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Best Na Pali Coast Boat Tour

Deluxe Na Pali Snorkel Tour On Kauai With Optional Scuba

Na Pali Coast Kauai Boat Tours with Capt Andy’s

Explore the spectacular coastline of Na Pali on this catamaran snorkelling tour.

The best way to enjoy the sea caves and towering cliffs is by boat as there is no access via car.

Your tour will begin at Port Allen near Hanapepe Bay where you will board a spacious catamaran.

On morning tours youll sail up the west coast of Kauai as you savor a continental breakfast.

Listen to your captain narrate legends of the island as you see points of interest float by.

Relax as you take in views of the emerald valleys, towering cliffs and open sea caves.

Be on the lookout for marine life while snorkelling and swimming inside the clear waters of the Pacific.

You can also upgrade and go deeper into the ocean with a scuba dive.

Napali Boat Tours Kauai

Aloha! Epic Hawaii Adventures

E Komo Mai. Welcome to Kauai, the Garden Island. Epic Hawaii Adventures is a Native Hawaiian Owned & Operated Company. By booking through our site, 10% of all profits will be donated to help support the Native Hawaiian Community here on Kauai.

Epic Hawaii Adventures offers 8 different vessel types to tour the Napali Coast. Our vessels depart from 3 different locations on Kauai Port Allen Harbor, Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor & Hanalei Bay. Our vessels are Native Hawaiian owned & operated or a locally owned & operated family businesses. We also offer Zip Line Adventures, ATV Off-road 4×4 Expeditions & the popular Doors-off Helicopter tour.

Mahalo for supporting Native Hawaiian and locally owned & operated family businesses on Kauai.


Options For Na Pali Coast Boat Tours

Something important to note when booking your Na Pali Coast boat tour is that tours depart from different locations even though they are going to the same place.

Tours depart from the North Shore and West/Southwest Kauai in summer. Plus, in the summer or during calm conditions, you can snorkel and visit caves along the coast. Some companies offer sunset snorkel tours, but this is rare in winter.


Boat rides only start from Port Allen in Eleele in winter the season typically goes from mid-September to mid-May. The waters are too rough to depart from the North in the winter so they depart further down the coast.

To get to Port Allen, it is a long drive from the North Shore of Kauai because you must drive around the island. There is no road directly from the North to the West of Kauai.

Consider the location of your accommodation when booking a Na Pali coast tour in winter. You should either schedule your boat tour while on the South Shore or be willing to make the long drive over.

Combining a morning exploring Waimea Canyon and Kokee State Park with a Na Pali sunset dinner cruise would be a great way to get to know the island of Kauai.

Additionally, you should book your Na Pali Coast boat tour early in your trip in the event it is rescheduled due to bad weather. In the winter, this is a common occurrence.

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Aloha From The Na Pali Catamaran Crew

Along the Northwest corner of Kauai lies 16 miles of rugged, inaccessible coastline, known as the Na Pali Coast, meaning The Cliffs or Many Cliffs.

The Na Pali is home to some of the worlds most famous tropical locations with over 6,175 acres of undeveloped paradise. Although there are a variety of ways to explore the Na Pali Coast, a boat tour departing from Hanalei Bay has been the preferred choice amongst our islands visitors for decades. Join Hanaleis #1 boat tour for the adventure of a lifetime to the most spectacular and dramatic coastline on earth!

Aboard our two identical 35 motorized catamarans, youll find the perfect middle-ground between adventure and comfort! Our vessels are small enough to enter sea caves, while large enough to provide enough room to walk around freely even at full capacity. For your comfort, we have provided a spacious restroom, sunbrella shade, forward-facing seating, and a sturdy swim ladder.

Dont miss this chance to join us, and come experience the highlight of your trip with Na Pali Catamaran!

