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What Is The Fastest Rc Boat You Can Buy

**new In 2019** Traxxas Blast

TOP 3 BEST RC Boats 2020 Money Can Buy!!! – TheRcSaylors
  • Slower Than Many
  • Only available in white

This 1/10 scale stinger is a great value in fact, its probably the best value on this list of the best RC boats for sale right now. It was created with one thing in mind: FUN!

It might not be the fastest boat on the water, but its a lot of fun and super easy to control.

Not only does it look great, with a sleek body and new, colorful graphics, but it also comes in at one of the best prices for an entry-level RC boat.

It uses the TQ 2.4Ghz radio and it has electronic speed control installed. It uses a 7.2V Power Cell NiMH battery to power its water-cooled Stinger 20-turn modified motor. It has a 24-inch deep-V hull thatll have you making waves in no-time.

Its hull is 23.75 and beam is 5.75.

Of course, the electronics are waterproof, so you dont have to worry about ruining the motor as you zip across the water.

  • Ugly paint job
  • No reverse

Man, can this thing fly! Not literally of course, as it stays glued to the water youre riding on, but the Aquacraft Motley Crew FE Catamaran boat is incredibly fast, hitting speeds nearing 75 mph. The Aquacraft Motley Crew FE Catamaran has a water-cooled 6-pole 1800kV brushless motor with a 60A ESC w/4 mm bullet connectors and Deans Ultra Plugs.

Pro Boat Zelos 48 Brushless Catamaran Rtr


  • Top speed of 55+ mph
  • Motor size 6-pole 1000Kv
  • Beam width 17.3 Inches
  • Hull height 9.5 inches
  • Overall length 48 Inches
  • Weight 12.5 lb


The PROBOAT Zelos 48 Brushless Catamaran RTR comes equipped with a 1000Kv brushless motor and an ESC that can handle up to 8S of LiPo power. It can attain speed of 55+ mph. Also, it has a triple-layered fiberglass hull and a 1/5-scale high-torque servo which allows it to deliver superior performance while staying glued to the water.

What We’reinsane About

Are you looking to become a part of the winners circle? Then Insane Boatsâ superior quality and performance RC hulls and hardware is your way forward. Well recognized for making the worldâs fastest radio controlled boats, we stand behind our products when it comes to workmanship. We are a manufacturer of radio controlled hyperformance boat hulls and hardware products. The company is highly recognized in the model boating community based on the quality of its products, reputation, and service. Our company Mantra is ” First in Quality”.

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Battery Type And Life

Remote control boats will have a power source that typically comes from a battery. Before settling for a remote control boat, take a look at the battery it requires and the life of the battery.

The type of battery that the remote control boat uses can determine the speed and total playing time of the boat. For example, two lithium-ion batteries will double your speed and run time of the boat, whereas one lithium-ion battery will give you a slower boat with shorter playtime.

Some remote control boats can support upgraded batteries that make them go faster and play longer. If you are interested in making upgrades to your boat, see if the remote control boat can support upgraded batteries or additional battery packs.

Traxxas Dcb M41 Fastest Professional Rc Boat

BEST BRUSHLESS &  FAST RTR RC Boat 2019 Money Can Buy ...

If youre looking for just pure, unaldulterated speed, youre definitely going to want to check out the Traxxas DCB M41.

This boat is one of the fastest boats available on the market today and can EASILY reach its top speed of 50 mph. The Traxxas Velineon brusless motors operate more efficiently than others and the hulls unique design gives this boat an extra edge out on the water.

At a price over $400, some people will pass, but there is no doubt about the Traxxas quality and brand name. You will love this RC boat.

Traxxas DCB M41 Specifications

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Why Do They Call It A Cigarette Boat

Don Aronow was brought up in Brooklyn NY in the Sheepshead Bay section. During the Prohibition days there was a famous Rum Runner that operated out of that area and the name of the boat was The Cigarette. It was called that because it was narrower in beam than the other boats of that era and thus faster.

Rc Jets Over Rc Airplanes

Well, remote control jets have the advantage of being a lot more efficient than regular remote control planes you can read my review of the top RC airplanes I did not too long ago. The jets fly more powerfully and are faster but are also slightly difficult to coordinate. So while they might work well with experienced R/C pilots, they arent as merciful if you are only just learning the ropes. Another alternative you should check out is the most excellent RC helicopters or if you are more into drones, you can read my recommended leading drones on the market as well.

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Altair Outlaw Se Fastest Budget Drone

Get super fast and free shipping when you order the Outlaw SE directly from, or check out the

Altair Aerials Outlaw SE cant quite compete with some of the other racers on this list, but this drone is fast, fun, and ready to fly right out of the box all at a price that wont break the bank! If youre a beginner looking to get into very fast drones, this is the fast drone for you.

