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How Much Are Boat Covers

Reality: Whenever A Boat Isnt Being Used It Needs To Be Covered

pontoon boat PVC framework for winter cover

Whether youve bought a new boat and its still in storage, or youre planning to store your boat once the summer is over, dont assume just because its in storage that it doesnt need to be covered. It does. If your boat will be stored inside, a good cover will help protect it from dust, mice, etc. If it will be stored outside, a quality cover will help protect it from inclement weather.

How Do You Measure Your Boat For A Cover

First, youll need to know your hull style. If youre unsure, look for a boat pictured on that matches yours as closely as possible. Next, use a tape measure and measure the beam width . Youll do the same thing to measure the centerline length . Finally, allow for options like bow pulpits and swim platforms however, dont measure over them. You should always measure in a flat, straight line. Covers are offered in one-foot length increments, so youll need to round off to the next foot if in between.

Anglink Waterproof Boat Cover

If you are looking for a boat seat cover that will not fade nor stain your boat, try the Anglink waterproof boat cover which undergoes a unique dyeing process and will not face such issues. It is made from RIPSTOP 600D Oxford marine grade polyester canvas with PU coated inner layer. It claimed to have the capacity to withstand up to 2000 Pa water pressure as compared to 700-800 Pa for its counterpart. Thus the cover can stand up to adverse weather conditions and will have a long useful life.

For conveniently securing and fitting the cover over your boat, it is equipped with 11 adjustable straps with high strength quick-release buckles. Moreover, it has elastic hemming to ensure a tight fit.

The Boat cover will also protect your boat from the damages caused by the Sun as it is UV resistant. The seams come with the waterproof strap and seeping of water will not occur.

The boat cover will fit 17-19 feet V-hull runabouts with a beam width up to 102 inches.


  • Support pole not included

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Factors To Consider When Choosing Pontoon Boat Cover

As you can see, there are too many pontoon boat covers on the market currently. Thus, it is crucial for you to know the main factors when selecting the right pontoon boat cover to protect your boat. Here are the things that you have to keep in mind before the purchase.

  • Type of Fabric

The covers that are suitable for most pontoon boats are made of nylon and polyester. Using the latter is to protect against UV rays and other hazardous elements that can damage the boats structure.

Other incredible materials are Oxford fabric, canvas, or cotton lining. Some of them have a double PU coating designed for enhancing the protective layer. Once you know the material, you can tell if the pontoon cover will last or not. Proper maintenance is another thing that you have to be concerned about. You have to clean the cover when the storage period is over.

  • The Seal

The covers edges should be sewn to ensure that a single particle cant get past the cover. This feature is a must for a water-resistant cover. Also, it offers additional enforcement for possible wear and tear.

  • The Line or Cord

There are pontoon covers with heavy-duty elastic cord, which is quite unbreakable. It also helps to distribute the load of a pontoon evenly. You may find some covers with stretchy cord as well and they are usually on the budget side.

  • Protection from Mold and Mildew

How Can I Save Money

My " PVC

Prior to committing to an upholsterer, do some research on different fabric providers. According to most specialists, the costs for exterior materials utilized for marine applications only differ by a couple of dollars per yard, contrary to what a lot of upholsterers say to their customers. As soon as you have actually done some research, look for a family-owned upholstery store that does custom-made work. This is a great tip since family-owned shops are known to have significantly lower rates than commercial upholsterers.

Dont just go for the very first price quote you get. When employing any expert, try to get as many quotes as possible to see what sort of rate difference youre dealing with.

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Vortex New Blue Pontoon Or Deck Boat Cover

The long search for the right 24-foot pontoon boat cover came to an end when I bought this Vortex cover. What made me satisfied is that it has a lot of room to spare for the engine and some boat accessories. It became more interesting when I found out that this is perfect for mooring and highway travel.

I applaud how weather resistant it is. Since its made of polyurethane with double PU coating, its water and UV-resistant all at the same time. Also, moisture wont form in the boat as the water vapor can permeate.

I cant help but compare this Vortex cover to other pontoon boat covers. What I discovered is that its a quarter thicker than those with 150D or 300D. Its heavier too so two people should put this on. I dont mind since this material is made to last for years and the 5-year warranty is guaranteed.

During windy days, I dont need to panic as it holds well on my pontoon. The elastic band and the number of straps are awesome in holding out against the wind. These parts make it better than its look-alike Aqua armor pontoon cover, which has straps that easily snap.