Riverboat Tours To Fern Grotto

Comfortable, small catamaran boat tours of Kauai

Smith’s Motor Boat Services. This 2-mile trip up the lush and lovely Wailua River, the only navigable waterway in Hawaii, culminates at the infamous Fern Grotto, a yawning lava tube that is covered with fishtail ferns. During the boat ride, guitar and ukulele players regale you with Hawaiian melodies and tell the history of the river. It’s a kitschy, but fun, bit of Hawaiiana and the river scenery is beautiful. Flat-bottom, 150-passenger riverboats depart from Wailua Marina at the mouth of the Wailua River. It’s extremely rare, but occasionally after heavy rains the tour doesn’t disembark at the grotto if you’re traveling in winter, ask beforehand. Round-trip excursions take 1½ hours, including time to walk around the grotto and environs. Tours run at 9:30, 11, 2, and 3:30 daily. 5971 Kuhio Hwy., Kapaa, Hawaii, 96746. 808/8216895 $25.

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Blue Dolphin Charters Niihau And Napali Coast Snorkeling Tour

If your family is just as fascinated by whats under the water as what you can see from deck, the Blue Dolphin Charters Niihau and NaPali Coast Snorkeling Tour offers plenty of access to underwater fun. The 7.5 hour tour takes you to the forbidden island of Niihau, where you can swim or snorkel offshore in water that has up to 150 feet of visibility. A tropical continental breakfast and deli-style lunch come included to help fuel your under-the-waves adventures. Boat trips on Blue Dolphin Charters set sail from Port Allen and accommodate kids as young as age 5. Mai tais and other drinks are available onboard for guests over age 21.

Napali Coast Boat Tripcheapest Ratesor Best Experience

just wondering what the cheapest rates are and at the same time i also don’t want to sacrifice having a great experience can anyone give me a few tours/ boat trips where i don ‘t have to sacrifice to much of either. .can you please add also what is the cheapest of the tour and the most expensive of them so i can gauge better where the happy medium is, thanks all in advance for any advice or help, my travel dates are may 20- june 8 2010. Michele

Just do a google search of boat tours on Kauai and you can compare prices.

If you really want to save and you can give up 2 hours of your life, stop by a timeshare booth and get a tour of a timeshare and they will give you two for one boat tours.


Most of the Napali Tour Boats pretty much are the same releative to the type and length of vessel. Not sure how much you will save, but a few bucks discount is a few bucks.

The sailing catamarans:

Blue Dolphin

Holo Holo

They do some snorkeling, and give you food, and libations. You will also probably see dolphins, and maybe whales during the winter season.

You will not be going into the sea caves, but , depending on the conditions, the skipper may pull up to the cave, and sneak the bow in a bit, and might even get doused with some magic water from one of the small waterfalls.


Power Cats: Range in size from about 32 to 48 ft. in length.

Into the sea caves, lunch, and snorkeling.


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On The Na Pali Kai 3 You Can Walk 360 Degrees Around The Boat So You Can Always Make Sure You Capture That Golden Shot

If the outstanding natural scenery is what brought you to Kauai, make sure you are on the right type of vessel that will facilitate the very best photography and video art creation.

Makana Charters offers the Na Pali Kai III Afternoon Tour as the very best in boat tours to get the right shot of the beautiful Na Pali Coast due to the dramatic afternoon light. Capturing those majestic spires of the Na Pali Coast through your DSLR lens requires planning, preparation, the right equipment AND the right boat.

On many boat tours space might be too small or keep you in one seat. On these smaller crafts the salt spray can be unavoidable, which will get all over your expensive gear.

With the significant height of the custom built Na Pali Kai III boat off of the surface of the water, as well as the stability afforded by the Na Pali Kai III you will keep your equipment safe and dry on any sunny day.

For the needs of the discerning professional photographer, our boat tour gives you the opportunity to spend quality contemplation time with the spectacular views of the Na Pali Coast. Makana Carters is definitely the way to get the right shots for your unique take on this magnificent landscape.