Outlaw SE Specifications:

Fastest Drones For Sale Best Fast Drones

BEST BRUSHLESS & FAST RTR RC Boat 2019 Money Can Buy – Self Righting – TheRcSaylors

Drones are many things to many people. Drones are useful instruments of aerial photography with built-in cameras that make them perfect for capturing an event or even filming a Hollywood movie. Drones are cool able to pull off incredible stunts with only the push of a button or the flick of a stick. But drones are also fast, and thats what todays article is about the 7 fastest drones for sale.

Today were looking at the drones that will give you pure speed at any price range. On a budget? Got that covered. Want to take part in a serious race? Weve got that covered too. Need a fast drone with a camera? No problem. Weve tried and tested all these drones ourselves, so you know youre sure to find something good.

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Skater 46 Pleasure Max Speed 175 Mph

The Skater 46 Pleasure is a high speed and power boat. As believed by the company Skater, it is truly the âRolls Royce of power boats.â The Skater 46 Pleasure is fitted with twin Teague Custom engines of 1500 HP each giving a total power of 3000 HP. The Skater comes with dual fuel tanks with a maximum capacity of 1,000 gallons. It is can easily cruise at more than 100 MPh for long hours and is designed for soft landings in rough waters. With maximum speeds of approximately 175 MPH, the Skater 46 Pleasure is one of the fastest motor boats available today. Most boats also feature a complete stereo system and air-conditioning. Its spacious design can seat even five people. Its unique design lets you enjoy the speed thrill and also lets you sit back and enjoy the joy-ride.

What Makes A Drone Fly Fast

There are four drone components that make a drone fly fast: the motor, the propellers, the frame, and the battery. The motor needs to provide powerful thrust, but thrust on its own is difficult to control without large propellers. The frame and the weight mostly affect speed because of their weight a lighter drone moves faster. However, the type of battery will also dictate how powerful the drones motor can be.

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Buying The Fastest Rc Boats

The RC car business will likely grow in the next ten years. Many people throughout the world are discovering the joy of owning and operating an RC vehicle.

Once people discover how great RC boats are, theyll probably get more popular too. Soon enough, youll have many friends and rivals to race your boat against. Now that you know about some of the fastest RC boats today, its time to make an informed purchase and enjoy your boating!

If youre also into RC cars, check out our selection of those as well.

Top 5 Best Rc Boats For Sale

8 BEST RC Cars You Can Buy

Not sure what kind of boat youre looking for? Dont know the difference between a remote control pontoon boat and a drag boat? Not to worry this section is dedicated to our top 5 overall picks for the best RC boats for sale. These new remote control boats are great for adults and kids alike, and are a great choice for anyone looking to find the best RC boat for the money and get into the radio control hobby.

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Watch: Fastest Rc Boat In The World

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Believe it or not, remote control boat racing is a pretty popular event in certain places. How else are you going to figure out who has the fastest boat? These things are decked out with all kinds of fancy brushless motors and lipo batteries, and each one of these fast boats are ready to run at full throttle. Lots of people like to use the more traditional fiberglass deep v-hull, but this boat uses more of a catamaran boat design, with two hulls that help with self-righting and avoiding a capsize.

The name of the game in this event is to get your race boat to grab the fastest top speed within a 100 meter span of water. Thats exactly what this pro boat racer did, and he captured a record speed of 206 MPH. Just wait until the very last run in this video to see what this thing is really made of! The sounds alone that this thing makes as it hydroplanes across the water at full speed are absolutely wicked. That is truly one fast RC boat. That radio control powerboat that you bought on Amazon has got nothing on this guy!

Electric Rc Us Navy Goshawk T

This RTR jet will prove itself to be a sweetheart for RC pilots that love high scale detailing. It may not be suitable for beginner pilots and is best handled by intermediate and senior level amateur pilots.

It comes with an impressively well powered pre-installed system that allows for easy take off and a few mid air acrobatics including loops and inverted rolls. Unfortunately, its ability to perform that such great speeds come at the small but inevitable cost of an Amp draw.

Product Specs

Kit Includes: Unassembled parts

Product Dimensions: 24.6 ×20.5 ×3 Inches

Again, this design is best suited for experienced pilots. Mostly because its nimble nature will provide a tremendous amount of speed, likely to be welcomed by speed enthusiasts but overwhelming to beginner pilots not to mention, it is quite difficult to engage with them.


  • It is fast and agile.
  • The fuselage is practically flawless.
  • Its airframe are high quality as well as its component features.


  • Landing is pretty hard .
  • Fan installation may prove difficult.

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Traxxas Spartan Best Professional Racing Rc Boat

Traxxas is one of the most well-respected RC boat and car manufacturers working today. Theyve knocked it out of the park once again with their 57076 Spartan, which is one of the fastest remote control boats for sale thanks to an incredible top speed of 50 miles per hour!

