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What Size Pontoon Boat Do I Need

Which Engine To Choose

Learn About Most Popular #Pontoon Boat for You. What Size Do You Need? How much HP Do You Need?

With all those factors in mind, I hope you have some clarity on what impacts the engines performance. Knowing these points will guide your decision on a range of horsepower.

Price is another consideration factor and is dependent on the brand of engine and amount of horsepower. Heres a range of ballpark pricing that may give you some idea of where you stand.

A 9.9HP starts around $4,600, before rigging and steering options. The opposite end of the price spectrum is a 450HP that starts around $80,000 before rigging and steering are added.

There is a 600HP outboard engine that just hit the market, pricing will follow shortly. That said, you can shop any horsepower engine by using a boat manufacturers build-a-boat site.

Thats a great way to understand price differences if youre on the fence about gaining that extra 50HP or not.

Choosing The Right Motor Size For Your Pontoon

Bigger boats require greater operating power and speed, and therefore larger engines. This is why a pontoon boats motor size largely depends on its dimensions.

To accurately determine the right motor size for your pontoon boat, there are several factors to consider, including anticipated load and activity, as well as the number of people on board.

As follows are the recommended motor size for pontoons under 21 feet to over 25 feet:

How To Measure Pontoon Boat Length

If you want to measure the length of your own pontoon boat, perhaps because you are going to be selling it, my advice would be to measure the overall length from fore to aft of the pontoon tubes.

Also include the LOA which will include the furthest fore and aft points of the boat .

Essentially you could be providing four different measurements in your ad when selling your boat:

  • The length of the pontoon tubes
  • The length of the deck
  • The length overall
  • The length overall + with the motor or anchor ledge
  • And clearly state them too. It will probably make selling your boat much easier.

    Handy Hint: If you are selling a used pontoon boat on the second hand market then here are some tips to help you get the most money on the sale.

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    Are Anchor Rodes Important

    Anchor rode connects the anchor to your boat. Its a critical but often neglected factor for boat anchors. Generally, there are two options for anchor rodes.

    Firstly, there is a chain anchor made of steel. Chain anchors are best for heavy-duty applications. Secondly, there are nylon anchors suited for light-duty tasks.

    As a boater, you may want to mix the two rode types for better performance. Moreover, keep the rode length seven times the depth of the water.

    What Size Motor For 24 Foot Pontoon Boat

    What Size Anchor Do I Need For a Pontoon Boat?  The ...

    Do you enjoy quality leisure time lounging on a pontoon boat? Are you interested in giving your pontoon boat the best motor possible?

    If you want to maximize your time in the river or the lake, you should know what size motor for 24 foot pontoon boat is the best for you.

    Being familiar with the best engine on your pontoon boat will level up your experience outdoors. It will also keep your friends and family more comfortable in their relaxation time.

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    What Size Motor Do I Need

    When you’re customizing your new pontoon boat, this is one of the most important questions you’ll ask! Our job is to help you figure it out and get you on the water with the right motor for all your on-water fun.

    With an industry leading warranty and our Team of Mercury Certified Technicians, you can rest assured that your Mercury from Premier will keep you and your family on the water, for years to come.

    The Importance Of Knowing About Buying A Pontoon

    Buying a pontoon boat can be a lot of fun. But before you make a purchase, its important that you take all of the above information into consideration so you can make a more informed purchase.

    Interested in getting more helpful information about buying boats? Check out the rest of our site today for more!

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    Chris is an avid angler and boating enthusiast. Raised on a small lake he spent most of his youth fishing in Jon Boats and water skiing behind Fiberglass boats. Chris enjoys taking his family out on the water so they can relive the fun he has always had.

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    What About My Pontoon Boat Engine

    For almost every pontoon model we carry, from 16 to 30 feet, engine performance comes down to a matter of torque. Our Mercury – “Pick Your Power” – engine option is designed to help you decide what amount of propulsion will be perfect for all your activities. When it comes to propulsion, consider how fast you really want to go, the fuel efficiency you desire, and what youll be using the pontoon boat for most.

    What Makes Tritoons Different From Pontoons And Why Are They More Expensive Than A Traditional Pontoon

    How Large of Pontoon Boat Do You Need. Barletta and Sweetwater Pontoon Boats for Sale Minnesota

    âTritoonsâ have become a popular alternative to fiberglass ski and speed boats. But take a closer look at that tritoon â thereâs a lot more going on than simply adding a third tube.

    • If itâs a quality tritoon, you should see that the middle tube is larger than the outside tubes and hangs lower. This replicates the âVâ you find on a traditional ski boat and helps with cornering.
    • You should also see âlifting strakesâ, which stick out from the tube on the interior of the boat. Lifting strakes improve the boatâs hydro-dynamics and turning radius.
    • Look up under the deck and youâll see aluminum under-skin running the length of the boat. This is added to help water from splashing up and slowing the boat down.
    • Tritoons require larger outboard motors. The smallest outboard motor we recommend for a tritoon is 150 HP. That extra tube adds more weight and more boat to push.
    • Hydraulic steering should come standard on a tritoon. It works the exact same way as it does in your car â it makes turning the wheel so much easier and smoother. We recommend hydraulic steering on any outboard over 90 HP.
    • Other popular options on tritoons include ski tow bars, in-tube storage and more deluxe steering wheels and consoles.