Napali Sunset Sightseeing Boat Tour

Exciting Zodiac Boat Ride Along the Beautiful Na Pali Coast in Kauai, HI

If youre after a Na Pali Coast sunset experience with a little more exploring thrown in than the dinner cruise then this is the tour for you. Coming in at a medium price range for this selection of tours, youll traverse the Napali cliffs on this trip, going past towering mountains and waterfalls that drop into the sea beside you with incredible photo opportunities along the entire route.

The evening sunset makes the experience all the more magical, the beautiful orange rays silhouetting the majestic rock formations and turning the ocean gold, making this one of our favorite Kauai boat tours.

Youll also have the chance to visit and explore the Kalalau beach and its valley, the ancient ancestral home to a vast number of Hawaiian settlers. This isnt your typical dinner cruise, its more of an adventure cruise where you get the chance to take in the amazing sights as well as explore and enjoy dinner on the boat so comfortable clothes are preferable!

Over the course of this two hour journey youll have your fill of excellent food, gorgeous vistas and one memorable Kauai sunset. This is truly one of Kauais most memorable cruises.


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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What are people saying about napali coast tours in Kauai, HI?

This is a review for napali coast tours in Kauai, HI:

“This was our first visit to Kauai AND we were celebrating our 10 year anniversary they day we sailed the Napali Coast! We sailed on the Northern Star with Captain Jackie, Clay, Jay, and Chef Garrett. The entire crew took care of the needs of all passengers professionally, courteously and efficiently. Captain Jackie shared her knowledge of the coast and put everyone at ease – details of what we were seeing, going to see, and what to do as she navigated the catamaran through the waves. It was an experience we will never forget and will look back on for years to come! Mahalo!”

Makana Charters And Tours

Get an intimate view of the Napali Coast on the Makana Charters and Tours 12 Passenger Catamaran Tour. You spend 5 hours on the water, including time snorkeling in the pristine waters off Kauais Napali Coast. Because the tour is limited to 12 guests age 9 and up, you get a less crowded, more personal experience. All Makana Charters boat tours leave from Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor on the west side of the island, so you spend more time exploring and less time traveling from the home port to your destination.

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Best Napali Coast Boat Tour From North Shore

Sorry, I know this has been posted on here a lot, but what are the options for catamaran trips to Napali from the North Shore? Are any signifcantly better than the others? Also, how rough do the afternoon trips get? I am going with my mom, who is in her 60s. She probably won’t snorkle, so I don’t really care if the boat stops for snorkeling, but I don’t want the trip to be too rough for her . Also, boat must have a bathroom.

Thanks in advance!

We stay in Pronceville, but have always done the Napali from Port Allen.

I think there is only a limit number going out from the North Shore.

The catamaran tour goes out of Hanalei and its called Napali Catamaran. I always suggest the morning tours. There is a company that goes out of Anini called Sea Breeze, but I have don’t know much about them and no one I know has used them. I would go with the best.

The cats only hold about 15-16 people.

Aloha from Kaua’i!

When are you coming? During the winter months, the boat tours out of the North Shore are usually not available – due to high surf and rough ocean conditions – the boats at that time of year go out from Port Allen on the West Side

If you are coming during the time from May to October, you probably will be fine with NaPali Catamaran – I’ve heard good things about it! They definitely have a bathroom!

Malama Pono,

We will be there in August.

I thought I read somewhere there were 3 companies that went out of the North Shore.

How rough in the afternoon, I can offer one data point.

Touring The Na Pali Coast

25 Lovely Best Napali Coast Boat Tours

Once we made it to the Na Pali coast, I found myself in absolute awe. At the beginning of our tour, the cliffs were about 1,200 feet tall, which is almost the size of the Empire State Building. As you go down further along the coast, the cliffs get as tall as 2,000 and even 4,000 feet.

EXTRA: These cliffs also look amazing from the sky! Check out the photos on this Kauai Travel Blog to see what its like to take a helicoptor tour around the Na Pali Coat!

