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How To Keep Birds Off My Boat

How To Keep The Birds Off Your Boat Lift Cover

How to prevent birds from pooping on your dock, boat or pool area!

Waterway Boatlift Covers are made to withstand natures harshest elements. Our vinyl covers are durable, water-resistant, and can withstand up to 70 mph winds.

It is normal for there to be some wear and tear from the rain, wind, and dust after some time. However, you may have started to notice some damages that are inconsistent with those elements. Boat lift covers are often used by birds as nesting spots and can potentially cause unnecessary damage to your boat lift cover. Listed below are a few of our favorite tips and tricks to deter the birds and keep your boat lift cover in good condition.

How Can I Tell When Birds Are Roosting

A telltale sign to show you that birds are beginning to set up camp is through noticing the influx of birds surrounding your docked boat on a more regular basis. If your boat cover or canopy isnt swarming with a food source for them, then their company is for roosting purposes.

With the presence of birds comes their infamously disruptive squawking, chirping, and fluttering. If you catch yourself hearing more chirps, especially from baby birds, then you can be sure that your cover or canopy is more than just a hangout spot.

Take note of the birds that come to and leave from your canopy or cover. Are they carrying anything in their mouths like food or nesting materials? If birds have already roosted on your boat canopy or cover, you will see nesting elements such as small sticks, feathers, and bird droppings strewn all over.

Getting Rid Of Their Perches

  • 1Install bird spikes over popular perching spots. Bird spikes are strips of small, thin rods that jut up toward the sky. Generally made from plastic or steel, the spikes will not hurt the birds but will remove their perching spots. Birds spikes are particularly effective when protecting thin areas like gutters and ledges.XTrustworthy SourcePenn State ExtensionEducational organization dedicated to delivering science-based information to people, businesses, and communitiesGo to source
  • Bird spikes are popular deterrents that you can often find at garden and home improvement stores.
  • 2Put a bird spider on your roof to remove landing space. Bird spiders, also known as 360 deterrents, are perch prevention devices made from a series of long, floppy rods connected to a central hub. The rods are incredibly thin and fan out over a wide area, making it impossible for birds to land.XResearch source
  • Bird spiders are often used in boating, so look for them at marine storefronts in addition to pest control shops.
  • 3Cover shingles and tiles with perch repellent gel. Available from pest control and home improvement stores, bird repellent gel is a non-noticeable deterrent that turns your roof into an uncomfortable perch. Applied similarly to hot glue, the gel makes your tiles or shingles feel sticky, causing any feathered friends to flee.XResearch source
  • Expect to reapply the gel every 6 to 8 months.
  • Check the gels warning label for information on whether it is dangerous to other animals.
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    How Can You Keep Birds Off Your Boat


    String up some fishing line

    One easy way to stop birds from perching on the mast and spreaders of your boat is to string a monofilament fishing line a few inches above them. Birds wont want to land on the wobbly, unstable line and will instead fly off to perch elsewhere, sparing your boat from aerial attack. This is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to keep birds off your boat, and many people report that this method is highly effective.

    Use bird netting

    Bird netting is another simple yet effective tool for keeping birds off your boat. All you have to do is drape the netting over your boat before you leave to make sure its still dropping-free when you return! Like fishing line, netting creates an unstable surface which birds are unlikely to land on. This means theyll pass right on by your boat, leaving everything ship-shape for when you return.

    Install items that move or sway

    Birds will often perch on high parts of your boat, where they can poop-bomb your deck from above. Installing items on your boat that move or sway with the wind and waves can confuse birds, preventing them from landing nearby. By placing swaying items on high points of your boat, you can effectively deter seabirds from settling there.

    Place reflective items around your boat

    Reflective items are a well-established method of deterring birds, and many people string CDs up around their garden to keep feathery menaces at bay.

    Use Squirt Guns As A Defense


    Having a motion-sensor water blaster on your boat is probably the best shot you have to drive these fowls away. But like what I said, this wont stop them from staying on your mast beams, but at least, the space for people would be kept clean in an instant.

    One of the best options is the Hoont Outdoor Jet Blaster for Animals. This has a built-in motion sensor that will engage the moment it detects a movement in as far as 30 meters away. Birds will be startled and the spraying would take place for five seconds, enough to drive the gulls or pigeons away. Just mount this safely into your boat and a water source to stop the birds on their tracks.

    The water blaster wont kill animals in the process and it will just send the birds flying and the critters scurrying. This one is typically used in gardens but it will also serve its purpose of scaring birds away from boat.

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    Let Scare Tapes Flapping

    Scare tapes had already proven its efficiency in household use. If you have a full roll, you can put some on your boats railings, spreaders, radar, and other parts. This will keep flapping in the air and it also reflects the light that it gets struck with. Birds have more sensitive eyesight and what we see is just a mild version of what is registered on their vision.