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    Basics To Buying A Pontoon Boat

    5 Basic Fundamentals to Boat Buying:1. Know your lake, know your size 2. Loungers, Cruisers or Fun Seekers? 3. Options + Motor = PRICE 4. The trailer5. Sustainability or Affordability? luxury item. experienceGood luck this season, and thank you for reading! If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email at Id be glad to hear your thoughts and to discuss this topic further.

    Trucks Pontoons And Trailers

    As mentioned already, you will need to take the size and weight of both the pontoon boat and boat trailer into account before going anywhere. Thats a pretty big load and you definitely do not want to put an unhealthy strain on your truck. Overloading your truck doesnt get you anywhere

    Basically, you are going to need a vehicle whose towing capacity is larger than the weight of the load itself. For helpful reference, here are some guides to give you an idea of what kind of truck you need.


    Many popular brands of pontoon boats will not weigh anything close to the towing limits of each of these trucks, so you should be safe.

    Next, lets talk about boats! There are varying kinds of pontoon boats with varying prices. Below, Ive collected just a few popular models with some fancy features. These models are listed from less expensive to more expensive.

    Almost all the aforementioned truck models could easily tow any one of these boats. As long as you make sure your trailer and boat combined fit within the trucks towing capacity, youll be okay. Most boat trailers dont weigh more than 600 pounds by themselves, so this should not be a big issue.

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    Getting Crowded Ways To Know How Many People Can Fit On A Pontoon

    Do you know how many people can fit on a pontoon boat?

    And more importantly, how many can fit on your pontoon boat?

    You have great ideas for a pontoon party, but how many people can you invite before it begins getting crowded?

    And do you know how much weight your pontoon can handle?

    Exceeding your pontoons weight capacity can increase your chances of swamping the deck with water orunlikely, but still possible for pontoonseven capsizing.

    Just as loading down a truck bed or pontoon boat trailer would make it difficult to control on the roadoverloading can make your pontoon less easy-to-maneuver on the water.

    If youve disregarded the little capacity plate up until now, it might be a good idea to locate it and understand what its limitations are all about.

    Heres a breakdown of pontoon weight capacity, passenger capacity and how to follow these rules !

    Why Is It Essential To Have The Right Motor For Your Pontoon Boat

    Do You Need A License To Drive A Pontoon Boat? Essential ...

    Many concerns might come your way when you make rash decisions on your pontoon boat. If you just go with the flow without considering many of these factors, you might shell out extra cash for maintenance and other problems that may arise.

    Here are a few considerations to get you on the right motor for your pontoon boat:

    • Prop ventilation when the crew is mainly frontward
    • Vibration issues with the wrong motor
    • Directional control
    • The comfort of the passengers

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    Tips For Getting A Good Deal On A Pontoon Boat

    If you go shopping for a new car, youll probably look for any good deals out there. Well, pontoon boats are no different when it comes to finding a good deal.

    The most important thing to know when looking for a deal is that timing is everything. If you live in an area that has an off-season and an on-season, which means that you have cold winters, then youll likely find better deals in the off-season.

    Boat dealerships will usually try to sell their old models in the fall so that they can have room for the new ones. If youre intending to buy a boat through a dealership, then buying in the fall or winter can be an ideal time to purchase.

    If you live in an area that has boating all year, then you might just want to be constantly on the lookout for new deals. In fact, tax season might be the best time for you to buy. Dealers tend to put up deals during tax season under the assumption that people who get tax refunds will choose to buy things they normally wouldnt purchase.

    Private Sellers

    If youre buying from a private seller, then you will probably want to buy in the middle of winter. Private sellers are more likely to sell their pontoons in the winter because theyre not using them then. And their pontoons are just taking up space.

    Another good tip is to check with your local financial institution. They may be offering deals on boats during the early spring or winter in order to increase their loan numbers.

    What To Consider When Buying A Pontoon Boat

    There is no feeling quite like cruising the waterways of Michigan in the captains chair of your own pontoon boat. If youve made it to our blog, chances are youre in the market for a new boat. And chances are youre probably looking for a versatile boat that might be great for cruising Gun Lake with your family and friends, sunbathing off the coast of South Haven, or maybe even dropping a line off of the bow to catch a fresh fish dinner.

    Todays pontoon boats have come a long way from your grandpas tin-can deck boat. Thanks to advancements in pontoon tube design, new structural materials, innovations in fabrics, and lighter, more efficient outboard engines pontoon boats are no longer the relatively slow, kind of clunky party barges they have a reputation for being. That also means new pontoon boats vary greatly from model to model and brand to brand – and have TONS of options.

