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What’s My Boat Worth

Does Kelley Blue Book Have Boat Values

How Much Is My Boat Worth In My Opinion

Outside of personal watercraft , Kelley Blue Book doesnt provide values for other kinds of boats. This also includes boat-related products like outboard motors and trailers.

Why doesnt Kelley Blue Book have boat values? Good data is too hard to come by. Its impossible to get a large enough sample size to set a boat value with the confidence and accuracy we demand. We dont put the name Kelly Blue Book on just any value. We have almost a century of valuation expertise and trust to consider.

Kelley Blue Book only provides trade-in values, private party values and Fair Market Range when we can get our hands on enough actual transactions, across a wide enough range of the country, to ensure we can produce values that are both fair to all parties and reflect the ever-changing market.

Getting a value for a boat isnt easy, which is why many people choose to work with a professional boat surveyor. In the end, there are online sources that can give you an estimate, but Kelley Blue Book/ isnt behind any of them. Good luck.

How Does Boat Ownership Cost Compare To Purchase Price

Post-purchase needs vary wildly with size, age, condition and intended purpose of the vessel. Consider that youll need to insure the boat, perhaps finance and relocate it, and berth it on land or in a marina, which can get expensive. Then add any repairs, upgrades and regular maintenance. A rule of thumb would be to keep 20% in reserve. So if you buy a $15,000 boat, keep $3,000 aside but in some cases that may be inadequate.

Lets Price A Bayliner 160 Br 2014 Model As An Example

Now lets get practical about using the;guide. Say you have a Bayliner 160 BR 2014 model and you would like to find out its value. You will start by going to the official NADA website here and go to the section for BOATS;located at the top right of the site:

You will be welcomed by a prompt telling you to START HERE:

Once you click on that you will be directed to the page that lists all the manufacturers. However, you will be greeted with a pop up box that is going to ask you for your zip code. Typically, boats sell for more when they are closer to the water, so make sure you enter the correct zip code.

After you have entered a zip code, you just have to find your manufacturer. For our example, we are using;Bayliner Marine Corp.;Click on that:

Once you do, the site give you list of the different models of Bayliner boats and you should look for yours.;Now here is an important note. You will see a special note that will tell you if the pricing includes the trailer, outboard motor or even both. Each manufacturer on the website will have it differently, so make sure you pay close attention to this so you don’t value your boat incorrectly.

For example, with our Bayliner 160 BR, it says that the pricing includes the outboard motor and trailer.

You will also see;a general specification of the boat:

  • Weight
  • Jet Drive: Grate Race

Lets choose 130 149 HP and for the trailer we will choose a 2014 model and Tandem axle and for the length we will choose 17 feet.

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What Is My Sailboat Or Powerboat Worth

Are you thinking about selling your sailboat, power yacht or other type of boat? Chandlery Yacht Sales has been helping people on the west coast and beyond sell boats for over 70 years. We;have the experience and contacts to get your craft sold for the highest price in the shortest time possible.

If youve tried some of the online what is my boat worth guides you probably got a bit frustrated. It takes years to learn the ins and outs of accurate yacht pricing. Luckily, we have been valuing boats for decades.

Just fill out the form below, and well get back to you with an answer to your what is my boat worth question. We;have sold hundreds;of watercraft and have the knowledge it takes to give you an answer that will help you make a well-informed;decision. Thanks for trusting our family to take care of yours.

Selling Vs Trading A Boat


Selling a boat on your own can be an intimidating process. You have to list your boat for sale, meet with multiple prospective buyers, and handle all of the paperwork yourself.

When you trade-in at a dealership, the dealer handles all of the details, saving you time and headaches. It can be even more convenient if you already wanted to buy from that dealership since your trade-in value is applied directly towards your purchase. That said, dealers need to profit on the resale, so they wont offer as much money as a private buyer.

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Step : Putting It All Together

When you combine the list price and the cost of repairs youll be left with the true price of the boat. Compare this to the comparable estimated price and youll have a sense of whether boat is priced too high, too low, or just right!

This is also a good time to think about transportation costs. You can often score a great deal if you search farther afield but you have to factor in any moving costs and taxes.

Will you have to ship the boat?

Does the price include a boat trailer?

Will you pay import duties?;

If youre thinking of buying abroad, you might want to learn about sailboat arbitrage the art of buying and selling boats in the right markets. Some people have even managed to sail around the world for free by buying and selling their boat in the right geographies.