    Any shiny streamers or surfaces will do here but if you want to make the solution easy, buy one of PREDATOR GUARD Scare Tape Bird Repellent. This is a 150-ft. roll that you can use for years to guard your boat. Just let the other end flapping in the air and youll be scaring birds away from boat. Aside from the shiny effect, the tape also produces a metallic clatter that becomes scarier for any birds trying to perch.

    Best Method For Keeping Birds Off Boat

    View Full ProfileView Full ProfileView Full ProfileDocked WageI’ve used rubber snakes. I throw 3 or so on the Bow and a couple more on the canvas. Worked pretty good while I had the boat docked for two seasons here in Florida. Never had bird poop on it when I got there. Make sure to pick them up when going out though…One time I left them on deck and went under a drawbridge. The bridge operator freaked out and hailed us on channel 16 to warn us of the snakes on the boat.

    • The Great Sanctuary State of New Jersey
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    Keeping Seagulls Off Your Boat

    Your ship will either move or be moored or docked, so you need a solution that matches all scenarios.

    Your first line of defense should be any shapes that spin and bounce in the wind. It will work just as well with some kind of boat bird deterrent that rotates or has wire legs.

    Here are only two of these mechanical devices that you might think of.

    Ways To Keep Birds Off Your Dock And Boat

    Birds Off Boats

    Wax your boat. While waxing wont stop birds from staying on your deck or boat, this can make some surfaces slippery, which can discourage birds from perching. Wax is also an added protection against erosion from droppings, since it can prevent droppings from seeping into the wood.

    Place a crouching cat on your deck. Cats prey on birds and even a fake cat can discourage birds from coming too close. Purchase a realistic-looking cat, preferably in a crouching position, and place it strategically on your boat.

    Use reflective mirrors. Light from reflective mirrors can deter birds as well. Hang these around the dock and when they swing around or whenever sunlight hits them, they will create a bright reflection that birds avoid.

    Use motion-sensor water guns/blasters. Installing motion-sensor water blasters wont stop birds from pestering your boat or dock, but it can help drive them away. There are some motion sensors that can detect movement as far as 30 meters away, which means they wont even have the chance to land before being sprayed.

    Install microfilament strings on your boat mast. Some birds will perch up high, like on top of the mast. Installing microfilament strings will make the space unavailable for perching. You can install the strings in a zigzag pattern to cover more space.

    Install an ultrasonic device. Ultrasonic devices emit sounds that drive birds and other critters away. Some brands can be preprogrammed to a particular sound, like that of a distressed seagull.

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    Make Use Of A Sonic Repellent

    Sonic repellers are devices that emit the cries of a predator.

    For example, it will emit the hunting cry of an animal that preys on ducks and Canadian geese.

    This will instantly scare them because they will think that they are in danger.

    And as a result they will flee from your dock and try to hide somewhere else.

    If you do this frequently enough then they will think that their predator also lives near your dock.

    This may deter them for a long-time.

    Sonic repellers come in a variety of sizes and so you need to figure out the one that will best suit the size of your dock.

    It may be expensive so do try other methods before you try this one.

    Removing Other Reasons For Staying

  • 1Clear out any nesting areas present around your roof. Often, birds stay in a specific area because theyve created a nest there. This may be a traditional nest, formed by a bird out of twigs, mud, and other objects, or a nesting area they visit for warmth and shelter. To get a bird to leave, youll need to find its nest and either remove it or block the area from reentry.XResearch source
  • Before removing a nest, check any local or national animal conservation laws. For example, in the US it is illegal to disturb a nest that has chicks or eggs in it.
  • 2Remove intended and unintended food sources causing the birds to stay. In many cases, birds stay in a specific area because it gives them ample access to food. The source may be intentional, such as when people give pigeons leftover bread, or unintentional, like when you throw away crumbs outside or leave your garbage can open. Until you remove these sources of food, the fowls may refuse to leave.XTrustworthy SourceThe Humane Society of the United StatesNational organization devoted to the promotion of animal welfareGo to source
  • 3Spray nearby plants with methyl anthranilate to keep birds away. Methyl anthranilate is an eco-friendly product that, when applied to plants, makes them taste and smell bad to birds. To use the product, purchase a solution from a pest control or garden supply store and, if necessary, pour it into a spritzing bottle. Then, spray it over your plants.XResearch source
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    How To Keep Spiders Birds And Other Pests Off Your Boat Dock


    Spiders are common visitors on boats but, despite their crucial role in the control of other insect pests, theyre rarely welcome. This is chiefly because of the webs they leave behind, which can be time-consuming to clear away especially if you were hoping to get straight out on the water!