  • Has a lot of room to spare for the engine and some boat accessories
  • Perfect for mooring and highway travel
  • Protects pontoon from different kinds of weather
  • UV-resistant, water-resistant and doesnt allow moisture to form
  • Thicker and heavy duty with a 5-year warranty
  • Holds well during windy days
  • Better to have a mechanism to attach it to the Playpens sides when mooring

Selecting The Right Boat Cover

Every day, most boats endure a cycle of temperature and humidity changes, from cool and damp nights to hot, dry bright sun. This expansion and contraction, wet-dry daily cycling, occurring even on days with the best boating weather, takes a toll on gelcoat and wood brightwork. Add salt air, pollution, dirt, rodents, bird droppings, the occasional hailstorm and who knows what else, and your expensive, prized possession is under siege. Thats why a good boat cover is so important. A modest investment in a cover prevents faded and oxidized gelcoat, bleached and cracked wood, mildew and mold. It hides valuable equipment from theft, because whats out of sight is out of mind.

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Wflnhb Boat Cover Waterproof Trailerable

I like this cover for my pontoon for several reasons. First of all, I prefer cotton canvas, the material used in making this product. Secondly, the ultra-thick cotton lining is designed to block dirt, pollen, and stain from emerging. So with this layer of protection, I couldnt ask for more.

Rain may fall and the hot sun rises but my boat remains protected. I also witnessed how it survives the cold winter days. These things sum up its abilities in resisting possible damages from outdoor elements. Therefore, this cover is simply amazing!

I dont find any reason why I cant entrust the security of my pontoon to it. It stays unstirred even when a strong wind blows. The credit goes to its stretchy hem and double-stitched seams.

Furthermore, an ample amount of support is also given by its quick-release buckles and strap system. These parts pave the way to easy installation and detaching of cover as well. Thats why they can be called trailer straps when this cover participates in towing.

  • Can block dirt, pollen, and stain
  • Keeps my boat protected from outdoor elements
  • Cant be stirred by the wind
  • With buckles and straps for easy installation and towing
  • Doesnt shrink or stretch
  • Clips should be made better

North East Harbor Waterproof Pontoon Cover

Amazon Boat Cover review

This product is one of the best buys that I made among other covers. I got a waterproof pontoon boat cover with decent quality at a low price. Its just my luck when I picked it from the list of pontoon tarps. Nonetheless, it gives me relief as it keeps my pontoon boat safe. I thought at first that its a Yescom cover, but this one is much better.

I dont have to spend a lot on shrink-wrapping in winter because this is one of the efficient snap-on pontoon boat covers. I saved some bucks since this 600D polyester cover is simply awesome in protecting against the snow. In addition, its water-resistant and breathable. Still, its best to add a pole system under it to prevent water pooling and possible cuts on the cover.

It can also counter heavy rain and direct sunlight. Thats why my wife and I put it together on our 21-foot pontoon. Still, you should better not do it on a windy day as it may fumble. The stitches are well-made and the straps for this cover, in my case, have to go through under the trailer. So it sometimes depends on the boats design.

  • It may not be enough for pontoons that are 23 to 24 feet long

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How To Make Your Own Boat Cover

Making your own boat cover wont just save you a lot of money. It will also ensure a perfect fit if its done the right way. The steps to make your own cover that are not as hard as you might think.

Measure the Boat: The first step towards making any decent boat cover is to know the exact size of your boat. Start by measuring the stern at its highest point. That could be the stern itself, or along any rails you may have. Write down the measurements on a rough sketch of your boat so that youll be able to refer to it later.

You can now move on to the windshield and measure the width and the height of its peak to the rub rail. After that measure the widest part of the bow and include the height of the rub rail if you have a railing there.

Get a full measurement from the bow rail to the stern rail. Make sure to cover every high point like railings, the windshield, and anything else. This ensures youll get a precise end to end measurement.

Double check all your measurements, just in case. When you record them remember that you dont want a boat cover that fits too tight. Nor do you want a boat cover thats too loose.

One of the best places to get material for making a boat cover is from Sunbrella. Sunbrella sells a wide range of their own boat covers and bimini top. But they also supply the raw material that you can use to make your own boat cover.

Is There An Easy Way To Order A Cover For Your Boat

You bet there is! If you have a production boat, using our handy Boat Cover Selector will make finding the correct semi-custom or custom cover for your boat much easier. The selector will lead you through all the steps necessary to select your exact boat and then choose a fabric and color. If you happen to have a one-of-a-kind, custom-built boat or lots of unusual options, you might need to have measurements taken by a custom canvas shop so a cover can be designed for your boat. This will be the most expensive kind of cover and take the longest to receive since a custom pattern will have to be made.

