive. You may find that the part you purchased has 1000s of hours on it and is nearing its end of life. Unfortunately spare boat parts dont come with a warranty.

    Lastly if you are scavenging through a junk yard for boats you may spend the whole day looking and never find what you are looking for.

    Used Vehicle Bill Of Sale

    Water Cannon Experiment! Can They Propel a Boat? – Scrap Mechanic Survival Mode [SMS 16]

    The Used Vehicle Bill of Sale is your proof that you have legally sold the vehicle. The document must contain all vehicle details including VIN number, Year of Production, Make of Vehicle, Model of Vehicle, Colour.

    Additionally, both the seller and buyer information should be on this document including First Name, Last Name, Address. It so happens that sometimes you may become a victim of fraud, where an individual may purchase a vehicle from you and then use that vehicle for undesirable activities such as theft, staging accidents, robbery, etc. without transferring the vehicle out of your name. Such vehicles are then abandoned and guess who the police will come to see first? For this reason, you must always keep a record of the sale.

    It is also advisable for you to visit Service Ontario immediately after the sale and advise them of the vehicle sale. The Service Ontario clerk will then change the status of the vehicle as SOLD in the Ministry of Transportation system.

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    Give The Boat Removal Experts A Call

    If you are located in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area and need an old boat removed from your property, feel free to give us a call! A+ Enterprises Junk Removal is the junk hauling company that can make your boat disappear.

    By simply sending us a picture and description of the boat, we can give you an upfront cost to dispose of it. From there, we can make an appointment to get rid of that old boat! Our crew of professional junk haulers know exactly how to get rid of your old boat. You can book a free estimate by submitting your information below or by calling us at 570-373-9996!

    How Used Boat Parts Are Handled

    Some boat junk yards dont just put wrecked boats straight out to the yard, they pre-strip them down and put the functional parts in a warehouse. This streamlines the process when a customer is looking for a specific used part. Not all junkyards work like that though, some send the customers out to the scrap yard to remove the needed parts themselves. Either way if you are looking for a specific part its best to call ahead and ask if the part is available out on the lot, that is how the boat salvage yard near me operates.

    You may find in your scavenging that you wont find a lot of motors. Motors are sometimes sold to companies for rebuilding and then resold with a new warranty. You can find a lot of good used boat parts though and whatever is not sold gets sold out as scrap metal or other materials. If you are looking for a motor, its best to try a specialized boat motor salvage yard. They will have have parts available via a warehouse or online.

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