    But webs arent the worst thing spiders leave behind their poop is. Spider poop looks like black, brown or gray specks and can often be found in corners and on seat covers, which can build up quickly in the case of large infestations. Think you can just wipe them away?

    Think again.


    Spider droppings may be easy to clean up if theyre fresh, but if left awhile they will harden into a persistent crust that is almost impossible to shift. Even if you do manage to somehow chip away at the mess, spider poop can leave stains that could ruin your seat covers.

    Finally, there are several spider species that can deliver a nasty bite. North America has two potentially dangerous arachnid species the Brown Recluse, and the Black Widow. An attack from either of these could lead to serious medical complications, ranging from severe pain to skin necrosis and, in rare cases, death.

    Spider-proofing your boat is, therefore, in the best interests of everyone on board. So, what are the best boat dock spider control methods, and how can you use them to keep your boat web-free?

    How to get rid of spiders on your boat dock
    • Use a spider spray
    • Set up spider netting
    • Keep your boat clean


    Deterrents To Keep Birds Off Your Dock And Rafts

    How to Keep Pest Birds off Your Boat: 3 Steps (with Pictures)

    Owning a home on the water should provide relaxation and solitude. Various bird species — such as geese — are attracted to the water, too. They gather and linger, often produce excessive noise and always leave a mess.

    Removing these annoying loiterers requires the use of deterrents.

    1. Dori Poles

    Dori Poles are highly visible, decorative pennants – and, one of the most effective ways to discourage birds from frequenting your lakeside property.

    “Birds don’t want to be under the shadow of the pennant,” said Roger Lepley, president of Consort Display Group.

    Lepley has used the colorful and flowing pennants on his own 60-foot dock for the past eight years and hasn’t had a bird problem since. He said the 19′ Dori Poles tend to be more effective because they cast a larger shadow – which apparently the birds don’t want to be under however, the 8′ poles also work well on rafts or boats.

    The decorative Dori Poles were originally designed as a new form of advertising and creative display for festivals and special events, based on their bright colors and attention-grabbing motion and height. They became quite attractive to lakefront property owners also, when it was observed that birds were avoiding them. Not only do the pennants add a festive touch to the lakefront, they effectively deter pesky birds and geese.

    According to Lepley, in order for the poles to be their most effective, there needs to be a gentle wind. About three miles per hour is more than sufficient.

    2. The Owl

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    How To Keep Ducks And Geese Off Your Dock

    Ducks and geese are attracted to bodies of water so it is common to find them around docks.

    They stay there to look for prey and rest.

    However, this may prove to be a problem because they are a bit difficult to get rid of.

    They can rest on your dock, start nesting there, and the next thing you know your dock is filled with these birds.

    Nobody wants this and neither do you.

    Of course, there are some measures you can take to keep ducks and geese off your dock.

    And here I have listed down everything you need to know about it.

    But before getting to the ways on how to keep these birds off, lets check what does attract them most to your dock

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  • Are Ducks and Geese Dangerous for Humans?
  • How To Keep Seagulls Off A Boat

    Your boats either moving or will be moored or docked, so you need a solution that suits both scenarios.

    Any shapes that spin and bounce in the wind should be your first line of defence. Any type of boat bird deterrent that rotates or has wire legs will work just as well.

    Here are just two such mechanical devices you could consider.

    #1: ScareGull Seagull Sweep

    This is exactly the same device that I use on my pontoon boat. Ive used it for a year now with zero complaints.

    I think you will love it too and you can .

    Before you get started, do your clean up job, as I am sure youve got all that seagull poop to get rid of. Once thats done you can get this bad boy fully operational.

    As the propellers sweep around in the wind, seagulls wont even consider landing on your boat again. It will work whilst youre out on the water or docked up.

    You dont need to wire it up to your boat battery either. It is fully wind powered.

    Its relatively cheap too.

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    Three Ways To Keep Birds From Roosting

    Owl Scare Kits: This option is highly effective for preventing roosting on both canopies and boat covers. One of the easiest ways to spook birds away from your boat cover or canopy is by creating the illusion that a larger bird is guarding the area. Affordable and effective, owl scare kits serve with the scarecrow mentality in mind as most birds are found prey to the owl. These kits are easily assembled in a few steps, have long-lasting durability, and deters birds through rain or shine.

    Electric Deterrents: This type of deterrent requires more effort and installation but has also proven effective for a variety of bird species. Through a series of metal tracks lining your canopy, electric bird deterrents provide a mild shock to the bird as it lands, educating it to stay away.

    Spikes and Nets: Though these dont add to the appeal of your boat cover or canopy, spikes and nets keep birds from perching as they give off the impression that the landing is harmful for them. A downside, however, is that spikes and nets work well except when birds roost under your boat canopy near the interior structuring.

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