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Labworkauto Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat Cover

UV rays can be too harsh in summer. So I aimed to buy a UV-resistant protective cover for my new pontoon boat. A lot of products claim to be the best pontoon boat covers on the market. However, I think this is the one that fits the bill in resisting the scorching heat in my area.

Its great for facing harsh UV rays because this protective cover has two layers. An aluminum film occupies the outer layer while theres a thick cotton lining inside. I care about my pontoon so I get different covers for the hot and cold season. Thus, I get this specifically for hot weather.

This cover is only out every summer and Im impressed by its resistance against strong light. Despite prolonged exposure, it doesnt shrink or stretch. The five rolls of straps are more than what I need for my 18-foot pontoon. I like that they can be quickly released and easily put on. Since I only use it in the summer, a free bag is a great item for safekeeping. It must be done to preserve the optimum condition of this cover.

  • With two layers so it can face the harsh UV rays
  • Has resistance against strong light
  • Doesnt shrink or stretch
  • Has a wonderful fit
  • Not for long term storage

What Is The Best Material For Boat Covers

Boat covers, enclosures, bimini tops, &  hoist covers ...

Vinyl and polyester are the best materials for boat covers. Vinyl is simple yet cost-efficient and effective. Coated marine and laminated marine are the vinyl that is used for boat covers. They both can counter UV rays, water, mold, and mildew. However, the protection from laminated marine vinyl may not last long.

On the other hand, polyester is known to be hard against UV rays and exterior hazards. Canvas is also good as its rip and water resistant.

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What Measurements Do You Need

To buy the right cover from West Marine, match up your boat as closely as possible to the hull style pictures in our catalog or on our web site. Next, take a tape measure to determine the beam width, the widest distance across the boat in a flat line. Repeat the same process to determine the centerline length, the overall length of the boat measured in a flat line between the farthest points forward and aft you want to have covered. Allow for options like bow pulpits, swim platforms, etc., but dont measure over themkeep a flat, straight line. Covers are offered in one-foot length increments

Support your cover to keep water, leaves and other debris from collapsing it. Shown is an adjustable support pole.

Do You Want A Cover For Storage Or Trailering

Storage: Covers that are intended for storing your boat on a trailer, at the dock or while moored, fit loosely and can even be as simple as a blue tarp.

Trailering: The forces encountered pulling your boat on a trailer at high speeds requires a better fitting, tighter, reinforced cover that is made for your type of boat.

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Style Fit Boat Covers For Every Boat

Bass boats, ski boats, runabouts, deck boats? Not a problem. We have a style fit boat cover for a wide variety of boat types and sizes. Our style fit boat covers feature high-quality fabric built to fend off even the toughest weather conditions. If you want to keep your boat looking and running good for years to come, protect it.

Buying Guide For Best Boat Covers

The Convenience of Owning a Touchless Boat Cover!

A boat is a big investment, one that youre going to want to protect into the foreseeable future. Whether its sitting in storage or being hauled to the water for a day of fun, a boat can take a beating. Everything from UV rays and salt air to debris, pollution, and bird droppings can damage your boat and shorten its useful life.

A boat cover takes the brunt of the elements and dirt so your boat doesnt have to. A quality cover has to face up to a variety of unique challenges. It has to be able to repel rain yet stay pliable in dry conditions. It has to thrive in hot and cold, resist mold and mildew, and be effective whether on the road or sitting for months in storage, indoors or out.

This guide covers the qualities and features to look for if youre in the market for a boat cover. In addition to considerations such as size and materials, we also examine the price range and any extras you might get with a cover. Finally, we highlight some of our favorites and share what we like about them.


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Pontoon Boat Covers: Which Is Best For You

Barletta Corsa with Mooring Cover

Barletta Content Manager, 6+ years Manufacturer Marketing, Brand Management, Content Marketing, Customer Experience

May 6, 2021

Its mid July and its hot outside. Your days revolve around getting the family out on the water and enjoying your pontoon boat until the sun starts to set. Youve got the boat gear dialed in so that everyone is happy while on board.

The cooler is adequately packed and you have taken a boaters safety course. You know that a pontoon boat is the best choice for your family after researching all the different types of boats available on the market today. With all of this preparation, boating with your family is an enjoyable experience.

Theres one part, however, that can take a perfect weekend on the water and make it a not so fun experience: covering the boat at the end of the day can be frustrating and suck all the fun out of your boating excursion.

So, how do you ensure that the cover your pontoon has is the most efficient and easiest for you to put on after a long hot day on the water? Im going to give you the breakdown of cover choices in hopes that you find a route that doesnt have you dreading Sunday evening.

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