As we went along the coast, we also went into many of the sea caves. The first cave was cool because, once you get through the arch that leads into the cave, you find that there isnt a ceiling. For this reason, its called the Open Ceiling Cave. Another one of the caves actually had a huge waterfall that dropped inside of it, and another was often called the pirates cave because, when its low tide, the inside looks like a skull. In one of the caves, captain Nate even blew into a big conch shell so we could see how it echoed inside the cave.

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Over 1000 Reviews On Tripadvisor

“This tour was the ideal experience for exploring the North Shore of Kauai. Captain Steve and his son were so knowledgeable about everything, from the names of the waterfalls to the legends the cliffs and valleys hold. Ive only done a tour like this once before, and it was on a zodiac boat, which was bumpy and not as enjoyable. This boat was the ideal size to handle the waves, as well as fit into sea caves along the Napoli Coast. Captain Steve was an excellent driver, and we never felt unsafe, even inside caves with big waves. I would highly recommend this family-owned and operated company for your next boat tour.”

“To be honest, we accidentally booked this tour instead of one the the competitors that we had done beforeand we are so glad we did! Captain Steve and his mate Dave were fantastic, super informative and fun, and they took us into coves and caves that wed missed before. The lunch was surprisingly good! This is one tour you dont want to miss, the Napali coast is beyond stunning from this viewpoint, and the snorkeling was great as well. It was definitely a highlight of our trip.”

“Wonderful staff, left on time, organized, beautiful views of the coast and sea caves along the way, great snorkeling location where you get to see all kinds of sea life and well worth the price to be able to leave right from Hanalei Bay.”

Afternoon Na Pali Sea Cave And Lava Tube Adventure

Experience the magnificent coast of Na Pali on this afternoon tour.

This is the best way to enjoy the area which is inaccessible by car.

The tour conveniently departs from Hanalei Bay on the North Shore aboard a high-speed inflatable hull raft.

Get on board the raft, take a seat and prepare for an unforgettable adventure.

Take a cruise past emerald valleys, towering spires and open sea caves.

The raft will allow you to explore the points of interest closer than larger vessels.

Have your camera ready to capture the breathtaking coastline illuminated by the golden afternoon light.

As you cruise by the coast, be on the lookout for whales, dolphins and sea birds as you cruise along.

Enjoy snacks on board as you listen to legends of ancient Hawaiians who once inhabited the coast.

Recharge with a refreshing snack of chips, cookies and beverages.

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Na Pali Coast: Tours And Tickets

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Na Pali Coast Snorkel Adventure North Shore

[NA PALI RIDERS RAFT TOURS] Kauai Zodiac Raft Tour Highlights

Our last Kauai tour is an experience that offers you all the sightseeing wonders of the Na Pali Coast alongside yet another exclusive opportunity to ride across an area restricted to most other visitors and vessels. Unlike the other excursions, this tour is also customizable and has a choice of departure time.

Leave in the morning or afternoon depending on which snorkel tour you opt for and choose how long you want to snorkel for to squeeze in fishing in Kekaha or Hanalei! After taking in the sights of the Napali Coast, youll make your way to Nualolo Kai, a protected reef that glimmers under the sun and teems with exotic marine life and the snorkeling opportunity of a lifetime. If youre looking for adventures, this incredibly fun Napali snorkel excursion is one of the best Kauai tours around.

With the operator providing all the necessary snorkeling gear and on hand for professional help, the offer really is hard to pass up. Its got to be mentioned that this is in addition to exploring the Na Pali coastline in detail, with the opportunity to visit its network of magical sea caves dependent on conditions.

This makes this Napali coast tour perfect for snorkeling enthusiasts who also want an in depth visit to the main attraction. Alongside refreshments and a delicious deli sandwich provided over the course of the day, the tour outdoes itself in the variety and quality of activities and service that can be expected.

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