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    Find The Best Price For Your Pontoon Boat

    You will likely get many hours of enjoyment out of your pontoon boat, making it worth your while to invest in a boat that will meet your needs.

    On the other hand, theres no need to spend more than you have to in order to get the right pontoon boat for your family. Think carefully about what you really need in order to find the best price for your pontoon boat.

    What Your Capacity Plate Tells You

    Pontoon Boat Engine Size

    The capacity plate indicates details of weight and the approximate number of passengers. I say approximate because you should never truly go off of the passenger quantity.

    If you have met the maximum 14 passengers on your 22-foot pontoon, and then you need a bunch of coolers to store ice, drinks and food for said 14 passengersyouve already overloaded your limit.

    Can you exceed this limit? Well, its not technically illegal to go over your capacity rating. If you have a maximum limit of 9 passengers, in most cases it would be just fine if you needed to squeeze one extra passenger, making 10 on board.

    However, the passenger limit isnt what you should truly be paying attention to. Instead, go by the weight rating. The weight of 4 adults and 6 kids is a significantly different weight than that of 10 adults. In shortyes, you can fit 10 passengers, just mind the weight rating and dont overload such that youre causing unsafe conditions.

    Be forewarned! DNR and local law enforcement are allowed to make their own judgment calls. If a DNR officer sees a crowded pontoon speeding along the lake in rough, choppy watersyou can bet theyll pull you over and inspect. They might even write the driver a ticket. Overall, just use common sense and dont be reckless or negligent.

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    Advantages Of Leasing A Pontoon Boat

    Oftentimes, people looking for a new automobile will look into leasing it. This would allow for smaller payments and the customer would be able to upgrade vehicles more quickly.

    You might be wondering if leasing is also a viable option for your marine purchase.

    There are a few types of leasing deals that you could look into when looking at recreational boats.

    If you belong to a boating club, you might be able to do a lease share.

    If you belong to a boating club, you are often allowed to try boats in the boating clubs fleet. This option is often included in your monthly payment.

    You could also look at a timeshare approach when working through a boating club. This would allow you to lock in blocks of time to use the boat of your choice.

    Leasing this way is a viable option if you are not sure exactly what type of boat you would like or how large of a boat you will need.

    You can also look into leasing with a purchase option.

    This option works in a very similar manner to leasing a car. If you choose this option you will want to look closely at the terms of the lease.

    It is important to make sure you look at what the value of the boat will be when the lease ends.

    You will also want to make sure you can walk away when the lease is over if purchasing the boat does not look worth it.

    Leasing can be beneficial if:

    Do I Need A Trailer For My Pontoon Boat

    • This depends on how you plan on using the boat. Are you planning on only using it at one lake? If so, a trailer may not be necessary as most marinas offer storage, take-out and put-in services.
    • Trailering does offer you the freedom to take your boat to other lakes, and also allows you to store your boat at home if you choose.
    • If you decide to trailer your boat, make sure you’re buying the right trailer. The larger the pontoon boat, the more trailer you’ll need. That might mean a second axle, brakes, or a bunk for your tritoon.
    • At Charles Mill Marina, we’re proud to offer Hoosier Trailers. They’re durable, dependable and built right.

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    Calculate Your Pontoon Boats Capacity

    If your boat is older and missing capacity plates, use the U.S. Coast Guards recommendation for calculating the approximate number of passengers.

    With V-hull fiberglass powerboats, the calculation is fairly straightforward, and goes like this:

    / 15 = Number of Passengers

    Example: 22 ft × 10 ft / 15 = 14 passengers on board

    Since the average person weighs 150 lbs, you can now calculate the total weight capacity also:

    14 people × 150 lbs each = 2100 lbs

    But when you have to calculate the weight displacement of air-filled, cylinder-shaped pontoons, it gets slightly more complicated. Here are steps for the calculation:

    1. Find volume in cubic feet

    2. Calculate the area: × r

    3. Multiply by length

    4. Divide the cubic inches by 1728*

    *1728 is the cubic inches in a cubic foot .

    Say you have a toon with an 11.5 radius and a length of 35. . Example:

    Step 1: Find volume in cubic feet

    Cubic Area: 3.14 × 11.5= 415.26

    Step 2: Calculate the cubic inches inside your pontoons

    Cubic Area × Pontoon Length

    415.26 × 420 = 174,409 cubic inches

    Step 3: Divide cubic inches of one foot

    174,409 / 1728 = 100.93 cubic feet per toon

    Step 4: Calculate buoyancy. .

    100.93 × 64 6,459.52 buoyancy

    Step 5: Take the weight of pontoon metal into account, and deduct. Because they submerge, cut it in half. Deduct the weight of the boat , and this final number gives a fair prediction of weight capacity. Some boaters suggest subtracting an extra 10% for safe measure.

    6459.52 × .5 = 3,229.76 lbs

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