When I take the list price and add the repair costs I realize the boat will cost me $27,500 in total. When I compare that to my comparable estimated price of $29,000, I can see that this boat is in the right ballpark and probably fairly priced.;

The Kelley Blue Book Of Boats

Here is the meat of the article that you’ve been waiting for! There are 3 widely recognized sources for boat pricing, and I’ll discuss each of them briefly. The NADA Marine Appraisal Guide is absolutely my favorite of the bunch. It includes pricing for everything from motors to trailers, and is used by banks, finance companies, insurance companies, and even government agencies. Now that is accuracy you can rely on!

The next Kelley Blue Book of boats would be the ABOS Marine Blue Book which has ‘blue book’ right in the name. It is quite comparable to the NADA and is also used by a variety of institutions, but is locked behind a paywall which is why I don’t suggest it nearly as often. Overall it has almost the exact same functionality, except that you need to pay for it. If you’ve got money to burn or you just really dislike browser ads then it might be worth a subscription, but I suspect that most people will choose the free option.

Our last option for boat pricing is BoatWizard’s Sold Boat Database. I personally can’t attest to the quality of this one, as it requires an app download and my phone is already filled to bursting with apps and pictures that I can’t bring myself to delete quite yet. From what I understand it is based on the actual prices that boats were sold at, which leads me to believe the variation in pricing is much greater than what you’d find in one of the aforementioned boat Blue Books because of all the variables involved.


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Vintage Boat Pricing Guides

The Hagerty Guide can also help with actual sample pricing. In this guide, evaluation of condition will range from Fair to Bristol for each model and year, with three levels in between. A Bristol version can go in excess of five times as much as a Fair example of the same boat.

As with other collectibles, a classic boat can be an investment or a money pit. Its not uncommon for a restoration to cost four times what the boat will end up selling for even if properly and beautifully restored. The key is to not fall in love, especially if it is with a project.

Boat valuation isnt just for the purposes of selling or buying a vesselAlthough boat valuation is generally done when a boat will be bought or sold, insurance is another reason to determine what a vessel is worth. To properly insure an asset you must value it for market and replacement value although the latter will not be what an insurance claim will pay out in case of loss.

A survey may also be needed to secure financing so a lender knows how large a loan and how much down payment are needed.

Find A Boat Dealer You Can Trust

How Much Does a Boat Cost to Buy?

We cant stress this one enough. Youll run across some dealers who are in the business of selling boats because they have a passion for boating, and others whose main interest is making a profit. Fortunately, there are a lot of boat nuts out thereand accordingly, there are a lot of dealers and salespeople who truly enjoy matching a person up with the boat theyre going to love. Yes, they still need to make a living and they will want to make a profit. But when you find a dealer you can trust, look them in the eye, and ask them to give you the bottom-line best price, youre likely to get an honest answer.

A good place to start is making sure youre buying from a .

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Kelly Blue Book Boats Tips

You need to be sure about the genuine value of the boat before making a purchase. You should be well prepared, or you will get scammed while purchasing a boat. A good understanding of the value of a boat can help you arrive at a good final price.

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Following are some tips that you need to keep in mind:

i. No one can compel you to purchase an over expensive boat if you have set your mind and budget on a particular type of boat.ii. The dealer might try to turn your mind towards expensive boats to make a good profit.iii. Referring to Kelly Blue Book Boat will help you in saving a lot of money if you already have made your mind on what kind of boat you want to purchase.iv. Do not get trapped into purchasing an expensive boat that is out of your budget.

Boats Are In Very Good Condition

Boats in #3 condition will have only light visible cosmetic flaws. The coloration of the deck might be off from original, and the varnish might have some light clouding. Small repairs, or areas that need small repairs, might be in plain sight. All gauges will be present, but the faces might be faded or even cracked. Chrome is good, but possibly not all of it is fresh. A seasoned boater will be able to make a list from five feet away of this boats needs.

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Is There A Kelley Blue Book For Boats

Pricing a boat can be a nebulous equation that takes into account science, art, and of course personal taste. The final price generally depends heavily on how much the buyer likes the boat versus how savvy the dealer is at forging a deal. It’d be great to have a starting point. So is there a Kelley Blue Book for boats? As a matter of fact, there is. Multiple options are available and while they vary a bit in price, they should at least give you a decent starting point.