How does it move so fast? Well, this is one of the new wave of brushless RC boats. Brushless motors operate more efficiently and can give the boat more power, and Traxxas Velineon motor is one of the best models around. Innovative design is the hallmark of every piece of this large RC speedboat, which also includes Traxxas stability management and a much better wireless connection than most other remote control boats.

Theres no denying that this is the most advanced and overall best RC boat weve reviewed, especially for rough waters. However, some of our readers will be turned away by the price, which is $421 before batteries and charger Still, if you have the money for it, this is a perfect boat for beginners and advanced pilots alike.

Traxxas Spartan Specifications

One of the Venoms unique features is the fact that it automatically cools its motor and prevents it from overheating using the water it sails on. This helps the boat last longer and also improves its battery life, which is among the best in its price range.

All-around, this is one of the best RC boats under $100.

UDIRC Venom Specifications

Racing The Aa Aqua Fast Rc Speedboat

BEST BRUSHLESS, FAST, & CHEAP RTR RC Boat 2020 Money Can Buy – Self Righting – TheRcSaylors

Consider the Altair if you want an affordable, highly-durable, and long-lasting speedboat for the kids. It has a child-safety propeller system that ensures the prop wont turn until submerged. A powerful 390 motor drives this puppy up to 20mph. That doesnt sound too quick, but its as fast as hell on the water. Theres no risk of capsizing the AA Aqua either. Thats thanks to its anti-capsizing hull system.

You can race the AA Aqua up to 328ft from the controller. The extended range adds to the excitement, especially when two or more boats compete on the water. And dont worry about losing the precious vessel out at seafiguratively speaking. Thats because there are Low Battery and Out of Range alarms to let you know when its time to return to shore.

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How Much Can You Afford

Factor in upgrades and the cost of the motor and speed control.

You can also look into buying combination packs including the motor, brushless ESC and programming cards depending on your needs or wants.

There are so many RC car brushless motor brands, such as Castle Creations, Tacon, Leopard, Traxxas, ARRMA, Axial, Dromida, Duratrax, Graupner, Hot Bodies, HPI Racing, LRP, Muchmore Racing, Novak, RC Gear Shop, Tamiya, Tekin, TrakPower, Trinity, and so many others.

With this many brands, it makes it easy to find a motor that fits your vehicle. And fit is important.

Prerequisites/precautions When Using An Rc Boat

  • Seal any opening in the radio box with silicone, so no water gets inside.
  • Ensure that all screws are tight to reduce the risk of capsizing and to make sure that the boat is watertight.
  • Keep the receiver in a plastic bag with only a hole for the antenna.
  • Wash your boat with a neutral soap after using it in water so no salt accumulates which could have later caused rust.
  • Oil all metallic parts in the boat frequently.

We hope that our buyer’s guide has been helpful and you know what to look for in an RC Electric Boat.

You are now equipped to find the perfect RC Boating partner for yourself or your child.

Look through the pros and cons and choose yours. Happy Sailing!

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Best RC Boats to Buy

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Altair Aa102 Best Remote Control Boat For Lakes

See the or get Fast & Free Shipping from their Website at

The Altair AA102 is one of our favorite new boats available on the market today and its the perfect boat for riding around on a lake. With the ability to reach speads of up to 25 mph, Ive found that the AA102 can even handle some turbulance out on the water as well.

There is a ton of power available to you when you need it and the Anti-Capsize Hull System makes it so any time you flip the boat over you can right it quickly and be on your way.

Altair AA102 RC Boat Specifications

  • Speed: 25 mphCan Reach Speeds Up to 30 km/h
  • Range: 100 meters
  • 2 x 3.7V 1500mAH Li-ion Batteries
  • Out of Range Alarm, Low Battery Alarm
  • Anti-Capsize Hull System Designed to Not Flip Over

Some RC boat drivers may have a need for speed. If this is you and youre looking for an RC speed boat, there are certain things to look for.

The fastest RC boats will have brushless motors. A brushless RC boat will have more power as opposed to a brushed model, which means it can go faster and reach some serious speeds on the water.

Because youll be going faster in the water, it may be more difficult to stay in control of the boat. Because of this, an anti-capsize hull system will help you tremendously. If your boat gets flipped over in the water, its hull system will help you get it back upright and racing again.

Remote Alarming System And Display Notification

Ive driven just about every type of radio

Here comes the most important thing that you should consider before buying an RC boat, and that is the remote alarm and notification system. This feature should be to the point and available for every racing boats controller. If you get alarmed to stop the boat, then you will know that you cant play with it until you charge the battery. Again, some of the different notifications on the remote display will help you to control the boat perfectly, which is necessary.

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