If you want to get the best price possible, your boat will need to look its best. The Better Boat is here to help with that! Whether that’s keeping your deck looking amazing with , shining the hull with boat marine polish, or keeping your chrome and metal gleaming with a quality marine metal polish. Maintenance is extremely important when it comes to the possibility of reselling. You can’t undo decades of wear and tear overnight, so keep your boat looking great at all times.

No matter how great your boat is looking, there will be a bit of discrepancy in the price which is up to you and the buyer or seller to decipher. We will go over all of these options that you can use as a Kelley Blue Book for boats. There are some significant pros and cons, so we’ll assist you in finding the pricing method that is the right one for you. Buying or selling/pricing a boat doesn’t need to be difficult, and we will make it as easy as possible for you. So let’s get started!

Use A Price Curve To Estimate Used Boat Market Values Over Time

How much is my boat worth? â Hunts Marine

In evaluating a particular boat we have as gone as far as making depreciation curves. Dont worry it sounds complicated, but its not. You can .

We collect all the listings for comparable boats in Excel and then plot them on a scatter-plot graph.

For example, if we are looking at a 41 Beneteau, we search for all Beneteaus in the 40-43 range. We put the age and price of every boat into an excel document and plot them on a scatter-plot graph.

Next, we add a trend line to fit the data. This will give us an idea of what the price of the boat is doing over time and we can project where the price will be going in the next few years.

If we are planning to sell in a few years we would want to be near the beginning of a low slope segment of the trend line. Sometimes the trend line is skewed by overly-idealistic sellers or junk boats, which we consider outliers and often strike from the data.


I plug the prices I find into the Calculator and I get the following trend line. The more data points you add to the excel sheet the better your estimate will be! 5 data points is not great, but its all I could find for a Dufour 35. Based on this curve line I should assume that a 1979 Dufour 35 is worth ~ $29,000.

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Always Research The Best Price Before Purchasing

You should never neglect to settle for the very best price possible for a boat. This is the reason its advisable to have a look around searching for the best possible price. Such a bargain will help you save both money and effort. You can readily acquire some vital accessories for the boat using the saved money.

What Guide Do I Use To Find My Boats Price

NADA is the blue book that both buyers and sellers refer to when trying to price a water craft. In fact most banks refer to it when they are considering giving out a loan with the boat as security or if the client is considering buying a boat.

The website;is where you will want to start off to determine the selling price of a boat as it will give you the low and high value of the boat. Off course you should understand that NADA may not be able to ascertain the actual condition of the boat so damages to it may bring down its value when the bidding starts, but you may not get that information there.

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Get Accurate Nada Boat Values Quickly Online

Whether you’re looking to buy a sleek powerboat, to sell your trusty old fishing boat or to trade one yacht for another, you’ll have to have an accurate boat value to be sure you’re getting the most out of the deal.

For boats, outboard motors or trailers, simply click the link at the bottom of the page to begin calculating their value. You’ll be taken step by step through the process of choosing the model, selecting the features and calculating the most accurate low and high resale values.

NADA is one of the most trusted names in car and boat values. They collect resale information about hundreds of manufacturers and the sales transactions of thousands of boats annually. That’s why we partnered with them to provide a quick and easy tool that allows you to instantly find the proper value for practically all used boats made between 1970 and last year.

We’re delighted to provide this service to our online guests. By becoming a member of the American Boating Association, you’ll receive more exclusive benefits. Get great deals on boat loans, boat insurance and discounts and more can be yours for only $15 per year. Join over 30,000 fellow boaters who support ABA’s mission to promote boating safety, affordability, growth, a clean environment and fun! Get all the details of membership now! Want a free one-year membershipin the ABA? We’ll show you how to get yours.

Boat Values And Prices Shouldnt Be A Mystery Heres How They Work

80,000 KG of Fish in 1 Net! – Is A $20,000,000 Fishing Trawler Worth It? – Fishing North Atlantic

Understanding boat prices should be like understanding car prices, right? Just look up the NADA or Kelley blue book value and youre on your way.

Unfortunately its not that easy! Why? Because many personal watercraft and boat models arent listed in boat value guides.

Fortunately there are a few different way to go about determining what a boat is worth. Well walk you through each of these options.

  • Hiring a professional pay a surveyor or broker to tell you what your boat is worth
  • Use online calculators well list a few different sites you can use to look up boat values for the most common makes and models.
  • Do your own boat value calculation HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Well show you how to calculate the value of ANY boat by walking through an example. Dont worry, the math is easy and weve provided a free downloadable calculator at the end of this post.
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